./audio/snd, X based sound editor

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 16.9nb4, Package name: snd-16.9nb4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Snd is a sound editor modelled loosely after Emacs and an old,
sorely-missed PDP-10 sound editor named Dpysnd. It can accommodate
any number of sounds each with any number of channels, and can be
customized and extended using either Guile or Ruby. Snd is free.

Required to run:
[audio/speex] [audio/flac] [audio/vorbis-tools] [math/gsl] [x11/gtk2]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: gtk

Master sites:

SHA1: 479c8cd8800f4cd8bec534f4d5190cf3c4b1a05b
RMD160: 7ca41770db942adc15570871b11440054bf9ee3a
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   2018-04-16 16:35:28 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1284)
Log message:
Recursive bump for new fribidi dependency in pango.
   2018-03-12 12:18:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2155)
Log message:
Recursive bumps for fontconfig and libzip dependency changes.
   2017-09-04 20:08:31 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (163)
Log message:
Follow some redirects.
   2017-02-12 07:26:18 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1451)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from fonts/harfbuzz
   2017-02-06 14:56:14 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1452)
Log message:
Recursive bump for harfbuzz's new graphite2 dependency.
   2016-11-27 10:33:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated snd to 16.9.

Snd 16.9:

Anders Vinjar provided tankrev.scm
Tito Latini fixed a bug in clm's tap generator (discovered by AV).

Snd: removed snd13.scm

s7: make-keyword -> string->keyword

checked: FC 25, gtk 3.21.6 3.22.0|1, sbcl 1.3.10
  in gtk 3.22.0, the basic display mechanism changed again(!) so
  (at least today) the window-manager close decoration is messed up,
  and I probably missed other troubles -- please let me know
  as you encounter them.

Thanks!:  Anders Vinjar, IOhannes m zmölnig, Tito Latini.
   2016-09-15 19:02:24 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated snd to 16.8. 7 years of changes, big picture overview below.

Updated options to match supported ones, removing the guile one.
Many more options could be handled:
ruby, forth, alsa, oss, jack, pulseaudio, gmp, ladspa
but are not right now.

The default extension language is now s7 (a scheme), included.

Snd 16.8.

cmn: Michael Edwards got cmn to work in ECL.

s7: object->let
    changed ->byte-vector to string->byte-vector
    let-temporarily is now built-in

checked: sbcl 1.3.8|9, gtk 3.21.5

Thanks!: Michael Edwards.Snd change log

 6-Sep:     Snd 16.8.
 28-Jul:    Snd 16.7.
 14-Jun:    Snd 16.6.
 30-May:    snd-lint.scm, symbol takes any number of args.
 6-May:     Snd 16.5.
 29-Mar:    --with-webserver configuration  (Kjetil Matheussen)
 28-Mar:    Snd 16.4.
 18-Mar:    s7webserver directory (Kjetil Matheussen)
 20-Feb:    Snd 16.3.
 11-Jan-16: Snd 16.2.

2015 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 30-Nov:    Snd 16.1.
 19-Oct:    Snd 16.0.
 11-Sep:    Snd 15.9.
 1-Aug:     Snd 15.8.
 15-Jun:    Snd 15.7.
 11-May:    Snd 15.6.
 3-Apr:     Snd 15.5.
 20-Mar:    changed the no-gui repl to use repl.scm in the s7 case.
 27-Feb:    Snd 15.4.
 25-Jan:    Snd 15.3.

2015 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 18-Dec:    Snd 15.2.
 5-Nov:     moved all the motif stuff (xm.c, snd-motif.scm etc) to the *motif* \ 
              OpenGL (gl.c, snd-gl.scm) to *gl*, and gtk (xg.c, snd-gtk.scm etc) \ 
to *gtk*.
 4-Nov:     Snd 15.1.
 25-Sep:    Snd 15.0.
 17-Sep:    moved snd-x*.c to snd-motif.c
 18-Aug:    Snd 14.9.
 9-July:    Snd 14.8.
 31-May:    Snd 14.7.
 23-Apr:    Snd 14.6.
 18-Mar:    Snd 14.5.
 12-Feb:    Snd 14.4.
 4-Jan:	    Snd 14.3.

2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 22-Nov:    Snd 14.2.
 15-Oct:    Snd 14.1.
 11-Oct:    removed frame.scm and mixer.scm: frames and mixers are obsolete in \ 
the scheme version of Snd.
 11-Sep:    Snd 14.0.  Homogenous vectors, write readably, libc.scm, libgsl.scm.
 5-Sep:     removed kmenu.scm and oscope.scm.
 9-Aug:     write.scm, removed pretty-print.scm.
 3-Aug:     Snd 13.9.
 17-Jul:    many changes to the configure script, added tools/make-config-pc.rb.
 30-Jun:    Snd 13.8.
 11-Jun:    removed the view files dialog from the gtk version, including all the
              related extension language functions, and view-files-select-hook.
 25-May:    Snd 13.7.
 14-May:    glistener.c/h (gtk listener).
 22-Apr:    Snd 13.6.
 12-Mar:    Snd 13.5.
 4-Feb:     Snd 13.4.

2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 25-Dec:    Snd 13.3.
 30-Oct:    Snd 13.2.
 20-Sep:    Snd 13.1.
 8-Aug:     Snd 13.0.
 3-July:    removed ptree-channel and max-virtual-ptrees, optimization, run.c.
              (clm 5.0, sndlib 22.0).
 26-Jun:    Snd 12.12.
 4-Jun:     removed the --with-static-* configuration switches.
 21-May:    Snd 12.11.
 11-May:    all scheme-side hook code changed.  removed print-hook.
 1-May:     removed mus-audio-describe, ESD audio support, audinfo.
 12-Apr:    Snd 12.10.
 5-Mar:     Snd 12.9.
 Feb:       s7: added random-state?, hash-table-iterator?, and morally-equal?
            clm/cmn/snd/s7: removed snd1.html and snd-contents.html (these were
                 using Javascript for stuff that is now built into html), and
                 translated the rest of the html files to html5.
            snd: removed the recorder, recorder-dialog, snd-g|xrec.c,
                 changed various menu names and added a view:with-grid menu
                 moved dialog buttons around at random,
                 removed save-macros and named keyboard macros,
                 added context-sensitive tooltips to the gtk version,
                 changed the gtk listener default font to Monospace 11,
                 the "minibuffer" is now a "statusbar".  \ 
This means it is not
                    editable, so all the key sequences that used to prompt for
                    info are either undefined now, or use a dialog instead.
                 removed minibuffer-history-length, prompt-in-minibuffer, \ 
                    and report-in-minibuffer.  Replaced the latter two with \ 
                 removed sound-specific search-procedures (i.e. there is only \ 
one search procedure)
                 removed the bomb function
  2-Feb:    Snd 12.8.
  27-Jan:   removed snd10.scm.

2012 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 30-Dec:    Snd 12.7.
 8-Nov:     Snd 12.6.
 29-Sep:    Snd 12.5.
 19-Aug:    Snd 12.4.
 18-Aug:    removed snd9.scm.
 14-Jul:    removed thread stuff.
 11-Jul:    Snd 12.3.
 30-May:    Snd 12.2.
 24-Apr:    Snd 12.1.
 5-Apr:     lint.scm.
 25-Mar:    show-full-range, info-popup-hook.
 21-Mar:    with-interrupts.
 18-Mar:    Snd 12.0.
 18-Mar:    removed time-graph-hook; replaced by combined-data-color.
 10-Mar:    space=play or pause, tracking-cursor stuff changed.
 4-Mar:     'src' button in Save-as dialogs to do automatic sampling rate conversion.
 1-Mar:     delete-selection-and-smooth, delete-samples-and-smooth.
 23-Feb:    sync-style variable: sync-none, sync-all, or sync-by-sound (the new \ 
            Options:Controls menu item, and Edit:Unselect
	    show-selection and unselect-all.
            show-full-duration, initial-beg, initial-dur, ask-about-unsaved-edits.
            with-toolbar, with-tooltips, remember-sound-state, with-smpte-label.
	    new built-in toolbars, removed toolbar.scm and panic.scm.
            removed Snd.gtkrc, Snd.ad, and the totally obsolete X resources stuff.
            The built-in popup menus are now context sensitive, and the files \ 
              and gtk-popup.scm have been removed.
            with-menu-icons (Gtk only).
 12-Feb:    Snd 11.13.
 7-Jan:     Snd 11.12.

2011 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 29-Nov:    Snd 11.11.
 5-Nov:     add|delete-watchers removed, replaced by effects-hook.
 25-Oct:    Snd 11.10.
 22-Sep:    def-clm-struct is now just a synonym for defgenerator.
 19-Sep:    removed snd7.scm and snd8.scm.
 18-Sep:    Snd 11.9.
 19-Aug:    removed the Gdk backend option; cairo is now the only choice.
 12-Aug:    Snd 11.8.
 9-Aug:     make-index.scm (replaces index.cl and indexer.scm).
 30-Jul:    removed *-button-color.
 8-July:    Snd 11.7.
 12-Jun:    removed window-property, window-property-changed-hook, send-mozilla.
            removed snd-gxutils.c.
 7-June:    Snd 11.6.
 27-May:    removed snd6.scm. added binary-io.scm.
 29-Apr:    Snd 11.5.
 7-Apr:     autoload support via s7's *unbound-variable-hook*.
 20-Mar:    Snd 11.4.
 27-Feb:    the run macro's argument no longer has to be a thunk.
 11-Feb:    Snd 11.3.
 9-Feb:     removed NLS support (the po directory and so on).
 8-Feb:     moved sound|channel|mix|mark|edit-property to C.
 23-Jan:    The rest of the Guile-dependent files have been removed.
              This includes pd-*, rt-*, and the --with-snd-as-pd-external
              --with-hobbit, and --with-rt configuration switches.
 5-Jan:     Snd 11.2.

2010 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 26-Dec:    tools/sam.c.
 21-Dec:    moved focus-follows-mouse to C as with-pointer-focus.
 	    removed def-optkey-fun and def-optkey-instrument (use define* and \ 
 16-Dec:    make-current-window-display (draw.scm) moved to C as with-inset-graph.
            removed Guile support.
 14-Dec:    peak-env support moved to C, added peak-env-dir, removed peak-env.*,
              peak-env-info, read-peak-env-info-file, and write-peak-env-info-file.
 11-Dec:    removed midi.c and Alsa < 1.0 support.
 7-Dec:     removed SGI support.
 4-Dec:     portaudio support.
 1-Dec:     removed --with-modules configuration switch.
 30-Nov:    Snd 11.1.
 23-Nov:    colormaps are objects now.  integer->colormap, colormap->integer.
            transforms are also objects.  integer->transform, \ 
 20-Nov:    play is generic now, "old-play" is the previous form.
 6-Nov:     removed all support for gtkglext.
 2-Nov:     selection function/object. selection->mix.
 28-Oct:    pretty-print.scm.
 22-Oct:    Snd 11.0.
 16-Oct:    clm.rb and grani.rb (thanks to Mike Scholz).
 12-Oct:    generic length, srate, channels, frames, file-name, sync, maxamp.
 7-Oct:     removed run-safety; the run macro only works in s7.
 6-Oct:     removed *snd-loaded-files* and *snd-remember-paths*.
            removed tools/sed-href, tools/lines.scm, and tools/check-gtk.scm.
 29-Sep:    mixes are objects (not ints), integer->mix and mix->integer.
            all "sample-reader" and "sample_reader" names \ 
changed to "sampler".
            marks are objects (not ints), integer->mark and mark->integer.
	    regions are objects, integer->region, region->integer.
            several region functions now take the region argument first:
              insert-region, make-region-sampler, mix-region, region-sample,
              region->vct, region->frame, make-region-frame-reader.
            sounds are objects, but integers are still ok, integer->sound and \ 
	    players are objects.
            removed export-all.scm, snd4.scm, snd5.scm.
 17-Sep:    Snd 10.9.
 10-Sep:    removed show-backtrace. default optimization is 6.
 9-Aug:     Snd 10.8.
 6-Jul:     Snd 10.7.
 2-Jul:     default audio in Linux is now ALSA.
 28-May:    Snd 10.6.
 17-Apr:    Snd 10.5.
 26-Feb:    Snd 10.4.
 30-Jan:    big-gens.scm (scheme-only versions of the built-in generators).
 15-Jan:    Snd 10.3.
 8-Jan:     multiprecision math support for all scheme (s7) numeric
              types and functions via gmp, mpfr, and mpc.  In configure,
              use --with-gmp.

2009 ----------------------------------------------------------------

 29-Dec:     jcvoi.scm.
 11-Dec:     snd10.scm for sum-of-sines and friends.
 28-Nov:     Snd 10.2.
 17-Nov:     removed s7-optargs.scm -- define* is now built-in in s7.
 11-Nov:     removed s7-format.scm -- format is now built-in in s7.
 4-Nov:      moved snd-run.c to run.c (for sndlib).
 29-Oct:     osc.scm thanks to Kjetil.
 16-Oct:     removed Gauche support.
 15-Oct:     Snd 10.1.
 3-Sep:      Snd 10.0.
 1-Sep:      S7 extension language.
 14-Jul:     Snd 9.11.
 7-July:     with-threaded-channels.
 30-Jun:     flatten-partials.
 27-Jun:     axis-color.
 20-Jun:     time-graph-hook.
 6-June:     with-threaded-sound (ws.scm)
 2-June:     Snd 9.10.
 30-May:     peak-phases.scm.
 20-May:     rt-various.[ch], rt-coroutines.scm, rt-stalin.scm, rt-DotEmacs, and
               many other changes thanks to Kjetil.
	     many const char* changes for g++ 4.3.0.
 17-May:     normalize-partials is now built-in.
 12-May:     expandn (clm-ins.scm) thanks to Michael Klingbeil.
 10-May:     merged green.scm into generators.scm.
 5-May:      music5 port: music5.f, music5-examples, old-music5.f
   2016-09-15 18:52:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
This version of snd does not support guile20, switch it back.