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lang/librep Emacs Lisp-like runtime library, interpreter, compiler and VM
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-DynamicDefault DBIx::Class component to automatically set and update fields
editors/hnb Hierarchical data organizer
emulators/suse131_compat Linux compatibility package with old shared libraries
games/bos Invasion - Battle of Survival (real-time strategy game)
emulators/suse100_32_libxml2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libxml2
graphics/freeimage Library for supporting PNG, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF
emulators/suse121_32_aspell Linux 32-bit compatibility package for aspell
games/xtris Multi-player version of a popular game for the X Window system
emulators/suse131_32_pulseaudio Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Pulseaudio
graphics/gle GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
misc/kbruch KDE exercise fractions
converters/libstaroffice Library to import StarOffice documents
emulators/suse131_krb5 Linux compatibility package for kerberos libraries
wip/xmms-skin-CherryBest Skin for XMMS
emulators/suse131_mozilla-nss Linux compatibility package for Mozilla NSS
emulators/suse131_32_motif Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Motif
emulators/suse121_32_sqlite3 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for sqlite3
graphics/qore-glut-module GLUT Qore bindings
emulators/suse121_openssl Linux compatibility package for OpenSSL
wip/java-basicplayer Threaded simple player class based on JavaSound API
www/ruby-rack-test Simple testing API built on Rack
devel/libgphoto2 Digital camera access library
wip/mmm-mode Multiple Major Modes for emacs
emulators/makeppf PPF (Playstation Patch File) v3.0 creation tool
devel/rsltc RAISE Specification Language Type Checker
print/tex-translation-filecontents-de-doc German version of filecontents
audio/mt-daapd Server for DAAP (iTunes)
wip/vlc VLC media player and streaming server
print/tex-latex-graphics-companion-doc Examples from The LaTeX Graphics Companion
fonts/biznet-iso8859_2 Full set of ISO 8859-2 fonts for X Window System
misc/kdepimlibs4 Support libraries for PIM for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
net/isc-dhcpd4 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server
print/tex-hyplain-doc Documentation for tex-hyplain
fonts/tex-japanese-otf Advanced font selection for platex and its friends
fonts/tex-dingbat-doc Documentation for tex-dingbat
wip/py-algopy Taylor Arithmetic Computation and Algorithmic Differentiation
fonts/tex-romande Romande ADF fonts and LaTeX support
wip/libnfo Library used to parse and write NFO files
misc/kig KDE interactive geometry
sysutils/gfm Group File Manager for TI hand-helds
net/slurm Realtime traffic statistics
print/tex-flowfram Create text frames for posters, brochures or magazines
print/tex-cuisine-doc Documentation for tex-cuisine
fonts/tex-baekmuk Baekmuk Korean TrueType fonts
wip/libvg High-level ptrace library
print/tex-babel-kurmanji Babel support for Kurmanji
print/tex-hyphen-farsi Hyphenation patterns for Farsi
fonts/tex-braille Support for braille
graphics/exif Grab Exif information from digital camera images
print/tex-latex-tabellen-doc LaTeX Tabellen
fonts/oto List and modify OpenType font files
textproc/php-wddx PHP extension for WDDX support
wip/ufc Unified framework for finite element assembly
print/tex-ucs Extended UTF-8 input encoding for LaTeX
graphics/fbm Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
emulators/suse121_32_compat Linux 32-bit compatibility package with old shared libraries
net/iperf3 TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
fonts/ohruri-ttf Ohruri Japanese TrueType fonts
misc/latin-words-bin Latin-to-English dictionary program (Linux binary)
net/bittorrent File sharing tool
wip/py-teng Python binding for teng
wip/py-bidict Bidirectional (one-to-one) mapping data structure
fonts/tex-dancers Font for Conan Doyles The Dancing Men
net/py-geventhttpclient HTTP client library for gevent
www/p5-HTML-Display Display HTML locally in a browser
net/iplog Iplog is a tool using pcap to log IP traffic
security/EasyPG GnuPG interface for emacs
net/mcast-tools IPv6 multicast routing daemons and tools
wip/py-Fnorb-docs Documentation for py-Fnorb in HTML format
textproc/tcl-xml XML parser implemented entirely in Tcl
wip/hs-pureMD5 Haskell-only implementation of the MD5 digest (hash) algorithm
shells/heirloom-sh Traditional Unix shell derived from OpenSolaris code
fonts/tex-skull Font to draw a skull
fonts/tex-barcodes Fonts for making barcodes
fonts/tex-calligra-type1-doc Documentation for tex-calligra-type1
audio/rip Command-line based audio CD ripper and encoder
wip/py-meigo Python wrapper of MEIGOR, a R optimisation package
textproc/hunspell-it_IT Italian dictionary for hunspell
fonts/tex-inconsolata Monospaced font, with support files for use with TeX
graphics/lib3ds 3D Studio File Format Library
wip/ta-lib Unix POSIX Library for Technical Analysis
fonts/tex-ascii-font Use the ASCII font in LaTeX
wip/bluez-gnome BlueZ helpers for Gnome
print/tex-ccaption-doc Documentation for tex-ccaption
print/tex-ncctools Collection of general packages for LaTeX
graphics/opencsg Image based CSG rendering library using OpenGL
wip/hs-filemanip Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
wip/libdisasm Dissassembly library for ELF x86 binarys
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate Go from cardinal number (3) to ordinal (3rd)
print/tex-lastpage Reference last page for Page N of M type footers
print/tex-textmerg-doc Documentation for tex-textmerg
www/kahua Continuation-based framework to develop application service
print/tex-algorithms Suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code
fonts/tex-courier-scaled Provides a scaled Courier font
print/tex-ftcap Allows \caption at the beginning of a table-environment
fonts/gsftopkk Tool to convert bitmaps to .pk format
print/tex-koma-script Bundle of versatile classes and packages
fonts/tex-calligra-type1 Type 1 version of Calligra
print/tex-graphics-cfg Sample configuration files for LaTeX color and graphics
fonts/tex-eco-doc Documentation for tex-eco
misc/mnemosyne Sophisticated flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process
print/tex-greek-inputenc Greek encoding support for inputenc
fonts/migu-ttf Fonts generated from M+ and IPA Gothic (Universal Design)
wip/sm-compatibility Provides backward compatibility to SquirrelMail plugins
graphics/tex-pst-coil PSTricks package for coils, etc
print/tex-templates-sommer-doc Templates for TeX usage
fonts/fontforge Postscript font editor
misc/most Pager (like less) which has support for windows and binary files
wip/feynedit Tool for drawing Feynman diagrams
security/starttls Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacsen
security/p5-Authen-Htpasswd Interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files
security/py-mcrypt Python interface to mcrypt library
devel/libgetopt Library for handling --long options
print/tex-bibleref-german-doc Documentation for tex-bibleref-german
fonts/CutiveFont Classic typewriter typeface
print/tex-booktabs-de-doc German version of booktabs
security/qident Small program to query an ident protocol server (rfc1413)
fonts/tex-adforn-doc Documentation for tex-adforn
print/tex-shapepar-doc Documentation for tex-shapepar
print/tex-yfonts Support for old German fonts
games/wordwarvi Side-scrolling shoot em up 80s style arcade game
misc/ocaml-opam-file-format Parser and printer for the opam file syntax
net/tacacs-shrubbery Cisco AAA protocol (tacacs+) daemon (Shrubbery Networks version)
emulators/arcem Dave Gilberts Acorn Archimedes emulator
print/tex-context The ConTeXt macro package
print/tex-placeins-plain Insertions that keep their place
print/tex-pitex Documentation macros
print/tex-csquotes Context sensitive quotation facilities
print/cups-pdf PDF backend for CUPS
wip/ipamjfont Font for Japanese names
wip/py-utilib_enum Variant of the enum package that supports pickling
print/tex-schwalbe-chess-doc Documentation for tex-schwalbe-chess
time/jday Julian date calculator
games/wtf Translate common Internet acronyms
print/tex-ltxmisc Miscellaneous LaTeX packages
wip/wvstreams WvStreams is a network programming library in C++
print/tex4ht Converter from *TeX to HTML, XML, and similar formats
games/afternoonstalker Robot-killing video game
wip/uclibc C library for developing embedded Linux systems
print/tex-edmac-doc Documentation for tex-edmac
wip/io-random Random addon for Io
games/maelstrom-sdl High resolution version of Asteroids (SDL version)
misc/p5-Business-CreditCard Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
net/py-portend TCP port monitoring utilities
print/tex-subfig Figures broken into subfigures
games/klickety a strategy game for KDE, an adaption of the Clickomania game
graphics/wm-icons Efficient configurable icons distribution
misc/p5-Locale-Codes Perl5 module for ISO 3166, 639, 4217 and 15924 codes
games/spider Solitaire card game from xcontrib
devel/p5-PV Perl5 library for text-mode user interface widgets
games/einstein-puzzle Computer implementation of a puzzle invented by Albert Einstein
print/p5-PostScript-MailLabels Create PostScript for printing on mailing label stock
wip/multisync Modular program to synchronize PIM data
wip/googlecl Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
print/tex-lettrine Typeset dropped capitals
games/scummvm LucasArts Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion
wm/bbpager Pager for the blackbox window manager
wip/p5-MediaWiki-API Perl interface to the MediaWiki API
print/tex-hyphen-czech Hyphenation patterns for Czech
print/tex-context-lettrine-doc Documentation for tex-context-lettrine
wip/libcmt Composable Memory Transactions Library for C
wip/mini18n Minimal translation library
games/bomberclone Multi-player Bomberman clone
cad/mcalc JavaScript based microstrip analysis/synthesis calculator
wip/java-xmlrpc Java implementation of XML-RPC
security/bitstir Entropy restoration daemon
games/ksudoku a logic-based symbol placement puzzle
games/orbital_eunuchs_sniper Overhead shooting game
print/tex-enctex-doc Documentation for tex-enctex
x11/xcursor Client-side cursor loading library for X
print/tex-graphics Standard LaTeX graphics
games/pushover Remake of Pushover, a fun puzzle game
wip/gmpc-lyricsplugin Lyrics plugin for GMPC
print/tex-hanging-doc Documentation for tex-hanging
print/tex-here-doc Documentation for tex-here
audio/py-dynampd Dynamic playlist generator for MPD
print/tex-hypernat Allow hyperref and natbib to work together
games/gamazons GNOME program for playing the game Amazons
graphics/p5-GDGraph GDGraph is a package to generate charts, using Lincoln Steins
misc/p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy Maketext from already interpolated strings
games/majesty-demo Fantasy kingdom simulation (demo)
print/tex-lualatex-doc-de-doc Guide to LuaLaTeX (German translation)
print/tex-minitoc Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or section
games/knightcap Chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard
print/tex-minted-doc Documentation for tex-minted
games/kajaani-kombat Rampart-like multiplayer game set in space
print/tex-ocgx2-doc Documentation for tex-ocgx2
print/tex-plstmary-doc Documentation for tex-plstmary
net/ra-rtsp-proxy Proxy server for the RealAudio RTSP protocol
games/doom1 Shareware levels for Doom
net/6tunnel Tunnelling for applications that dont speak IPv6
print/tex-subfigure Figures divided into subfigures (obsoleted by tex-subfig)
print/tex-texpower Create dynamic online presentations with LaTeX
print/tex-mwcls Polish-oriented document classes
wip/py-jabberbot Module to enable easy creation of XMPP bots in Python
print/tex-probsoln Generate problem sheets and their solution sheets
games/koth The classic shoot the other tank artillery game, networked
misc/p5-Search Perl5 module to provide framework for multiple searches
sysutils/radeontool Toggle backlight and external video output on Radeon cards
print/tex-context-typescripts-doc Documentation for tex-context-typescripts
print/tex-soul-doc Documentation for tex-soul
inputmethod/tegaki-zinnia-japanese-kyoiku Tegaki project handwriting model for Zinnia-Japanese (kyoiku)
games/blokus Abstract strategy board game for two to four players
games/bomber bomber game
wip/flpsed WYSIWYG PostScript annotator
games/colchess Chess analysis engine
misc/ppower X10 controller software for the CM11A interface
sysutils/u-boot-nanopi-neo Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (nanopi_neo_defconfig)
games/crafty-book-medium Chess opening book for Crafty (medium)
misc/xfce4-calculator-plugin Xfce calculator plugin
misc/reed Auto-scrolling file viewer
sysutils/mgm Moaning Goat Meter
net/gnome-online-accounts Service that allows online accounts to be used with GNOME
games/crossfire-server X11 multi/single player game similar to gauntlet and nethack
misc/routeplanner-cli Highway trip planner written in Python
net/libIDL CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
www/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session Add CGI::Session support to CGI::Application
print/tex-hausarbeit-jura-doc Documentation for tex-hausarbeit-jura
games/fkiss Kisekae viewer
print/tex-custom-bib Customised BibTeX styles
games/flare-game Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine
security/pakemon Packet monster, an Open Source Intrusion Detection System
games/fortunes-de German data files for fortune
misc/ruby-args_parser Parse ARGV from command line with DSL
net/teamspeak-client Teamspeak group VoIP client
print/tex-fncylab-doc Documentation for tex-fncylab
print/tex-pdfcomment-doc Documentation for tex-pdfcomment
wip/hs-OpenGL Binding for the OpenGL graphics system
wip/bss Bluetooth Stack Smasher
wip/courierpassd Password changing daemon using courier-authlib
wip/interbase-docs Documentation for InterBase 6.0 in PDF format
games/fortunes-it Italian fortunes
wip/ripole Program/library designed to extract attachments from OLE2 files
print/tex-babel-portuges Babel support for Portuges
print/latex-mk Makefile fragments and scripts for managing LaTeX documents
games/gnome-sudoku Number grid logic puzzle
wip/nvidia-freebsd NVIDIA Graphic drivers for FreeBSD/i386
graphics/evas-gif Evas GIF image loader
wip/ETL C++ template library for synfig
print/tex-advdate-doc Documentation for tex-advdate
games/holtz Engine for the abstract strategy games Zèrtz and Dvonn
misc/ruby-commander The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables
games/jetpack Arcade action game for X Windows
misc/ruby-slop Simple Lightweight Option Parsing
net/airport2basestationconfig Configuration program for Apples Airport Base Station
print/tex-mdframed Framed environments that can split at page boundaries
wip/chora Another CVS-via-web system
games/jools Bejeweled clone
misc/sch Curses-based schedule management tool
audio/mp3_check File checker for mp3 files
wip/moregroupware Web based GroupWare system
games/kapooka Puzzle game
misc/siag Poor mans office suite with spreadsheet, word processor, etc
games/katomic Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves
games/kiriki an addictive and fun dice game for KDE
audio/ario Client for mpd
print/tex-plstmary St. Marys Road font support for plain TeX
print/tex-hang-doc Documentation for tex-hang
wip/py-scikits_datasmooth Scikits data smoothing package
games/knetwalk a game for system administrators
net/nagios-nrpe Nagios remote program execution daemon
security/p0f Passive OS fingerprinting tool
print/tex-etex-doc Documentation for tex-etex
net/yafc Yet another FTP client
wip/fslsfonts Lists fonts served by the X server using pattern-matching
wm/flwm The Fast, Light Window Manager
print/tex-ifmtarg If-then-else command for processing potentially empty arguments
x11/xf86-video-i740 Modular Xorg Intel i740 video driver
games/level9 Curses port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
security/ipv6-toolkit IPv6 security assessment and troubleshooting tool
wip/hs-ansi-wl-pprint The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer with colour support
comms/java-rxtx Java serial IO library
wip/firefox Web browser with support for extensions (version 57)
www/py-django-contrib-comments Framework to attach comments to any Django model
wip/py-sphviewer Framework for rendering particle simulations
wip/hs-vty Simple terminal access library
misc/splitvt Run two shells in a split window/terminal
games/palapeli a jigsaw puzzle game based on KDE technology
misc/urjtag JTAG tool
sysutils/cpmtools Similar to mtools, except for CP/M filesystems
sysutils/tenshi Log monitoring program to watch and report on log files
www/p5-Apache-SSI Perl5 module to implement Server Side Includes
wip/hs-io-storage Key-value store in the IO monad
wip/py-pdef Protocol definition language
devel/ruby-mercenary Lightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps
devel/rt-mysql Industrial-grade ticketing system
cad/magic Integrated circuit layout system
www/p5-File-Mork Module to read Mozilla URL history files
games/pioneers GNOME version of the Settlers of Catan board game
wip/deskcribe DeskScribe is a usability testing suite
misc/vym Generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts
sysutils/roller Roll log files
www/p5-HTML-WikiConverter Convert HTML to wiki markup
wip/farsi-ttf Mothanna is a sans-serif like Arabic OpenType font
games/powwow Client to play MUDs
graphics/silgraphite-ft FreeType wrapper for SIL Graphite
wip/gtkglextmm C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt
misc/p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
sysutils/bacula-qt-console Qt-based console for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
www/p5-Pod-POM-Web Perl 5 module providing a HTML Perldoc server
wip/hu-go PC Engine emulator (with CD support)
games/quake Legendary first person shootem up game
misc/heirloom-od Collection of standard Unix utilities (od)
sysutils/collectd-dns Statistics collection daemon - dns plugin
sysutils/xfce4-systemload-plugin Xfce system load plugin
wip/xmds XMDS is a code generator that integrates equations
sysutils/coreutils GNU basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
www/p5-Kwiki-Icons-Gnome Kwiki GNOME icons plugin
games/quakeforge Improved Quake engine
misc/ruby-gem_plugin Gem-based plugin system
sysutils/heirloom-tapecntl Collection of standard Unix utilities (tapecntl)
devel/pear-Console_CommandLine Managing command-line options and arguments
devel/p5-Test-Object Perl 5 module to thoroughly test objects
devel/ruby-priority-queue Fibonacci-heap priority-queue implementation for Ruby
www/p5-AnyEvent-HTTPD Perl 5 simple lightweight event based web (application) server
misc/libquantum Quantum computing simulation library
net/llnlxdir Advanced graphical FTP client
sysutils/dirvish Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
sysutils/heirloom-cmp Collection of standard Unix utilities (cmp)
misc/py-trytond-stock-forecast Stock forecast module of the Tryton application platform
www/snownews Small, curses based RSS feed reader
games/singularity Endgame: Singularity game
net/bing Bing is a point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool
sysutils/gworkspace GNUstep Workspace manager
time/rclock Analog clock for X w/appointment reminder and mail notification
wip/hs-parseargs Command-line argument parsing library for Haskell programs
graphics/hp2xx HPGL converter and previewer
misc/ocaml-topkg Transitory OCaml software packager
net/ntp4 Network Time Protocol Version 4
sysutils/heirloom-ls Collection of standard Unix utilities (ls)
misc/libkgeomap World-Map Library interface for KDE
net/p5-Geo-IPfree Gets country name by IP or hostname
www/py-feedgen Python module to generate ATOM feeds, RSS feeds, and Podcasts
games/xblast 2-6 player kill the other guy with bombs game. A real blast!
sysutils/kcron Configure and schedule tasks
sysutils/zabbix-frontend Zabbix PHP frontend
www/php-tt-rss-fever-plugin Fever emulation plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS
games/xcowsay Display a cow and message on your desktop
misc/less Pager similar to more and pg
wip/soqt Legacy library that provides glue between Coin and Qt
games/xemeraldia Game of breaking blocks
www/p5-CGI-Cookie-Splitter Perl5 module for splitting big cookies into smaller ones
wip/gdsreader Calma Stream Format (GDSII) reader
games/rtcw Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux
sysutils/dvdisaster Protects data on optical media with error correcting codes
www/pear-HTML_Common Base PHP class for other HTML classes
wip/R-biganalytics Library of utilities for big.matrix objects of package bigmemory
devel/py-argh Unobtrusive argparse wrapper with natural syntax
misc/ocaml-cudf OCaml library for the Common Upgradeability Description Format
www/blur6ex Weblog and content framework
games/lincity-ng Open source SimCity like game
misc/py-trytond-party-siret The party_siret module of the Tryton application platform
sysutils/libdevkit-gobject Modular hardware abstraction layer
wip/viewglob Utility designed to complement the shell in graphical environments
games/atque Marathon game map utility
misc/p5-App-MrShell Mr. Shell runs a command on multiple hosts
www/emacs-w3m Simple w3m interface for Emacs
games/galaxa Space game based loosely on Galaga
misc/tmate Terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing
misc/chord Produce PS sheet-music from text input
www/htmlcxx Simple non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++
games/tuxmath Educational math arcade game
misc/mbuffer Tool for buffering data streams
misc/py-trytond-stock-package-shipping-dpd Trytons stock package shipping DPD module
wip/xmms-skin-Fire Skin for XMMS
www/ikiwiki Flexible static site generator with dynamic features
games/crossfire-client-gtk Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game; GTK client
misc/rlwrap Provides command line editing and history for other commands
games/ltris SDL tetris clone
wip/WEPCrack Open source tool for breaking 802.11 WEP secret keys
net/scapy Interactive packet manipulation program
sysutils/p5-Lchown Perl5 module interface to the lchown() system call
www/lighttpd Fast, light-footprint HTTP server
wip/gretl Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library
games/defendguin Clone of the arcade game Defender
wip/py-sparqlwrapper SPARQL endpoint interface to Python
misc/ruby-progressbar Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby
www/make_album Generate HTML albums of images
www/p5-Apache2-AuthCookieDBI Perl5 module AuthCookie backed by a DBI database
misc/yrolo Contact management software
www/p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView Catalyst render action target
games/ksirk a computerized version of a well known strategy game
games/freecol Turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization
www/p5-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor Use a plain class as a Catalyst model
misc/pty-redir Attach a programs stdio to a pty
sysutils/xfce4-thunar Xfce file manager
sysutils/mesure Tool to measure different kind of streams
devel/ocaml-lwt_glib Glib module for ocaml-lwt
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-RDBO Authentication and authorization against a Rose::DB::Object
games/rollemup Multi Ball, Player, Platform, Media, Cool Pinball game
misc/rpm The Red Hat Package Manager
misc/getopt Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters
sysutils/xfce4-appfinder Xfce application finder
sysutils/nautilus Nautilus file manager for GNOME2
wip/hs-mmap4 Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows (Old version)
cad/cgi-wcalc CGI Based Transmission Line Analysis/Synthesis Calculator
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-REST Catalyst::Controller::REST with CRUD
games/digger Digger Remastered
misc/mousetweaks Mouse accessibility software
sysutils/mksunbootcd Combines filesystems for Sun computers to make bootable CD-ROM images
sysutils/toshutils NetBSD port of the Toshiba(tm) Linux Utilities
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-View-Excel View CRUD search/list results in Excel format
games/sl Animated SL that runs across the terminal when you type sl
misc/colortail Colour-able replacement for tail(1)
misc/libcdio CD-ROM access library
sysutils/heirloom-psrinfo Collection of standard Unix utilities (psrinfo)
www/p5-HTML-FormFu HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
games/spaceracer 3D car racing game
misc/heirloom-hd Collection of standard Unix utilities (hd)
misc/libcarddav CardDAV library
www/p5-Handel Simple commerce framework with AxKit/TT/Catalyst support
games/spellcast Game of dueling wizards for two players
wip/py-irco International Research Collaboration Graphs
misc/ini_file_manager Ini configuration file reader and manipulator package for Ada
sysutils/safetynet Safetynet is a perl script intended to monitor system services
sysutils/intel-microcode-netbsd Firmware updates for Intel x86 processors
www/p5-Kwiki-Notify-Mail Kwiki email notification plugin
sysutils/heirloom-ln Collection of standard Unix utilities (ln)
sysutils/libcap Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
wip/py-rdflib-django Store implementation for RDFlib using Django models as its backend
wip/py-plink Link Projection Editor
games/khangman KDE hangman game
wip/tcl-fossil Tool Command Language, a dynamic language
www/py-betamax VCR imitation for python-requests
games/libkdegames library for the kdegames package
misc/m17n-db The m17n database used by the m17n library
wip/py-seeds Stochastic Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics System
www/py-django-filer File management application for Django
www/ruby-rails42 Full-stack web application framework, Rails 4.2
sysutils/dbus Message bus system
lang/open-cobol-ce OpenCOBOL CE compiler
wip/scimark Java benchmark for scientific and numerical computing
www/varnish High-performace HTTP accelerator
games/an Very fast anagram generator
net/libvncserver Easy API to write ones own vnc server
games/gcompris Educational games for children
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-MethodOverride Override REST methods to Plack apps via POST
games/powermanga Arcade 2D shoot-em-up game
misc/gnome-devel-docs The GNOME 2 developers guide
sysutils/wbm-bind8 Webmin module for managing ISC BIND 8.x DNS servers
sysutils/install-sh Install script compatible with the BSD install program
sysutils/iat ISO9660 analyzer tool
www/php-propro2 Reusable split-off of pecl_https property proxy API
sysutils/xfburn Simple CD/DVD burning program for xfce
devel/go-mapstructure Library for decoding generic map values into native structures
www/apache-tomcat55 The Apache Projects Java Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 server
www/p5-Kwiki-RecentChanges Kwiki plugin to display recent changes
games/pmars The official Core Wars simulator
misc/mirmon Monitor the state of mirror servers
sysutils/dmidecode Print out DMI (SMBIOS) table in human-readable format
www/ap2-encoding Non-ascii filename interoperability
sysutils/user_irix Limited NetBSD-compatible useradd/groupadd commands
wip/festvox-rms US English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
sysutils/disk-filltest Detect Bad Disks by Filling with Random Data
misc/watch Watch a program with update intervals
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File File storage backend for session data
games/moon-buggy Game on the Moon
misc/asr-manpages Distribution of alt.sysadmin.recovery man page
emulators/suse100_libpng Linux compatibility package for PNG
wip/py-strategies Python library for control flow programming
wip/py-aipy Astronomical Interferometry in Python
www/py-test-httpbin Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin
print/tex-mfnfss-doc Documentation for tex-mfnfss
wip/hs-HsOpenSSL OpenSSL binding for Haskell
games/ketm Old-school 2d-scrolling shooter
misc/visual-regexp Easily design and debug regular expressions graphically
sysutils/mdf2iso Utility to convert Alcohol 120% images to ISO-9660 format
converters/jcode-perl Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
lang/umb-scheme UMB Scheme interpreter
www/p5-LWP-Online Does your process have access to the web
games/genecys-client Client for Genecys MMORPG
wip/py-orm Object-relational membrane for Python
www/emacs-w3m-snapshot Emacs frontend for w3m browser
games/aop Aop is a curses based arcade game with only 64 lines of sourcecode
misc/bsdstats BSD-Stats collector script
www/p5-SVN-Web Unstable snapshot of Subversion repository browser
games/frozen-bubble Pop the frozen bubbles
sysutils/ts Simple handy batch system
wip/festvox-awb Scottish English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
www/ruby-jekyll-feed Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts
games/wesnoth Fantasy turn-based strategy game
wip/php-doc-br Brazilian Portuguese documentation for PHP
games/lnl L&L - Labyrinths & Legends - Fantasy RPG
net/openvpn-nagios OpenVPN certificate checks for Nagios
sysutils/arm-trusted-firmware-sun50iw1p1 ARM Trusted Firmware for Allwinner A64/H5 SoCs
www/p5-HTML-Strip Perl5 module for strip HTML tag
games/zombies Simple robots-like game where you destroy the zombies
misc/gkrellm-flynn GKrellM2 plugin that shows system load with a DooM marine
www/p5-Rose-HTML-Objects Object-oriented interfaces for HTML
www/pound Reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end
net/qadsl Login software for Swedish Telia ADSL/Comhem cable Internet users
net/gift Modular daemon that abstracts filesharing protocols
wip/pear-Base Basic functionality that all eZ Components need
graphics/libxmi C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2D vector graphics
misc/kalzium Periodic table of elements
graphics/p5-GD-Barcode Create barcode image with GD
wip/hs-newtype Typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes
converters/wkhtmltopdf Command line tools to render HTML into PDF
misc/kanjidic Japanese Kanji information
net/ruby-ipaddress Library to handle IP addresses in a modern and productive way
net/freeradius-perl Free RADIUS rlm_perl module
sysutils/direvent Daemon that monitors file system directories for events
graphics/tex-tikz-cd Create commutative diagrams with TikZ
graphics/py-graphviz Create and render graph descriptions in DOT language
wip/rng-tools Random collection of Linux kernel-related projects and source code
graphics/tex-auto-pst-pdf-doc Documentation for tex-auto-pst-pdf
devel/pipestatus UNIX/POSIX shell helper for running pipes safely
wip/hs-yaml Support for parsing and rendering YAML document
devel/apr Apache Portable Runtime
wip/pear-Horde_Cache Caching API
wip/hs-wai Web Application Interface
inputmethod/libtabe Library for Chinese language processing
wip/debian_glib Debian Linux glib1.2 package
devel/ExmanIDE Integrated development environment for Python
wip/R-mclust Model-based clustering and normal mixture modeling
emulators/suse100_openssl Linux compatibility package for OpenSSL
devel/bcc Bruce Evans C compiler (with as and ld); can do 16-bit code
wip/lightdm Light cross-desktop display manager
devel/cbrowser Graphical C/C++ source code browsing tool, and call graph viewer
games/xzip Z-code interpreter for X11 (Infocom game format)
games/cmatrix Make your console feel like Nadbuchonazors bridge
devel/cflow-mode Emacs mode for GNU cflow output
net/xnap Java filesharing client with support for OpenNap
wip/py-se Framework for solving PDEs with FDM using Python
geography/qgis Geographic Information System (GIS)
net/wap-utils Wireless access points UNIX management tool
wip/archimedes 2D Monte Carlo simulation software for submicron semiconductor devices
net/tcpdump Network monitoring tool
net/tcpick Simple tcp sniffer with tcpdump-style rules
net/py-twisted-docs Framework for writing networked applications (documentation)
archivers/gzip Compress or expand files
wip/popup-el-current Visual popup user interface library for emacs
devel/flim Emacs lisp library for message representation/encoding
devel/cflow Code-path flow analyzer for C
wip/py-event Python extension module for libevent
wip/dispred Tools for calculating DIS cross sections at LO and NLO in QCD
devel/go-goorgeous Go org syntax parser to HTML
net/libasyncns C library for executing name service queries asynchronously
pkgtools/pkg_select Curses based pkgsrc system browser / manager
audio/abcmidi Music utilities for abc
wip/py-latexcodec Lexer and codec to work with LaTeX code in Python
wip/mcats Catalog converter
devel/p5-App-cpanoutdated Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment
net/ruby-slack-api Ruby wrapper for the Slack API
net/ssmping Ping for Any- and Single-Source Multicast
devel/libnet11 C library for portable packet creation and injection
wip/py-cscope Generates a cscope index of Python source trees
net/ttt Tele Traffic Tapper
devel/libusb-compat USB access library version 0 compatibility layer on top of version 1
wip/py-pebl Python Environment for Bayesian Learning
audio/akode Simple audio decoding framework (base package)
emulators/generator Sega Mega drive genesis emulator
audio/faad2 AAC decoding library
net/ccrtp RTP and RTSP protocol implementation using GNU CommonCpp
net/xfindproxy Used to locate available X11 proxy services
devel/SDLmm C++ Wrapper for the Simple DirectMedia Layer
security/oath-toolkit OATH (Open AuTHentication) Toolkit
audio/libao-pulse Cross-platform audio library (pulse plugin)
x11/libXxf86misc Library for the XFree86-Misc X extension
devel/ptlib Portable Windows Libary
security/php-suhosin Advanced protection system for PHP installations
textproc/rtfm NetBSD documentation and GNU Texinfo files search mechanism
wip/premake5 Build script generator
x11/xdriinfo DRI information utility
devel/py-clickclick Click utility functions
security/pam-passwdqc Password strength checker
graphics/tex-pst-osci Oscgons with PSTricks
devel/py-flufl.testing Small collection of test tool plugins
devel/py-jupyter_client Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries
sysutils/heirloom-du Collection of standard Unix utilities (du)
sysutils/mkmemstick Create a memory stick image from NetBSD Installation CDs
x11/xsm X Session Manager
devel/py-InlineEgg Python module for writing inline assembler programs
cad/adms Compact device model code generator for SPICE
games/ninvaders Space invaders, curses style
emulators/emulationstation Themeable multi-system emulator frontend
devel/p5-Data-Hierarchy Perl module for handling data in a hierarchical structure
devel/ruby-ffi Loading dynamic libraries, binding functions within them
emulators/xhomer DEC Professional 350/380 emulator
www/p5-CGI-Session Perl5 module providing session management across HTTP requests
graphics/tex-pst-slpe-doc Documentation for tex-pst-slpe
print/tex-xdvi Configuration file for xdvik
sysutils/rsyslog-dbi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the dbi module
textproc/igor FreeBSD Project documentation sanity checker
net/pure-ftpd Secure FTP daemon with optional SQL support
fonts/tex-comfortaa Sans serif font, with LaTeX support
wip/linuxtv-dvb-apps DVB applications from LinuxTV project
wip/py-ssp Python speech signal processing library for education
textproc/hunspell-hu_HU Hungarian dictionary for hunspell
graphics/qiviewer Qt image viewer, designed to be fast and lightweight
devel/ruby-metaclass Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects
graphics/tex-shapes Draw polygons, reentrant stars, and fractions in circles with Metapost
net/nprobe Monitor a network interface and generate NetFlow data
devel/ruby-metasm Cross-architecture assembler, disassembler, linker, and debugger
sysutils/clex File manager with a full-screen user interface
graphics/aalib ASCII Art library
security/snow Whitespace steganography program
net/vncviewer Viewer for remote X and Win32 VNC servers
textproc/aspell-csb Kashubian language support for aspell
wip/hs-monad-peel Lift control operations through monad transformers
devel/ruby-rspec-support Support utilities for RSpec gems
security/zoneminder Video camera security and surveillance solution
devel/fann Fast Artificial Neural Network
graphics/lcms Little Color Management System -- a color management library
wip/megaglest Cross-platform 3D real-time-strategy game with seven factions
net/py-xandikos Lightweight CalDAV/CardDAV server
sysutils/brasero Disc-burning software for the GNOME desktop
net/iana-etc Tools to process the IANA source files into services and protocols
security/pakchois PKCS#11 wrapper library
wip/py-sode Python/Cython lib for solving Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations
graphics/plotmtv Multipurpose X11 plotting program
graphics/py-OpenGL Python bindings for OpenGL
devel/snappy General purpose data compression library
graphics/tex-eepic Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools
sysutils/dmassage Parser for dmesg(8)
print/tex-curves Curves for LaTeX picture environment
print/tex-latex-web-companion-doc Examples from The LaTeX Web Companion
wip/py-solpy Solar Performance and Design library
devel/py-lazr.delegates Easily write objects that delegate behavior
print/tex-babel-vietnamese Babel support for typesetting Vietnamese
x11/iceauth ICE protocol utility
print/tex-mathtools Mathematical tools to use with amsmath
devel/lua-penlight Lua libraries for functional programming, OS path management, etc
print/tex-media9 Multimedia inclusion package with Adobe Reader-9/X compatibility
print/tex-supertabular Multi-page tables package
textproc/py-tinycss Complete yet simple CSS parser for Python
print/tex-units-doc Documentation for tex-units
print/tex-voss-mathcol-doc Typesetting mathematics in colour, in (La)TeX
devel/ruby-parsetree Extract and enumerate Ruby parse trees
x11/xbanner Make XDM login screen look pretty
security/f-prot-antivirus6-fs-bin F-PROT antivirus for File Servers
wip/io-user User addon for Io
print/xpdf-turkish Xpdf support files for Turkish
security/ruby-shadow Access to shadow passwords on Linux and Solaris
graphics/gd Graphics library for the dynamic creation of images
print/tex-context-letter ConTeXt package for writing letters
print/tex-fnpara LaTeX package to typeset footnotes in paragraphs
print/tex-ethiop LaTeX macros and fonts for typesetting Amharic
cad/py-gds Python module for creating GDSII stream files
wip/libbsd Compatibility library for BSD functions under other systems
mail/pfqueue Real-time queue scanner for postfix
archivers/libunrar Extract, view & test RAR archives
wip/recoll Full text desktop search engine
time/xtu Small configurable X11 analog clock
devel/ruby-locale-rails Rails localized functions using ruby-locale
games/xmris Version of the Mr Do video arcade game for X
wip/py-lhafile Support (Amiga-style; bugfixed) LHA files
cad/gtk1-wcalc GTK Based Transmission Line Analysis/Synthesis Calculator
textproc/shared-desktop-ontologies Ontologies for Semantic Desktop
games/ioquake3 Open source Quake 3 distribution
games/kolf a miniature golf game for KDE
textproc/aspell-et Estonian language support for aspell
time/wxRemind Graphical front-end to Remind
games/jin Graphical client for chess servers
devel/tvision Turbo Vision C++ CUI library for UNIX
wip/analizo Extensible source code analysis and visualization toolkit
www/p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-PopUpMenuNumeric Extend Rose::HTML::Objects with popup menu for numeric values
devel/p5-Sort-Naturally Perl5 module for sorting numerical parts numerically, rest lexically
net/libdlna Reference DLNA open-source implementation
print/tex-dinbrief German letter DIN style
print/tex-nomencl-doc Documentation for tex-nomencl
wip/scm Portable scheme interpreter
devel/ruby-celluloid-pool Implementation of an actor pool based on the Celluloid framework
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlCritic Analyze perl files in Padre with Perl::Critic
wip/gnuradio-companion User interface entry of GNU Radio
wip/ziparchive Library for ZIP compression and decompression
editors/ted-es Spanish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
devel/coccinelle Tool for writing and applying semantic patches
wip/gnuradio-pager FLEX radiopager receiver/demodulator of GNU Radio
wip/py-sima Software for analysis of sequential imaging data
print/tex-zxjafont Set up Japanese font families for XeLaTeX
wip/gnuradio-ctrlport New set of hooks into GNU Radio to allow a remote client to attach
print/tex-sttools Various LaTeX tools and macros
devel/ruby-delayer-deferred Deferred for Delayer
wip/pbbuttonsd Daemon to handle laptop specific features
wm/icewm-imlib Small, fast and light-weight window manager (imlib version)
misc/p5-Array-PrintCols Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns
devel/ldpc Low Density Parity Check Codes
wip/R-bigmemory Manage massive matrices with shared memory and memory-mapped files
wip/tme The Machine Emulator
print/tex-acronym Expand acronyms at least once
print/tex-captdef-doc Documentation for tex-captdef
net/maradns Secure DNS server for *NIX systems
wip/py-imread Imread: Image reading library
print/tex-schulschriften-doc Documentation for tex-schulschriften
wip/ruby-trollop Commandline option parser for Ruby that gets out of your way
net/netcat6 Network swiss army knife
devel/roundup Issue tracking system with command-line, web and email clients
print/tex-cellspace Ensure minimal spacing of table cells
wip/opentracker-cvs High performance bittorrent tracker
security/rsaref Encryption/authentication library, RSA/MDX/DES
devel/avl Library for manipulation of balanced binary trees
wip/libparsifal XML parser with implementation SAX2
wip/pysite XHTML website generation tool
wip/py-ift-nifty Numerical Information Field Theory
wip/py-rql Relationship query language (RQL) utilities
math/speedcrunch Calculator
wip/php-doc-ja Japanese documentation for PHP
devel/ruby-uuidtools Simple universally unique ID generation library
wip/ocaml-pa_test Quotation expanders for assertions
wip/gambas3-gb-mysql MySQL specific routines for Gambas
misc/ruby-ansi Collection of ANSI escape code related libraries
net/py-ORBit Python bindings for ORBit2
sysutils/news System V news(1)
net/ruby-twitter-stream Twitter realtime API client
games/xgospel X11 based IGS client for online go playing
games/barrage Rather destructive action game
graphics/liblqr Content-aware image resizing library
wip/py-m2ext M2Crypto Extensions
finance/py-trytond-account-be The account_be module of the Tryton application platform
devel/tex-latexbug-doc Documentation for tex-latexbug
wip/php-doc-en English documentation for PHP
devel/chmlib Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
devel/py-ZopeInterface The zope.interface package used in Zope 3 and Twisted
textproc/py-webencodings Character encoding for the web
wip/io-regex Regex addon for Io
devel/p5-Data-Compare Perl5 module comparing arbitrary data structures
wip/systemsettings KDE system settings
wip/why Why is a software verification platform
devel/ruby-metaid Ruby metaprogramming helpers
textproc/soprano QT based RDF framework
wip/cvc3 Automatic theorem prover for SMT problems
textproc/mecab Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer
devel/p5-Tee Pure Perl emulation of GNU tee
wip/py-tmatrix Python code for T-matrix scattering calculations
graphics/tex-splines-doc Documentation for tex-splines
textproc/metauml MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams
devel/py-requests-file Transport adapter for file:// URLs with the requests python lib
wip/p5-Net-IP-Match-Regexp Efficiently match IP addresses against ranges
textproc/p5-File-ReadBackwards Perl 5 module to read a file backwards by lines
wip/bridge-utils Ethernet bridging utilities for GNU/Linux
textproc/aspell-af Afrikaans language support for aspell
time/abclock Analogue Bitmap Clock
devel/py-ruamel-base Common routines for ruamel packages
textproc/aspell-az Azerbaijani language support for aspell
graphics/tex-mptopdf Script to convert mpost to PDF
cad/nelma Circuit board capacitance extraction tool
textproc/p5-Text-CSV-Hash Perl5 module for hash based CSV usage
editors/em Early V6 Unix line-based editor for mortals
emulators/suse100_32_slang Linux 32-bit compatibility package for S-Lang
wip/gnome3 Meta-package for the GNOME desktop
wip/gnome-tracker Desktop-neutral metadata-based search framework
www/py-twill Python package for the twill Web browsing language
textproc/ruby-nqxml XML parser written in pure Ruby
graphics/ruby-opengl Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU and GLUT
wip/py-blaze NumPy and Pandas interface to Big Data
wip/p5-AnyEvent-I3 Perl module to communicate with the i3 window manager
devel/orc Compiler for vector operations
graphics/tex-pst-pdf Make PDF versions of graphics by processing between runs
graphics/silgraphite-xft Xft wrapper for SIL Graphite
audio/libgroove Audio dispatching library
devel/p5-Hash-Flatten Perl 5 module to flatten/unflatten complex data hashes
net/ucarp Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for Unix
audio/fluidsynth Software synthesizer based on SoundFont2
net/argus System and Network Monitoring Application
wip/mplayer-snapshot-share Documentation used by mplayer and gmplayer
audio/gst-plugins0.10-twolame Open source multimedia framework - twolame plugin
net/partysip SIP proxy server
wip/kstest Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Statistic with High Precision
audio/gtkmserv Gtk-based GUI client for the audio/mserv package
net/pptp PPTP client package for Microsoft VPN servers
audio/libsoxr SoX Resample library
wip/py-jewish Jewish calendar calculations
wip/p5-Maypole Maypole - MVC web application framework
wip/remctl Client/server protocol for running commands using Kerberos v5 auth
devel/p5-AnyEvent Simple API for io, timer and completion callbacks
audio/mp3gain Loudness normalizer for MP3 files
wip/py-lib Agile development and test support library
wip/py-aopython Aspect Oriented Python
wip/hs-strict-io Library wrapping standard IO modules to provide strict IO
audio/mpg123-sun Contains the sun module for mpg123
wip/py-scikit-aero Aeronautical engineering calculations in Python
audio/rexima Curses-based interactive mixer
wip/py-gammafit Derivation of non-thermal particle distributions MCMC spectraly
audio/shntool Lossless audio compressor wrapper tool
www/py-python-digest Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
meta-pkgs/suse121 SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
devel/php-igbinary Binary serialization for PHP
wip/io-vm Small programming language
audio/freepats Free patches (audio samples) for TiMidity
wip/superlfv Calculate lepton flavor violating observables
audio/libalac Apple Lossless Audio Codec is an audio codec developed by Apple
devel/gentle Gentle Compiler Construction System
devel/p5-IO-HTML Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection
www/squidGuard Ultrafast and free filter, redirector and access controller for Squid
wip/py-ncpol2sdpa Converter from noncommutative variables to sparse SDPA
audio/xwave Audio player/recorder/editor for the X Window System
sysutils/i3status Small program for generating a status bar
audio/icecast1 Internet broadcasting system using Mpeg Layer III streaming
wip/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-DefaultEnd Sensible default end action
multimedia/phonon-backend-gstreamer-shared Multimedia API for KF5 - GStreamer backend shared files
net/lambdamoo-core Generic core classes for lambdamoo
print/tex-type1cm Arbitrary size font selection in LaTeX
multimedia/flashplayer Standalone open source Flash(tm) player
print/tex-flowfram-doc Documentation for tex-flowfram
devel/sgi-stl SGI Standard Template Library
textproc/p5-Text-Tabs+Wrap Line wrapping to form simple paragraphs
devel/tex-etoolbox-doc Documentation for tex-etoolbox
wip/py-kcs11 PKCS#11 wrapper for Python
graphics/tex-suanpan-doc Documentation for tex-suanpan
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-mpeg2dec Open source multimedia framework - mpeg2dec plugin
wip/q Command line tool for direct SQL-like queries on CSVs/TSVs
wip/afl-cov Produce code coverage results with gcov from afl-fuzz test cases
net/isic Ip Stack Integrity Checker (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.)
wip/py-voropy Delaunay meshes, Voronoi regions
net/py-beanstalkc Simple beanstalkd client library for Python
wip/Siesta Siesta Mailing List Manager
x11/rox-wallpaper For setting the backdrop
graphics/tex-tex-ps-doc Documentation for tex-tex-ps
print/tex-captdef Declare free-standing \caption commands
graphics/tex-textpath-doc Documentation for tex-textpath
devel/p5-Perl6-Junction Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5
geography/p5-Geography-Countries Perl5 module for mapping country names and codes
wip/zip-devel Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip
wip/ruby-git Manipulate Git repositories by wrapping around the git binary
www/cppcms High performance C++ web development framework
www/py-django-sekizai Django Template Blocks with extra functionality
graphics/tuxpaint-stamps Rubber stamps for Tux Paint
fonts/tex-lfb Greek font with normal and bold variants
fonts/tex-fonetika Support for the Danish Dania phonetic system
devel/py-lama Code audit tool for Python
fonts/tex-universa-doc Documentation for tex-universa
net/mosh Remote terminal application which allows roaming
wip/jpgtn Thumbnail generator for JPEG images
net/wgetpaste Command line utility to upload to pastebin sites
audio/libcddb Library to access data on a CDDB server
net/arpd ARP daemon
graphics/tex-featpost-doc Documentation for tex-featpost
time/etm Events and tasks manager using simple text files
www/p5-HTML-Quoted Perl5 module to extract structure of quoted HTML mail message
textproc/heirloom-comm Collection of standard Unix utilities (comm)
print/flpsed WYSIWYG PostScript2 annotator
multimedia/dvdstyler Crossplatform DVD Authoring System
multimedia/mplayerthumbs thumbnail generator for all KDE file managers
graphics/tex-metauml MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams
fonts/tex-hfbright Hfbright fonts
geography/garmin-utils Utilities for Garmin GPS receivers
print/tex-was A collection of small packages by Walter Schmidt
geography/qlandkartegt-garmindev Garmin device drivers for qlandkartegt
sysutils/ruby-rb-inotify Ruby wrapper for Linuxs inotify, using FFI
wip/deforaos-desktop Meta-package for the DeforaOS Desktop environment
wip/rthread Distributed computing with remote threads in Python
wip/py-datarray NumPy arrays with named axes and named indices
wip/dbus-explorer GTK+ interface for viewing D-Bus service APIs written by C#
devel/p5-File-Policy Perl 5 module to provide site policy for file I/O functions
sysutils/rkdeveloptool Rockchip RockUSB development tool
sysutils/u-boot-rockpro64 Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (rockpro64-rk3399_defconfig)
net/ocaml-ipaddr Library for manipulation of IP and MAC addresses
wip/fusefs-sshfs Mount remote directories using ssh and FUSE
sysutils/sarah Syslog automated Rotation and Archive Handler
net/whoson Check if (dynamic) IP address is connected
www/p5-CGI-Application Perl5 module to create sophisticated, reusable web-based applications
devel/ldapsdk LDAP C-SDK from the Mozilla project
www/asp2php Converts asp pages to php pages
wip/suse121_libgcrypt Linux compatibility package for libgcrypt
wip/miracl Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library
www/p5-HTML-SimpleParse Perl5 module implementing a bare-bones HTML parser
www/p5-Apache-DBILogger Database-independent httpd database logging module
net/taskserver Lightweight, secure server providing access to task data
time/wmfishtime Dockable clock application with clock, date and fish
wip/ezstream Streamming client of mp3 and oggvorbis for icecast
graphics/tex-pst-fill Fill or tile areas with PSTricks
graphics/jpegquality Print quantization tables of a JPEG file
wip/gambas3-gb-util-web Miscellaneous utility functions for Gambas web applications
wip/gambas3-gb-signal POSIX signals management for Gambas
graphics/xart Paint program (enhanced xpaint)
devel/tex-pst-uml-doc Documentation for tex-pst-uml
mail/xbiff Mail notification program for X11
wip/gambas3-gb-ncurses NCurses library for Gambas
wip/mingw-w64-crt C runtime for win32/64 cross-development
print/tex-dtxtut-doc Tutorial on writing .dtx and .ins files
mail/libesmtp Library to manage posting of electronic mail
wip/py-pyqu PyQu is an extension module for Python to implement quantum algorithms
misc/ruby-thread_safe Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
wip/gambas3-gb-db-odbc ODBC driver for Gambas
sysutils/rsyslog The enhanced syslogd for Unix
editors/javascript-mode Javascript major mode for Emacs
time/py-tzlocal Python tzinfo object for the local timezone
wip/deforaos-todo DeforaOS desktop todo list
sysutils/system-tools-backends DBus interface for system configuration
textproc/aspell-fi Finnish language support for aspell
wip/gambas3-gb-db-form Data bound controls for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-libxml Old XML tools for Gambas based on libxml (deprecated)
wip/py-neupy Artificial Neural Network library implemented in Python
www/p5-HTML-Table Perl5 module to simplify creating HTML tables
net/mtr Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
wip/py-sshpt SSH Power Tool
textproc/hs-blaze-html Blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
wip/linux-hotplug Hardware autoconfiguration for Linux
wip/pacman Simple library-based package manager
devel/ruby-redmine_jenkins Plugin allows management of Jenkins projects within Redmine
wip/py-wsgiref This is a standalone release of the wsgiref library
graphics/imlib-gtk Image manipulation library for X11 (gtk bits)
wip/hplibunwind-git NONGNU libunwind
net/ORBit High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
mbone/mdd Multicast file distribution tool
net/modpcap Command line utility to modify pcap capture files
games/cosmosmash Space rock shooting video game
sysutils/u-boot-beaglebonewhite Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (am335x_evm_defconfig)
wip/gambas3-gb-cairo Vectorial drawing for Gambas based on Cairo
wip/gambas3-gb-complex Complex number implementation for Gambas
print/tex-bold-extra LaTeX package to use bold small caps and typewriter fonts
wip/py-mendeleev Database of atomic properties for elements in the periodic table
print/tex-cellspace-doc Documentation for tex-cellspace
wip/gambas3-gb-form-terminal Terminal emulator for Gambas
print/tex-ptex-base-doc Documentation for tex-ptex-base
www/ruby-http_parser.rb Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser
wip/gambas3-gb-image Image management component for Gambas
print/tex-texmate Comprehensive chess annotation in LaTeX
wip/gambas3-gb-inotify Filesystem event monitoring for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-qt4-webkit Web browser component for Gambas based on WebKit/Qt4
wip/gambas3-gb-util Miscellaneous utility functions for Gambas
benchmarks/nsieve Sieve of Eratosthenes benchmark
devel/py-enum34 Python module for enums like in python-3.4
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-rpc XML-RPC protocol implementation for Gambas
devel/libmemcached C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
wip/py-pmi Parallel Method Invocation
wip/hs-constraints Constraint manipulation
wip/py-fdasrsf Functional data analysis using the square root slope framework
devel/p5-Coro Perl module for threads
editors/py-editor Module to open an editor programmatically
wip/coxeter Computer program for the study of Coxeter group theory
fonts/tex-brushscr Handwriting script font
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-html HTML generator for Gambas
wip/lxqt-about LXQt about dialog
wip/py-opentmm OpenTMM is an object-oriented electrodynamic S-matrix
wip/gambas3-gb-httpd HTTP server for Gambas
textproc/tex-xmltex Non-validating XML parser implemented in TeX
www/tinyproxy Lightweight HTTP/SSL proxy
devel/p5-Test-Trap Perl extension to trap exit codes, exceptions, output
wip/eventd Small daemon to act on remote or local events
devel/py-more-itertools More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools
wip/py-dbutils Database connections for multi-threaded environments
wip/libpsurface Library that handles piecewise linear bijections
wip/py-blosc Python wrapper for the Blosc compression library
wip/gambas3-gb-net-pop3 POP3 client for Gambas
net/nagios-plugin-dumpdates /etc/dumpdates monitoring plugin for Nagios
devel/py-nosexcover Extends nose.plugins.cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports
multimedia/ogmtools Ogg Media files manipulation tools
wip/p5-Pod-Xhtml Generate well-formed XHTML documents from POD format documentation
wip/gambas3-gb-memcached Memcached client for Gambas
www/py-flask-cache Cache extension for Flask
wip/dsniff-nox11 Password sniffer
wip/dsniff Password sniffer (webspy)
devel/p5-Term-UI Methods to ask both elaborate questions and simple yes/no
wip/uqwk Tool to collect news and mail packets for offline reading
wip/gambas3-gb-data More container datatypes for Gambas
www/php-tidy PHP extension for tidy functions
wip/gambas3-gb-db-sqlite2 The Gambas SQLite 2 driver (deprecated)
net/tcptraceroute6 Traceroute6 implementation using TCP packets
www/py-webassets Asset management for Python web development
wip/gambas3-gb-db Database access for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-desktop-x11 X-Window library support for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-eval-highlight Syntax highlighter routines for Gambas
graphics/libbpg Better Portable Graphics image format library
wip/gambas3-gb-form-dialog Enhanced version of the standard dialogs for Gambas
wip/compiz-boxmenu Desktop menu for compiz, forked from compiz-deskmenu
wip/gambas3-gb-image-imlib Image routines for Gambas based on the Imlib2 library
sysutils/syslog-ng-smtp Highly portable log management solution
devel/p5-Class-Throwable Minimal lightweight exception class
wip/gambas3-gb-map Online map viewing component for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-mime MIME message management for Gambas
wm/mlvwm Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager
sysutils/tree Print a text or HTML tree diagram of a directory structure
wm/wampager Virtual pager dockapp for the Waimea Window Manager
wip/gambas3-gb-net Network access for Gambas
devel/py-minimock Simplest possible mock library
net/dgd Object-oriented programmable server
security/secpanel GUI front-end for SSH
wip/gambas3-gb-qt4-opengl OpenGL for Gambas applications with Qt4
sysutils/sshsh Run a new shell with an SSH identity
sysutils/conky Free, light-weight system monitor for X
devel/epydoc Python documentation framework
wip/gambas3-gb-report2 Report designer for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl SDL library interface for Gambas (deprecated)
www/clearsilver-base Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
wip/hs-HDBC Haskell Database Connectivity
sysutils/erlang-goldrush Small, Fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP apps
graphics/tex-pdfcrop-doc Documentation for tex-pdfcrop
wip/gambas3-gb-term-form Gambas Terminal Applications Forms
devel/gsoap Tools for coding SOAP XML Web Services in C and C++
wip/gambas3-gb-xml XML tools now made in Gambas
devel/p5-Test-Spelling Test::Spelling - check for spelling errors in POD files
devel/clisp-zlib CLISP zlib module
www/firefox36 Web browser with support for extensions (version 3.6.x)
devel/hptools SDK for Hewlett-Packard HP-48G/49G/39G/40G calculators
devel/umbrello UML Modeller
wip/gtk2-engines-dwerg Theme engine for GTK+ 2.x
x11/xev Display X events
wip/hs-dyre Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell
wip/hs-glib Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs
wip/py-wpull Wget-compatible web downloader and crawler
wip/kacst-one TrueType font designed for Arabic language
wip/krusader Advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE 4.x
devel/lcc Local ANSI C compiler for a variety of platforms
security/smaSHeM System V shared memory segment manipulator
devel/libdwarf Tools for parsing DWARF debug information
wip/libltc POSIX-C Library for handling Linear/Logitudinal Time Code (LTC)
print/tex-import Establish input relative to a directory
wip/nautilus-sound-converter Nautilus extension to convert audio files
wip/cabal-install Command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
time/ruby-timers Pure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers
wip/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd Use .htpasswd with Catalyst
wip/p5-Encode-Arabic Perl5 implementation for Arabic encodings
wip/p5-KyotoCabinet Perl binding for Kyoto Cabinet
devel/gnustep-examples Some GUI programming examples for GNUstep
wip/p5-Plucene-Plugin-Analyzer-SnowballAnalyzer Stemmed analyzer plugin for p5-Plucene search engine
wip/p2kmoto Support for p2k on Motorola phones
wip/p5-Template-Plugin-Class Allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes
wip/givaro C++ library for arithmetic and algebraic computations
x11/wmfstatus General purpose 8x5 LCD screen for WindowMaker
games/gogui GUI for Go-playing programs
sysutils/zidrav File corruption detection and repair program
wip/py-dbglog Python binding for dbglog
x11/gnome-themes Collection of themes and icons for GNOME 2
x11/xautolock Activate xlock after a user defined time of inactivity
wip/py-hurry-filesize Simple Python library for human readable file sizes
wip/py-iisignature Iterated integral signature calculations
wip/py-utilib_math PyUtilib math utilities
wip/yakuake Drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology
wip/py-tagger ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag library in Python
devel/php-mode PHP editing mode for Emacs
wip/qiew Reverse engineering tool
wip/libcstring Library for cross-platform C string functions
graphics/py-blockdiag Generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file
wip/py-screenutils Lib for gnu-screen: creates/close/list/log sessions, injects commands
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-xslt XSLT tools for Gambas based on libxslt
wip/gambas3-gb-option GNU-style command-line arguments parser for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-gmp GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library interface for Gambas
wip/io-securesocket SSL socket addon for Io
wip/gambas3-gb-crypt MD5/DES crypting for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-openssl OpenSSL library routines for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-media-form Media player controls for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expression matching for Gambas
security/p5-SHA Perl5 interface to the SHA1 algorithm
cross/nios2-gcc3 GNU gcc3 for Altera FPGA Nios2 processor
graphics/tex-pstricks-add-doc Documentation for tex-pstricks-add
wip/efl121 Enlightenment foundation libraries
wip/cygwin-binutils GNU binutils ported to Win32/Cygwin environment
x11/xview-clients OpenLook applications and man pages
wip/py-louie Python signal dispatching mechanism
x11/xfontsel X font selector
wip/hs-convertible-text Typeclasses and instances for converting between types
wip/atftp Advanced TFTP client and server
textproc/aspell-qu Quechua language support for aspell
print/tex-etex-pkg E-TeX support package
textproc/catdoc Converts MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files to plain text
wip/py-gsw Gibbs SeaWater Oceanographic Package of TEOS-10
wip/gambas3-gb-web-form Gambas web application GUI component
www/pear-HTTP_Request2 PHP classes to provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
devel/dotconf Simple-to-use and powerful configuration-file parser library
www/p5-Kwiki-Wikiwyg Kwiki plugin for WYSIWYG editing
wip/hunspell-uk_UA Ukraine dictionary for hunspell
wip/gambas3-gb-pdf PDF renderer for Gambas based on Poppler
wip/cortex-var TODO: Short description of the package
wip/gambas3-gb-opengl-glsl OpenGL Shading Language for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-jit Gambas JIT compiler
wip/gambas3-gb-form-mdi Multi-document interface for Gambas
wip/p5-OptArgs Extended processing of command line options
net/krfb KDE desktop sharing
archivers/p7zip File archiver with high compression
wip/py-sppy Sparse matrix package based on Eigen
devel/libcfg+ Command line and configuration file parsing library
net/ruby-amq-protocol AMQP 0.9.1 encoder & decoder
wip/gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3 SQLite driver for Gambas
wip/py-diffpy-structure Crystal structure container and parsers for structure formats
wip/gambas3-devel Gambas compilation tools
wip/gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl OpenGL library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-gtk3 GTK+ 3 toolkit implementation for Gambas
wip/nauty Brendan McKays graph isomorphism tester
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl2-audio SDL2 audio component interface for Gambas
wip/dcdis Simple Dreamcast disassembler
net/sipsak Sipsak is a command-line SIP testing utility
wip/gambas3-gb-args Program arguments parser for Gambas
cross/dfu-programmer Programmer for Atmel USB DFU Bootloader
geography/py-geojson Python bindings and utlities for GeoJSON
net/libgdata0.6 Google Data API based Glib client library
security/py-ecdsa Easy-to-use implementation of ECDSA cryptography
emulators/suse100_32_locale Linux 32-bit compatibility package with locale files
editors/p5-Acme-Padre-PlayCode Acme::PlayCode Plugin for Padre
www/p5-LWP-ConsoleLogger LWP tracing and debugging
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Vi Padre plugin proving a vi keyboard
lang/rcfunge Funge interpreter
www/p5-HTML-Restrict Perl5 module for stripping unwanted HTML tags and attributes
security/sshfp Print ssh host key fingerprint resource records
wip/felt Free system for introductory level finite element analysis
devel/libatomic_ops Multi-platform library of atomic operations by Hans Boehm
wip/tcl-iwidgets Object-oriented mega-widget set which extends Tcl/Tk
www/p5-Starlet Perl 5 Plack based standalone HTTP/1.0 server
www/cgic Thomas Boutells ANSI C library for CGI Programming
wip/cluster-admin TODO: Short description of the package
sysutils/wbm-quota Webmin module to setup disk quotas
benchmarks/ttcp TCP testing and performance measuring tool
lang/focal Interpreted programming language
devel/heirloom-getopt Collection of standard Unix utilities (getopt)
time/ruby-tzinfo Daylight savings aware timezone library
devel/ruby-redmine_startpage Redmine plugins to select any redmine subpage as start page
graphics/opendis Download images from Flashpoint Digita-based cameras
devel/libconfig Simple library for manipulating structured configuration files
games/crimsonfields Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
devel/clisp-pcre CLISP PCRE module
wip/ghmm General Hidden Markov Model Library in C
print/tex-csbulletin LaTeX class for articles submitted to the CSTUG Bulletin (Zpravodaj)
wip/hs-pointedlist03 Zipper-like comonad tracking a position (Old version)
fonts/font-xfree86-type1 XFree86 cursor Type1 fonts
textproc/detex Remove LaTeX commands
print/tex-ltabptch Bug fix for longtable
print/tex-makecmds The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command
lang/lua53 Powerful light-weight language for extending applications
print/tex-textfit-doc Documentation for tex-textfit
fonts/font-misc-cyrillic Miscellaneous Cyrillic fixed PCF fonts
print/tex-xltxtra Extras files for LaTeX users of XeTeX
print/tex-latexcheat-doc LaTeX cheat sheet
fonts/ghostscript-cmaps CMap resources for Ghostscript
wip/py-gvar Utilities for manipulating Gaussian random variables
print/tex-hyphen-romansh Romansh hyphenation patterns
net/arping ARP-level ping utility
print/kpathsea Path searching library for TeX-related files
wip/swftools Collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities
time/wmmoonclock Shows lunar ephemeris to fairly high accuracy
wip/py-pyglet Object-oriented programming interface for developing games
wip/debian_gtk Debian Linux gtk1.2 package
print/gv PostScript and PDF previewer
wip/multisync-syncml-moto SyncML module for Multisync (Motorola EZX)
lang/gcc3-f77 GNU Compiler Collection, v3 - F77 compiler
print/tex-pslatex Use PostScript fonts by default
wip/pear-HTTP_Client Simple HTTP client class in PHP
wip/py-jabber-punjab HTTP XMMP client interface implementing BOSH/XEP-0124
wip/linux-ch Ch is an interactive C development environment
wip/libtextcat Libtextcat library the Cavnar & Trenkle
textproc/ots Tool and library for auto-summarizing text
security/py-certbot Client for the Lets Encrypt CA
sysutils/xfce4-xarchiver Xfce archiver handler
filesystems/fuse-pcachefs FUSE-based persistent caching filesystem
wip/sarf Arabic Morphology System
sysutils/sformat SCSI disk maintainance, formating, and ultimative repair tool
wip/pear-Horde_Icalendar ICalendar API for horde
security/ap-modsecurity2 Intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications
wip/bitlbee IRC to other chat networks gateway
security/botan Portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
wip/py-mcerp Real-time latin-hypercube-sampling-based Monte Carlo Error Propagation
devel/ETL C++ template library for synfig
textproc/erlang-fast_yaml Fast YAML native library for Erlang / Elixir
devel/ruby-gettext Ruby localization library like as GNU gettext
databases/pgpool Connection pooling/replication server for PostgreSQL
converters/xlhtml Microsoft xls/ppt to HTML converter
wip/py-pyflation Calculating cosmological perturbations during an inflationary
graphics/tex-incgraph Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document
mail/postfix-sqlite Postfix SMTP server SQLite backend module
textproc/pear-File_Find Class that facilitates the search of filesystems
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langother Other languages TeX packages
wip/png2ico PNG to icon converter
wip/sulley pure-python fully automated and unattended fuzzing framework
wip/cl-alexandria Alexandria is a collection utilities for Common Lisp
x11/qt5-qtwebsockets Qt5 module for websockets
audio/liba52 Free ATSC A/52 stream decoder library
sysutils/dtb-arm-vexpress DTB files for arm vexpress based boards
textproc/aspell-da Danish language support for aspell
wip/py-coala Unified command-line interface for linting and fixing all your code
devel/go-testify Extension to the standard Go testing package
wip/gle GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
wip/slime Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
devel/git-base GIT Tree History Storage Tool (base package)
devel/tla Revision control system ideal for widely distributed development
emulators/suse131_32_libxml2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libxml2
audio/cripple Command line CD ripper/encoder wrapper with cddb support
x11/kxmlgui User configurable main windows
devel/git-svn Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
devel/p5-MooX-Log-Any Role to add Log::Any
textproc/aspell-nn Norwegian Nynorsk language support for aspell
wip/lucene Full-text search engine for Java
audio/mp3cut Tools to concatenate and split MP3 files
fonts/tex-typicons Font containing a set of web-related icons
misc/dvorakng US English Dvorak keyboard tutor
wip/py-print Simple printer library
devel/SOPE Framework for writing clever web servers driven by objects
mail/p5-Mail-Alias Perl 5 module to manipulate mail alias files
print/tex-algorithmicx Suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code
emulators/compat40-extras Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 4.0 compatibility
textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball Lingua::Stem::Snowball - Perl interface to Snowball stemmers
devel/hoe Rake extension to provide full project automation
sysutils/tpb Utility to enable the IBM ThinkPad(tm) special keys
wip/libmusclecard MUSCLE SmartCard framework support library
devel/javacc Java Compiler Compiler [tm]
audio/esound The Enlightened sound daemon
wip/py-ncomb Python combinatorics library
emulators/suse131_alsa Linux compatibility package for ALSA
textproc/php-mecab PHP extension for MeCab Morphological Analyzer
security/destroy Program to securely destroy files on the hard disk
filesystems/ori Secure distributed file system
sysutils/pscpug Graph a given processs CPU usage
mail/p5-IMAP-Client Perl5 module for IMAP manipulation
wip/py-vegas Tools for adaptive multidimensional Monte Carlo integration
textproc/openjade SGML/XML parser toolkit and DSSSL engine, successor to jade
security/py-certbot-dns-rfc2136 RFC 2136 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
audio/gst-plugins0.10-mad Open source multimedia framework - mad plugin
emulators/suse131_32_dbus-glib Linux 32-bit compatibility package for dbus-glib
sysutils/heirloom-rm Collection of standard Unix utilities (rm)
www/bins Static HTML photo album generator
devel/libthrift Cross-language data serialization library
chat/ircu Internet Relay Chat server customized for Undernet
devel/kidletime Monitoring user activity
sysutils/apcupsd UPS power management for APCC Products
wip/p5-Net-Delicious OOP for the API
wip/py-gravipy Tensor Calculus Package for General Relativity
www/cgilib Common gateway interface library
devel/hs-extensible-exceptions Extensible exceptions
wip/gpak Small package installer
www/p5-Apache2-AuthCASSimple Apache2 module to authenticate through a CAS server
wip/py-gatspy General tools for Astronomical Time Series in Python
wip/linux-kbd Keyboard and console utilities for Linux
devel/p5-Module-ScanDeps Perl 5 module to recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
net/samba4 SMB/CIFS protocol server suite
www/lua-curl Full lua bindings for libcurl
devel/ocaml-lwt Cooperative threading library for OCaml
wip/mkcabal Generate cabal files for a Haskell project
devel/py-jaraco.functools Additional functools in the spirit of stdlibs functools
www/p5-CGI-Minimal Perl5 module for simple CGI scripts
wip/dict-freedict-eng-ara Dict package for English-Arabic Freedict dictionary
audio/freeswitch-music FreeSwitch Music - All Bitrates
net/bounce Tool to forward TCP connection from one IP to another
devel/go-goreturns Formatting tool filling in return statements with zero values
wip/p5-Algorithm-Combinatorics Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
net/ucspi-tcp Command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
textproc/p5-XML-Feed Perl syndication feed parser for both RSS and Atom feeds
devel/py-repoze.lru Tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator
cross/h8300-hms-gcc GCC compiler for h8300-hms
devel/go-colorable Colorable writer for Windows
net/calypso CardDAV/CalDAV server
wip/ap2-evasive Evasive maneuvers module for Apache
wip/apache-commons-codec Encoder and decoders such as Base64 and hexadecimal codec
devel/ruby-pathname2 Alternate implementation of the Pathname library
devel/p5-Python-Serialise-Marshal Module for reading and writing marshalled Python files
devel/libstroke Stroke translation library
wip/calypso-git CardDAV/CalDAV server (git version)
wip/cacti-plugin-monitor Monitor plugin to cacti
devel/mantis PHP/MySQL/web based bugtracking system
devel/hs-QuickCheck Random testing of program properties
wip/openh264 H.264 encoder/decoder library from Cisco
mail/drac Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
audio/xmms-musepack XMMS plugin for musepack (mpc) files
audio/mp3check Check MP3 files for consistency
wip/cacti-plugin-settings Settings plugin to cacti
devel/p5-Class-Autouse Run-time class loading on first method call
wip/py-tardis-sn TARDIS - Temperature And Radiative Diffusion In Supernovae
devel/py-setuptools_scm_git_archive Setuptools_scm plugin for git archives
wip/libdjconsole DJ Console access library
wip/check-update Check pkgsrc trees for newer version
devel/p5-Software-License Perl 5 module which provide templated software licenses
filesystems/py-filesystem Python filesystem access library
wip/py-smcp Python extension for solving sparse matrix cone programs
devel/cdecl Utility to explain and compose C and C++ declarations
devel/hs-stm Software Transactional Memory
audio/dap Digital audio recording and processing package
textproc/php-pspell PHP extension for pspell support
devel/libdockapp Simple library to create dockapps for WindowMaker
wip/d1x-rebirth Source port of the Descent 1 engine
databases/php-pdo PHP extension for PHP Data Objects (base)
mail/qpopper Qualcomms POP server for Eudora
wip/py-tranquil Integrating SQLAlchemy with Django
devel/p5-Params-Coerce Perl 5 module allowing classes to do coercion of parameters
fonts/tex-ebgaramond LaTeX support for EBGaramond fonts
audio/xanalyser Frequency spectrum analyser for X
devel/p5-Memoize Transparently speed up functions by caching return values
wip/gambas3-gb-net-smtp SMTP client for Gambas
graphics/Cenon Vector graphics / CAD / DTP program
wip/edb-debugger Cross platform x86/x86-64 debugger
devel/p5-NEXT Provide a pseudo-class NEXT (et al) that allows method redispatch
wip/macaulay2 Macaulay2 a software system for research in algebraic geometry
devel/p5-IO-CaptureOutput Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses, or XS
graphics/go-smartcrop Tool to find good image crops for arbitrary crop sizes
cad/tkgate Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator
wip/wmswallow Dock any (!) Application into the WindowMaker dock
wip/py-ssh2 Python wrapper around libssh2
x11/xedit Simple text editor for X
wip/geant Toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter
devel/p5-Exception-Class Perl5 module implementing real exception classes
security/snoopy Log every executed command to syslog
devel/p5-Role-Basic Just roles. Nothing else
wip/eduke32 Engine for Duke Nukem 3D
net/rsync Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
wip/binutils-gold-git Fast linker for ELF files
textproc/aspell-kn Kannada language support for aspell
wip/p5-Module-Pluggable-Ordered Call module plugins in a specified order
filesystems/fuse-gmailfs FUSE filesystem which uses Google mail for free space
editors/xemacs-current-nox11 *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5.34 (no X11 support)
devel/libetm Exception and termination manager
wip/py-alfanous Quranic search engine API
net/zeroconf-ioslave Monitors the network for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
wip/py-Soya High level 3D engine for Python
wip/py-scs Scs: splittling cone solver
net/fair-identd Fast RFC-1413 identd running under inetd that returns no useful info
wip/dropbox Dropbox sync server
x11/gnome-screensaver Screen saver and locker for the GNOME desktop
wip/eot Expire Old Threads
www/p5-HTML-FillInForm Perl5 module that populates HTML Forms with CGI data
wm/musca Simple dynamic window manager for X
wip/hs-StateVar State variables
fonts/tex-rsfs Ralph Smiths Formal Script font
print/tex-fnpara-doc Documentation for tex-fnpara
wip/free42 HP42S Calculator Simulator
wip/py-spyse Spyse is a framework and platform for building multi-agent systems
print/tex-SIunits International System of Units
wip/py-minepy Maximal Information-based Nonparametric Exploration
sysutils/logrot Rotate log files in a safe and configurable manner
wip/jmol Jmol: an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D
print/tex-floatflt Wrap text around floats
multimedia/xine-v4l The v4l input plugin for xine-lib
sysutils/gnome-menus Implementation of the desktop menu specification for GNOME
print/tex-verbasef-doc Documentation for tex-verbasef
wip/golly Fast Game-Of-Life (and similar automata) visualizer
textproc/json-c JSON library in C
devel/libnjb Communicating with some Creative and Dell audio players
sysutils/collectd Statistics collection daemon base
wip/simgrid Simulator of distributed applications
print/tex-pitex-doc Documentation for tex-pitex
wip/hs-colorize-haskell Highligt Haskell source
x11/matchbox-desktop Desktop manager for Matchbox
wip/makepp Compatible and reliable make replacement written in Perl
benchmarks/nettest Performs client and server functions for timing data throughput
x11/libXmu X Miscellaneous Utilities library
finance/py-pyfolio Performance and risk analysis of financial portfolios
fonts/tex-fouriernc Use New Century Schoolbook text with Fourier maths fonts
wip/hs-vector-space Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives
x11/xf86-video-nouveau New (or nouveau) NVidia driver for modular
wip/py-pymvpa Multivariate pattern analysis
devel/p5-IO-Digest Perl module to calculate digests while reading or writing
devel/p5-File-Temp Provides functions for generating temporary files
www/librest Library for RESTful web services
devel/p5-Test-Taint Tools to test taintedness
wip/gambas3-gb-compress-zlib Gambas zlib bindings
wip/py-pseudopy Compute and visualize pseudospectra of matrices
wip/lua-ldoc LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system
wip/libdmx Distributed, multi-headed X protocol headers from modular
wip/py-instant Instant inlining of C and C++ code in Python
fonts/tex-carolmin-ps Adobe Type 1 format of Carolingian Minuscule fonts
wip/p5-Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API Provides a REST interface to DBIx::Class
wip/TextEdit GNUstep text editor
wip/neb-hdtoolbox Tool for cross-partitioning a disk for NetBSD/amiga
wip/gambas3-gb-v4l Video capture for Gambas (deprecated)
security/gpgmepp C++ bindings/wrapper for gpgme
inputmethod/ibus-qt Qt IBus library and Qt input method plugin
wip/rhapsody IRC client for Unix operating systems
games/heretic2-demo Heretic2 - first person Quake 3D engine based (linux demo)
cross/bossa Open source SAM-BA compatible Atmel ARM programmer
inputmethod/canna Kana-Kanji conversion system (meta-package)
net/nagstamon Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop
textproc/libxml XML parser (version 1), mainly used by the GNOME project
wip/java-muse Java-XML API for networking with modules like Jabber
graphics/py-imagingtk Tk support for the Python Imaging Library (PIL)
wip/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-Encoding Unicode aware Catalyst
graphics/cpia2view USB cameras based CPiA2 Utility Programs
textproc/p5-Pod-Spell-CommonMistakes Catches common typos in POD
wip/p4d Perforce SCM server
wip/p5-Sub-Recursive Anonymous memory leak free recursive subroutines
wip/navi2ch-current 2ch BBS browser for Emacs (Git Current)
graphics/gimp-docs-nn Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
textproc/p5-Encode-EUCJPASCII eucJP-ascii - An eucJP-open mapping
wip/passepartout Desktop publishing for X
wip/py-consensus Standalone implementation of Augurs consensus mechanism
wip/wxGTK-test Test Package for wxGTK28 to wxGTK30 Migration
lang/cu-prolog Experimental constraint logic programming language
wip/py-eventlet High performance network library using coroutines
wip/ninja-ide NINJA-IDE is a cross-platform integrated development environment
textproc/tex-latexdiff Determine and mark up significant differences between LaTeX files
wip/twemproxy Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and redis
devel/p5-IO-Zlib Perl5 IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
wip/py-multitasking Non-blocking Python methods using decorators
wip/libcxx-git C++ Standard Library
wip/hs-ObjectName Explicitly handled object names
wip/py-pyswisseph Python extension to AstroDienst Swiss Ephemeris
www/haskell-cgi CGI module for the Hugs Haskell 98 interpreter
wip/p5-Text-CHM Module that implements a support for handling CHM files
security/p5-Crypt-DES XS-based DES implementation for Perl
security/smtpd Store and forward SMTP proxy
wip/xmms-skin-m2n Skin for XMMS
wip/p5-Time-Piece-Range Time::Piece::Range - deal with a range of Time::Piece objects
security/p5-Crypt-GPG Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG
wip/llilc-git LLVM based compiler for .NET Core
wip/pear-Horde_Log Logging package for horde
www/ruby-liquid Ruby library for rendering safe templates
sysutils/mcollective Framework to build server orchestration
www/p5-CGI-Struct Build structures from CGI data
wip/git-docs-html GIT Tree History Storage Tool (HTML documentation)
wip/gambas3-gb-web-feed Gambas web feed parser and generator
lang/ja-gawk GNU awk + multi-byte extension
wip/gambas3-gb-desktop-gnome-keyring Gnome keyring support for Gambas desktop component (deprecated)
www/ruby-jekyll-paginate Built-in Pagination Generator for Jekyll
wip/dee Model to synchronize mutiple instances over DBus
wip/php-doc-fr French documentation for PHP
www/webalizer Web server log file analysis program
graphics/tex-tikzsymbols-doc Documentation for tex-tikzsymbols
www/swiftsurf Web proxy that can handle http and https
wip/gambas3-gb-clipper Polygon clipping library for Gambas
wip/py-CalDAVClientLibrary CalDAV library for python used by CalendarServer
mail/postfix-mysql Postfix SMTP server MySQL backend module
mail/notmuch Mail indexer
devel/ruby-memcache Ruby wrapper for memcache
databases/sqlrelay-pgsql PostgreSQL support for SQL Relay
wip/elk All-electron full-potential linearised augmented-planewave
devel/ruby-path Path manipulation library
devel/p5-Devel-FindRef Perl 5 module to track down references
inputmethod/tegaki-wagomu-japanese-kyoiku Tegaki project handwriting model for Wagomu-Japanese (kyoiku)
mail/amavisd-milter Sendmail milter program for amavisd-new
databases/py-sqlite SQLite database adapter for Python
wip/gambas3-gb-image-effect Image filtering routines for Gambas
wip/py-gobject3 Python bindings for glib2 gobject
wip/py-lifelines Including Kaplan Meier, Nelson Aalen and regression
wip/telepathy-butterfly Telepathy-butterfly is the MSN connection manager for telepathy
wip/tex-fancyref-doc Documentation for tex-fancyref
wip/dmd-bin The D Programming Language from Digital Mars
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie Maintain session IDs using cookies
wip/corefx-git The .NET Core foundational libraries
wip/py-dill Utility for serialization of python objects
wip/py-mystic Simple interactive inversion analysis framework
devel/jq Command-line JSON processor
wip/gambas3-gb-net-curl Network high-level protocol management for Gambas based on libcurl
wip/ipsvd Internet protocol service daemons
devel/swt Open source widget toolkit for Java
wip/py-fmmlib Python wrappers for particle FMMs
wip/py-chealpy Python Binding of chealpix
chat/tkicb TK interface to the ICB chat system
wip/py-django-idmap Identity mapper for the Django ORM
devel/avltree In-memory index w/ binary and string keys and key counts
wip/py-wqio Water Quality Inflow/Outflow
devel/p5-VCP Versioned Copy, copying hierarchies of versioned files
chat/tkirc2 GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
comms/tkhylafax Tcl/tk interface to Sam Lefflers fax package
devel/p5-Module-Refresh Perl5 module providing %INC files refreshing when updated on disk
textproc/ispell-en_GB British dictionary for interactive spelling checker
devel/py-filechunkio Chunck files for input/output
wip/py-minidb Simple python object store
wip/hs-system-filepath High-level, byte-based file and directory path manipulations
textproc/py-parse_type Simplifies to build parse types based on the parse module
devel/py-test Python testing tool
devel/p5-Date-Calc Perl5 module for Gregorian calendar date calculations
wip/py-larlib Linear algebraic representation of topology and geometry
wip/py-proj Python interface to PROJ.4 library
wip/suse131_fpc Linux compatibility package for Free Pascal Compiler
wip/ocserv SSL VPN server
wip/tnt Template Numerical Toolkit
wip/py-meshio I/O for various mesh formats
devel/p5-MooX-Options Perl module to add option keywords to your object (Mo/Moo/Moose)
devel/py-linecache2 Backport of the linecache module to older Python versions
emulators/suse121_32_gtk2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for GTK+-2.x
graphics/grafx2 Ultimate 256-color bitmap paint program
wip/pidgin-status-to-twitter Update Twitter with your Pidgin status
wip/zbackup Globally-deduplicating backup tool
graphics/gwenview KDE image viewer
sysutils/mc User-friendly file manager and visual shell
wip/ansible-junos-stdlib Ansible library for JunOS routers
games/colchess-book-colchess Chess opening book for ColChess (default)
wip/revelation Password manager for the GNOME desktop
devel/xmake Portable make utility
wip/tilda Terminal like the classic first-person-shooter games
games/nighthawk C64 Paradroid clone
wip/xf86-video-intel-git Modular Xorg Intel video driver
wip/boinc-git Open-source software for volunteer computing
wip/xspd Http application server
mail/incm Tool to get mail from mbox file or maildir
archivers/nulib2 Handles Apple II ShrinkIt (NuFX) file/disk archives
wip/vcsh Version Control System for the home directory
wip/azureus Bittorrent client written in java
wip/py-galry High-performance interactive visualization in Python
misc/orca Screen reader
mail/sma Sendmail log analyser
wip/uzbl Web interface tools which adhere to the UNIX philosophy
mail/ripmime Extract the attached files out of a MIME encoded email package
devel/py-hglist Mercurial ls command
devel/ruby-rb-fsevent Ruby interface to the Mac OS X FSEvents API
wip/ldc D compiler based on LLVM
wip/oneloop Evaluate the one-loop scalar 1-point, 2-point, 3-point
www/p5-Apache-Session Perl5 module to provide persistent storage
wip/grilo-plugins Plugins for grilo media browser
sysutils/wpi-firmware2 Firmware binary images for wpi(4) driver
sysutils/isapnptools Manually query and configure isapnp devices
mail/wl Mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs
devel/ruby-eet Ruby module to read and write EET files
wip/clisp-hg CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
security/kstart Kerberos v5 kinit daemon that uses keytabs
www/ap2-perl Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache
www/py-simpletal Stand alone implementation of the Zope TAL
wip/otrtool Decrypter for videos (otrkey) from
wip/ruby-iesd Tool to customize OS X InstallESD
wip/py-thLib Collection of Python utilities for signal analysis
fonts/tex-bbm Blackboard-style cm fonts
wip/py-kivy Innovative user interfaces made easy
wip/cl-who CL-WHO - Yet another Lisp markup language
wip/FLIF-git Free Lossless Image Format
time/plan Schedule planner based on X/Motif
wip/PHPUnit PHP regression testing framework for unit tests
devel/p5-Parse-CPAN-Meta Perl5 module to parse META.yml and other similar CPAN metadata files
sysutils/ipa Pluggable accounting system
wip/wayland Computer display server protocol
wip/kde-cli-tools Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system
wip/klayout Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor
www/php-http3 PHP extension for extended HTTP support
devel/p5-CPAN-Meta Perl module for handling the distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
devel/p5-Test-DistManifest Author test that validates a package MANIFEST
wip/ap2-auth-pam Apache2 module for PAM authentification
wip/dscan Network scanner
wip/polyclipping Polygon and line clipping and offsetting library
devel/p5-App-FatPacker Perl5 module to pack your dependencies onto your script file
wip/gin GIN is Guice for Google Web Toolkit client-side code
devel/p5-File-FlockDir FlockDir - override perl flock() for network or portability purposes
devel/ruby-extlib Support library for DataMapper and Merb
games/fruit Chess playing engine
wip/dns2tcp Dns2tcp is a tool for relaying TCP connections over DNS
misc/py-trytond-stock-package-shipping-ups Trytons stock package shipping UPS module
devel/ctemplate Simple but powerful template language for C++
wip/ja-ptex Meta-package for pTeX et al, supports Japanese language
devel/py-cursespanel Curses panel module for Python
devel/p5-Module-Install-Substitute Perl5 module to substitute values into files before install
wip/h8300-elf-gcc GCC compiler for h8300-elf
www/mimetex CGI to convert LaTeX math expression to GIF image
editors/nvi Berkeley nvi with additional features
textproc/ruby-safe_yaml Parse YAML safely
wip/converttomp3 Convert music files to MP3, preserving some tag information
devel/p5-Git-Version-Compare Functions to compare Git versions
wip/hawk HAWK is a Monte Carlo integrator for pp -> H + 2jets
print/tex-ctablestack Catcode table stable support
wip/hs-blaze-textual Fast rendering of common datatypes
audio/splay Audio player/decoder that decodes MPEG Layer I,II,III and WAV files
wip/nitrogen Background browser and setter
meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-libs Modular Xorg library meta-package
math/fftw2 Collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs
wip/libqtxdg Qt implementation of xdg specs
www/ap2-xsendfile Apache 2 module that processes X-SENDFILE headers
wip/p5-Plucene Perl port of the Java Lucene search engine
sysutils/bchunk .bin/.cue CD image converter
wip/mtrack Satellite tracking program for amateurs
emulators/gens Sega Genesis emulator with Sega CD support
devel/ruby-stomp Ruby library for the Stomp protocol
wip/fsharp Fsharp compiler and interpreter
wip/py-ciabatta Miscellaneous shared utilities
www/p5-WWW-Curl Perl binding interface for curl
sysutils/goreman Foreman clone written in Go language
benchmarks/ramspeed RAMspeed, a cache and memory benchmarking tool
editors/ce-x11 Chets Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , X11 version
www/p5-Rose-URI URI class for easy and efficient manipulation of URI components
converters/p5-JSON Perl module converts between JSON and Perl data structure
audio/akode-plugins-sun Sun audio output plugin for akode framework
net/p5-Net-Amazon Framework for accessing via SOAP and XML/HTTP
print/tex-cjk-ko Extension of the CJK package for Korean typesetting
security/openvas-libraries Libraries for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
wip/py-Genetic Python-genetic provides genetic algorithms for Python
sysutils/pciutils PCI bus manipulation utility similar to NetBSD pcictl(8)
sysutils/xentools411 Userland Tools for Xen 4.11.x
security/pam-dbm PAM module for DBM authentication
sysutils/rdiff-backup Remote incremental backup utility
www/http-parser Parser for HTTP messages written in C
www/p5-Kwiki Extensible, modular, Perl-based Wiki
audio/mpg123-oss Contains the oss module for mpg123
wip/py-gorm Database-backed versions of the standard networkx graph classes
security/php-ssh2 PHP bindings to the functions of libssh2
time/p5-Time-Format Easy-to-use date/time formatting
wip/py-pyamf Action Message Format support for Python
wip/emboss-java Interface between emboss and jemboss
sysutils/ups-nut Network UPS Tools
wip/hs-data-accessor-monads-fd Use Accessor to access state in monads-fd State monad class
wip/hs-executable-path Finding out the full path of the executable
wip/py-simplegeneric Simple generic functions for Python
lang/nawk Brian Kernighans pattern-directed scanning and processing language
security/apg Tool set for random password generation
lang/sablevm-classpath Class libraries for the SableVM Java virtual machine
print/tex-datetime Change format of \today with commands for current time
wip/py-chaos UIC REU on Chaos, Fractals and Complex Dynamics
print/tex-memdesign-doc Notes on book design
sysutils/dirsize Outputs aggregate size of all files in one or more directories
devel/apache-ant19 Java make(1) replacement
wip/ssu Command-line access to local and remote Source Safe/VSS repositories
graphics/Mesa Graphics library meta package, similar to SGIs OpenGL
www/php-ja-wordpress Blogging tool written in php (Localized for Japanese)
wip/py-repositoryhandler RepositoryHandler is a python library for handling code repositories
audio/eawpatches Eric A. Welsh patches (audio samples) for TiMidity
wip/zvbi Library for accessing raw VBI sampling devices
audio/rtunes Streams audio to an Apple AirPort Express device
wip/ncbi-c++-lib Libraries needed by apps dependent on NCBI C++ toolkit
audio/p5-Audio-Wav Perl modules for reading & writing Microsoft WAV files
fonts/tex-eurosym MetaFont and macros for Euro sign
sysutils/wbm-lpadmin Webmin module to manage local and remote printers
inputmethod/skk-jisyo Dictionary collection for SKK
net/rtmpdump Tools for handling RTMP stream
wip/grass Open source geographical information system (GIS)
net/p5-IP-Country Fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses
wip/rust-bin Safe, concurrent, practical language
wip/cufflinks Transcript assembly, differential expression, regulation for RNA-Seq
audio/gbemol Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
devel/tcllib Collection of utility modules for Tcl
audio/mad Meta-package for MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder)
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Deflater Plack middleware to compress response body with Gzip or Deflate
wip/cleanscore Clean SLRNs score file
www/py-ClientForm Python module for handling HTML forms on the client side
audio/festvox-us2 MBROLA based Americal English male voice for festival
www/py-uliweb Easy python web framework
net/rp-pppoe Roaring Penguins PPP over Ethernet client
wip/schur Calculating properties of Lie groups and symmetric functions
geography/libgeotiff Library and tools for reading and writing GeoTIFF data
www/cherokee Flexible and fast web server
www/p5-HTTP-Parser-XS Perl 5 module providing a fast, primitive HTTP request parser
www/screws SCRipt Enhanced Web Server
www/moodle Course management system based on social constructionism
misc/heirloom-more Collection of standard Unix utilities (more)
wip/ion3 Tiling tabbed window manager
wip/hs-haskelldb SQL unwrapper for Haskell
sysutils/p5-Daemon-Generic Framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon
print/tex-cite-doc Documentation for tex-cite
wip/py-corrfitter Utilities for fitting correlators in lattice QCD
wip/spacefm SpaceFM Filemanager
audio/gst-plugins1-mpg123 Open source multimedia framework - mpg123 plugin
textproc/scrollkeeper-dtd DTD from the Scrollkeeper package
wip/py-rebound Open-source multi-purpose N-body code
sysutils/wbm-mailboxes Webmin module to read email in users mailboxes
textproc/p5-Text-WagnerFischer Perl module for configurable edit distance calculations
wip/ogre Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
wip/p5-UUID DCE compatible Universally Unique Identifier library for Perl
security/mirrordir Directory mirroring tool
textproc/php-yaml YAML-1.1 parser and emitter
textproc/kbanner Display kanji files in large letters
x11/xcursorgen Prepare X11 cursor sets for use with libXcursor
x11/xcruise Navigate through a three-dimensional view of a file system
devel/doxymacs Doxygen editing support for Emacs
devel/p5-IPC-Cache Perl module that implements an object storage space
editors/sam Unix version of Rob Pikes editor for plan9
wm/fluxbox Window Manager for X based on Blackbox
x11/xkill Kill X clients
devel/libtecla Interactive command line editing facilities
wm/lwm Lightweight Window Manager
www/fcgi FastCGI application development kit
graphics/libkdcraw KDE digital camera raw image library wrapper
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8_1 Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-1 encoding
wip/php-libawl-git PHP Andrews Web Libraries
fonts/tex-yfonts-t1-doc Documentation for tex-yfonts-t1
devel/gst-plugins1-pango Open source multimedia framework - pango plugin
games/pingus Lemmings(TM) Clone
audio/solfege Practice several musical ear training exercises
audio/sonata Elegant GTK2 client for the Music Player Daemon
x11/mcookie Tool for creating cookies for xauth(1)
sysutils/tphdisk Create hibernation partitions for Thinkpads
x11/sxhkd Simple X hotkey daemon
net/irrtoolset5 The Internet Routing Registry Toolset - client to IRRd
devel/p5-Test-MockObject Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces
x11/py-Xlib Functional X client library for Python
print/tex-magaz Magazine layout
security/hydra Login password cracker
audio/mp3wrap Tool to wrap mp3 files into a large one
security/caff Various GnuPG related tools
security/prelude-lml Log analyzer monitoring your logfile and received syslog messages
audio/xmms-meta-input XMMS plugin wrapper for shell scripts
www/p5-HTML-Prototype Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library
devel/cvsgraph Graphically represents CVS/RCS branches and file revisions
sysutils/p5-Unburden-Home-Dir Automatically unburden HOME directory from caches etc
security/qoauth OAuth library for Qt
devel/hs-text Efficient packed Unicode text type
devel/lua-gi Gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding
security/ruby-rack-openid Provides a more HTTPish API around the ruby-openid library
misc/heirloom-sleep Collection of standard Unix utilities (sleep)
audio/gst-plugins0.10-vorbis Open source multimedia framework - vorbis plugin
devel/p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry Perl module providing a lightweight cache with timed expiration
security/p5-Netpgp-Verify Perl5 bindings for libnetpgpverify
print/tex-go Fonts and macros for typesetting go games
time/wmtime Time/Date applet for WindowMaker
devel/py-hg-evolve Experimental Mercurial extensions from Facebook
fonts/junicode Free TrueType font family for medievalists
mail/perdition-gdbm IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (GDBM user database module)
security/libprelude-python Python bindings to LibPrelude
fonts/tex-playfair Playfair Display fonts with LaTeX support
security/ruby-metasploit-concern Automatically include concern modules
fonts/tex-manfnt-font Font for LaTeX support for the TeX book symbols
devel/p5-Class-MakeMethods Getter/setter OO method maker for class elements
devel/p5-Task-Weaken Perl 5 module to ensure that a platform has weaken support
devel/tmake Cross-platform Makefile Tool
devel/p5-Tie-Cache-LRU-Expires Extends Tie::Cache::LRU with expiring
editors/lyx Document processor and graphical frontend for LaTeX
wip/py-csa The Connection-Set Algebra implemented in Python
cross/arm-none-eabi-gdb Cross GDB for bare metal ARM EABI
www/ruby-compass-import-once Speed up your Sass compilation by making @import file once
www/p5-HTTP-Entity-Parser PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser
wip/mcats-iodbc MCatS iODBC module
fonts/tex-orkhun Font for orkhun script
devel/py-kqueue Python interface to kqueue(2) and kevent(2) system calls
wip/gambas3-gb-settings Gambas Application settings management
print/tex-notoccite-doc Documentation for tex-notoccite
devel/hs-reflection Reifies arbitrary terms into types
net/dhcpcd-icons Shared icons for dhcpcd-gtk and dhcpcd-qt
devel/p5-Test-BDD-Cucumber Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl
devel/py-construct Powerful declarative parser for binary data
wip/fuse-google-drive-git FUSE filesystem wrapper for Google Drive
net/py-hpack Pure-Python HPACK header compression
wip/nuppelvideo Fast and simple RTjpeg-based video capture program
net/powerdns Modern, advanced and high performance nameserver
textproc/tex-xmltex-doc Documentation for tex-xmltex
fonts/tex-romande-doc Documentation for tex-romande
fonts/efont-unicode Free unicode BDF font
www/py-django-appmedia Handling django app media
devel/hdf NCSA Hierarchical Data Format
devel/gob2 GNOME object builder for glib2
print/tex-dblfloatfix-doc Documentation for tex-dblfloatfix
print/tex-eplain Extended plain TeX macros
mail/policyd Policy daemon for Postfix with greylisting and throttling
devel/libzookeeper Highly reliable distributed coordination C lib
graphics/tex-epsincl Include EPS in MetaPost figures
www/p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Related RHTMLO forms, living together
graphics/tex-mpcolornames-doc Documentation for tex-mpcolornames
graphics/tex-pst-poly Polygons with PSTricks
fonts/tex-sourceserifpro Use SourceSerifPro with TeX(-alike) systems
wip/sais-demo-data Strange Adventures in Infinite Space engine (SDL port) (demo data files)
www/p5-CGI-Ajax Call perl asynchronously from javascript
graphics/jbigkit JBIG-KIT lossless image compression library
net/nfdump Tools to collect and process netflow data
fonts/tex-xits-doc Documentation for tex-xits
devel/tig Ncurses-based GIT repository tool
fonts/ttftot42 TrueType font to Type 42 converter
graphics/openjpeg JPEG 2000 library
sysutils/xhyve Port of bhyve to OS X
textproc/R-markdown Markdown rendering for R
wip/p5-Petal Perl Template Attribute Language
devel/hs-vault Persistent store for values of arbitrary types
print/tex-bussproofs Proof trees in the style of the sequent calculus
devel/radamsa General-purpose fuzzer
fonts/tex-dice Font for die faces
wip/py-parameters Hierarchical parameter sets for modelling and simulation
net/wpa_gui QT GUI for wpa_supplicant(8)
wip/hs-mime Haskell MIME Type Library
security/openssl Secure Socket Layer and cryptographic library
fonts/asea-ttf Typeface for greek typography
net/py-twython Python wrapper for the Twitter API
textproc/xhtml DTDs for the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
converters/py-emoji ASCII<->Emoji conversion library for Python
net/py-dpkt Python packet creation / parsing library
net/py-irclib Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client library
wip/libstrophe Simple, lightweight C library for writing XMPP clients
net/wmget Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app
x11/dtx11session Launch a X11 session from CDE login service
devel/py-google-apputils Google Application Utilities for Python
textproc/dblatex DocBook to LaTeX Publishing
wip/nbfc Nbfc - the new brainfuck compiler
security/py-acme-tiny Tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Lets Encrypt
databases/p5-gdbm Perl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
devel/py-queuelib Collection of persistent (disk-based) queues
sysutils/wmmemmon Dockapp to monitor memory and swap usages
databases/ruby-arel-helpers Tools to help construct database queries
wip/py-xarray N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
net/freeradius-ldap Free RADIUS rlm_ldap module
wip/py-chompack Library for chordal matrix computations
wip/ocaml-camomile Unicode library for ocaml
databases/py-pgnotify Python interface to PostgreSQL LISTEN/NOTIFY
devel/ruby-bit-struct Library for packed binary data stored in ruby Strings
devel/ruby-cucumber-wire Wire protocol for Cucumber
cad/solvespace Parametric 2D/3D CAD
news/newsfetch Downloads newsgroup messages in mail file format
wip/pbseqan PacBio patched and stripped down seqan
wip/pear-Horde_Util Useful functionalities for horde
news/newsx NNTP news exchange program
devel/p5-Test-Modern Precision testing for modern perl
databases/php-mysqli PHP5 extension for MySQL 4.1 and later databases
devel/p5-Term-Shell Write command-line shells in Perl
www/py-scrapy High-level Web Crawling and Web Scraping framework
wip/ccnet-server Framework for writing networked applications in C
print/tex-context-bnf BNF module for ConTeXt
print/tex-feupphdteses-doc Documentation for tex-feupphdteses
wip/verilator Free and fast Verilog HDL simulator
www/apache-roller Full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server
print/tex-germbib-doc Documentation for tex-germbib
wip/py-symboltype Simple Symbol Type for Python
wip/py-sparce Sparse linear algebra extension for Python
www/c-icap-modules C-ICAP server modules
print/tex-snapshot-doc Documentation for tex-snapshot
wip/py-tablib-garetjax Format agnostic tabular data library (XLS, JSON, YAML, CSV)
x11/xmon Interactive X protocol monitor
wip/xmms-skin-LinuxDotCom Skin for XMMS
print/ruby-prawn Fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
wip/pear-FPDF Unofficial PEAR FPDF-library
www/py-aiohttp Async http client/server framework
devel/p5-PerlIO-gzip Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip
wip/quickfix FIX engine
wip/regexxer Interactive tool for performing search and replace operations
textproc/tcl-tDOM High performance XML data handling library for Tcl using Expat
audio/filter_audio Easy to use audio filtering library made from webrtc code
converters/autoconvert Intelligent Chinese encoding converter
graphics/libraw013 Raw decoding/processing library
print/tex-colortbl Add colour to LaTeX tables
x11/gtkmm-utils C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkmm
security/steghide Hides data (steganography) in audio or graphics files
devel/py-oset Python library for ordered sets
security/rid Remote Intrusion Detection to track down compromised hosts
print/py-latexcodec Lexer and codec for LaTeX
print/tex-kotex-oblivoir LaTeX document class for typesetting Korean documents
pkgtools/compat_headers Compatibility headers
devel/sfslite Standard version of the sfslite library
sysutils/p5-IO-KQueue Perl interface to the BSD kqueue system call
security/cfs Encrypting file system, using NFS as its interface
print/py-PDF2 PDF library for python
wip/procps The Linux /proc file system utilities
security/dehydrated Letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script
emulators/swarm Software arm7M core emulator
sysutils/heirloom-mkfifo Collection of standard Unix utilities (mkfifo)
security/dhbitty Small public key ECDH encryption/decryption program
security/dsniff Password sniffer (webspy)
wip/elinks-libmm Extended/Enhanced Links
print/tex-optional-doc Documentation for tex-optional
www/curl Client that groks URLs
www/py-Routes Python re-implementation of the Rails routes system for mapping URLs
devel/ObjectiveLib Object containers and generic algorithms for Objective-C
sysutils/adtool Active Directory administration utility for Unix
security/hackbot Vulnerability scanner written in Perl
net/bind911 Berkeley Internet Name Daemon implementation of DNS, version 9.11
sysutils/gnometoaster CD recording frontend for X/GTK+
sysutils/heirloom-getconf Collection of standard Unix utilities (getconf)
print/tex-csbulletin-doc Documentation for tex-csbulletin
www/horde PHP application framework
www/p5-WWW-Mechanize Automates web page form & link interaction
devel/p5-enum Enumerations for Perl
print/tex-cmap Make PDF files searchable and copyable
wip/py-dclab Data analysis for real-time deformability cytometry
wip/py-dubins Code to generate and manipulate dubins curves
print/tex-mathcomp-doc Documentation for tex-mathcomp
wip/p5-Spread Perl5 module interface to Spread network utilities
misc/gnome-user-docs The GNOME 2 users guide
devel/ocaml-optcomp OCaml syntax extension for optional compilation
games/knightcap-brain Book of losing moves for KnightCap
chat/pidgin-facebookchat Plugin for pidgin to support Facebook IM
misc/p5-ControlX10-CM11 Perl5 module for controlling the X10 CM11A controller
print/tex-nolbreaks No line breaks in text
wip/gambas3-gb-image-io Image loading and saving for Gambas
sysutils/heirloom-env Collection of standard Unix utilities (env)
security/ruby-hmac Common interface to HMAC functionality
wip/java-tritonus-share Shared classes required by all other Tritonus plug-ins
devel/erlang-ezlib Native zlib driver for Erlang / Elixir
wip/gqrx SDR GUI using GNU Radio
emulators/suse121_krb5 Linux compatibility package for kerberos libraries
security/flawfinder Python program to find flaws in C/C++ programs
sysutils/findutils The GNU find, locate, updatedb, and xargs utilities
security/libcrack Password checking library
print/tex-hyphen-swedish Hyphenation patterns for Swedish
print/tex-ifxetex TeX package to determine if running under XeTeX
security/aide06 Older intrusion detection system for checking file integrity
sysutils/liboobs Lightweight GObject based interface to system-tools-backends
print/tex-latexconfig Files used to generate LaTeX formats
textproc/aspell-cy Welsh language support for aspell
archivers/hpack Multi-System Archiver with open keys PGP-based security
wip/canto-curses The curses (text) client for canto-daemon
sysutils/screentest CRT/LCD screen testing utility using GTK+
sysutils/wbm-cluster-passwd Webmin module to change users passwords within a Webmin cluster
print/tex-macros2e-doc List of internal LaTeX2e macros
devel/magit Inspect and modify Git repositories from Emacs
devel/lua-lrexlib-onig Oniguruma regexp library for Lua (lrexlib project)
sysutils/baloo KDE framework for searching and managing user metadata
sysutils/rsyslog-gnutls Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gnutls module
devel/p5-Devel-StackTrace Perl5 module for stack trace and stack trace frame objects
time/p5-Business-Hours Calculate business hours in a time period
print/tex-mdwtools-doc Documentation for tex-mdwtools
wip/gsdpdf Gaunt-Stirling double Parton Distribution Functions
print/tex-extsizes-doc Documentation for tex-extsizes
textproc/py-pybtex BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor written in Python
news/suck Feed a local news server without a dedicated newsfeed
devel/ncurses CRT screen handling and optimization package
print/tex-subfigmat Automates layout when using the subfigure package
sysutils/collectd-amqp Statistics collection daemon - amqp plugin
textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-bibtex Sphinx extension for BibTeX style citations
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Social Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Social framework)
textproc/aspell-sk Slovak language support for aspell
sysutils/sysbuild-user Runs sysbuild periodically under a dedicated user
multimedia/xine-lib Multimedia player library
math/ipopt Interior Point OPTimizer
print/tex-textpos Place boxes at arbitrary positions on the LaTeX page
archivers/afio Data corruption handling cpio-format archive creator
sysutils/crashme Try to crash machine by executing random data as instructions
textproc/heirloom-bdiff Collection of standard Unix utilities (bdiff)
www/gitweb Web interface for GIT repositories
cad/verilog-mode Verilog mode for Emacs
time/p5-DateTime-Format-HTTP Deal with date formats used by HTTP
time/p5-DateTime-Set Perl module for date/time sets and ranges
wip/py-gobject3-common Python version independent files for glib2 gobject bindings
time/dclock Digital clock for X
sysutils/cuisine Small set of functions that sit on top of Fabric
cad/geda Toolset for automating electronic design
print/tex-textpos-doc Documentation for tex-textpos
net/ucspi-tcp6 Command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
print/tex-twoinone LaTeX style to print two pages on a single page
cad/p5-gds2 Modules to read, write, and manipulate GDS2 (GDSII) stream files
cad/wcalc-docs Web Pages for the Wcalc Transmission Line Calculator
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Mail Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats
devel/ruby-assistance Lightweight replacement for ActiveSupport
devel/p5-Class-Accessor-Grouped Lets you build groups of accessors
sysutils/xenkernel42 Xen 4.2.x Kernel
multimedia/libdvbpsi PSI decoder and generator library for MPEG2 and DVB streams
wip/lumberjack Rolling logger for Go
print/tex-uhrzeit-doc Documentation for tex-uhrzeit
sysutils/memtest86 Stand alone memory test for x86 arch (no longer maintained)
time/khal CLI calendar application built around CalDAV
cad/spice General-purpose circuit simulation program
textproc/aspell-el Greek language support for aspell
textproc/markdown-mode Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files
cad/ghdl Open-source simulator for the VHDL language
wip/py-sarge Wrapper for subprocess which provides command pipeline functionality
sysutils/etcmanage Automatically manage files in /etc
devel/p5-Devel-Caller Meatier versions of caller
sysutils/capistrano Tool for parallel execution of commands across multiple machines
multimedia/libtheora Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming
textproc/ruby-classifier-reborn General classifier module for Bayesian and other classificaions
devel/p5-PadWalker Play with other peoples lexical variables
print/tex-varisize Change font size in Plain TeX
cad/fasthenry Three-dimensional inductance extraction program
multimedia/transcode Command line video-stream processing tool
time/p5-Date-Leapyear Is a particular year a leap year?
devel/p5-IO-Async Asynchronous event-driven programming
textproc/p5-XML-Node Node-based XML parsing: an simplified interface to XML::Parser
wip/py-coala_utils Collection of coala utilities
sysutils/bubblemon Small windowmaker dockapp with bubbles and a duck
print/tex-ifnextok-doc Documentation for tex-ifnextok
print/tex-xetexconfig Configuration files for XeTeX
devel/rebar3 Erlang build tool
sysutils/lxpanel Lightweight X11 desktop panel from LXDE
devel/hs-data-default-instances-base Default instances for types in base
devel/p5-Proc-Wait3 Perl5 extension for wait3 system call
sysutils/easydiskpasswd Tool to unlock a password protected USB EasyDisk
textproc/py-pybtex-docutils Docutils backend for pybtex
wip/gambas3-gb-gsl GNU Scientific Library interface for Gambas
sysutils/efreet Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
textproc/hunspell-cy_GB Welsh dictionary for hunspell
textproc/p5-Text-Xslate Scalable template engine for Perl5
print/xpdf-chinese-simplified Xpdf support files for Chinese (Simplified)
devel/p5-Shell-Perl Read-eval-print loop in Perl
wip/py-IOSXR Library for interacting with IOS-XR routers
sysutils/u-boot-pocketchip Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (CHIP_defconfig)
devel/p5-IO-Compress IO Interface to compressed data files/buffers
print/tex-cyrillic-bin Cyrillic bibtex and makeindex
time/xdaliclock Animated digital clock
security/p5-Digest-MD5-File Perl5 extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls
devel/go-review Git Codereview plugin used by the Go project
multimedia/ogle DVD player with menus
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5 Qt5 toolkit implementation for Gambas
wip/py-dependency_management coala Dependency Management
math/liblbfgs Library of Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno (L-BFGS)
fonts/tex-electrum-doc Documentation for tex-electrum
emulators/suse131_libwebp Linux compatibility package for libwebp
www/ap2-jk Apache connector for accessing Jakarta Tomcat
wip/gnuradio-wxgui WxGTK Toolkit module of GNU Radio
print/tex-poltawski Antykwa Poltawskiego Family of Fonts
textproc/p5-Lingua-Identify Language identification
textproc/ruby-hikidoc Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
textproc/ruby-libxml Support module for libxml2 library
wip/cereal C++11 library for serialization
print/tex-boxedminipage-doc Documentation for tex-boxedminipage
math/fgmp Minimalist free re-implementation of GNU multi-precision routines
wip/pike-Pipe PIPE module for Pike programming language
x11/driconf Configuration applet for DRI drivers
sysutils/gamin File alteration monitor
wip/tbb Library that provides thread building blocks
print/tex-arabi (La)TeX support for Arabic and Farsi, compliant with Babel
editors/ted-pl Polish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
sysutils/p5-Sys-SigAction Perl extension for Consistent Signal Handling
security/pcsc-lite Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC)
wm/i3 Improved dynamic tiling window manager
x11/liboldXrandr X RandR extension (Library)
devel/ruby-facade Module that helps implement the facade pattern
devel/p5-Config-Grammar Grammar-based, user-friendly config parser
wip/py-nimfa Python Library for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Techniques
print/tex-stringstrings String manipulation for cosmetic and programming application
x11/xlogo X Window System logo
time/oclock Simple analog clock to make a round window
wip/openrct2 Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
sysutils/xenstoretools Xenstore Tools for Xen 4.6.x
print/tex-verbasef VERBatim Automatic Splitting of External Files
sysutils/heirloom-id Collection of standard Unix utilities (id)
x11/xosd Library to display shaped text on your X display
devel/cgen CGEN, the Cpu tools GENerator
devel/p5-IO-Capture Perl modules to capture output to stdout and stderr
x11/xwrits Wrist break reminder for prevention of repetitive stress injuries
textproc/asciidir Recursively remove non ASCII characters in file names
audio/gst-plugins0.10-jack Open source multimedia framework - jack plugin
devel/p5-Config-IniFiles Perl module for reading .ini-style configuration files
wip/pokerth Texas Holdem poker with online play
x11/xtermcontrol Dynamic control of xterm properties
wip/py-larry Label the rows, columns, any dimension, of your NumPy arrays
print/tex-guide-to-latex Material presented in Guide To LaTeX
www/py-flask-bootstrap Flask extension for Twitters Bootstrap
wip/qrq Open source Morse telegraphy trainer
www/sassc Wrapper around libsass
devel/p5-Exception-Handler Report exceptions with formatted text call-stack
graphics/cinepaint Motion picture painting and image retouching program
audio/py-audiotools Collection of command line audio handling programs
mail/fetchyahoo Download mails from Yahoo webmail into mbox
wip/salmon Transcript-level quantification of RNA-seq from lightweight alignments
print/tex-layouts Display various elements of a documents layout
textproc/dict-mueller7 English-Russian dictionary by Mueller for dictd
wip/py-libclang-py3 Python3 bindings for libclang
print/tex-pagenote Notes at end of document
print/tex-a0poster-doc Documentation for tex-a0poster
time/p5-Time-Duration-Parse Perl5 module to parse string that represents time duration
devel/ruby-bindata Declarative way to read and write structured binary data
devel/py-astroid Rebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Pythons ast
net/ruby-icmp Ruby module for handling ICMP packets
print/xdvik Previewer for DVI files
x11/mate-settings-daemon MATE settings daemon
www/htmllint Another HTML-Lint program
graphics/cqcam Free Color QuickCam control program
fonts/tex-cryst-doc Documentation for tex-cryst
net/sipcalc IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator
games/exchess-book-medium Chess opening book for EXchess (medium)
print/tex-europecv-doc Documentation for tex-europecv
graphics/py-pycha Library for making charts with Python
x11/hanterm X11R6-based xterm hacked for managing Korean languages
www/p5-Kwiki-Revisions Kwiki revisions plugin
net/srsh Emulate rsh client behavior using ssh
www/libghttp GNOME http client library
graphics/libv4l Video4Linux userspace library
devel/p5-Test-ClassAPI Provide basic first-pass API testing for large class trees
x11/xpns Petri-Net Simulator for Xwindows
lang/embryo Embeddable Scripting Language
print/tex-enumitem-doc Documentation for tex-enumitem
net/p5-NetAddr-IP Perl5 module for managing IP addresses
devel/p5-Module-Load Perl5 module to runtime require of both modules and files
devel/p5-Class-XML Perl 5 module providing a simple XML abstraction
x11/qt5-odbc Qt5 odbc plugin
devel/libftdi1 Userland driver library for FTDI USB chips
print/tex-pagenote-doc Documentation for tex-pagenote
devel/libgee0.6 Library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes (v0.6)
textproc/ocaml-csv CSV library for OCaml
print/poppler-includes Poppler Xpdf includes (unsupported)
graphics/p5-GDTextUtil Perl 5 text utilities for use with the GD drawing package
lang/baci Ben-Ari Concurrent Interpreter
wip/cycle Cycle is a fertility calendar program for women
wip/ezbounce Highly Configurable IRC Proxy
mail/mutt Text-based MIME mail client with PGP & S/MIME support
biology/bodr Blue Obelisk Data Repository
devel/p5-SUPER Perl 5 module to control superclass method dispatch
graphics/gimp-docs-ru Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
sysutils/watchman Watches files and takes action when they change
print/tex-tipa-de-doc German translation of tipa documentation
devel/ocaml-react OCaml module for functional reactive programming
net/p5-POE-Component-Client-Ident Non-blocking ident lookups to your sessions
x11/ktextwidgets Advanced text editing widgets
x11/kde4-l10n-es Spanish language pack for KDE4
net/p5-Net-MAC Perl 5 module for representing and manipulating MAC addresses
graphics/mypaint Fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters
lang/basic256 BASIC language with traditional control structures
print/tex-endnotes-doc Documentation for tex-endnotes
devel/ruby-thor Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen
devel/okteta Hex Editor
x11/listres List resources in widgets
print/tex-makecell Tabular column heads and multilined cells
net/driftnet Real-time image sniffer
textproc/itstool ITS Tool allows you to translate XML documents with PO files
wip/ttf-indic-fonts TTF Indic Fonts from Debian
devel/openocd Open On-Chip Debugger
wip/gnuradio-noaa NOAA, Weather Satellite Reception module of GNU Radio
editors/deforaos-editor DeforaOS desktop text editor
editors/jove Small emacs-style editor, but lacks the LISP engine
security/qt4-qtkeychain Platform-independent Qt API for storing passwords securely
x11/xdaemon2 BSD Daemon sticking on your desktop (like xteddy)
x11/kde4-l10n-cs Czech language pack for KDE4
wip/hs-citeproc-hs Citation Style Language implementation in Haskell
print/tex-makecell-doc Documentation for tex-makecell
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langitalian Italian TeX packages
textproc/gsed GNU implementation of sed, the POSIX stream editor
editors/vim-motif Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 Motif GUI
mail/ruby-mailfactory MIME email message generator for Ruby
wip/pear-Horde_Db Database abstraction for horde
sysutils/bup Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format
www/p5-HTML-Prototype-Useful Some useful additions for the Prototype library
wip/p5-Email-AddressParser RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
geography/geoclue Geoinformation service API and base providers
print/libgnomeprintui Graphical library for the GNOME2 Printing Architecture
wip/contact-lookup-applet Gnome panel applet for easy Evolution contact book access
print/tex-sttools-doc Documentation for tex-sttools
geography/p5-Geo-Mercator Perl5 module computing Mercator Projection into meters
security/libpreludedb Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
wip/deforaos-locker DeforaOS desktop screensaver
sysutils/rmtrash Put files into OS X trash when deleting them
wip/n2n Layer Two Peer-to-Peer VPN
editors/fe Folding editor
wip/clustalx General purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins (X11)
print/tex-etex TeX implementation filling the gap between TeX3 and NTS
geography/epsg-docs EPSG geodetic parameters database documentation
geography/py-proj Python wrapper for proj
print/tex-url-doc Documentation for tex-url
devel/appdata-tools Application data tools
textproc/p5-String-BufferStack Perl 5 module for nested buffers for templating systems
archivers/bicom Data compressor in the PPM family
x11/xf86-video-vesa Modular Xorg VESA video driver
multimedia/xvidcore ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec
sysutils/depot Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
audio/py-mutagen Audio metadata handling for Python
sysutils/gnuit GNU Interactive Tools - a file system browser for UNIX systems
geography/cmconvert CacheMate import file converter for GPS GPX files
print/tex-hyphen-latin Liturgical Latin hyphenation patterns
sysutils/collectd-notify-email Statistics collection daemon - notify_email plugin
textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark
devel/readline GNU library that can recall and edit previous input
print/tex-hyphen-base TeX hyphenation patterns for English
wip/daphne Emulator for Laserdisc arcade games
print/tex-epsf-doc Documentation for tex-epsf
sysutils/burn GNUstep based CD burning program
devel/py-curses Curses module for Python
sysutils/heirloom-shl Collection of standard Unix utilities (shl)
geography/gpsutils Capture and convert data from a Garmin GPS receiver
multimedia/libtheora-docs Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming (API documentation)
devel/p5-Module-Build-WithXSpp Build and install Perl XS++ modules
graphics/libggiwmh Windows Manager hints library for GGI
audio/py-mad Python bindings for libmad
pkgtools/pkg_comp1 Build packages inside a chroot jail
net/bittornado-gui Experimental bittorrent client (wxGTK GUI)
lang/gcc6-libs The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
print/pslib C-library to create PostScript files
sysutils/heirloom-tee Collection of standard Unix utilities (tee)
sysutils/heirloom-uname Collection of standard Unix utilities (uname)
print/ruby-pdf-writer PDF generation library
wip/deforaos-phone DeforaOS desktop telephony
wip/liboobs Lightweight GObject based interface to system-tools-backends
devel/p5-CLASS Alias for __PACKAGE__
geography/opencpn-plugin-statusbar statusbar to display various info to users in OpenCPN
print/fig2dev Convert .fig files to graphical or printable formats
textproc/xmlrpc-c Library for writing an XML-RPC server or client in C or C++
geography/py-obspy Python framework for seismological observatories
sysutils/iwi-firmware3 Firmware binary images for iwi(4) driver
wip/mailfilter Filter mail on a POP3 server
textproc/untex Remove LaTeX commands
lang/wsbasic Simple BASIC interpreter
fonts/bdftopcf BDF to PCF font converter for X11
fonts/tex-metafont METAFONT system for specifying fonts
fonts/tex-venturisadf Venturis ADF fonts collection
wip/cb2bib Extract and organize bibliographic references
fonts/artwiz-fonts Set of free fonts for X11 desktops
lang/tcl-expect Extensions to Tcl to support scripting of interactive programs
sysutils/k3b DVD and CD authoring program
textproc/pxp Polymorphic XML parser, a validating XML-1.0 parser (OCaml)
geography/vis5d+ Volumetric Visualization program for scientific datasets
devel/hs-ghc-paths Knowledge of GHCs installation directories
graphics/xfig CAD-like 2D drawing tool, good for colorful scale drawings & ISOs
wip/xtraceroute Graphical version of traceroute, tracing the route IP packets go
security/p5-Digest-SHA1 Perl5 module for SHA1
geography/xrmap Earth map viewer - complete
textproc/p5-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes
lang/sigscheme R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use
devel/libphutil Collection of utility classes and functions for PHP
sysutils/kdf Show mount points and disk usage under KDE desktop
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-ffmpeg GStreamer ffmpeg plugin
geography/tex-pst-geo-doc Documentation for tex-pst-geo
sysutils/wbm-postfix Webmin module for Postfix mail server configuration
lang/libduktape Embeddable Javascript engine library
textproc/aspell-rw Kinyarwanda language support for aspell
wip/obconf-qt Qt based configurator of OpenBox window manager
security/polkit-qt5 Qt5 Wrapper around PolicyKit
textproc/aspell-bn Bengali language support for aspell
devel/p5-Debug-ShowStuff Collection of handy debugging routines to display values of variables
sysutils/libisoburn This is the libisoburn library and xorriso commands
print/tex-context-cyrillicnumbers Write numbers as cyrillic glyphs
inputmethod/skkinput X11 frontend for SKK
print/tex-babel-norsk Babel support for Norwegian
devel/libindicator3 GTK+3 symbols and convience functions for indicators
textproc/cdif Word context diff
lang/gprolog GNU prolog compiler and interpreter
wip/symon System monitoring suite
geography/merkaartor Merkaartor is an OpenStreetMap mapping program
textproc/p5-String-CRC32 Perl module to generate cksums from strings and from files
geography/xrmap-factbook_html CIA factbook for xrmap (HTML)
sysutils/libbaloo4 KDE framework for searching and managing user metadata
textproc/p5-Text-Diff High-level text diffing module for Perl
devel/stooop Simple Tcl Only Object Oriented Programming scheme
shells/bash-completion Programmable completion specifications for bash
wip/teco Powerful and compact editor with nongrafical user interface
textproc/hunspell-id_ID Indonesian dictionary for hunspell
www/py-flask-webpack Flask extension to manage assets with Webpack
wip/squirrelmail-chg_sasl_passwd SASL password changing plugin for SquirrelMail
textproc/ruby-itex2MML Ruby binding for itex2MML
shells/git-sh Customized bash environment suitable for git work
geography/geolite2-city Free IP city geolocation databases
lang/rexx-regina Implementation of the REXX language
wip/wings 3D modeling program with a friendly interface
geography/geos C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS)
wip/xbmc Software media player and entertainment hub for digital media
geography/xrmap-flags National flags for xrmap
wip/srecord Manipulate EPROM load files
multimedia/gstreamer0.10 Open source multimedia framework
net/gssdp Simple Service Discovery Protocol library and device sniffer
textproc/aspell-pt_PT Portuguese language support for aspell
x11/dunst Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
lang/gcc34 This is the gcc 3.4 compiler
net/clive Command line video extraction tool for user-uploaded video hosts
security/openct Smart Card Reader drivers and middleware
wip/mdbtools Microsoft Access Database management tools
mail/fml FML mailing list server development version
lang/sr The SR language compiler and run time system
databases/p5-BerkeleyDB Access Berkeley DB
graphics/claraocr Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program for books
mail/courier-mta Courier mail transport agent
lang/pear PEAR Base System for PHP
devel/py-flakes Passive checker of Python programs
wip/lcalc Lcalc is a program for calculating with L-functions
archivers/ocaml-zip OCaml library to manipulate ZIP/GZIP/JAR archives
lang/p2c Pascal to C compiler (translates Pascal to C)
sysutils/memtester Utility for testing the memory subsystem for faults
wip/py-visionegg-demos Demonstration programs for py-visionegg
mail/mimp Internet Messaging Program for mobile devices
graphics/silgraphite Font engine for complex non-Roman writing systems
textproc/py-colored Python library for coloring terminal text
databases/p5-DBD-Mock Perl5 module with mock database driver for testing
sysutils/mtx Control SCSI media changer devices
textproc/p5-Text-Glob Match globbing patterns against text
security/py-asn1-modules Modules for ITU Abstract Syntax Notification for Python
devel/p5-Sub-Exporter-ForMethods Perl 5 helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods
wip/xtreemfs-client cloud file system
graphics/py-matplotlib Matlab-style plotting package for Python
mail/elm ELM Mail User Agent (without ME extensions)
devel/p5-Event-RPC Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
graphics/dia Program for creating diagrams of all kinds
devel/py-testtools Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework
wm/amiwm X window manager with Amiga look and feel
graphics/ps2eps Tool for generating EPS Format files from one-page PS documents
mail/mairix Program for indexing and searching email messages
wip/openbsd-input-usbtablet USB tablet driver from OpenBSD
wip/py-markovchain Simple markov chain implementation
wm/obconf Tool for configuring the Openbox window manager
mail/p5-MIME-Types Definition of MIME types
wip/gambas3-gb-compress-bzlib2 Gambas bzip2 bindings
wip/mid2gmc Guenthers Midi DeCompiler, convert midi to text
devel/py-subprocess32 Backport of the subprocess module from Python 3.2/3.3 for use on 2.x
devel/kpeople Provides access to all contacts and aggregates them by person
wip/barony First person rogue-like
graphics/gdk-pixbuf2-jasper Image loaders for gtk2 - jasper module
graphics/dxsamples Sample data for Open Visualization Data Explorer
x11/fvwm-wharf Copy of AfterSteps Wharf compatible with fvwm2
wip/R-signal Signal Processing
x11/xf86-video-suntcx TCX video driver for the Xorg X server
devel/p5-Const-Fast Perl5 facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes
wip/gambas3-scripter Gambas scripter
net/proftpd-geoip Geolocation module for proftpd
wm/wmutils-opt Optional addons to wmutils
sysutils/gentoo Two-pane filemanager using GTK+, 100% GUI configurable
wip/xmim GUI interface for multicast MPEG-I stream viewer
graphics/p5-Chart-ThreeD Three-Dimentional pie chart plotting
devel/doxygen Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C
graphics/tex-asyfig-doc Documentation for tex-asyfig
mail/mailserv WWW interface to several types of mailing list servers
devel/hs-split Combinator library for splitting lists
sysutils/liblogging Easy to use logging library
print/xpdf-japanese Xpdf support files for Japanese
graphics/tex-pst-lens Lenses with PSTricks
x11/xf86-video-tdfx Modular Xorg 3Dfx video driver
wip/gambas3-ide Integrated Development Environment for the Gambas programming language
devel/p5-Log-Dispatch-Array Perl 5 module to log events to an array
graphics/pgraf Portable graphics system
devel/libmtp Implementation of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
mail/serialmail Tools for passing mail across serial links
wip/mupdf Lightweight PDF, XPS and E-book viewer and toolkit
graphics/kimageformats Image format plugins for Qt5
wip/allegro52 Allegro game programming library
devel/p5-Net-LDAP-Class Perl 5 module providing an object-relational mapper for Net::LDAP
graphics/tex-gmp Enable integration between MetaPost pictures and LaTeX
graphics/tex-tikzsymbols Some symbols created using TikZ
devel/p5-MooseX-Role-WithOverloading Moose extension for roles which support overloading
audio/libmp3splt Split mp3, ogg vorbis and FLAC without decoding
devel/at-spi2-atk Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface A11y Toolkit
wip/gambas3 Complete Gambas development environment
audio/gst-plugins0.10-esound Open source multimedia framework - esound plugin
devel/py-pyparsing Parsing module for Python
graphics/panomatic Tool that automates the creation of control points in Hugin
audio/p5-MP3-Tag This is a perl module to read/write tags of mp3-files
devel/pcre2 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library (major version 2)
wip/py-lazy-object-proxy Fast and thorough lazy object proxy
devel/ruby-daemon_controller Library for robust daemon management
wip/peercoin Open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus
wip/torsocks-git Library to torify applications
graphics/tex-dviincl-doc Documentation for tex-dviincl
devel/p5-Sub-Override Perl 5 module for easily overriding subroutines
devel/nana Improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++
audio/xmms-mac XMMS plugin for Monkeys Audio files
devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Callback Perl5 module to send Log::Any logs to a subroutine
devel/hs-uniplate Help writing simple, concise and fast generic operations
security/qca2-gnupg Cross-platform crypto API for QT - GnuPG plugin
sysutils/wbm-change-user Webmin module to personalize Webmin user sessions
print/tex-milog-doc Documentation for tex-milog
graphics/kgamma KDE screen gamma values kcontrol module
wip/lizardfs Open source, distributed file system
graphics/iGMT Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets
wip/py-chinup Python Facebook Graph API client
mail/demime Tool to scrub mime from mailing lists
sysutils/ddrescue GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool
mail/mailman The GNU Mailing List Manager
sysutils/neb-wipe Secure disk partition eraser
www/py-trytond-web-user The web_user module of the Tryton application platform
wip/trelby Screenplay writing program
wip/arachne-pnr-git Place and route tool for FPGAs
x11/appmenu-qt Allows Qt applications to export menus over DBus to a menu applet
x11/worker Highly configurable two-panes file manager for X11
mail/p5-Email-Find Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
wip/starfighter Side-scrolling shoot em up space game
print/tex-varisize-doc Documentation for tex-varisize
graphics/tex-tikzmark Use TikZs method of remembering a position on a page
wip/xine-plugin Plugin for www/firefox for using multimedia/xine-lib
mail/mailwrapper Wrapper to support arbitrary Mail Transport Agents
wip/ised Tool for generating number sequences and arithmetic evaluation
graphics/py-fits Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files
print/tex-hyphen-indonesian Hyphenation patterns for Indonesian
devel/adacurses Ada95 bindings for ncurses
wip/gambas3-gb-compress Compression library for Gambas
wip/fbpager Fluxbox pager with transparency and mouse gestures
print/tex-easy-todo To-do notes in a document
inputmethod/scim-tables Data files for SCIM Generic Table Input Method module
print/tex-startex-doc Documentation for tex-startex
wip/syncthing-relaysrv Syncthing relay server
emulators/suse131_libesd Linux compatibility package for esd/esound
audio/festvox-rab16 16khz British English male voice for festival
mail/qmail-conf Collection of tools for setting up qmail services
wip/hs-markov-chain Markov Chains for generating random sequences
security/asignify Yet another signify tool
finance/py-trytond-account-dunning-fee Trytons account_dunning_fee module
sysutils/pdumpfs Simple daily backup system similar to Plan9s dumpfs
print/tex-hyphen-coptic Hyphenation patterns for Coptic
games/ggz-client-libs GGZ Gaming Zone libraries
wip/truecrypt Filesystem encryption package
lang/smlnj11072 Popular functional language from Bell Labs
textproc/sgrep Tool for searching and indexing text, SGML,XML and HTML files
inputmethod/skktools SKK dictionary manipulation tools
mail/p5-Email-Date Find and Format Date Headers
games/cgoban-java Client for the KGS Go Server and SGF viewer/editor
security/py-trytond-authentication-sms The authentication_sms module of the Tryton application platform
games/chromium-bsu Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
lang/gpc GNU Pascal Compiler
devel/p5-Future Represent an operation awaiting completion
time/memo A simple memo tool written in bash
lang/hugs Functional programming system based on Haskell 98
sysutils/py-pefile Python module to read and work with PE files
wip/jellyfish Fast, memory-efficient counting of k-mers in DNA
security/yafic File integrity checker
graphics/gst-plugins0.10-cairo Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
wip/cinnamon-menus Additional UI API for cinnamon
textproc/php-json PHP extension for JSON serialization support
wip/mupen64 Free Nintendo 64(TM) emulator for unix-like OS
sysutils/py-diffoscope In-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
textproc/p5-XML-Rabbit Perl 5 module to consume XML with Moose and xpath queries
devel/bin86 Simple assembler and linker for x86 machine code
textproc/heirloom-tail Collection of standard Unix utilities (tail)
finance/py-trytond-account-product Account product module of the Tryton application platform
textproc/p5-Text-BibTeX Perl library for reading, parsing, and processing BibTeX files
www/ruby-csspool CSSPool is a CSS parser
print/indexinfo Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
print/tex-pdftex TeX extension for direct creation of PDF
devel/libbinio Binary I/O stream class library
print/tex-passivetex Support package for XML/SGML typesetting
wip/gnujump GNUjump is a clone of the simple yet addictive game Xjump
textproc/kapidox Frameworks API Documentation Tools
audio/py-audioread Audio file decoder
print/pdfshuffler Simple PDF editor
print/tex-enumitem Control layout of itemize, enumerate, and description
lang/inform Interactive fiction compiler (Z-Machine and Glulx)
wip/gsm Audio converter and library for converting u-law to gsm encoding
wip/intel-gpu-tools Test & development tools for the intel DRM kernel driver
textproc/p5-Swim Plain text markup language that converts to many formats
devel/p5-Devel-Gladiator Perl 5 module to walk Perls arena
devel/py-pyobjc-core Bridge between Python and Objective-C
textproc/p5-String-Koremutake Perl 5 module to convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings
sysutils/xdu Display the output of du in an X window
print/seetexk Utilities for manipulating DVI files
math/gsl The GNU Scientific Library
wip/nsc2ke Navier-Stokes solver
textproc/heirloom-bfs Collection of standard Unix utilities (bfs)
mail/mb2md Converts one or more mboxes to maildirs
devel/ruby-term-ansicolor Ruby library colors strings using ANSI escape sequences
wip/py-etmtk Event and task manager
sysutils/mate-system-monitor MATE system monitor
textproc/uni2ascii Convert between UTF-8 Unicode and 7-bit ASCII equivalents
devel/p5-Module-Runtime-Conflicts Provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime
textproc/py-pyphen Pure Python module to hyphenate text
math/TinySVM Tiny Support Vector Machines
wip/py-nfg Python package for implementing and solving Network form games
sysutils/heirloom-mkdir Collection of standard Unix utilities (mkdir)
math/cgal Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
wip/py-knnimpute K-Nearest Neighbor imputation
wip/py-engfmt Read and write in engineering notation
wip/py-poppy Physical optics propagation for optical simulations
textproc/aspell-bg Bulgarian language support for aspell
sysutils/wbm-dhcpd Webmin module for managing ISC DHCPd
audio/jack JACK audio connection kit
fonts/alee-ttf A. Lees Hangul truetype fonts
pkgtools/texlive2pkg Tool to automate initial steps in building a texlive package
fonts/tex-iwona Two-element sans-serif font
fonts/monafonts-ttf Japanese TrueType fonts for Mona seen at
x11/xf86-input-void Modular Xorg dummy input driver
audio/gst-plugins0.10-faac Open source multimedia framework - faac plugin
security/p5-Authen-PluggableCaptcha Perl5 module implementing a pluggable Captcha framework
net/libnice IETFs Interactive Connectivity Establishment standard implementation
textproc/hunspell-ru_RU Russian dictionary for hunspell
wm/libAppleWM AppleWM library from modular
wip/py-prody Python Package for Protein Dynamics Analysis
textproc/ispell-ga Irish language support for ispell
textproc/aspell-hy Armenian language support for aspell
lang/guile GNUs Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension (1.8 branch)
sysutils/rsyslog-mysql Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the mysql module
mail/msmtp SMTP plugin for MUAs
wip/py-utilib_excel PyUtilib utilities that use Excel spreadsheets
textproc/texi2roff Texinfo-to-ROFF direct translator
wip/scantailor Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages
devel/py-test-mock Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
security/argon2 Password hash Argon2
wip/py-annarchy Artificial Neural Networks architect
textproc/aspell-eo Esperanto language support for aspell
wip/tex-arabxtex-doc Documentation for tex-arabxetex
textproc/hunspell-af_ZA Afrikaans dictionary for hunspell
wip/tinyca2 GUI written in Perl/Gtk to manage a small CA
textproc/R-stringi Character String Processing Facilities
print/tex-mparhack-doc Documentation for tex-mparhack
textproc/aspell-gd Scottish Gaelic language support for aspell
wip/unzip List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
time/p5-Time-Duration Perl5 module for rounded or exact English expression of durations
textproc/colorit Utility for coloring output
textproc/cwdiff Color wrapper for wdiff (word diff)
wip/virus VI resembling utility skeleton
textproc/dsssl-docbook-modular DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD
devel/ivykis Asynchronous I/O readiness notification library
wip/vis Classic logic verification tool
biology/py-mol Molecular Visualization System
devel/rebar Rebar is an Erlang build tool
devel/p5-Test-Needs Skip tests when modules not available
textproc/heirloom-pg Collection of standard Unix utilities (pg)
wip/wicd Wired and Wireless network manager for Linux
mail/majordomo The Majordomo mailing list manager
wip/py-neovim Python client to Neovim
textproc/html2wml On-the-fly HTML to WML conversion
wip/gsmartcontrol Hard disk drive health inspection tool
wip/simplec Port of SmallC/i386 compiler
wip/py-eemeter Open Energy Efficiency Meter
wip/hs-numeric-prelude Experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classes
mail/p5-Sendmail-PMilter Pure-Perl Milter protocol API
textproc/hunspell-pl_PL Polish dictionary for hunspell
x11/xgas Animated simulation of an ideal gas
textproc/hyperestraier Full-text search system for communities
misc/py-trytond-carrier-percentage Carrier percentage module of the Tryton application platform
security/p5-Digest-BubbleBabble Perl5 module for bubble babble fingerprints
mail/py-libgmail Python bindings to access Gmail
math/classias Collection of machine-learning algorithms for classification
wip/goattracker Crossplatform C64 Music Editor
textproc/jansson C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
devel/ocamlgraph Graph library for OCaml
sysutils/pcvt-utils Useful leftovers from pcvt: playvt and two font editors
textproc/db2latex Set of XSLT stylesheets converting DocBook to LaTeX2e
security/xmlsec1 XML signature and encryption library
wip/tc 2-stroke non associative direct input for Kanji
wip/netclasses Asynchronous networking library
textproc/lua-slnunicode Unicode library for Lua
wip/imonc Command-line version of the fli4l monitoring tool
wip/py-neqsys Numerical solving of symbolic systems of non-linear equations
print/tex-seminar Make overhead slides
textproc/p5-Biblio-EndnoteStyle Reference formatting using Endnote-like templates
security/libmultigest Multiple, concatenated digest value calculation library
lang/jikes Java source to byte-code compiler
wip/py-ass Library for parsing and manipulating Advanced SubStation Alpha
textproc/py-pyquery Python jquery-like library
security/p5-Digest-Nilsimsa Perl5 extension module for Nilsimsa signatures
devel/p5-Tree-R Perl extension for the Rtree data structure and algorithms
textproc/rubber Automated system for building LaTeX documents
security/R-digest Create cryptographic hash digests of R objects
audio/freeswitch-sounds-ru FreeSwitch Sounds (French)
lang/gcc3-c++ GNU Compiler Collection, v3 - C++ compiler
textproc/ruby-fast-stemmer Ruby library for Porter stemming algorithm
security/hs-digest Various cryptographic hashes for bytestrings; CRC32 and Adler32
mail/trojita Fast Qt IMAP e-mail client
security/keepassx Password generator and manager v2 (kdbx support)
wip/tvmet Tiny Vector and Matrix template library
sysutils/stow Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
security/libyubikey Yubikey library
mail/dbmail Store and retrieve mail messages in a database
textproc/sary Suffix array library and tools
textproc/ruby-textpow Library to parse and process Textmate bundles
wip/py-fileinspector Module to determine file mimetypes
emulators/tcl-hp-15c Simulated HP-15C RPN calculator
print/tex-hyphen-russian Hyphenation patterns for Russian
print/tex-utf8mex Tools to produce formats that read Polish language input
wip/gambas3-gb-dbus-trayicon System tray icon management for Gambas
textproc/py-markdown XHTML generator using a simple markup
print/tex-font-change-doc Documentation for tex-font-change
pkgtools/createbuildlink Shell script to help creating files
wip/grpc-java The Java gRPC implementation. HTTP/2 based RPC
devel/p5-Ref-Util Utility functions for checking references
devel/npth New Portable Threads Library (nPth)
sysutils/strace Trace system calls
textproc/chasen-base ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System
www/fcgiwrap FastCGI wrapper for plain CGI scripts
security/p5-pcsc Allows communication with a smart card from a Perl script
sysutils/vbetool Run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state
wip/py-glespy Bindings for GLESP for calculations with spherical harmonics
devel/p5-IO-Tee Multiplex output to multiple output handles
devel/astyle Free, Fast and Small Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C++/CLI, C#, and Java
devel/py-prompt_toolkit Library for building powerful interactive command lines
pkgtools/pbulk Modular bulk build framework
finance/moneyguru Personal finance management application
security/libgnome-keyring GNOME password and secret manager
math/djbsort Library for sorting arrays of integers
multimedia/mencoder Simple movie encoder for MPlayer-playable movies
sysutils/idesk Lightweight desktop icons handler
net/linc Network client/server library
audio/wmmixer Mixer designed for WindowMaker (dockapp)
games/cbzone Simple classic game of 3D tank warfare
ham/yaesu Control interface for Yaesu FT-890 HF transceiver
textproc/xml2 Tools to convert XML and HTML to and from a line-oriented format
www/php-apcu4 APCu - APC User Cache
wip/py-spotpy Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace Replace/upgrade packages in-place
audio/opencore-amr Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codec libraries
misc/p5-ControlX10-CM17 Perl5 module for controlling the X10 CM17A controller
wip/chakracore-git Core part of the Chakra Javascript engine that powers Microsoft Edge
textproc/tcl-dom DOM implementation for use with TclXML or TclExpat
wip/R-tuneR Analysis of Music and Speech
textproc/convertlit Convert Microsoft Legal Reader format eBooks into open format
wip/py-parserutils Collection of performant parsing utilities
devel/bam Fast and flexible LUA-driven build system
wip/slideml HTML slide generator based on SlideML
devel/go-glog Leveled execution logs for Go
wip/qutebrowser A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5
ham/fl_logbook FLTK-based amateur radio log book
emulators/suse121_32_krb5 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for kerberos libraries
inputmethod/unicon-im Libraries and modules of Unicon
print/tex-section Modifying section commands in LaTeX
sysutils/dtc Device Tree Compiler (dtc)
graphics/adaptagrams Tools for adaptive diagrams
textproc/p5-Text-DHCPLeases Perl 5 module to parse DHCP leases file from ISC dhcpd
archivers/p5-Archive-Any Perl5 module with single interface to deal with archives
devel/deforaos-asm DeforaOS (dis)assembly framework
wip/smallbasic-gui SmallBASIC with GUI
textproc/p5-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PodWeaver Weave your Pod together from configuration and Dist::Zilla
wip/acme-client Secure Lets Encrypt client
devel/ruby-mixlib-shellout Mixin library for subprocess management
math/openaxiom Platform for symbolic, algebraic, and numerical computations
archivers/brotli Generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm
pkgtools/pkg_summary-utils Utilities for manipulating pkg_summary(5) files
games/ruby-squib Tool for prototyping card and board games
lang/spidermonkey185 Standalone JavaScript implementation in C
finance/py-trytond-stock-supply-forecast Stock supply forecast module of the Tryton application platform
wip/distbb-git DISTributed Bulk Build tool for pkgsrc
wip/auto-complete-git Auto Complete Mode for emacs
sysutils/grub2 GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2
textproc/p5-String-ToIdentifier-EN Convert Strings to English Program Identifiers
audio/cmp3 Curses based frontend to mpg123
wip/cronolog-devel Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
wip/gcc46-libs The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
wip/org-caldav-git Caldav sync for Emacs Orgmode
comms/p5-Device-SerialPort POSIX-based Perl module to control your serial port
devel/cvs2svn Converts a CVS repository to a Subversion repository
sysutils/sysbuild Automates builds of NetBSD and manages source trees
devel/dmalloc Run-time configurable debugging malloc library
mail/qmail Secure, reliable, efficient, simple, and fast MTA
devel/hs-data-default-instances-dlist Default instances for types in dlist
devel/hs-tf-random High-quality splittable pseudorandom number generator
sysutils/tits Server which provides telnet(1) access to one or more tty ports
devel/hs-vector Efficient Arrays for Haskell
mail/imapsync Incremental recursive IMAP transfer tool
devel/binutils GNU binary utilities
devel/libglademm C++ bindings for libglade
cad/klayout Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor
sysutils/tob General driver for making and maintaining backups
wip/p5-Tie-DB_Lock Ties hashes to databases using shared and exclusive locks
editors/dhex The curses-based hex-editor with diff mode
math/R-mvtnorm Computes the multivariate normal and t distribution
x11/xkbutils Small utilities utilizing the X11 XKeyboard (XKB) extension
textproc/tex-makeindex Style files for makeindex
print/tex-iftex-doc Documentation for tex-iftex
wip/epix Collection of batch utilities that create figures, plots, and movies
devel/tex-multido Loop facility for Generic TeX
devel/mercurial Fast, lightweight source control management system (meta package)
editors/yed Graph editor (UML, Flowcharts, BPMN and more)
editors/rox-edit Simple text editor for ROX
devel/lutok Lightweight C++ API for Lua
cross/GenFw Convert ELF to PE-COFF for UEFI
wip/hs-pango Binding to the Pango text rendering engine
sysutils/wbm-dovecot Webmin module for configuring the Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server
lang/guile22 Official extension language for the GNU operating system
sysutils/wbm-openslp Webmin module to configure an OpenSLP server
textproc/jsoncpp JSON reader and writer in C++
devel/p5-Safe-Isa Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects
devel/ruby-cucumber-core Core library for the Cucumber BDD app
audio/p5-MusicBrainz-DiscID Perl interface for the MusicBrainz libdiscid library
wip/hs-non-negative Non-negative numbers
wip/navit-git GPS car navigation system
wip/hs-ReadArgs Simple command line argument parsing
wip/lander Lunar Lander clone
audio/quodlibet2 Finally a good alternative to iTunes
inputmethod/ibus-anthy Anthy engine for IBus input platform
devel/p5-Array-Diff Perl 5 module to diff two arrays
devel/p5-Date-Calc-XS XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc
wip/hs-ghc-syb-utils Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API
www/php-nextcloud File sharing web service server
wip/gnuradio-digital Digital related algorithms for GNU Radio
devel/ald Very nice x86 assembly-level debugger
editors/ve NTHU-CS Maple BBS 2.36 BBS-like editor
lang/minischeme Very tiny scheme interpreter
wip/herbstluftwm Manual tiling window manager for X11 using Xlib and Glib
sysutils/xapply Parallel Execution tool a la xargs/apply
devel/byacc Berkeley Yacc
wip/py-amqplib Client library for AMQP written by python
devel/ocaml-base64 Base64 encoding and decoding in OCaml
lang/mono2 Open source implementation of the .NET Development Framework (v2)
lang/moscow_ml Moscow ML, a version of Standard ML
wip/py-symeig Symmetrical eigenvalue routines for NumPy
textproc/py-expat Python interface to expat
wip/suse121_32_libbz2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libgcrypt
wip/py-algebraixlib Data algebra library
textproc/py-pygments Python syntax highlighter
sysutils/dvdrecord This program allows you to create DVDs on a DVD-Recorder
news/sfeed RSS and Atom parser
fonts/tex-cm-super-doc Documentation for tex-cm-super
lang/pcc Portable C compiler
editors/mlview XML editor for the GNOME environment
print/tex-context-simplefonts Simplified font usage for ConTeXt
textproc/tei DTD of the Text Encoding Initiative
devel/p5-Tie-Simple Variable ties made easier: much, much, much easier
graphics/tex-ellipse Draw ellipses and elliptical arcs using the standard LaTeX2e picture environment
textproc/intltool Internationalization Tool Collection
graphics/radiance Physically-based, image-generating, backward raytracer
geography/spatialindex Robust spatial indexing methods
fonts/tex-fbb-doc Documentation for tex-fbb
devel/py-docstyle Python docstring style checker
sysutils/wbm-custom Webmin module for creating custom action buttons
textproc/heirloom-sdiff Collection of standard Unix utilities (sdiff)
devel/p5-Inline Perl5 module for writing Perl subroutines in other languages
sysutils/py-Send2Trash Send file to trash
textproc/mecab-jumandic Japanese Morphological Dictionary for MeCab
devel/apr-util Apache Portable Runtime utilities
print/tex-hyphen-sanskrit Hyphenation patterns for Sanskrit
sysutils/attr Commands for Manipulating Filesystem Extended Attributes
devel/bfg BFG git Repo-Cleaner
print/tex-context-mathsets-doc Documentation for tex-context-mathsets
devel/hs-hashable Class for types that can be converted to a hash value
print/tex-hyphen-icelandic Icelandic hyphenation patterns
devel/cvsps3 Generates patchset information from a CVS repository
cross/freemint-ldg LDG for FreeMiNT
devel/libmm Portable abstraction layer for shared memory
devel/p5-File-Path Perl5 module to create or remove directory trees
graphics/tex-tikzscale Resize pictures while respecting text size
sysutils/xhfs Tk GUI + Tcl Shell for accessing HFS volumes
devel/py-funcsigs Python function signatures package for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2+
misc/heirloom-cal Collection of standard Unix utilities (cal)
textproc/p5-Text-Kakasi Perl5 module to use Kakasi
textproc/ruby-diff-lcs Diff library for Ruby
graphics/tex-mfpic4ode-doc Documentation for tex-mfpic4ode
devel/delta Heuristically minimizes interesting files
graphics/spcaview USB Cameras based SPCA5xx Utilities
graphics/ruby-imlib2 Imlib2 bindings for Ruby
graphics/mate-icon-theme-faenza Faenza and Faience icon themes for MATE desktop
wip/srvx Srvx IRC services
sysutils/heirloom-cat Collection of standard Unix utilities (cat)
graphics/libotf Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
graphics/tex-garrigues MetaPost macros for the reproduction of Garrigues Easter nomogram
devel/hs-hint Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
print/tex-harvard-doc Documentation for tex-harvard
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-ext Qt5 toolkit extension for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-opengl OpenGL for Gambas applications with Qt5
devel/kdiff3 File and directory diff and merge tool (KDE4)
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit Web browser component for Gambas based on WebKit/Qt5
sysutils/same Find identical files and link(2) them to save disk space
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langjapanese Japanese TeX packages
misc/py-trytond-party-vcarddav Party vCard DAV module of the Tryton application platform
devel/pwlib Portable Windows Library
pkgtools/x11-links Shadow tree of links to native X11 headers and libraries
editors/se Screen oriented version of ed
devel/go-nitro Quick and easy performance analyzer library
games/netmaze X windows-based multiplayer combat game (like Midi Maze)
wip/netbsd-awk NetBSD version of AWK
devel/ocaml-result OCaml compatibility library for Result module
wip/py-harvestingkit Kit of tools to convert publisher XML(NLM/JATS)to MARCXML
games/xgalaga Very fast true-to-the-original port of galaga for X11
wip/dpic Replacement for pic/gpic that supports more output formats
wip/py-namedlist Similar to namedtuple, but instances are mutable
devel/p5-CPAN-Checksums Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
graphics/lxde-icon-theme LXDE icon theme
wip/opd OBEX PUSH daemon
graphics/tex-pst-barcode Print barcodes using PostScript
devel/p5-Class-C3 Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algortihm
wip/links1 Text browser with tables (original version)
wip/delve Go debugger
devel/p5-Data-OptList Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs
wip/pcsx-df Playstation 1 emulator optimized for Open Source Unix systems
print/tex-edmac Typeset critical editions
finance/py-trytond-sale-shipment-grouping Sale shipment grouping of the Tryton application platform
wip/py-thermostat Calculate connected thermostat savings
devel/p5-Devel-PPPort Perl5 module to bring newer features to older perl
print/tex-epsf-dvipdfmx-doc Documentation for tex-epsf-dvipdfmx
mail/sendmail The well known Mail Transport Agent
devel/py-cachetools Extensible memoizing collections and decorators
net/py-IP Python module to handle IPv4 and IPv6 address
wip/py-uncertainties Support for physical quantities with units, based on numpy
print/tex-babel-breton Babel contributed support for Breton
textproc/csvkit Suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV
devel/libexecinfo BSD Licensed clone of backtrace facility found in GNU libc
wip/gambas3-gb-scanner Scanner management library for Gambas
print/tex-context-title ConTeXt document titles
devel/p5-LEOCHARRE-Debug Leo Charres debug sub
wip/gDesklets-starterbar Icon bar for GNOME where you can put starters into
games/eboard Graphical user interface for playing chess
devel/p5-File-chdir Perl module with a more sensible way to change directories
wip/sailor Wannabe portable container system
print/tex-fancybox-doc Documentation for tex-fancybox
wip/icecat GNU version of www/firefox
print/tex-ifoddpage-doc Documentation for tex-ifoddpage
devel/p5-MooseX-Declare Perl 5 module providing declarative syntax for Moose
wip/vcflib C++ library and CLI tools for parsing and manipulating VCF files
print/tex-mltex The MLTeX system
print/tex-omega A wide-character-set extension of TeX
wip/pear-Yaml Symfony2 Yaml Component
print/tex-translation-moreverb-de-doc German version of moreverb
print/tex-underscore Control the behaviour of _ in text
devel/py-unittest2 New features in unittest backported to Python 2.4+
archivers/jamjar Acunia version of the jar archiver
print/tex-shapepar A macro to typeset paragraphs in specific shapes
graphics/vp Image viewer
wip/java-swt Standard Widget Toolkit for Java
devel/p5-Perl-APIReference Programmatically query the perlapi
sysutils/gnome-vfs GNOME Virtual File System (v2)
print/tex-cuisine Typeset recipes in LaTeX
wip/py-da Pyda is a general object-oriented data assimilation package
print/xpdf-cyrillic Xpdf support files for Cyrillic
wip/ap2-zeroconf Allows apache2 to register on a Zero Configuration network
wip/seagull Open source multi-protocol traffic generator
cross/avr-binutils GNU binutils for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
print/tex-pgfplots-doc Documentation for tex-pgfplots
devel/p5-Test-Simple Perl5 module with a simple framework for writing tests
wip/lmdbg-current Lightweight Modular malloc Debugger
graphics/php-jpgraph Object Oriented class library for PHP
print/tex-simplified-latex-doc Simplified Introduction to LaTeX
devel/py-traceback2 Backport of the traceback module to older Python versions
wip/git-modes-git Git-modes submodule for magit.el
chat/toxcore Tox protocol library
lang/pforth Portable ANS-like Forth
print/tex-newlfm-doc Documentation for tex-newlfm
devel/xxhash Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
wip/gambas3-gb-chart Gambas Chart Component
devel/py-cubes Lightweight framework for Online Analytical Processing
wip/aespipe AES encryption pipe from the loop-aes project
security/racoon2 IPsec key management system (IKEv2, IKEv1, and KINK)
pkgtools/pkglint Verifier for NetBSD packages
devel/py-pylint Python source code analyzer
devel/py-ruamel-yaml YAML parser/emitter
security/ykpers Yubicos YubiKey re-programming toolkit
security/libssh SSHv2+v1 protocol library
devel/py-stsci.distutils Distutils/packaging-related utilities used by some of STScIs packages
audio/bmp-scrobbler BMP plugin for
devel/py-cyordereddict Cython implementation of Pythons collections.OrderedDict
pkgtools/nih Package manager for pkgsrc
graphics/p5-Gnome2-Canvas Perl bindings for libgnomecanvas and libart
security/Bastille System hardening tool focusing on educating the user
devel/dumpet Dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats
net/p5-Nmap-Parser Parse nmap scan data with perl
graphics/jbig2dec JBIG2 decoder library
lang/gcc5 The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 5 Release Series
pkgtools/gimme Script to make binary packages in a chroot
pkgtools/genrpm Generate an RPM package from an installed pkgsrc package
security/pyca Administration tools for X.509/PKIX CA
net/ruby-stompserver Stomp messaging server
devel/gdb Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
security/p5-Crypt-Random Perl5 interface to /dev/random
devel/ruby-celluloid-extras Celluloid expansion, testing, and example classes
archivers/arj Open-source ARJ archiver
sysutils/rkflashtool Tools for flashing Rockchip ARM devices
textproc/p5-XML-DOM Extend XML::Parser to build DOM Level 1 compliant data structure
print/tex-appendix Extra control of appendices
security/libssh2 SSH2 protocol library
devel/ruby-memoist Replacement of memoizable, memoize methods invocation
archivers/torrentzip Create identical zip archives from identical files
sysutils/notification-daemon Shows notification messages on the desktop
devel/p5-Scalar-List-Utils Common Scalar and List utility subroutines
devel/ruby-test-unit-notify Test result notify extension for Ruby Test::Util
devel/elfcat Dump sections or program entries from a ELF file
security/merkletree Library and utility to calculate merkle trees
devel/py-mccabe Mccabe plugin for the Python program checker flake8
archivers/p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper API wrapper around the tar utility
sysutils/ksystemlog System log viewer tool
devel/p5-Module-CPANfile Parse cpanfile
textproc/ocaml-markup Error-recovering streaming HTML5 and XML parsers for OCaml
graphics/GUIlib Very simple GUI framework library
devel/p5-AnyEvent-AIO Perl 5 module providing truly asynchronous file and directory I/O
security/pev The PE analysis toolkit
fonts/tex-adfsymbols SymbolsADF with TeX/LaTeX support
sysutils/915resolution BIOS VESA resolution utility for 8XX/9XX Intel chips
sysutils/munin-doc System monitoring tool, documentation
devel/p5-Devel-SmallProf Perl5 module for line-by-line profiling perl programs
security/tkpasman Username and password manager that uses the Tk toolkit
chat/libtelepathy Unified framework for many different kinds of real-time communications
devel/p5-Sub-Info Tool to inspect subroutines
devel/sysexits Substitute <sysexits.h> for OSs lacking it
lang/go111 The Go programming language
fonts/tex-pigpen Font for the pigpen (or masonic) cipher
sysutils/tegra-firmware Firmware binary images for NVIDIA Tegra SOCs
sysutils/bacula-tray-monitor System tray monitor for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
sysutils/polysh Aggregate several remote shells into one
textproc/py-snowballstemmer Python module with stemmer algorithms for multiple natural languages
devel/py-editorconfig-core Editorconfig python library
textproc/php-xsl PHP extension for XSLT functions
news/nntpclnt NNTP client library and inews client posting program
biology/trimmomatic Flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS data
devel/tex-l3experimental Experimental LaTeX3 concepts
security/go-sftp SFTP support for the go.crypto/ssh package
devel/py-d2to1 Allows using distutils2-like setup.cfg files packages metadata
wip/rk Relativistic Kinematics
lang/owl-lisp Purely functional dialect of Scheme
security/py-pydeep Python bindings for ssdeep
security/zebedee Simple tunneling program for TCP or UDP with encryption
devel/xdelta Enhanced diff that works on binary files
print/tex-present-doc Documentation for tex-present
chat/ii Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
games/xye Kye clone
www/py-djangocms-text-ckeditor Text Plugin for django-cms with CK-Editor
devel/m4 GNU version of UNIX m4 macro language processor
net/nanomsgxx Nanomsg binding for C++11
sysutils/tarsnap Secure online backup service
www/ruby-fcgi FastCGI interface for Ruby
games/xjewel X windows-based dropping jewels game
textproc/ruby-oniguruma Fast regular expression library
devel/p5-Data-Pageset Page numbering and page sets
wip/py-bloscpack Command line interface to and serialization format for Blosc
textproc/enchant Generic spell checking library
sysutils/sux Set user id, preserving shell and environment, checking ssh agent
security/password-store Standard UNIX password manager
textproc/aspell-he Hebrew language support for aspell
sysutils/edbus Convenience wrappers around dbus to ease integrating dbus with E17
games/battleball 3d game of soccer, with tanks
wip/py-djvulibre Python bindings for the DjVuLibre library
devel/picp Command-line Picstart Plus/Warp-13 PIC programmer
sysutils/fs-kit User-level filesystem testing kit
wip/varnish High-performace HTTP accelerator
textproc/o3read Standalone converter for OpenOffice and OpenDocument file formats
security/libpbc Pair-based cryptographic library based on Gap Diffie Helman groups
games/xscorch Multiplayer tank shoot-em-up
wip/quarkcoin Open source Internet currency
misc/rox-memo Reminds you about things
misc/vfu Small, handy, easy-to-use file manager
chat/irchat-pj Emacs lisp interface to Internet Relay Chat
fonts/tex-ethiop-t1-doc Documentation for tex-ethiop-t1
sysutils/agedu Utility for tracking down wasted disk space
devel/picopb Small implementation of Google protocol buffers in C
wip/smproxy Proxy to allow non-XSMP apps to be managed by xsm
wip/muscletool Personalization tool for MuscleCard enabled smartcards
devel/py-ode Python wrapper for the Open Dynamics Engine
net/p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Mock Mock a DNS Resolver object for testing
sysutils/ruby-fssm File System State Monitor
pkgtools/rpm2pkg Convert RPM archives to NetBSD packages
news/inn The public release of InterNet News (INN)
meta-pkgs/xfce4 Xfce
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langeuropean Other European languages TeX packages
devel/p5-Test-Compile Perl 5 module to check whether Perl module files compile correctly
graphics/py-imageio Python library to read and write images
security/php-sodium PHP extension for the sodium crypto algorithms library
wip/py-propyte Template Python program
sysutils/heirloom-dd Collection of standard Unix utilities (dd)
sysutils/netbsd-kmod-tools NetBSD kmod tools
devel/p5-Class-XSAccessor Perl 5 module to generate fast XS accessors
devel/php-memcache PHP extension for memcached
wip/py-pafy Retrieve YouTube content and metadata
devel/fortran-utils Utilities for Fortran programmers
math/py-Theano Optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions
cad/kicad-lib Libraries for the schematic CAD software
lang/py37-html-docs HTML Documentation for Python 3.7
devel/frink Tcl formatting and static syntax check program
security/py-itsdangerous Helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back
wip/dbus-dfbsd Message bus system
regress/make-quoting Test Makefile quoting and make(1) bugs
devel/svn-bisect Bisect SVN repositories to find a particular change
security/libglobalplatform C library for managing GlobalPlatform smart card contents
www/py-gdata Google Data API Python client library
sysutils/ruby-rb-appscript Ruby Apple event bridge
math/R-gstat Uni/multivariable geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation
www/py-flask-principal Identity management for Flask
wip/deluge Lightweight, free software, cross-platform BitTorrent client
wip/lrslib Enumerate vertices and extreme rays of a convex polyhedron
net/totd DNS proxy that supports IPv6 <==> IPv4 record translation
security/gpshell Shell to manage the contents of GlobalPlatform smart cards
devel/py-cookiecutter Command-line utility that creates projects from project templates
wip/gtextutils Gordon text utilities
sysutils/xfce4-taskmanager Xfce task manager
sysutils/pftop Utility for real-time display of statistics for PF
emulators/compat50 Shared libraries for NetBSD 5.0 compatibility
wip/ldtp GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project
net/ocsync File synchronization program for OwnCloud
sysutils/rsyslog-gssapi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gssapi module
wip/py-mathjspy Evaluate mathematical expressions in the same manner as MathJS
devel/p5-File-Listing Perl 5 module providing a directory parser
wip/php-gtk2 PHP extension for Gtk+ 2.0
devel/p5-pango Perl bindings to the pango library
security/gnome-keyring GNOME password and secret manager
wip/py-rdoupdate Managing special packaging/update repository
www/py-genshi Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
devel/cssc GNU workalike for the source code control system SCCS
wip/tmuni-ttf Unicode Font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi
textproc/p5-String-RewritePrefix Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes
time/py-arrow Better dates and times for Python
wip/pear-PHP_CodeCoverage Collection, processing, and rendering for PHP code coverage
devel/cpputest Unit testing and mocking framework for C/C++
sysutils/ruby-directory-watcher FAM-like facility for Ruby
wip/py-aigo Analysis and Inter-comparison of Gene Ontology functional annotations
devel/clisp-syscalls CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
sysutils/wbm-virtual-server Webmin module to allow users to control their own virtual servers
devel/ruby-polyglot Registry of file types to load with its improved version of require
wip/viewnior Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer
wip/gambas3-gb-report Report designer for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gnome-clipboard-daemon Program that keeps the content of your X clipboard in memory
wip/twitim Twitim is a Twitter client for GNOME
devel/p5-Alien-SDL Alien::SDL - building, finding and using SDL binaries
wip/gjots2 Jotter application for your Gnome desktop
editors/sandy Sandy is an ncurses text editor
security/openssh Open Source Secure shell client and server (remote login program)
devel/vanessa_adt Library that provides Abstract Data Types (ADTs)
archivers/bunzip Decompressor for bzip .bz files
wm/windowmaker GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) window manager clone
wip/dune-geometry Includes everything related to the DUNE reference elements
wip/gemrb Open Source clone of the Infinity Engine
sysutils/facette Time series data visualization and graphing
emulators/suse100_gtk2 Linux compatibility package for GTK+-2.x
archivers/xfce4-thunar-archive Thunar archive plugin
sysutils/eventlog Support library for syslog-ng
misc/kp The Keyboard Practicer, touch-type training program
misc/kaccessible Provides accessibility services like focus tracking for KDE
security/tct Programs to aid post-mortem after a break-in
www/py-http_ece Python support for the encryped Content-Encoding (RFC 8188)
time/leapsunpack Creates libtai leapsecs.dat from compressed table
net/whatmask Easily convert between three common subnet mask notations
time/p5-Date-Extract Perl 5 module to extract probable dates from strings
sysutils/cfengine3 Tool for automating system administration
wip/pypod Python tools for manipluating iPod data
chat/py-mastodon Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
devel/dia2code Small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram
wip/libvterm Abstract VT220/Xterm/ECMA-48 emulation library
sysutils/heirloom-renice Collection of standard Unix utilities (renice)
textproc/p5-PPI-HTML Perl 5 module to generate syntax-hightlighted HTML for Perl
net/py-awscli Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
wip/py-textblob Python library for processing textual data
sysutils/mtools FAT (MS-DOS, Atari) disk access tools
textproc/p5-Pod-Simple Simple framework for parsing Pod
devel/kcoreaddons Addons to QtCore
sysutils/gkrellm-share GKrellM2 locale files
wip/py-oset Ordered Set
net/tinyfugue Popular programmable MUD client, with macro support and more
wip/pioneer A game of lonely space adventure
wip/py-rasterio Fast and direct raster I/O for Python programmers who use Numpy
net/kopete Multi-protocol instant messenger client
textproc/erlang-stringprep Fast Stringprep implementation for Erlang / Elixir
devel/liboop Event loop management library
net/ipcheck Python client for the dyndns service
wip/termit Simple vte-based terminal with tabs and encoding switching
wip/py-gslodeiv2 Python binding for odeiv2 in GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
editors/mined Html-aware editor
wip/xpde Desktop environment for X11 (Windows XP interface clone)
devel/p5-Moose Postmodern object system for Perl 5
emulators/softvms Emulator capable of running some Sega VMS games
wip/py-golangenv Manage golang in your virtualenv
emulators/ucon64 Emulator ROM and disk image converter and inspector
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Catalyst Catalyst helper interface for Padre
wip/p5-Egg-Plugin-Crypt-CBC Crypt::CBC for Egg Plugin.
devel/py-pkgconfig Python wrapper for pkg-config
mail/ruby-mail Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails
devel/nbpatch Patch files using diff output
net/chksniff Small tool to check for promiscuous interfaces
net/bsddip Dialup IP program
wip/py-arxvier Unofficial API tool for scientific publications
editors/texstudio Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents
mail/solid-pop3d Flexible POP3 server
mail/qcheck Text-only biff with Maildir support
devel/mell M Emacs Lisp Library
net/p5-Net-SNMP Perl5 module for SNMP queries
wip/simpa Agent-oriented framework for concurrent, multi-core, distributed programming
sysutils/top The ubiquitous system monitoring utility
multimedia/mp4v2 Library for reading and modifying mp4 files
mail/sid-milter Open source SPF/SenderID filter software from Sendmail, Inc
devel/elf ELF header analyzer
devel/mph Minimal perfect hashing functionality
devel/ruby-highline High-level console IO library
editors/vim-lang Language files for the vim editor (vi clone)
devel/py-libevent-rpcgen Python libevent rpcgen script
wip/hs-HDBC-sqlite3 Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC
audio/gst-plugins1-vorbis Open source multimedia framework - vorbis plugin
x11/gtksourceview-sharp2 C# Bindings to the GtkSourceView widget
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-formatsextra Additional formats for TeX
x11/qt5-qtbase C++ X GUI toolkit
wip/recutils Tools and libraries to access plain text databases
sysutils/screenbrightness Command-line display brightness control for OS X
net/mitmproxy Interactive console program for inspecting and editing traffic flows
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-HG Mecurial interface for Padre
net/speedtouch Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem driver
devel/php-shmop PHP extension for simple SysV shared memory operations
wip/sparse Semantic Parser for C
devel/libtool-info Generic shared library support script - info pages
archivers/ppunpack Decompresses Amiga PowerPacker files
archivers/lz4json Unpack lz4json files as generated by Firefoxs bookmark backups
inputmethod/tc T-Code driver for Emacs
editors/xvile VI Like Emacs, X11 version -- a fully X aware vi work-alike
meta-pkgs/gnuradio Collection of GNU Radio (meta package, easy to install whole thing)
wip/py-gpy The Gaussian Process Toolbox
meta-pkgs/bulk-small Meta-package for a standard short limited bulk build
devel/libproplist GNUstep/OPENSTEP property lists compatibility library
mail/claws-mail-pgp Metapackage for the PGP plug-in for Claws-mail
sysutils/mate-notification-daemon Notification daemon for MATE desktop
wip/freefem++ PDE oriented language using Finite Element Method
multimedia/kmix KDEs soundcard mixer program
geography/opencpn-plugin-draw place georeferenced objects/items on the OpenCPN interface
fonts/tex-baekmuk-doc Documentation for tex-baekmuk
x11/kde4-l10n-hu Hungarian language pack for KDE4
www/firefox36-l10n Language packs for www/firefox36 (version 3.6.x)
www/llgal The llgal is an easy and fast on-line static gallery generator
www/ruby-sass-rails32 Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
parallel/parallel Build and execute shell commands in parallel
emulators/suse131_32_qt4 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Qt4
sysutils/noice Small curses-based file browser
print/tex-skak LaTeX fonts and macros for typesetting chess games
print/tex-amstex American Mathematical Society plain TeX macros
print/tex-babel-italian Babel support for Italian text
audio/musicbrainz Second generation incarnation of the CD Index (2.x series)
print/tex-concprog Concert programmes
sysutils/py-magic File type identification using libmagic
sysutils/py-kazoo Higher level Zookeeper client
net/kismet 802.11 wireless network detector, sniffer and IDS
net/p5-Net-CIDR-Set Perl 5 module to manipulate sets of IP addresses
print/tex-tabls-doc Documentation for tex-tabls
print/cups Common UNIX Printing System
print/ijs Protocol library for raster page transmission
print/tex-ukrhyph-doc Documentation for tex-ukrhyph
meta-pkgs/web-server Provides some useful tools for a web server
meta-pkgs/nagios Nagios meta package
textproc/p5-Net-Dict Client API for the DICT protocol defined in RFC2229
textproc/aspell-de-alt German (Old Spelling) language support for aspell
audio/mbrolavox-us1 American English female voice for MBROLA
textproc/hs-case-insensitive Case insensitive string comparison
textproc/p5-YAML-Syck Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
textproc/mecab-naistdic Japanese Morphological Dictionary for MeCab
multimedia/swfdec Library for rendering Flash(R) animations and games
devel/liblangtag RFC 5646 language tag interface library
sysutils/u-boot-a10-olinuxino-lime Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (A10-OLinuXino-Lime_defconfig)
math/aribas Multi-precision floating point and big integer arithmetic calculator
net/p5-Net-Ident Perl module implementing the client side of the ident protocol
audio/juke Simple ncurses based jukebox
audio/festvox-kal8 8khz American English male voice for festival
wip/chibi-scheme Minimal Scheme Implementation for use as an Extension Language
devel/libebml Extensible Binary Meta Language support library
sysutils/xfce4-verve-plugin Xfce command line plugin
sysutils/u-boot-cubietruck Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (Cubietruck_defconfig)
security/logcheck Auditing tool for system logs on Unix boxes
multimedia/py-ming Python bindings for Ming library
security/mbedtls Lightweight, modular cryptographic and SSL/TLS library
mail/postsrsd Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme daemon
wip/pxlib C language library for reading Paradox database files
x11/xhost Server access control program for X
textproc/p5-Template-Plugin-CSV Template::Toolkit plugin for generating CSV
textproc/py-mkdocs Fast and simple static site generator for documentation
textproc/p5-Text-CSV Comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl)
print/tex-jknapltx Miscellaneous packages by Joerg Knappen
audio/libao-esound Cross-platform audio library (esound plugin)
audio/festlex-poslex English lexicon suitable for use with Festival
math/euler Interactive numerical analysis and graphics program
biology/nut Record what you eat and analyze your meals
x11/py-keybinder Python bindings for the keybinder library
wip/xmlformat-docs Configurable XML formatter, documentation files
textproc/ndtpd Server for accessing CD-ROM books with NDTP
print/tex-framed Framed or shaded regions that can break across pages
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-FindNumber Inflect short English Phrases
mail/sendymail Send emails through Yahoo using your favorite email client
textproc/aspell-uz Uzbek language support for aspell
textproc/p5-Pod-Elemental-PerlMunger Perl5 module that takes a string of Perl and rewrites its Pod
print/tex-oubraces Braces over and under a formula
net/grpc High performance, open-source universal RPC framework
multimedia/xanim Play a variety of simple animation formats and show pictures
www/py-httpie Human-friendly command line HTTP client
wip/aspell-dictionaries meta-package for aspell spell checker dictionaries
textproc/aspell-vi Vietnamese language support for aspell
textproc/p5-Search-Indexer Perl 5 module providing a full-text indexer
textproc/aspell-ca Catalan language support for aspell
games/xfreecell Popular freecell card game for X
databases/lua-tokyocabinet Lua binding of Tokyo Cabinet
textproc/p5-XML-Compile-Tester Perl module for testing compilation based XML processing
fonts/tex-ecc Sources for the European Concrete fonts
print/tex-booktabs-doc Documentation for tex-booktabs
devel/cloc Count lines of code
devel/p5-Log-Message Log::Message - A generic message storing mechanism
games/LostPixels Blinken Sisters - Hunt for the Lost Pixels (80s-style JumpnRun)
textproc/aspell-sc Sardinian language support for aspell
print/tex-hyphen-welsh Hyphenation patterns for Welsh
textproc/py-dominate Python library for creating and manipulating HTML documents
games/xsoldier Updated xgalaga type game with awesome graphics
print/tex-advdate LaTeX package to print a date relative to today
wip/engauge-digitizer Converts an image file with graph or map into numbers
mail/p5-Mail-Sender Sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server
security/nacl Secure, usable, fast networking and cryptography library
audio/gst-plugins1-lame Open source multimedia framework - lame plugin
textproc/py-jinja2 Small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
editors/ted-nl Dutch spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
print/tex-graphics-cfg-doc Documentation for tex-graphics-cfg
editors/jed Extensible folding editor with Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations
devel/py-curtsies Curses-like terminal wrapper, with colored strings
devel/py-blessings Thin, practical wrapper around terminal
devel/py-radon Code Metrics in Python
www/p5-App-Nopaste Perl 5 module providing easy access to any pastebin
devel/hs-cmdargs Command line argument processing
print/tex-lazylist Lists in TeXs mouth
textproc/py-textile XHTML generator using a simple markup
wip/yaggo Generate command line parser using getopt_long
audio/oggasm Perform batch conversion of mp3s into oggs
net/xtraceroute Graphical version of traceroute, which traces the route IP packets go
wip/py-causality Tools for causal analysis
textproc/heirloom-join Collection of standard Unix utilities (join)
print/tex-rotating Rotation tools including rotated full-page floats
print/tex-showtags-doc Documentation for tex-showtags
archivers/py-brotlipy Python Bindings to the Brotli Compression Algorithm
textproc/aspell-tl Tagalog language support for aspell
devel/ruby-activesupport42 Toolkit of support libraries (part of Rails 4.2)
textproc/ispell-de German dictionary for interactive spelling checker
devel/py-kaitaistruct Kaitai Struct declarative parser generator for binary data
devel/py-stevedore Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications
chat/py-nbxmpp Asynchronous Python library for XMPP
pkgtools/gnome-packagekit GNOME frontend for PackageKit
security/p5-Crypt-CAST5_PP The CAST5 block cipher, implemented in pure Perl
sysutils/lavaps Lava lamp of currently running processes
textproc/py-babelfish Python library to work with countries and languages
print/tex-polyglossia An alternative to babel for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
wip/py-cryptodomex Cryptographic library for Python
wip/higan Nintendo multi-system emulator
devel/hs-mtl Monad classes using functional dependencies
print/tex-babel-romanian Babel support for Romanian
security/gpg2dot Converts your GnuPG keyring to a graph of associations
editors/ted-fr French spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
editors/ex Berkeley vi 3.7
textproc/aspell Spell checker with good multi-language support
textproc/asciidoc ASCII to formatted document converter
devel/php-posix PHP extension for POSIX-like functions
security/p5-Crypt-SmbHash Perl5 module for generating LM/NT hashes
devel/libarena Memory allocator API and implementation
textproc/p5-Template-Declare Perl 5 module to make Perlish declarative templates
textproc/xfce4-dict Xfce dictionary application
devel/ruby-delayer Ruby module to delay the processing
wip/libmesode Fork of libstrophe
wip/tetrinet Console tetrinet client
multimedia/mlt Open source multimedia framework
editors/xemacs-nox11 XEmacs text editor version 21 (no x11 support)
multimedia/gst-plugins1-theora Open source multimedia framework - theora plugin
security/ruby-metasploit-model Models shared between metasploit-framework and metasploit_data_models
editors/vim Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI
emulators/suse100_libsigc++2 Linux compatibility package for libsigc++2
wip/py-git Python library used to interact with Git repositories
games/gtklevel9 GTK+ port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
games/openttd Open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
security/mit-krb5-appl MIT Kerberos 5 authentication system applications
math/ltm Number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
wip/pandoc Conversion between markup formats
wip/p5-HTTP-Exception Throw HTTP-Errors as Exceptions
wip/hs-cereal Binary serialization library
multimedia/omxplayer Raspberry Pi video player
time/taskwarrior Open source, command-line, TODO list manager
lang/classpath Class libraries for Java VM
devel/p5-Getopt-Simple Simple Getopt wrapper
wip/ganglia-webfrontend PHP based frontend for the Ganglia Cluster Monitor
graphics/kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer Graphics file format plugins for Strigi Desktop Search
graphics/evas-edb Evas Edb image loader
graphics/p5-RRDTool-OO Object-oriented interface to RRDTool
lang/cdl3 Programming language for the development of compilers
security/ent Entropy calculation and analysis of putative random sequences
security/pam-mkhomedir Pluggable authentication module for automatic homedir creation
cross/h8300-elf-gcc GCC compiler for h8300-elf
security/egd EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon
x11/gtkglarea OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit
www/py-wtforms Flexible forms validation and rendering library
www/raggle Console-based screen(1)-aware RSS reader written in Ruby
audio/xmmix X interface to the audio mixer device
audio/gst-plugins0.10-speex Open source multimedia framework - speex plugin
devel/p5-Reply Perl read, eval, print, loop, yay!
wip/using-mpi Sample programs from Using MPI (2nd ed.) book
wip/netbsd-build-tools NetBSD cross-toolchain
wip/xosview X11 graphical display of OS statistics
wip/ocaml-pa_ounit OCaml inline testing
security/log2timeline Framework for automatic creation of a super timeline
www/p5-Kwiki-UserName Kwiki user name plugin
graphics/vtk Visualization toolkit
www/ocaml-curl OCaml bindings to the CURL library
audio/libfishsound Provides a simple API for decoding and encoding audio data
x11/xscope Tool to monitor X11/Client conversations
fonts/tex-jamtimes Expanded Times Roman fonts
devel/php-pthreads PHP extension for POSIX threads support
emulators/z26 Atari 2600 Emulator
wip/mxallowd Anti-Spam-Daemon using pf/pflog
wip/netatalk Netatalk appletalk file and print services
wip/py-PythonDirector Pure-python TCP load balancer
databases/py-table Python RDBMS wrapper for various databases
multimedia/py-enzyme Python module to parse video metadata
time/emiclock Analog clock with image in the middle
biology/plinkseq C/C++ library for working with human genetic variation data
devel/anjuta Gnome based IDE for C and C++
devel/p5-Throwable Perl 5 role for classes that can be thrown
emulators/xbeeb Acorn BBC Micro emulator with an X based interface
graphics/tex-pdfcrop Crop PDF graphics
wip/vidriolib Viriolib is a windows, menus and so on development library
www/py-flask-sslify Force SSL on your Flask app
devel/blame Annotate RCS-controlled text line by line
lang/smalltalk GNU Smalltalk: A smalltalk-80 implementation
lang/gwydion-dylan Functional language
graphics/dvipng Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
graphics/gqview-devel GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)
audio/opusfile Decoding and seeking API for opus files
print/tex-impatient-doc Free edition of the book TeX for the Impatient
sysutils/libvirt Virtualisation toolkit for host operating systems
meta-pkgs/php71-extensions meta-package for the PHP 7.1 HTML-embedded scripting language
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langcjk Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base) TeX packages
print/pcps Converts text files to PostScript(tm)
print/dvidvi Select and/or rearrange pages in a TeX dvi file
print/tex-cyrillic-bin-doc Documentation for tex-cyrillic-bin
devel/p5-Class-C3-Componentised Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class
print/tex-metapost-examples-doc Example drawings using MetaPost
sysutils/dmg2img Convert Apple dmg to HFS+ img format
devel/p5-IPC-Run Perl module for interacting with child processes
www/icedtea-web Java browser plugin and Web Start launcher
www/p5-HTML-LinkExtractor Extract links from an HTML document
devel/p5-Bit-Vector Efficient base class implementing bit vectors
chat/py-axolotl Python port of the ratcheting forward secrecy protocol
devel/gettext-lib Internationalized Message Handling Library (libintl)
emulators/compat40 Shared libraries for NetBSD 4.0 compatibility
wip/openca Robust, full-featured out-of-the-box Certification Authority
lang/ghc7 Compiler for the functional language Haskell
lang/spl The SPL Programming Language
lang/runawk AWK wrapper that provides support for modules
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-SpellCheck Check spelling in Padre
audio/akode-plugins-oss OSS output plugin for akode framework
wip/py-yaprt Repository builder for python source code
net/autonet Automatically configure network interface & WEP keys
chat/py-axolotl-curve25519 Python wrapper for curve25519 with ed25519 signatures
textproc/libclucene Text search engine written in C++
editors/xemacs-current *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5.34
pkgtools/cwrappers pkgsrc compiler wrappers
www/php-owncloud Web services under your control
multimedia/py-gstreamer0.10 Python bindings for gstreamer0.10
time/py-iso8601 Simple Python module to parse ISO 8601 dates
biology/coalesce Estimates effective population size and mutation rate
www/p5-Kwiki-NewPage Kwiki plugin to create a new Wiki page
www/neon HTTP and WebDAV client library
www/py-static Serve static or templated content via WSGI or stand-alone
comms/snooper Serial line protocol analyzer (need two serial interfaces)
devel/mono-tools Tools for use with the Mono runtime
wip/py-metrics Metrics for python files
devel/p5-Test-TempDir Temporary files support for testing
net/libsscript Simple library for creating network oriented software in C
security/md4-collision MD4 Collision generator
security/ruby-rex-struct2 Ruby Exploitation library for generating C-style structs
security/mit-krb5 MIT Kerberos 5 authentication system
wip/glide3 Software needed for 3dfx voodoo3 cards
converters/odt2txt Simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
chat/gajim-plugin-omemo OMEMO encryption support for Gajim
wip/tktile Improved themeing engine for Tk
wip/p5-RT-Authen-ExternalAuth RT extension for external authentication methods
wip/gmic Full-featured image processing framework
wip/feynhiggs Fortran code for the diagrammatic calculation of the masses
lang/p5-Switch Switch statement for Perl
lang/python34 Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
devel/p5-MooseX-Singleton Perl 5 module to turn Moose class into a singleton
security/libident Small library to interface to the ident protocol server (rfc1413)
lang/perl5 Practical Extraction and Report Language
net/p5-Test-DNS Perl 5 module to test DNS queries and zone configuration
games/exult-audio Digital music and digital wave sound effects data for Exult
security/ike-scan Fingerprinting IKE implementation
devel/p5-MooseX-App Write user-friendly command line apps with even less suffering
cross/avr-libc C and math library for Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontrollers
devel/py-buildbot Continuous integration system
editors/ted-no Norwegian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
print/tex-tap-doc Documentation for tex-tap
audio/moodbar Tool to show the mood of a track
audio/audacious Media player based on BMP and XMMS
wip/py-jabber-icqt Transport connecting Jabber to the ICQ IM network
emulators/aliados CP/M 80 emulator
wip/libretro-parallel-n64 Libretro core for Nintendo 64 emulation
wip/xbase Xbase (i.e. dBase, FoxPro, etc.) compatible C++ class library
wip/joomla Dynamic web content management system (CMS)
wip/waffle OpenGL runtime selection library
wip/py-commonmark Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec
wip/py-twisted-kqueue Python interface to kqueue, suitable for Twisted
databases/java-tokyocabinet Java binding of Tokyo Cabinet
multimedia/py-gstreamer1 Python bindings for gstreamer1
time/zonetab NetBSD file
biology/gnome-chemistry-utils GChemPaint, a 2D chemical editor and other programs
audio/taglib-extras Extra plugins for taglib
emulators/dgen Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Unix platforms
www/p5-Net-HTTP Perl 5 module for low-level HTTP connections (client)
fonts/tex-librebaskerville-doc Documentation for tex-librebaskerville
security/py-trustme Number on quality TLS certs while you wait
fonts/tex-zlmtt Use Latin Modern Typewriter fonts
cross/avr-gdb GNU gdb for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
fonts/tex-umtypewriter Fonts to typeset with the xgreek package
pkgtools/distbb DISTributed Bulk Build tool for pkgsrc
fonts/profont Monospaced bitmap font readable in very small sizes
fonts/tex-semaphor Semaphore alphabet font
print/rlpr Work-alike of lpr to print directly to remote printer
security/pinentry Applications for entering PINs or Passphrases
security/p5-CryptX Crypto toolkit (self-contained no external libraries needed)
devel/py-buildbot-waterfall-view Waterfall Plugin for the buildbot CI system
fonts/mothanna-ttf Mothanna is a sans-serif like Arabic OpenType font
wip/libretro-mame2003 Libretro core based on the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (v0.78)
databases/R-RSQLite SQLite Interface for R
graphics/xv X11 program that displays images of various formats
graphics/ucview Video capture and display program based on unicap
textproc/libunicode Library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings
devel/p5-Module-Compile Perl Module Compilation
fonts/tex-esvect Vector arrows
fonts/tex-electrum Electrum ADF fonts collection
editors/texmaker LaTeX editor and front end
editors/xjed Extensible folding editor + Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations, X11 version
x11/qt4-pgsql QT postgresql driver
security/volatility Advanced memory forensics framework
databases/postgresql10-server PostgreSQL database server programs
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-ExceptionHandling Bridge between Python and Objective-C (ExceptionHandling framework)
print/tex-latexcourse-rug-doc LaTeX course book
editors/hexcurse Hexcurse is an ncurses-based console hexeditor written in C
devel/p5-Regexp-Parser Perl 5 base class for parsing regexes
www/ruby-rails-deprecated_sanitizer Deprecated sanitizer API extracted from Action View
security/p5-Digest-MD5 Perl5 extension interface for MD5 algorithm
audio/gst-plugins1-alsa Open source multimedia framework - alsa plugin
wip/pear-Horde_Mime MIME manipulation for horde
print/tex-gfnotation Typeset Gottlob Freges notation in plain TeX
devel/ruby-parser Ruby parser written in pure ruby
multimedia/mediainfo Utility to supply technical info about audio and video
wip/debugger-git X86/x86_64 debugger with the goal to drop-in replace gdb
www/websvn Subversion repository web frontend
wip/wise3 TODO: Short description of the package
x11/motif LGPLed Motif toolkit for the X Window System
x11/xbindkeys-tk Launches shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse (Tk interface)
www/ruby-actionview42 Simple conventions and helpers for building web pages
print/tex-latex-brochure-doc Publicity flyer for LaTeX
audio/wmmp Window Maker dock app for interfacing MPD
sysutils/bbsload Small (in dimensions) tool to display the average load
net/chrony Daemon for maintaining the accuracy of computer clocks
net/libtrace Library for trace processing
net/fpdns Fingerprinting DNS servers
net/sdig Switch Digger finds port assignment for hosts on a switched Ethernet
wip/py-jsonpath XPath for JSON
devel/py-test-cache Pytest plugin with mechanisms for caching across test runs
databases/postgresql10-client PostgreSQL database client programs
sysutils/manifold SMF service manifest creation tool
sysutils/extipl IPL compatible OS boot selector
sysutils/heirloom-logname Collection of standard Unix utilities (logname)
print/foomatic-filters Spooler-independent PostScript printing filter
converters/p5-Sereal-Decoder Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization
devel/p5-String-Format Perl module for sprintf-like string formatting capabilities
devel/protobuf-c Protocol Buffers implementation in C
devel/jenkins-lts Open source continuous integration server (LTS release)
databases/postgresql10-plpython PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
time/xfce4-orage Xfce time managing application
cad/tnt-mmtl Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission Line 2-D and 2.5-D simulator
x11/i3lock Slightly improved screen locker based on slock
sysutils/backuppc Fast, agentless backup system supporting *NIX, Windows and OSX clients
www/p5-PSGI Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification
print/tex-textmerg Merge text in TeX and LaTeX
www/ruby-rails-html-sanitizer HTML sanitizer for Rails applications
www/py-pywebdav Standards compliant Python WebDAV server and library
misc/dirdiff Displays differences between directories
devel/cproto Generates function prototypes from C source
multimedia/libflash Open source Flash(tm) library
security/gsasl GNU implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer
textproc/stardic English-Chinese dictionary
security/libmcrypt Crypto algorithms library
devel/gearmand Gearman C Server and Library
devel/patchelf Modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF binaries
print/cnprint Print & convert CJK style text to PostScript
devel/emacs20-elib Library of utility functions for Emacs
meta-pkgs/gimp-docs Documentation package for The GIMP image manipulation software
devel/lua-stdlib Standard library for Lua programming language
databases/postgresql10-docs PostgreSQL database documentation
emulators/suse131_libssh Linux compatibility package for libssh
fonts/pcf2bdf Convert X font from PCF to BDF
fonts/tex-blacklettert1 T1-encoded versions of Haralambous old German fonts
wip/arm-elf-gcc47 GCC for bare metal classic ARM ELF
devel/ruby-globalid Reference models by URI
devel/ruby-railties42 Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails 4.2
audio/cam Cpus Audio Mixer [curses based]
audio/opus-tools Opus encode, inspect, and decode command-line tools
security/py-oath Python implementation of OATH (HOTP, TOTP, OCRA)
sysutils/heirloom-touch Collection of standard Unix utilities (touch)
print/tex-babel-spanish Babel support for Spanish
www/ruby-jekyll-minima Beautiful, minimal and default theme for Jekyll
security/py-asyncssh Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
databases/postgresql10-contrib Contrib subtree of tools and plug-ins
devel/git-contrib GIT Tree History Storage Tool (contrib)
textproc/aspell-cs Czech language support for aspell
x11/rofi Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
textproc/p5-Alien-Hunspell Perl5 module providing hunspell
audio/csound6 Software synthesizer and sequencer
fonts/tex-prodint Font that provides the product integral symbol
databases/postgresql10 Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
audio/py-vorbis Python bindings for Vorbis library
audio/p5-MPEG-Audio-Frame Class for weeding out MPEG audio frames out of a file handle
print/tex-tex-refs-doc References for TeX and Friends
devel/py-readline Line editing support for Python
devel/p5-Carp-REPL Perl 5 read-eval-print-loop on die and/or warn
textproc/aspell-ia Interlingua language support for aspell
sysutils/ruby-childprocess Simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs
chat/roxirc Graphical IRC client written in tcl/tk
audio/liteamp Light-weight Music Player for GNOME2
print/pscal Produces simple, nice-looking PostScript calendars
devel/unidiff Converts between uni-diffs and context diffs
devel/py-jupyter_core Jupyter core package
devel/py-falcon Unladen web framework for building APIs and app backends
wip/libpafe Library for SONY PaSoRi card reader
print/tex-stdclsdv-doc Documentation for tex-stdclsdv
wip/iTextXML Java classes to generate and parse XML files
wip/vm-pop3d POP3 server with support for virtual mail accounts
wip/deforaos-editor DeforaOS desktop text editor
wip/fbpanel Desktop panel with menu, pager, and other plugins
wip/dragbox-git Command line drag-and-drop tool for GNOME
wip/dict-est-rus DICTD data for Estonian-Russian dictionary
wip/colorize Command colorizer useful to distinguish remote shells
wip/jpicedt Interactive picture edtor for LaTeX and PSTricks
wip/jsl Standalone JavaScript lint
wip/nomadio Utility to control Creative Nomad II MG
databases/postgresql10-plperl PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
graphics/gegl0.2 Graph based image processing framework (0.2 version)
graphics/pngcrush Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files
inputmethod/tegaki-wagomu-japanese-joyo Tegaki project handwriting model for Wagomu-Japanese (joyo)
sysutils/user_interix Limited NetBSD-compatible useradd/groupadd commands
wip/p5-Apache2-ModSSL Perl Interface to mod_ssl functions
devel/p5-Module-Manifest-Skip Module::Manifest::Skip - MANIFEST.SKIP Manangement for Modules
wip/lugaru Open source release of the game from Wolfire
net/dnstracer Tool to trace dns queries
wip/p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-No Stemmer for Norwegian
wip/py-codepy CodePy is a C metaprogramming toolkit for Python
wip/py-emcee The Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC
wip/py-Climate Python modules for Analysis of Climate Variability
graphics/jasper Software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec
wip/py-netcdf4 Python/numpy interface to netCDF library (versions 3 and 4)
wip/py-odesys Straightforward numerical integration of ODE systems from SymPy
wip/py-poster Streaming HTTP uploads and multipart/form-data encoding
wip/py-tkinter-help Small Preview of Tkinter Widgets
wip/py-okasha Trivial WSGI web framework for Python
wip/py-netmiko Multi-vendor library to simplify Paramiko use
wip/py-tmux Simple wrapper for tmux
sysutils/pv Monitor the progress of data through a pipeline
devel/mate-common Sample files for MATE Application development
print/tex-todonotes-doc Documentation for tex-todonotes
emulators/compat15-extras Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 1.5 compatibility
devel/p5-Config-MVP-Reader-INI Perl5 module providing an MVP config reader for .ini files
wip/soil Tiny C library used primarily for uploading textures into OpenGL
wip/spidermonkey24 Standalone JavaScript implementation in C
sysutils/heirloom-cksum Collection of standard Unix utilities (cksum)
print/tex-context-french Support for writing French in ConTeXt
security/boringssl Fork of OpenSSL designed to meet Googles needs
security/libfprint Fingerprint reader access library
security/p5-Net-SSLeay Perl5 module for using OpenSSL
graphics/nvtv Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards
graphics/tex-mfpic-doc Documentation for tex-mfpic
graphics/ruby-chunky_png Pure ruby library for read/write, chunk-level access to PNG
emulators/xtrs TRS-80 Model I/III/4 Emulator for Unix
sysutils/genpasswd Random password generator
multimedia/mplayer-plugin Mplayer plug-in for Gecko-based browsers
emulators/darcnes Multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)
www/p5-Catalyst-Devel Development tool kit for Catalyst
sysutils/py-crontab Python Crontab API
sysutils/fabric Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
mail/wmmail WindowMaker xbiff-like mail-checker
print/tex-babel-russian Russian language module for Babel
wip/py-control Python Control Systems Library
wip/py-linearalgebra Tools for working with matrices and vectors
wip/mozplugger Mozilla plugin for launching external viewers
wip/py-divisi2 Commonsense Reasoning over Semantic Networks
devel/as31 8031/8051 assembler
wip/py-moya Web development platform
wip/py-louvain Methods of community detection in large networks
wip/py-cosat bindings to picosat (a SAT solver)
emulators/suse131_32_libjpeg Linux 32-bit compatibility package for JPEG
wip/gstreamer-plugins GStreamer plug-ins meta-pkg
print/tex-xetex Unicode and OpenType-enabled TeX engine
devel/p5-Getopt-Tabular Table-driven getopt wrapper
wip/detachtty Utility that lets you run interactive programs non-interactively
emulators/suse131_cyrus-sasl Linux compatibility package for Cyrus SASL
wip/py-albatross Toolkit for Stateful Web Applications
devel/ocaml-re Pure OCaml regular expression library
print/tex-hyphen-basque Hyphenation for Basque
devel/libewf Library to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF)
misc/kcharselect KDE character selector
emulators/suse121_x11 Linux compatibility package for X11
wip/py-dj-static Serve production static files with Django
devel/libhid Abstraction layer for HID-class devices over USB/serial
sysutils/xfce4-gvfs-mount-plugin Xfce gvfs mount plugin
print/tex-oberdiek-doc Documentation for tex-oberdiek
wip/trac-plugins-AuthOpenId This plugins allows to login to Trac using OpenID
wip/ocaml-comparelib Syntax extension for deriving compare functions automatically
graphics/sxiv Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer
wip/fastbit Efficient Compressed Bitmap Index Technology
wip/openxcom Open-source clone of UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-Com: UFO Defense
wip/linux-acl Commands for Manipulating POSIX Access Control Lists
wip/yp-tools Linux NIS (YP) Tools
wip/py-flipper Manipulating curves and measured laminations on surfaces
wip/hs-text-icu Bindings to the ICU library
wip/hs-control-monad-failure Class for monads which can fail with an error
devel/glib2 Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
wip/aoi Open source 3D modelling and rendering studio based on Java
sysutils/tkdesk Graphical file manager
biology/chemical-mime-data Chemical mime and file type support for desktops
wip/asql Query Apache logfiles via SQL
games/lpairs Memory game matching pairs of cards
devel/p5-IO-Event Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks
wip/gnokii Open source tools for your mobile phone
wip/evilvte VTE based, highly customizable terminal emulator
wip/devkitARM-newlib Newlib for devkitARM toolchain
wip/bsh Java scripting environment
wip/brumbrumrally Racing game with randomized tracks
wip/cdogs SDL port of the classic DOS arcade game
wip/mediawiki-mode Emacs frontend for MediaWiki
wip/mat Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
wip/libunibilium Basic terminfo library
wip/hs-data-accessor-template Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
wip/hs-hxt Collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell
wip/hs-test-framework-quickcheck2 QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package
wip/paxtest Test program for PaX functionality
games/tyrquake Conservative branch of Quake
wip/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward Pass control from one run mode to another
sysutils/e2fsprogs Second extended file system (ext2fs) management programs
wip/p5-OSSP-uuid OSSP uuid Perl binding
wip/ocaml-enumerate Quotation expanders for enumerating finite types
sysutils/fam File Alteration Monitor
devel/ncc Compiler that produces program analysis information
mail/procmail Local mail delivery agent
devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Screen Send logs to screen, with colors and some other features
sysutils/heirloom-mknod Collection of standard Unix utilities (mknod)
chat/libirc C library for the IRC protocol
wip/py-ordereddict Drop-in substitute for Py2.7s new collections
graphics/arc-theme Arch theme for GTK2, GTK3 and desktops
wip/raster3d Set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules
wip/serendipity Blogging tool written in php
wip/py-visionegg-contrib Additional modules for py-visionegg package
wip/sara Security Auditors Research Assistant
wip/rte Real Time Audio/Video Encoding Library
wip/sic Simple IRC client
wip/stonx Atari ST Emulator
fonts/tex-pxtxalfa-doc Documentation for tex-pxtxalfa
wip/p5-CGI-Application-Server Simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application
sysutils/dptutil DPT/Adaptec Storage Management software (dptutil)
mail/p5-Mail-DKIM Perl5 module for DKIM-based mail-signing and -verifying
games/fortunes-h2g2 Fortunes from Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
www/p5-HTTP-Thin Thin Wrapper around HTTP::Tiny to play nice with HTTP::Message
sysutils/wbm-mount Webmin module to mount filesystems
emulators/suse131_libwrap Linux compatibility package for libwrap
emulators/zsnes Super NES emulator
multimedia/schroedinger Dirac video compression library
wip/dict-freedict-eng-fra DICTD data for FreeDict English-French dictionary
wip/pear-Crypt_Blowfish Two-way blowfish encryption
wip/udunits2 Library for manipulating units of physical quantities
wip/etoile-services Desktop environment built on GNUstep - services
graphics/tex-graphics-pln-doc Documentation for tex-graphics-pln
wip/wise2 Tool for Comparing bio polymers like DNA and Protein sequences
wip/sendmailX Modular Mail Transfer Agent
devel/ruby-log4r Flexible logging library
games/icbm3d 3D X11 game of defense
wip/go-fsnotify File system notifications for Go
wip/py-colorpy Handling physical descriptions of color and light spectra
wip/mplabs Multiphase lattice boltzmann suite
wip/hs-lazy-io Lazy IO
wip/munin-master System monitoring tool, master version
sysutils/heirloom-mesg Collection of standard Unix utilities (mesg)
security/ruby-rex-arch Rex Library which contains architecture specific information
wm/xfce4-wm XFCE window manager
wip/nss-hg Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications (hg version)
editors/kile LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end
devel/p5-POEx-Types Exported Types for use within POEx modules
wip/tcl-curl Curl bindings for Tcl
wip/trac-plugins-FullBlogNotification E-mail Notification for the FullBlog plugin for Trac
wip/VASSAL Game engine for building and playing board and card games
wip/py-ontopy Simple RDF to Python mapper built on top of rdflib
wip/py-pygr Pygr graph database for bioinformatics
wip/xcb-util-xrm-git XCB utility functions for the X resource manager
devel/p5-Safe-Hole Exec subs in the original package from within a Safe object
wip/rdsn-git Robust Distributed System Nucleus
wip/rc.d.Interix NetBSD rc.d system for MS Interix
wip/py-xdgapp Python XDG for Applications
wip/munin-common Common components between a munin node and master
wip/nspluginwrapper Use Netscape compatible plugins from other platforms
sysutils/py-gnome-menus Python bindings for gnome-menus
wip/ffmpeg-git Decoding, encoding and streaming software
wip/numactl Non Uniform Memory Access tools
devel/sgi-stl-docs SGI Standard Template Library Programmers Guide
security/ruby-rex-java Ruby Exploitation library for parsing Java serialized streams
wip/py-fdm Framework for solving PDEs with FDM using Python
games/icebreaker Penguin capturing simulation
editors/matlab-mode Matlab mode for Emacs
wip/tc-hasida-table Kanji table for t-code input (PostScript and PDF)
wip/libxdiff Library for creating patches for binary and text files
wip/py-datatree DSL for creating structured documents in python
devel/p5-Template-Plugin-ListMoreUtils TT2 plugin to use List::MoreUtils
wip/lscpu The lscpu for BSD
wip/lilyterm Terminal emulator based off of libvte
wip/pngnq Tool for quantizing PNG images in RGBA format
wip/py-astropy Community-developed python astronomy tools
wip/py-gwpy Package to enable gravitational-wave astrophysics in Python
wip/p5-Net-UPnP Perl extension for UPnP
graphics/tex-bpolynomial Drawing polynomial functions of up to order 3
wip/polkit-kde-agent Daemon providing a polkit authentication UI for KDE
wip/ding Ding is a Dictionary lookup program for the X window system
wip/erlang-basho Erlang/OTP fork by Basho
wip/py-mote Python library for simulation of distributed algorithms
wip/baloo-widgets Widgets for Baloo
sysutils/xfce4-battery-plugin Xfce battery monitor plugin
wip/dogecoin Open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus
wip/hs-warp Fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications
wip/vpr Classic place and route tool for FPGAs
devel/ftnchek Static analyzer for Fortran programs
devel/ruby-redmine_code_review Redmine plugin to annotate source code within the repo browser
devel/p5-List-MoreUtils-XS Provide compiled List::MoreUtils functions
graphics/gnome-backgrounds Set of background images for the GNOME Desktop
wip/common-mml Common multimedia library required by mbone tools
wip/py-neurolab Simple and powerfull neural network library for python
wip/pear-Horde_Browser Browser informations
wip/flam3-svn Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames
textproc/p5-Tie-Handle-Offset Tied handle that hides the beginning of a file
sysutils/xnc File manager for X Window
security/ruby-rex-ole Rex Library for reading/writing OLE files and streams
wip/unmo3 MO3 decoder
games/xjump Jumping game for X
wip/genus2reduction Conductor and Reduction Types for Genus 2 Curves
wip/gnuradio Collection of GNU Radio (meta package, easy to install whole thing)
wip/emokit Emotive EPOC EEG development library
wip/wine-devel Free implementation of Windows on Unix
wip/lde Curses based file system viewer/editor for Linux
wip/rustc Safe, concurrent, practical language
wip/pear-Horde_Nls TODO: Short description of the package
sysutils/heirloom-setpgrp Collection of standard Unix utilities (setpgrp)
wip/smtpscan Remote SMTP version checker
devel/p5-B-Hooks-EndOfScope Perl 5 module to execute code after a scope finished compilation
devel/p5-Term-Prompt Perl extension for prompting a user for information
wip/openttd-openmsx Free and open source music data files for the game OpenTTD
games/gate88 Deep space intergalactic battle
textproc/ruby-hpricot Fast, enjoyable HTML parser for Ruby
textproc/artha Open Source WordNet-based thesaurus
wm/ccsm CompizConfig Settings Manager
wip/ruby-teamocil Easy window and split layouts for tmux
wip/io-md5 MD5 addon for Io
wip/es40-cvs AlphaServer ES40 emulator
textproc/tinyxml Simple, small, C++ XML parser
sysutils/grun GTK+ based Run dialog
cad/qcad-partlibrary Parts libraries for the QCad 2D CAD system
cad/py-simpy Discrete event simulation framework
security/ruby-rex-mime Rex Library for creating and parsing MIME messages
cad/dinotrace-mode Emacs major mode for dinotrace
fonts/tex-ipaex IPA and IPAex fonts for Kana and Kanji
games/xpilot Networked space battles for X11
textproc/py-m2r Markdown to reStructuredText converter
inputmethod/ibus-table Table engine for IBus platform
multimedia/php-ming PHP extension for Ming library
devel/py-argparse Easy, declarative interface for creating command line tools
devel/ruby-railties32 Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails 3.2
devel/py-ZopeConfiguration Zope Configuration Markup Language
databases/unixodbc ODBC 2.x/3.x driver manager
databases/gdbm_compat The GNU database manager Compat library for dbm and ndbm
devel/py-mercurial Fast, lightweight source control management system
print/tex-mfirstuc Uppercase the first letter of a word
sysutils/libfm File management library
textproc/csharp-xapian C# bindings for Xapian search engine
devel/xdelta3 Enhanced diff that works on binary files (version 3.x)
devel/p5-Config-Properties Read and write property files
graphics/tex-drv Derivation trees with MetaPost
security/xml-security-c XML Digital Signature specification implementation
emulators/suse121_qt4 Linux compatibility package for Qt4
devel/py-hglib Python library for interfacing with mercurials CommandServer
wip/ruby-xmpp4r XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby
devel/p5-Net-CIDR Perl5 module to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation
math/p5-Number-Range Define ranges and test if number is in range
devel/yasm Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler with BSD license
devel/p5-CPAN-Common-Index Library for searching CPAN modules, authors and distributions
devel/p5-Test-Class Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style
devel/pthread-sem Semaphore implementation for (PTH) pthreads
time/wyrd Text-based front-end to Remind
devel/kdevelop4 Integrated Development Environment for Unix/X11/KDE
databases/pgbouncer Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
x11/xicc Load ICC profile into X server
print/tex-babel-french Babel contributed support for French
devel/py-ipython010 Interactive computing environment for Python
wip/rtspdump Download multimedia stream from a Microsoft Windows Media Server
wip/py-verilog Python-based Hardware Design Processing Toolkit for Verilog HDL
devel/ruby-instance_storage Manage class instances with dictionary
multimedia/gst-plugins1-libav GStreamer libav/ffmpeg plugin
devel/cmake-fedora Set of cmake modules for fedora developers
pkgtools/pkgsurvey Utility to collate pkg information, and mail to central census site
devel/ruby-loquacious Descriptive configuration files for Ruby written in Ruby
time/p5-MooseX-Types-DateTime-ButMaintained DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose
devel/p5-Carton Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)
x11/xload System load average display for X
wip/opensips Open Source implementation of a SIP server
wip/nnrpd NNTP reader daemon from InterNet News (INN)
multimedia/regionset Read and modify DVD drive region code
time/tdl Todo list manager with tons of features
biology/openbabel Chemistry file translation program
x11/xf86-video-voodoo Voodoo/Voodoo2 video driver
pkgtools/libkver Shared library and sysctl(1) replacement to override system version
math/libnumbertext Convert to number names from numbers
games/sex Yet another program for spouting silly, random phrases
devel/p5-Module-Versions-Report Extension to report versions of all modules in memory
www/py-model_mommy Smart object creation facility for Django
devel/py-py Library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
devel/p5-Menlo A CPAN client
databases/libdbi-driver-mysql MySQL driver for libdbi, a database abstraction
wip/boost-asynchronous An asynchronous C++ library
x11/xrootconsole Windowless XConsole
textproc/the_silver_searcher Attempt to improve on ack, which itself is better than grep
wip/py-math-snappy Program for studying the topology and geometry of 3-manifolds
devel/p5-Menlo-Legacy Legacy internal and client support for Menlo
math/py-pymc3 Bayesian modeling and probabilistic machine learning
x11/qt5-qtwebchannel Qt5 WebChannel module
wip/apache-commons-dbcp Database Connection Pooling Services
devel/p5-Parse-PMFile Parses .pm files as PAUSE does
pkgtools/mtree Utility for mapping and checking directory hierarchies
emulators/libretro-sameboy Libretro core based on the SameBoy Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator
devel/zlib General purpose data compression library
wip/pear-Horde_Lock Locking system for horde
wip/py-fitsarray Ndarray subclass with a fits header
wip/darcnes-svgalib Multi-system emulator, svgalib display
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langcyrillic Cyrillic TeX packages
wip/prtunnel Tunnels TCP connections through an HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy
wip/ever-note-mode Refer and edit Evernote notes directly from Emacs
converters/p5-chkjis Filter library substituting vendors own characters
wip/microtetris MicroTetris is a simple and compact popular game Tetris
devel/p5-ExtUtils-ParseXS Perl5 module for converting Perl XS code into C code
devel/locktests POSIX locks stress-test
textproc/p5-Win32-ShellQuote Quote argument lists for Win32
devel/doc++ Documentation system for C, C++ and Java
devel/jflex Fast lexical analyzer generator for Java
textproc/py-marisa MARISA python module
www/crawl Small and efficient HTTP crawler
databases/py-sqlalchemy-migrate Schema migration tool for SQLAlchemy
databases/pgtcl TCL interface to PostgreSQL
devel/check Unit test framework for C
emulators/xyame Multi-system emulator (Gameboy, NES, and PC-Engine)
textproc/libxml++ C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
www/p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession Perl5 module adding a session to the Mason Request obj
textproc/aspell-hil Hiligaynon language support for aspell
textproc/php-enchant PHP extension for ENCHANT (spelling) support
www/p5-Template-Plugin-Clickable TT2 plugin to make URLs clickable in HTML
wm/spectrwm Small dynamic tiling window manager for X11
databases/percona-toolkit Advanced command-line tools for open-source databases (MySQL)
fonts/tex-prodint-doc Documentation for tex-prodint
x11/kjobwidgets Widgets for tracking KJob instances
devel/p5-Net-Netmask Perl5 module to parse and manipulate IP network blocks
devel/p5-Lexical-SealRequireHints Perl5 module to prevent leakage of lexical hints
wip/radare2-git Reverse engineering framework
wip/uzbl-git Web interface tools which adhere to the UNIX philosophy
wip/py-myfitter Maximum Likelihood Fits in Python
devel/ruby-gemcutter Commands to interact with
x11/libXfont2 X font Library (v2)
devel/py-testpath Test utilities for code working with files and commands
devel/libargparse Argument parsing library in C++
wip/boost-libs-2017Q1 Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (binary libraries)
devel/py-flufl.lock NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems
devel/autoconf Generates automatic source code configuration scripts
editors/vilearn Online vi tutorial, from basic to advanced
wip/panda GPLed PDF generation library
wip/hs-blaze-builder-conduit Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings
wip/java-swingwt Swing binding to SWT for java
wip/libtorrent-rasterbar The rasterbar libtorrent is a feature complete C++ bittorrent library
devel/p5-Types-Serialiser Simple data types for common serialisation formats
devel/lua-coxpcall Module to encapsulate protected calls with a coroutine based loop
devel/cvslock Safely manipulate and inspect CVS repositories
devel/p5-File-Path-Expand Perl 5 module to expand filenames
www/p5-HTTP-Tinyish HTTP::Tiny compatible HTTP client wrappers
devel/boost-build Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.Build framework)
devel/ruby-turn Test::Unit Reporter (New) -- new output format for Test::Unit
editors/mule-ucs Another encoding conversion mechanism for Emacs
devel/qore-uuid-module UUID module for Qore
fonts/tex-comicneue-doc Documentation for tex-comicneue
wip/pcsx Free Playstation(TM) emulator
wip/arora Arora is a web browser using Qt and Webkit
wip/wp2md-git WordPress to Markdown Exporter
wip/daligner Find all significant local alignments between reads
wip/gwget GNOME wget front-end
wip/splix Driver for SPL printers (Samsung and Xerox)
wip/py-krylov Python package implementing common Krylov methods
wip/neb-cd512 512 bytes/sector disklabel recalculation tool
wip/assimp Library to import various 3D model formats
wip/xmms-skin-WinampX Skin for XMMS
devel/libfirm Provides a graph-based SSA representation of programs
x11/qt5-qtsvg Qt5 module for SVG
wip/bpcscripts Gast Illumina processing
wip/py-gettext-tools Python tools for development of I18N Python apps
wip/pear-Cache Framework for caching of arbitrary data
wip/tamago-anthy Tamago(Emacs CJK input) + Anthy engine interface
x11/fox Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit
graphics/pear-Image_Color Manage and handles color data and conversions
wip/grandr GTK2 utility for changing RandR settings
wip/py-redbaron FST for python to make writing refactoring code a realistic task
wip/aida Abstract interfaces for data analysis
textproc/rasqal Library that handles RDF query syntaxes
wip/py-qexpy Analysis and data plotting aimed at undergraduate physics
wip/kgrab Screen Grabbing Program (KDE4)
wip/lives Linux Video Editing System
wip/py-yapsy Yet another plugin system
wip/alsa-plugins-jack Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - OSS plugin
fonts/tex-starfont-doc Documentation for tex-starfont
wip/atompaw Projector Augmented Wave code for electronic structure calculations
security/ruby-rex-nop Rex library for dynamic generation of x86 multi-byte NOPs
wip/breeze Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop
devel/ruby-nenv Convenience wrapper for Rubys ENV
lang/compiler-rt LLVM runtime libraries
x11/slock Simple X11 screen locker
wip/py-pcapy Python interface to pcap library
editors/kate KDE advanced text editor
wip/dbf Converts dBASE files to comma separated values text files
wip/kget download manager for KDE
lang/libcxxabi C++ Standard Library
databases/ruby-datamapper Object/Relational Mapper for Ruby
wip/ecb Emacs Code Browser
devel/ruby-rbtree Sorted associative collection using Red-Black Trees for Ruby
fonts/tex-carlito-doc Documentation for tex-carlito
security/ruby-rex-rop_builder Ruby Exploitation Library for building ROP chains
wip/cloog The CLooG Code Generator in the Polyhedral Models Home
wip/p5-WWW-YouTube-VideoURI Module to determine the URI of a Flash Video file on
editors/gobby Collaborative Editor
devel/ruby-rcsparse RCS parsing library for Ruby
devel/p5-TheSchwartz Reliable job queue system
databases/ruby-dm-ferret-adapter DataMapper plugin for Ferret
devel/ruby-hike Find files in a set of paths
security/ruby-rex-socket Rex socket abstraction library
devel/libdbusmenu-gtk GTK2+ library created by pulling some code from indicator-applet
wip/liblxqt Core utility library for all LXQt components
devel/p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib Perl5 module interface to the zlib compression library
devel/hs-safe Library for safe (pattern match free) functions
devel/p5-BSD-Resource Perl interface to BSD process resources library
lang/libcxx C++ Standard Library
wip/colord Device color profile management daemon
wip/emboss-mse Multiple Sequence Editor for EMBOSS
meta-pkgs/xfce4-extras Xfce extras
wip/p5-AI-Prolog Pure Perl predicate logic engine
wip/wmname Prints/sets the window manager name property of the root window
devel/ruby-subversion Ruby bindings for Subversion
print/tex-siunitx A comprehensive (SI) units package
devel/rubigen Ruby stub generator
devel/p5-aliased Perl 5 module for use of shorter versions of class names
wip/py-fancyimpute Matrix completion and feature imputation algorithms
wip/pear-File Common file and directory routines
databases/mysql-workbench Cross-platform, visual database design tool
fonts/tex-cbfonts-doc Documentation for tex-cbfonts
security/ruby-rex-encoder Polymorphic encoders that Metasploit uses for payload encoding
wip/gtk-theme-switch Allows quick & easy switching of GTK1 themes
wip/py-pyfaces Traits-capable windowing framewor
wip/udp-ping UDP Ping is a tool to selectively send UDP packets
wip/gnunet Framework for secure P2P networking
wip/s3cmd Tool for copying files to/from Amazon S3
fonts/tex-mdputu-doc Documentation for tex-mdputu
wip/py-hmf Halo mass function calculator
wip/py-magnitude Python library for computing with numbers with units
databases/pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli Mysqli MDB2 driver
wip/p5-Net-PcapUtils Utility routines for Net::Pcap module
benchmarks/fib Mathematical benchmark
wip/pear-fDOMDocument Extension to PHP\s standard DOM to add methods and exceptions
devel/bullet Collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics library
wip/py-piquant Extending NumPy and SciPy to specification of numbers and arrays
sysutils/dvd+rw-tools Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks
net/ocamlnet Library focusing on application-level network protocols (OCaml)
wip/pentagram A reimplementation of the Ultima 8 game engine
www/p5-CSS Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets
wip/conkeror Extensible keyboard-oriented web browser based on Mozilla
wip/hs-pcre-light Haskell bindings to the PCRE regex library
wip/leo Programmers editor and a flexible browser
wip/readseq Widely Used Tool to Convert Various Sequence Formats
wip/gnome-core Meta-package for the GNOME core libraries
security/ruby-rex-bin_tools Ruby Exploitation Library for binary manipulation
devel/p5-MooseX-Method-Signatures Perl 5 module for method declarations with type constraints
devel/p5-App-cpanminus Perl5 script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
fonts/otf2bdf OpenType to BDF font converter
wip/libretro-fmsx Libretro core for emulation of the MSX family of home computers
databases/py-sqlrelay Python extension for SQL Relay
benchmarks/flops Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
audio/csound5 Software synthesizer and sequencer
databases/ruby-gdbm Ruby extension to GDBM library
print/tex-units Typeset units
wip/py-chemview Interactive molecular viewer for IPython notebook
devel/p5-Test-Warnings Test for warnings and the lack of them
sysutils/wbm-apache Webmin module for configuring Apache servers
databases/sqlrelay-nodejs node.js API for SQL Relay
databases/ruby-mysql28 Ruby extension for MySQL
devel/tcl-tclcl Tcl/C++ interface used by ns and nam
wip/openmw Free game engine reimplementation for TES III: Morrowind
wip/py-napalm-base Interact with different router vendors using unified API
devel/ruby-rspec-its Provides its method formerly part of rspec-core
wip/py-jtextfsm Template based state machine for semi-formatted text
devel/py-scandir Better directory iterator and faster os.walk()
print/tex-latexfileinfo-pkgs Comparison of packages showing LaTeX file information
print/tex-showdim-doc Documentation for tex-showdim
graphics/tex-expressg Diagrams consisting of boxes, lines, and annotations
wip/unimrcp-aprutil Patched APR-UTIL version for UniMRCP
security/py-smbpasswd Python SMB Password Hash Generator
devel/py-apipkg Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
devel/editorconfig-core Editorconfig C library
print/hplip HP Linux Imaging and Printing
wip/crossguid C++ GUID library
audio/ampache Web-based Audio file manager
sysutils/xfsprogs XFS filesystem manipulation utilities
devel/p5-Data-Dump Pretty printing of data structures
devel/p5-Data-TemporaryBag Handle long size data using temporary file
databases/lua-sql-sqlite SQLite 2.x bindings for Lua
devel/p5-Object-Signature Generate cryptographic signatures for objects
wip/p5-WWW-YouTube-Download Very simple YouTube video download interface
devel/p5-Regexp-Assemble Perl 5 module to assemble multiple regular expressions
devel/gdb7 Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
time/p5-Time-Clock Twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision
print/tex-memoir-doc Documentation for tex-memoir
www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage Matches language preference to available languages
databases/libpqxx C++ interface to postgresql-lib
www/py-django-rest-framework-proxy Easy proxying of incoming REST requests
wip/awesome4 Tiling window manager based on dwm
cad/gsmc Smith charting program
print/tex-newsletr-doc Documentation for tex-newsletr
www/p5-HTTP-GHTTP Perl interface to the gnome ghttp library
devel/ruby-gettext-setup Ease internationalization with fast_gettext
print/tex-path LaTeX package to typeset paths
print/tex-plnfss Font selection for Plain TeX
devel/ruby-rspec_junit_formatter RSpec JUnit XML formatter
devel/giblib Programming utility library
www/py-uwsgi Feature-rich WSGI server
wip/py-llvm-lit-netbsd LLVM Integrated Tester
wip/matanza Multiplayer space shooter ascii-art game
security/ruby-sshkey Pure Ruby SSH key generator
wip/pike Dynamic programming language similar to Java and C
wip/py-naima Derivation of non-thermal particle through MCMC spectral fitting
security/ruby-rex-sslscan Rex socket abstraction library
print/tex-sidecap Typeset captions sideways
wip/cwebx CWEBx system is a system for Structured Software Documentation
wip/mac-icon-standard 30th anniversary Macintosh icon font
x11/xpr Formats xwd dump files as output for various types of printers
wip/mixmaster The Mixmaster anonymous remailer client
wip/p5-File-Map Memory mapping made simple and safe
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-bibtexextra BibTeX additional styles
wip/pear-Horde_Compress API for compression
wip/llvm-netbsd Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure
fonts/kanjistrokeorders-ttf Japanese Kanji characters stroke order font
wip/wqy-microhei-ttf WenQuanYi Open Source Outline Fonts based on Droid font
x11/renderproto9 Render extension headers
wip/relaydb Spam relay database
wip/ar7 Diagnosis tool for certain ADSL modems
wip/py-cito Generic particle-physics software trigger with flash ADCs
security/ruby-rex-registry Ruby Exploitation library for parsing Windows registry files
wip/p5-HTML-Formatter Format HTML as plaintext
wip/py-multiprocess Better multiprocessing and multithreading in python
wip/ranmacgen Random MAC address generator
wip/libitl The Islamic Tools Libraries of calculation time and measurement
wip/py-pyvib2 Analyzing vibrational motion and vibrational spectra
wip/simulavr-git Simulator for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
wip/tftp-hpa Enhanced version of the BSD TFTP client and server
wip/lfe Lisp flavoured erlang
wip/hs-data-accessor-mtl Use Accessor to access state in mtl State monad class
wip/ncrack High-speed network authentication cracking tool
wip/despotify-svn Open Source Spotify client
wip/PPower4 PDF presentation post processor
wip/py-smop Matlab/Octave to Python compiler
wip/hztool Robust model-to-data comparisons
wip/boost-yap A C++14-and-later expression template library
wip/p5-Text-Context Perl module for highlighting search result context snippets
wip/atlas Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
fonts/tex-feyn-doc Documentation for tex-feyn
wip/qtnotifydaemon Configurable and flexible Qt notification daemon
wip/R-entropy Estimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities
devel/libgsf GNOME2 structured file library
print/tex-xcolor Driver-independent color extensions for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX
wip/py-sfepy Simple finite elements in Python
x11/modular-xorg-xquartz X11 server for Mac OS X
mail/perdition IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (main program)
devel/p5-Devel-CheckBin Perl extension to check that a command is available
mail/p5-Email-Abstract Perl5 module for writing representation-independent mail handling code
wip/glkloader Glk library that loads real glk implementation at runtime
print/xpdfopen Commands to control Acrobat Reader, xpdf, and evince
wip/gdb-git Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
wip/byzanz TODO: Short description of the package
wip/py-rpaths Path manipulation library
security/gnutls GNU Transport Layer Security library
sysutils/gnome-pkgview Displays the version of GNOME components installed
wip/libgxim GObject-based XIM protocol library
x11/clipit Lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager
devel/p5-Cwd-Guard Perl module for changing the working directory
devel/p5-Test-Pod-Spelling-CommonMistakes Checks POD for common spelling mistake
wip/dssi API for audio processing plugins
fonts/font-bitstream-75dpi Standard 75dpi Bitstream PCF fonts
wip/spe Python IDE with UML, PyChecker, Debugger, GUI design, Blender and more
print/tex-csquotes-de-doc German translation of csquotes documentation
emulators/libretro-snes9x2005 Libretro core based on the snes9x Super Nintendo emulator
print/tex-context-chromato-doc Documentation for tex-context-chromato
mail/policyd-weight Weighted policy daemon for postfix
wip/py-dana Framework for distributed, asynchronous and adaptive computing
x11/x11perf X11 server benchmark suite
textproc/p5-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate Perl port of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate texteditor
wip/libcgi Library for authoring cgi
print/tex-hyphen-ukrainian Hyphenation patterns for Ukrainian
wip/shaper Bandwidth limiter for Linux
wip/emacs-session Session Management for Emacs
mail/postfix-lmdb Postfix SMTP server LMDB backend module
devel/p5-MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric Moo types for numbers
wip/stksolver Stokes flow solver using the boundary element method
wip/fftjet Multiresolution jet reconstruction in the Fourier domain
x11/xscreensaver Screen saver and locker for the X window system
devel/p5-PAR Cross-Platform Packaging and Debugging Tool
wip/py-paida Pure Python scientific analysis package
devel/ruby-gnome2-atk Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x or later
wip/objfw-git Portable, lightweight framework for the Objective-C language
mail/py-authres Python implementation of RFC 5451/7001
devel/p5-Cache-Cache The Cache interface
x11/qt4-creator Cross-platform IDE for Qt and C++
wip/gdal-grass Standalone GRASS 6 drivers for GDAL and OGR
wip/nos-tun The nos-tun utility is used to establish an nos style tunnel
devel/p5-Devel-Autoflush Perl module to set autoflush from the command line
graphics/tex-mp3d-doc Documentation for tex-mp3d
print/p5-Net-CUPS Common Unix Printing System Interface
print/tex-context-french-doc Documentation for tex-context-french
devel/p5-Test-FailWarnings Add test failures if warnings are caught
wip/MesaLib The Mesa 3D Graphics Library
devel/ruby-activemodel42 Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 4.2)
x11/xf86-input-ws OpenBSDs wscons input driver for modular
mail/qmHandle Tool to view and manage the qmail message queue
fonts/jsMath-fonts Fonts for jsMath
print/latexmk Tool to completely automate generating output from LaTeX documents
print/tex-german-doc Documentation for tex-german
print/tex-amsmath AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX
multimedia/ruby-ming Ruby extension to drive the Ming SWF library
time/py-parsedatetime Python module for parsing human-readable date/time text
www/netsurf Web browser for RISC OS and UNIX-like platforms
www/seamonkey-l10n Language packs for www/seamonkey
textproc/hunspell-da_DK Danish dictionary for hunspell
comms/msynctool Command line tool for opensync framework
audio/gmpc-tagedit GMPC plugin for editing song tags
devel/py-iso-639 Library for working with ISO-639 language codes
devel/ruby-i18n New wave Internationalization support for Ruby
devel/p5-VCP-Dest-svk VCP destination driver for SVN/SVK repositories
devel/cvsup-gui-bin GUI client for cvsup
devel/pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
emulators/libretro-beetle-ngp Libretro core based on the Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket emulator
multimedia/totem-nautilus Movie player for the GNOME Desktop (nautilus plugin)
time/p5-MooseX-Types-DateTimeX Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime::ButMaintained
biology/stride Protein secondary structure assignment from atomic coordinates
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-ConsoleLogger Plack middleware to write logs to Firebug or Webkit Inspector
print/tex-psizzl-doc Documentation for tex-psizzl
www/nghttp2 Implementation of HTTP/2 in C
www/ruby-actionpack32 Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 3.2)
textproc/hs-xml Simple XML library
comms/asterisk-sounds-de-x9media German voice prompt files for asterisk
audio/gst-plugins1-faac Open source multimedia framework - faac plugin
devel/SDL_ttf Use TrueType fonts in your SDL applications
devel/p5-System-Command Object for running system commands
emulators/libretro-beetle-pce-fast Libretro core based on the Mednafen PC Engine emulator
wip/flasm Flasm is a assembler/disassembler of Flash ActionScript bytecode
multimedia/vlc VLC media player and streaming server
time/rem2ics Convert remind output into RFC2445 iCalendar format
biology/genesplicer Computational Method for Splice Site Prediction
www/opera Standards-compliant graphical Web browser
www/squirm Redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache
textproc/p5-Regexp-Copy Perl5 module to copy Regexp objects
comms/xisp User-friendly X11 interface to pppd/chat
audio/audacious-plugins Plugins for Audacious media player
devel/p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-StashChange Invoke callbacks when the stash code is being compiled in changes
devel/commit-patch Commit patches to most common SCM repositories
devel/py-lazy-object-proxy Fast and thorough lazy object proxy
devel/py-hamcrest Framework for writing matcher objects
emulators/libretro-beetle-psx Libretro core based on the Mednafen PlayStation emulator
wip/py-translationstring Library for i18n relied on by various Repoze and Pyramid
print/atril Simple multi-page document viewer for the MATE environment
multimedia/xfce4-mpc-plugin Xfce Music Player Client plugin
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Strptime Perl 5 module to parse and format strp and strf time patterns
biology/mopac Molecular energy calculation program
www/mMosaic Modern derivative of NCSA XMosaic
www/opera-plugins Plugins for the Opera browser
www/p5-Any-URI-Escape Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
textproc/aspell-ro Romanian language support for aspell
comms/synce-librapi2 Utilities/libraries to make RAPI calls on WinCE devices
audio/gst-plugins0.10-fluendo-mp3 MP3 decoder for gstreamer
devel/p5-Perl6-Slurp Implements the Perl 6 slurp built-in
devel/confuse Configuration file parser library
devel/py-newt Windowing toolkit based on libslang2
print/poppler-qt5 PDF rendering library (QT5 wrapper)
games/libretro-craft Libretro core based on the Craft Minecraft clone
wip/pear-Text_Template Simple template engine
multimedia/mkvtoolnix-old Matroska tools, old version for build with g++-4.1
time/grdc Grand digital clock from FreeBSD-current games
biology/fastDNAml Program derived from Joseph Felsensteins version 3.3 DNAML
www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-Timed Perl 5 module for timing Mechanize requests
www/shibboleth-sp Shibboleth2 Service Provider
www/ruby-innate Powerful web-framework wrapper for Rack
textproc/hunspell-en_ZA English (South Africa) dictionary for hunspell
devel/p5-Tie-RegexpHash Use regular expressions as hash keys
print/evince-nautilus File properties plugin for evince files
lang/ruby22-base Ruby 2.2.10 release minimum base package
fonts/acroread7-chsfont Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (Chinese Simplified)
devel/p5-Devel-Pragma Perl5 helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas
wip/py-gist Gist is a scientific graphics library
x11/libXt X Toolkit Intrinsics library
mail/balsa GNOME2 EMail client
security/py-cybox Python library for manipulating CybOX content
textproc/pdfgrep Pdfgrep is a tool to search text in PDF files
fonts/tex-clearsans Clear Sans fonts with LaTeX support
wip/dtc Device Tree Compiler (dtc)
x11/xfce4-clipman-plugin Xfce clipboard plugin
mail/p5-Mail-Audit Perl5 module for filtering mail
devel/p5-ExtUtils-XSpp XS for C++
devel/pmccabe Measures the McCabe cyclomatic complexity of C and C++
security/p5-Bytes-Random-Secure Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes
mail/xfce4-mailwatch-plugin Xfce mail checker plugin for the panel
finance/homebank HomeBank is to manage your personal accounts at home
x11/blt Extension to Tcl/Tk
fonts/tex-linearA Linear A script fonts
devel/p5-MooseX-Types Organise your Moose types in libraries
wip/gitless Experimental version control system built on top of Git
security/py-requests-kerberos Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests
x11/unicode-screensaver Screensaver that repeatedly randomly picks an unicode character
devel/ruby-deprecated Aid developers working with deprecated code
wip/gksu Authorization dialog library
mail/ruby-mime-types1 Definition of MIME types for Ruby
fonts/tex-ptex-fontmaps-doc Documentation for tex-ptex-fontmaps
wip/py-cexprtk Cython wrapper the C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library
sysutils/gnome-vfsmm C++ bindings for gnome-vfs
x11/luit Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
fonts/tex-comfortaa-doc Documentation for tex-comfortaa
wip/tasks Simple To Do list application for GNOME
wip/libcouchbase C/C++ client library to access a Couchbase server
sysutils/collectd-curl Statistics collection daemon - curl-based plugins
devel/p5-MooseX-SemiAffordanceAccessor Perl 5 module to name your accessors foo() and set_foo()
misc/astrolog Astrology program for X11 and alpha-numeric terminals
sysutils/libnotify Desktop notification framework
wip/xmms-volnorm Volumne normalizer for XMMS
cad/gplcver Verilog simulator
fonts/font-adobe-100dpi Standard 100dpi Adobe PCF fonts
x11/mate-applets MATE panel applets
wip/hs-basic-prelude Enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes
print/tex-svg-inkscape-doc How to include an SVG image in LaTeX using Inkscape
mail/qmail-qfilter Multi-filter front end for qmail-queue
devel/py-singledispatch Library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4
sysutils/rsyslog-relp Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the relp module
x11/imwheel Tool which helps to use mousewheels
games/kshisen a solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles
mail/perdition-ldap IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (LDAP user database module)
devel/p5-Pod-Usage Print a usage message from embedded pod documentation
wip/hs-stringable Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable
devel/p5-Test-NoWarnings Make sure tests of Perl5 modules did not emit any warnings
devel/intellij-idea-ce JetBrains Java IDE
games/amor KDE creature for your desktop
mail/queue-repair Check or correct most corruptions of the queue in qmail
wip/py-calverter Convert date between Hijri, Jalali and Gregorian types of date
sysutils/rsyslog-rabbitmq Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the rabbitmq module
x11/xfce4-wmdock-plugin Xfce wmdock plugin
devel/p5-Devel-Declare Declarator magic for perl
emulators/libretro-desmume Libretro core based on the Desmume Nintendo DS emulator
games/klavaro Touch Typing Tutor
wip/py-otb Utility functions for scientific numerical computation
devel/p5-Module-Versions Perl 5 module to handle versions of loaded modules
www/ruby-patron Ruby HTTP client library based on libcurl
wip/webbrowser TODO: Short description of the package
editors/mg Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor
net/p5-Net-SNMP-Mixin Perl 5 module providing a mixin framework for Net::SNMP
sysutils/syslog-ng-curl Highly portable log management solution
wip/py-DirectoryStorage Storage for ZODB, that uses files and directories
fonts/tex-aspectratio-doc Documentation for tex-aspectratio
net/remmina Remmina is a remote desktop client based on GTK+
mail/p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser Perl5 module for parsing mail messages
fonts/tex-starfont StarFont Sans astrological font
x11/space_dapp Tiny dock app to create an empty space
wip/java-jspeex Java Implementation of Speex
chat/tkirc GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
wip/shed Simple curses-based hexadecimal editor
devel/vera++ Programmable verification and analysis tool for C++
net/docsis Utility for manipulating DOCSIS-compliant cable modems
emulators/libretro-fuse Libretro core based on the FUSE ZX Spectrum emulator
x11/xfwp Proxies X11 protocol connections, such as through a firewall
net/jigdo Tool to ease downloading of large files from the Internet
emulators/libretro-genesis-plus-gx Libretro core based on the Genesis Plus Sega 8/16 bit emulator
devel/exempi XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) library
textproc/ruby-native-hyperestraier Ruby native interface of Hyper Estaier
wip/barrier Let a user share a mouse and keyboard among computers
wip/profanity Console based XMPP client inspired by irssi
devel/p5-FreezeThaw Converting Perl structures to strings and back
textproc/aspell-es Spanish language support for aspell
wip/plconfig Tool for configuring HomePlug powerline bridges
converters/p5-MIME-Base64-URLSafe Perl version of Pythons URL-safe base64 codec
x11/konsole Terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment
wip/kamera KDE digital camera manager
wip/pan2-git Newsreader for GTK2
wip/torque2d Open Source version of Torque 3D from GarageGames
wip/oolite Space sim game, inspired by Elite
print/tex-moderncv Modern CV latex class
devel/accerciser Interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
wip/gurlchecker Gnome2 program to check a page/website for broken links
security/sshpass Non-interactive ssh password auth
audio/mad123 Command-line MPEG audio player
emulators/gpsim-oscilloscope Oscilloscope module for gpsim
wip/partonevolution Fast Evolution of Parton Distributions
security/py-cryptkit Python Cryptographic Toolkit
textproc/serd Lightweight C library for RDF syntax
wip/mawk-rxspencer AWK clone by Mike Brennan
wm/fluxconf GTK based configuration tool for the fluxbox window manager
wip/hs-simple-sendfile Cross platform library for the sendfile system call
wm/fvwm Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
textproc/py-validators Python data validation for humans
wip/jc Native java compiler using gcc
wip/jython Python for the Java Platform
ham/tfkiss Software implementation of TheFirmware for use with TNT
fonts/tex-staves Typeset Icelandic staves and runic letters
mail/pear-Auth_SASL Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
devel/py-buildbot-pkg Packaging tools for the buildbot CI system
archivers/ruby-libarchive Ruby bindings for Libarchive
wip/py-graphsim Graph similarity algorithms based on NetworkX
www/py-beautifulsoup4 HTML/XML Parser for Python, version 4
www/py-python3-digest Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
misc/dpkg Package maintenance system for Debian
wip/solvespace-git Parametric 2D/3D CAD program
wip/elixir-cross-ref Elixir Cross Referencer
devel/p5-Module-Find Lets you find and use modules in categories
devel/rudiments C++ class library for client/server/daemon applications
print/tex-SIunits-doc Documentation for tex-SIunits
devel/p5-Data-Page Pager utility for Class::DBI
wip/p5-Sub-Prototype Add prototype for function
wip/bugsx Draws biomorphs based on parametric plots and lets you play with them
devel/p5-Test-Log4perl Perl 5 module to test Log::Log4perl
databases/ruby-awesome_nested_set Awesome nested set implementation for Active Record
print/tex-chess-problem-diagrams-doc Documentation for tex-chess-problem-diagrams
wip/etoile-core Desktop environment built on GNUstep - core
print/tex-midpage Environment for vertical centring
devel/mm-common Provides build infrastructure utilities for GNOME C++ libraries
wip/lhapdf Les Houches Accord PDF library and interface
emulators/libretro-beetle-wswan Libretro core based on the Mednafen Wonderswan emulator
www/py-python-mimeparse Module provides basic functions for parsing mime-type names
devel/py-astor Read/rewrite/write Python ASTs
wip/py-enumit Enumeration library for python
wip/libbfio Library to provide basic file input/output abstraction
wip/py-imreg-dft Image registration utility using discrete Fourier transform
devel/valgrind Debugging and profiling tools
www/p5-HTTP-MultiPartParser HTTP MultiPart Parser
wip/libalkimia Common finance routines for kde4 applications
devel/py-trytond Server of the Tryton application platform
devel/ruby-redmine_work_time Redmine plugin to view and update Spent time by each user
wip/py-fix-yahoo-finance Yahoo! Finance Fix for py-pandas_datareader
wip/libdrm-dfbsd Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
emulators/libretro-snes9x Libretro core based on the snes9x Super Nintendo emulator
wip/py-dimarray Numpy array with labelled dimensions and axes, dimension
emulators/libretro-beetle-vb Libretro core based on the Mednafen VirtualBoy emulator
wip/baresip SIP User-Agent with audio and video support
misc/p5-Locale-Maketext Perl framework for localization
emulators/libretro-mgba Libretro core based on the mGBA emulator
wip/dvbsnoop DVB / MPEG stream analyzer program
misc/ec2-ami-tools Amazon EC2 AMI Tools (bundle, create, upload AMIs to S3)
misc/ktux Tux Screen Saver
wip/py-booktype FLOSS Manuals collaborative book writing tool
emulators/libretro-freeintv Libretro core for Mattel Intellivision emulation
misc/cuetools Set of utilities to manipulate cue and toc files
wip/easymesh Mesh generator
wip/libgnomekbd Gnome keyboard configuration library
wip/freebsd-svn Subversion with FreeBSD commit template
wip/lxdm Lxde login manager
misc/nyancat Nyancat in your terminal
devel/hs-lifted-base Lifted IO operations from the base library
wip/lxqt-admin LXQt admin panel
misc/py-ansi ANSI cursor movement and graphics
wip/lxqt-session Session manager
misc/dync C language awk-like utility
wip/mindy-git Mindy Is Not Dylan Yet
misc/kdrill Kanji quiz and japanese dictionary
misc/moreutils Additional Unix utilities
wip/emboss-base European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
multimedia/libva-driver-vdpau VDPAU-based backend for VAAPI
time/cairo-clock Analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
biology/mpqc The Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program
www/py-djangocms-teaser Teaser plugin for django CMS
www/nginx Lightweight HTTP server and mail proxy server
textproc/ispell-lt Lithuanian dictionary for ispell
audio/nspmod MOD/S3M/MTM tracker that does its own DSP, uses VoxWare v2.90+
wip/plplot Scientific plotting library
misc/yelp Help browser for GNOME 2 desktop
emulators/libretro-fbalpha Libretro core based on the FB Alpha arcade game emulator
multimedia/fxtv TV display application for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards
time/cal Enhanced color version of standard calendar utility
www/py-djangocms-flash Flash plugin for django CMS
emulators/libretro-beetle-sgx Libretro core based on the Mednafen SuperGrafx emulator
wip/linphone SIP-based IP telephony client
misc/py-trytond-project-revenue Project revenue module of the Tryton application platform
wip/piglit-git OpenGL driver testing framework
wip/picosat SAT solver with proof and core support
pkgtools/genpkgng Convert a pkgsrc binary package to a FreeBSD pkg
misc/bbdb Insidious Big Brother DataBase, a rolodex-like database Emacs program
wip/linux-modutils Linux kernel module utilities
emulators/suse121_32_fontconfig Linux 32-bit compatibility package for fontconfig
wip/kcalc KDE scientific calculator
wip/treeviewx Phylogenetic tree viewer for Linux and Unix
wip/tex-setspace-doc Documentation for tex-setspace
wip/scx Scx - a GUI library for scsh and Scheme 48
misc/open2300 WS 23xx weather station support software
wip/pear-channel-horde Adds channel to PEAR
misc/calibre E-book library management application
wip/lld-git The LLVM Linker
wip/necpp-git C++ rewrite of the Numerical Electromagnetics Code
misc/py-trytond-product Product module of the Tryton application platform
wip/polymul Fast multivariate polynomial multiplication in C++
wip/lua-penlight Set of pure Lua libraries focusing on input data handling
wip/muttvcquery External contact manager for mutt
wip/pdftk Swiss army knife for PDF files
devel/py-nose2 Next generation of nicer testing for Python
wip/meep-openmpi FDTD simulation software to model electromagnetic systems
wip/py-wally Tool for managing desktop backgrounds
wip/parafly Process the commands in parallel on a single server
textproc/OdfConverter Converter between Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice formats
wip/ruby-termit Google Translate in your terminal
wip/mpi-ch Open source MPI, MPI-2, and MPI-3 implementation from Univ. of Chicago
wip/fceux NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator
wip/openssl110 Secure Socket Layer and cryptographic library
wip/timewarrior Command-line time tracking application
wip/xmms-skin-Cracked Skin for XMMS
wip/nautilus-image-converter Nautilus extension to mass resize or rotate images
wip/dlpoly-classic General purpose classical molecular dynamics
wip/net-tools Network configuration and status tools for Linux
wip/eina-musicplayer Traditional audio player with a GTK2 interface
converters/dsk2rom MSX disk image conversion utility
wip/unix2tcp UNIX socket to TCP tunnel
wip/nsp Scientific software package similiar to Matlab, Scilab, octave
emulators/libretro-bsnes-mercury-performance Libretro core for SNES/Super Famicom emulation (performance profile)
print/tex-comment-doc Documentation for tex-comment
wip/p5-HTML-WebMake WebMake is a simple web site management system
wip/xebece Multipurpose tool for information visualization and organization
wip/unarchiver-clt Command-line tools for The Unarchiver
wip/pythia6 Program can be used to generate high-energy-physics events
emulators/libretro-bsnes-mercury-accuracy Libretro core for SNES/Super Famicom emulation (accuracy profile)
wip/grub2-current GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (development snapshot)
wip/openaxiom-svn Platform for symbolic, algebraic, and numerical computations
emulators/suse131_sqlite3 Linux compatibility package for sqlite3
wip/p5-DBIx-Easy Easy to Use DBI interface
finance/py-alphalens Performance analysis of predictive stock factors
emulators/libretro-o2em Libretro core for Magnavox Odyssey 2 and VideoPac emulation
wip/gnome-keyring-sharp Mono implementation of libgnome-keyring
wip/p5-HTTP-BrowserDetect Detect browser, version, OS from UserAgent
net/ruby-recog Framework to send network probes for identification
wip/torque3d Open Source version of Torque 3D from GarageGames
wip/py-t3m Tinker toys for topologists
wip/p5-Iterator A general-purpose iterator class
emulators/libretro-bluemsx Libretro core for MSX/MSX2/ColecoVision/SVI/SG-1000 emulation
audio/xmms-flac FLAC XMMS plugin
wip/tkhtml3 Tk widget displaying content formatted to HTML and CSS standards
audio/soundtouch Library for changing the tempo, pitch, and playback rates of audio
wip/gst-plugins1-aalib Open source multimedia framework - aalib plugin
wip/p5-MongoDB Mongo Driver for Perl
editors/gedit3 Lightweight GNOME UTF-8 text editor
wip/clang-static-analyzer-git C language family frontend for LLVM
wip/p5-Net-Twitter-Lite Perl interface to the Twitter API (lite)
wip/p5-Startup Program flow utility
wip/id3 ID3 mass tagger
multimedia/streamlink Tool that pipes video streams into a video player
time/catclock Variant of the MIT xclock with a cat mode
biology/xylem Tools for manipulation of genetic databases
www/p5-Task-Catalyst-Tutorial Tutorial to learn everything about Catalyst
wip/hengband Variant of ZAngband 2.2.8
wip/clic Common LISP terminal based gopher client written
chat/p5-Net-AIM Implementation of the AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol
wip/p6-zef Perl 6 module manager
wip/cedet Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
textproc/xerces-j The Apache Projects validating XML parser with DOM and SAX support
wip/py-qnet Tools for symbolically analyzing quantum feedback networks
wip/parted Create, destroy, resize, check, and copy partitions and file systems
wip/py-pytools Collection of tools for Python
wip/sais Strange Adventures in Infinite Space engine (SDL port)
wip/pear-Horde_Data Data import and export backends for horde
wip/hs-dependent-sum Dependent sum type
wip/hs-fingertree Generic finger-tree structure, with example instances
wip/p5-URI-Find-Rule Simpler interface to URI::Find
wip/uchime Algorithm for detecting chimeric sequences
wip/py-hcluster Hierarchical Clustering Package For Scipy
wip/mothur Bioinformatics tool for the microbial ecology community
multimedia/kodi Open source software media center
time/deforaos-todo DeforaOS desktop todo list
biology/chemtool Program for drawing organic molecules
www/webkit24-gtk GTK2 port of the WebKit browser engine (version 2.4)
www/p5-CGI-Application-PSGI Perl 5 module PSGI adapter for CGI::Application
www/ruby-jekyll-watch Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes
textproc/p5-Text-Table Perl module to generate formatted text tables
audio/mpg321 Free replacement for mpg123
devel/p5-Test-Requires-Git Check your test requirements against the available version of Git
devel/distcc Tool for distributed C/C++ compiling
devel/py-py2app Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python
devel/p5-Any-Moose Perl extension to check dependencies on Moose or Mouse
editors/yudit Unicode Text Editor
wip/R-bnlearn Bayesian network structure learning, parameter learning and inference
wip/hs-knob Memory-backed handles
multimedia/dragon a simple video player for KDE
time/gcal GNU version of the standard calendar utility
www/mserv-php Quick web interface to mserv audio jukebox
www/p5-HTTP-Server-EV Asynchronous HTTP server using EV event loop
www/p5-CGI-Emulate-PSGI Perl 5 module prodiving PSGI adapter for CGI
www/ruby-journey Journey is a router
textproc/p5-XML-XUpdate-LibXML Simple implementation of XUpdate format based on and XML::LibXML
audio/gst-plugins1-faad Open source multimedia framework - faad plugin
devel/p5-Context-Preserve Perl 5 module to run code after a subroutine call
devel/eric4 Python - IDE
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Quartz Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Quartz framework)
devel/allegro Allegro game programming library
editors/leim20 Libraries of Emacs Input Methods
finance/py-trytond-account-credit-limit Trytons account_credit_limit module
wip/sjg-mk-files Mk-files for bmake from Simon J. Gerraty
wip/hs-time-w3c Parse, format and convert W3C Date and Time
multimedia/kdenlive KDE video editor
time/gtodo To-do list manager for the GNOME desktop
cross/dasm Multi-CPU cross-assembler for 6502, 6803 and 68HC11
www/netscape Open new window using netscape-like browser
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-File-Sass Sass support for all Plack frameworks
wip/flnews-devel Fast and lightweight USENET newsreader with GUI
wip/hs-regex-tdfa Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
wip/py-achemkit Artificial Chemistry Tookit
multimedia/phonon-qt5-backend-gstreamer Multimedia API for KF5 - GStreamer backend
time/p5-DateTime-Calendar-Julian Dates in the Julian calendar
www/wiliki WikiWiki clone written in Scheme
www/p5-CGI-Kwiki Quickie Wiki that is not too Tricky
www/drupal8 Open source content management system
math/R-RColorBrewer ColorBrewer palettes
wip/ispell-dictionaries meta-package for ispell spell checker dictionaries
wip/py-adsbibdesk Add papers from or NASA/SAO ADS to your BibDesk bibliography
print/pdflib-lite C library to produce PDF files
wip/java-jlayer Library to decode, convert and play MP3 files
www/ganglia-webfrontend PHP based frontend for the Ganglia Cluster Monitor
wip/stacks Software pipeline for building loci from short-read sequences
print/tex-g-brief-doc Documentation for tex-g-brief
wip/py-bip Python package for object-oriented bayesian inference
wip/jobd Job management framework
wip/py-bitstring Tools for analysis and modification of binary data in python
wip/sunterlib Scheme Unterground library, a collection of libraries for scsh
wip/py-bytecodeassembler Generate Python code objects by assembling bytecode
sysutils/bacula-wx-console Bacula wxWindows-based console
emulators/libretro-ppsspp Libretro core based on the PPSSPP PlayStation Portable emulator
wip/py-chaco Chaco is a Python plotting application toolkit
wip/py-quantities Support for physical quantities with units, based on numpy
sysutils/logfinder Eliminate Unwanted Logging of Personal Data
wip/py-drawnow MATLAB-like drawnow
wip/py-sphereTS Calculates the acoustic of an elastic sphere immersed in a fluid
databases/py-gdbm Python interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
pkgtools/pkg_comp Automates builds of packages and manages pkgsrc trees
sysutils/p5-Linux-Inotify2 Scalable directory/file change notification
wip/py-fssa Package for finite-size scaling analysis at phase transitions
sysutils/psmisc Miscellaneous procfs tools: killall, pidof, and pstree
wip/py-gcalendarsync Googlecalendarsync is a tool to bidirectional synchronize a local iCal
games/fortunes-calvin Fortunes from the famous Calvin & Hobbes comic strips
wip/undo-tree Treat Emacs undo history as a tree
wip/py-go Needed to be installed to use the GO pygo package
multimedia/libmpeg2 Library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
wip/miniircd Simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in Python
devel/py-joblib Set of tools to provide lightweight pipelining
wip/py-graphmin RDF Graph Minimisation
fonts/tex-fbb Free Bembo-like font
news/heirloom-news Collection of standard Unix utilities (news)
wip/p5-spf-policyd Basic Postfix policy engine for SPF checking
wip/py-gratelpy Graph theoretic linear stability analysis
math/meschach Library of C Routines for Matrix Computations
wip/py-cartopy Cartographic python library with matplotlib support for visualisation
wip/py-grpy Small GR-oriented package which uses sympy
graphics/tex-ellipse-doc Documentation for tex-ellipse
emulators/libretro-np2kai Libretro core based on the Neko Project II PC-9801 emulator
chat/tootstream Command line interface for interacting with Mastodon instances
wip/smap SIP network scanner
wip/py-hybridlfpy Methods to calculate LFPs with spike events from network sim
inputmethod/fcitx-qt5 Fcitx Qt5 Input Context
wip/py-ffc C++ code generator for multilinear forms
inputmethod/fcitx-skk SKK module for Fcitx
wip/grass-Spearfish Example data set for Grass 5.0
wip/R-mpfr Multiple Precision Floating Point Arithmetic for R
wip/py-jelly Abstraction layer for running numerical hydrodynamics software
wip/flite2 Small and fast run-time synthesis engine
textproc/zoem Interpretive macro/programming language
wip/sdd Replacement for dd
textproc/freexl Library to extract valid data from an Excel spreadsheet
security/courier-authlib Courier Authentication Library
wip/pilemc-svn Tool for the simulation of pile-up events at HepMC level
wip/py-llvm-lit-git LLVM Integrated Tester
wip/py-qeutil Set of utilities for using Quantum-Espresso
wip/py-prioritized-methods Extension to PEAK-Rules to prioritize methods
wip/p5-RTF-Writer Perl module for generating documents in Rich Text Format
wip/py-numberjack Python platform for combinatorial optimization
wip/imgui Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++
wip/py-operators Operators and solvers for high-performance computing
games/genecys-data Game datafiles for Genecys
wip/py-papyros Pythonic parallel processing
wip/py-param Declarative Python programming using Parameters
wip/p5-URI-Title Get the titles of things on the web in a sensible way
x11/mate-terminal MATE terminal emulator application
x11/xf86-video-glint Modular Xorg GLINT/Permedia video driver
wip/tengwar-ttf Family of fonts covering J. R. R. Tolkiens Tengwar script
wip/py-pypedal Tools for pedigree analysis
wip/depsolver Multimaterial 3D electrostatic solver
wip/py-atmos Atmospheric sciences utility library
wip/py-pypol Python module to manage monomials and polynomials
devel/makedepend Dependency generator for make
wip/tor-dev Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
fonts/tex-kurier-doc Documentation for tex-kurier
print/acroread8 View, distribute and print PDF documents
security/py-acme ACME protocol implementation in Python
sysutils/bkpupsd Simple UPS daemon for BK-Pro, BK and FREQUPS A/F series
chat/iroffer IRC (Internet Relay Chat) DCC OfferBot
security/py-cryptography Cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python
print/tex-texsis-doc Documentation for tex-texsis
devel/libglade Runtime interpreter for GLADE GUI files
wip/py-weblib Set of tools for web scraping projects
devel/autoconf213 Generates automatic source code configuration scripts (old version)
print/p5-LaTeX-Driver Perl module encapsulates the details of invoking the Latex programs
pkgtools/pkg_notify Notifies package maintainer when a new version is available
pkgtools/pkgdiff Tools to create, maintain, and send back patches for pkgsrc
devel/p5-Acme-Damn Perl5 module for unblessing perl objects
wip/py-scanless Online port scan scraper
print/tex-IEEEtran LaTeX class for IEEE journals and conferences
devel/opengrok Fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine
pkgtools/pkgsrc-todo Tools for maintaing pkgsrc/doc/TODO
wip/py-scikit-nano Python toolkit for generating nano-structures
fonts/tex-auncial-new-doc Documentation for tex-auncial-new
security/seccure SECCURE Elliptic Curve Crypto Utility for Reliable Encryption
wip/epiphany The web browser for the GNOME Desktop
devel/rcs GNU Revision Control System - version control software
pkgtools/rc.subr Portable NetBSD rc.subr implementation for pkgsrc
wip/io-fnmatch Fnmatch addon for Io
devel/ruby-gettext_i18n_rails Simple FastGettext Rails integration
wip/py-scikits-bvp_solver Python package for solving two-point boundary value problems
sysutils/vidc-tools Tools for the VIDC console used by NetBSD/arm32 on RiscPC
wip/le Full screen text editor inspired by Norton Editor
devel/ocaml-type_conv Support library for OCaml preprocessor type conversions
wip/py-scikits_vectorplot Vector fields plotting algorithms
devel/p5-autobox-Core Perl 5 module adding core built-in functions in primitive types
wip/supertuxkart Free 3D kart racing game
misc/heirloom-banner Collection of standard Unix utilities (banner)
net/lft Layer four traceroute capable of tracing protocol paths
devel/pcre++ Wrapper class around the pcre library
wip/Pythonol Learn Spanish (with a little help of Python)
wip/py-shp Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format
print/tex-context-fullpage-doc Documentation for tex-context-fullpage
devel/p5-Lexical-Persistence Perl 5 module providing persistent lexical variables
misc/parley KDE vocabulary trainer
games/KoboDeluxe Multi-way scrolling shoot em up game for X
print/tex-snapshot List the external dependencies of a LaTeX document
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-LoadableClass Moose ClassName type constraint with coercion to load the class
net/dhcpcd-qt Qt system tray monitor for dhcpcd
wip/py-cli Command-line utilities
devel/py-txaio Compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius
wip/libretro-4do Libretro core for 3DO emulation
games/exult Open-source Ultima 7 engine
net/md-whois Improved whois client
wip/hs-SHA Haskell implementation of SHA digest functions
wip/py-smmap2 Git implementation of a sliding window memory map manager
devel/py-at-spi2 Python Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
print/tex-fancyvrb Sophisticated verbatim text
devel/gflib Reed Solomon and Galois Field error correction library
security/p5-Digest-CRC Perl5 extension interface for cyclic redundancy check algorithms
wip/firefox-hg Web browser with support for extensions (version 61)
wip/maxima-git Computer algebra system
wip/pear Memory-efficient and highly accurate pair-end read merger
devel/py-automat Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go
wip/agfl Formalism for the syntactic description of Natural Languages
security/ruby-rex-text Ruby Exploitation methods for text manipulation
wip/py-equation General Equation Parser and Evaluator
wip/uebimiau Web based email client
wip/py-texml Convert TeXML to LaTeX or ConTeXt
devel/happy Happy is a parser generator for Haskell
print/tex-ifplatform-doc Documentation for tex-ifplatform
print/tex-dehyph-exptl Experimental hyphenation patterns for the German language
print/tex-latex-bib-ex-doc Examples for the book Bibliografien mit LaTeX
wip/R-doParallel Foreach parallel adaptor for the parallel package
wip/pidgin-evolution Evolution plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
sysutils/p5-Server-Starter Perl 5 superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs
wip/py-aerocalc Aeronautical Engineering Calculations
net/synergy Let a user share a mouse and keyboard among computers
net/pload Network interface monitor for X11, monitoring totals and in/out rates
devel/libsexymm C++ bindings for libsexy
wip/compiler-rt-git LLVM runtime libraries
devel/ruby-wmi-lite Lightweight, low-dependency wrapper for basic WMI functionality
wip/py-knockknock Simple & secure port knocking client/server written in python
devel/p5-Test-Most Most commonly needed test functions and features
net/p5-Net-Libdnet6 Adds IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet
wip/py-arxiv2bib Get metadata in BibTeX format
devel/ruby-posix-spawn Ruby wrapper for the posix_spawn() system call
net/py-s3cmd Command-line interface to Amazons Simple Storage Service (S3)
wip/py-tribe Graph extraction tool for email MBox files
print/tex-dinbrief-doc Documentation for tex-dinbrief
wm/vtwm TWM with virtual desktop, m4, sound and 3-D buttons
print/tex-hyphen-indic Indic hyphenation patterns
wip/qtcreator Cross-platform IDE for Qt and C++
wip/xf86rushproto XFree86-derived rush protocol headers
net/p5-RADIUS Perl5 module for RADIUS queries
devel/php-xcache Fast and stable PHP opcode cacher
devel/py-visitor Tiny pythonic visitor implementation
devel/py-hg-git Push to and pull from a Git server repository using Mercurial
devel/gitolite Gitolite allows you to host Git repositories easily and securely
net/p5-Net-Patricia Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups
devel/py-gflags Python equivalent of gflags, a commandline flag implementation
wip/py-version-control-tools-hg Mercurial extensions used by the mozilla project (incl. pushlog)
net/publicfile-run Configures publicfile to serve public files
www/p5-HTML-Entities-Interpolate Call HTML::Entities::encode_entities, via a hash, within a string
security/clamav-doc Anti-virus toolkit documents
textproc/json-yaml Convert JSON to YAML
wip/xinput_calibrator Generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
net/wmnet Dockable network monitor
devel/noweb Simple, extensible literate-programming tool
net/choqok Twitter and StatusNet client for KDE
wip/py-websocket WebSocket server and extension for Apache HTTP Server for testing
devel/mdds Collection of multi-dimensional data structure and indexing algorithms (1.0 branch)
wip/exult-snapshot Open-source Ultima 7 engine
devel/lwp Light Weight Process style threads
www/thttpd Tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
devel/lua-alt-getopt Lua API for getopt similar to getopt_long(3)
net/dnscheck DNSCheck is a DNS quality checker
wip/py-dexml Dead-simple Object-XML mapper for Python
wip/py-workerpool Python multithreaded job distribution module
net/p5-Net-SSH-Expect Perl5 module implementing expect-like functions over SSH
devel/log4cplus Logging API for C++
print/tex-underscore-doc Documentation for tex-underscore
devel/p5-IO-InSitu Perl 5 module to do in-situ processing on a file
net/miruo Pretty-print TCP session monitor/analyzer
wip/dune-istl Iterative Solver Template Library
net/powerdns-ldap LDAP backend module for PowerDNS
wip/py-xlutils Utilities for working with Excel files
www/py-djangocms-video Flash plugin for django CMS
devel/p5-Proc-WaitStat Perl5 extension to interpret wait status values
devel/py-pep8 Python style guide checker (obsolete, use py-codestyle)
wip/hs-gtk Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library
devel/monotone-server Simplifies the configuration of a dedicated Monotone server
wip/py-oak Authoritative/recursive DNS server
net/p5-Net-LibIDN Perl bindings for GNU Libidn
www/ruby-jquery-rails Rails jQuery support
wip/ARC Genomics pipeline for de novo assemblies
wip/py-yapf Python files formatter
devel/py-pathlib2 Object-oriented filesystem paths
net/pear-Net_Socket PHP classes to provide Network Socket Interface
devel/py-protobuf Python bindings for protobuf
www/ruby-padrino-admin Admin Dashboard for Padrino
net/exabgp ExaBGP is a userspace BGP daemon written in python
devel/libsigc++1 Type-safe callback system for C++ programs
wip/py-fedmsg Fedora Messaging Client API
wip/py-yapgvb Yet Another Python Graphviz Binding
wip/prover9 Prover9 is an automated theorem prover
net/bird6 The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
devel/dconf-editor gsettings editor
wip/newsboat RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console
net/proftpd-postgresql PostgreSQL module for ProFTPD
wip/qbittorrent P2P Bittorrent client
devel/py-sortedcontainers Sorted collections library written in pure-Python
sysutils/sunxi-tools Tools to help hacking Allwinner A10 (and successors) devices
wip/gwhois Flexible whois client and proxy
devel/jam Program construction tool, like make(1)
wip/riak Distributed, highly available data store
sysutils/p5-Filesys-DfPortable Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
wip/vamp VAMP is WHIZARDs adaptive multi-channel integrator
textproc/hs-pandoc-types Types for representing a structured document
net/gift-openft OpenFT Plugin for the gift daemon
www/ruby-puma Modern concurrent web server for Ruby
net/mouse-pppoe PPP over Ethernet program by der Mouse
devel/p5-Sub-Installer Perl 5 module prodiving a clean way to install package subroutines
geography/shapelib Library for reading, writing and updating (limited) ESRI Shapefiles
devel/ruby-subexec Subexec spawns an external command with a timeout
graphics/optipng Advanced PNG Optimizer
devel/py-requests HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
net/chimera Distributed Hash Table implementation
wip/php-doc-tr Turkish documentation for PHP
devel/RTFM Enterprise-grade knowledge management tool
net/arpwatch Monitor ARP activity on a network, maintaining a database
sysutils/855resolution BIOS VESA resolution utility for 855/865/915 Intel chips
textproc/p5-XML-Tidy Tidy indenting of XML documents
www/go-ace HTML template engine for Go
wip/py-okpy Supports programming projects by tests, tracking and debugging
devel/at-spi2-core Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface Core
net/hesiod Hesiod network database client and library
net/batchftp Automatically download files via the FTP protocol
devel/p5-Test-NoTabs Check the presence of tabs in your project
wip/py-gaphas Gaphas is a GTK+ based diagramming widget
devel/p5-Date-Business Perl5 module for fast calendar and business date calculations
devel/p5-IO-Tty Another Perl class for I/O on tty and pseudo-tty devices
net/wimon Tool that shows a real-time graph of your wireless connection
wip/ruby-redmine Flexible project management web application
shells/scsh Unix shell embedded into Scheme, with access to all Posix calls
www/p5-Template-Multilingual Subclass of Template Toolkit supporting multilingual templates
print/tex-plipsum Lorem ipsum for Plain TeX developers
wip/rtv Simple terminal viewer for Reddit (Reddit Terminal Viewer)
devel/p5-MooX-Types-MooseLike Some Moosish types and a type builder
devel/lua-posix POSIX library for Lua language
archivers/py-rarfile RAR archive reader for Python
www/p5-Apache2-AuthCookie Perl5 module for Authentication and Authorization via cookies
math/p5-Math-Random-ISAAC-XS C implementation of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm for Perl modules
sysutils/salt Remote execution and configuration management system
sysutils/gcombust Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkisofs, cdrecord, ...)
wip/arpdig Arp digger utility
www/ruby-cssmin Ruby library for minifying CSS
wip/hs-data-accessor Utilities for accessing and manipulating field of records
devel/p5-MooseX-Aliases Easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moose
devel/py-gobject3-common Python version independent files for glib2 gobject bindings
shells/tcsh Extended C-shell with many useful features
wip/wang-ttf Chinese TrueType fonts made by Dr. Hann-Tzong Wang
net/p5-Net-Trac Perl 5 module to interact with a remote Trac instance
wip/shaarli Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone
wip/libvips Libvips is a demand-driven, horizontally threaded image processing lib
security/ruby-rc4 Pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm
textproc/diction GNU version of diction and style
print/tex-fontch-doc Documentation for tex-fontch
shells/osh Port of the Sixth Edition UNIX shell
devel/p5-MooseX-ClassAttribute Perl 5 module to declare class attributes Moose-style
www/litmus WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
net/p5-Net-Twitter Perl interface to the Twitter API
wip/shadow User administration and passwd database tools for Linux
wip/hs-test-framework Framework for running and organising tests
net/nicovideo-dl Download videos from
wip/naqsh-ttf Arabic font by Lateef Shaikh
wip/py-chebpy Chebyshev polynomial based spectral methods of PDEs
print/LPRng meta-package for LPRng, Enhanced Printer Spooler
print/evince Document viewer
wip/clustershell Python library to execute commands on local or distant cluster nodes
textproc/isearch Advanced text indexing and searching system
net/netname Return the canonical network name of a host
x11/qwt-qt4 Qt widget library for technical purposes
wip/multisync-palm Module for synchronization with Palm devices
net/scamper Tool for parallelised IPv4 and IPv6 measurement
wip/scmail The scmail is a mail filter using Gauche
net/perlbal Very configurable load balancer in perl
devel/p5-MooseX-Traits-Pluggable Extension to MooseX::Traits
print/tex-moreverb Extended verbatim
wip/honggfuzz-git Security oriented fuzzer based on code coverage
www/p5-HTML-WikiConverter-DokuWiki DokuWiki dialect module for converting HTML to wiki markup
textproc/php-intl PHP extension for i18n
wip/sis Classic logic synthesis tool
wip/py-nphelper Convenient numpy helper functions
wip/osmo Personal organizer, calendar and task manager
net/rdist6 Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
devel/GConf-ui Configuration database system used by GNOME
devel/guile-slib SLIB glue files for guile
net/nanomsg Scalability protocols library
www/surfraw Shell Users Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
x11/xfce4-indicator-plugin Xfce indicator plugin
wip/hs-hxt-regex-xmlschema Regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions
wip/sm-change_qldforward Allows users to change their LDAP password from SquirrelMail
print/tex-sauerj-doc Documentation for tex-sauerj
net/nagios-nsca Remote/passive network service for nagios
print/tex-babel-serbianc Babel module to support Serbian Cyrillic
wip/bioruby Intergrated environment for Bioinformatics using Ruby
devel/p5-MouseX-Types-Path-Class Path::Class type library for Mouse
devel/libportlib Portable file locking and directory reading
print/poppler-utils PDF utilities (from poppler)
x11/xfce4-dashboard Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce
www/p5-LWP-Protocol-https Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent
net/bittornado Experimental bittorrent client
wip/src Simple Revision Control
net/p5-Net-Frame The base framework for frame crafting
devel/p5-Git-CPAN-Patch Patch CPAN modules using Git
devel/py-execnet Rapid multi-Python deployment
www/snarf Simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL
net/tinc Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
print/tex-realboxes-doc Documentation for tex-realboxes
devel/p5-CPAN-Meta-Requirements Set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
wip/stardict Cross-Platform and international dictionary written in Gtk2
net/p5-Net-eBay Perl Interface to XML based eBay API
net/dtorrent Enhanced CTorrent, a BitTorrent console client written in C/C++
net/p5-Net-Telnet Perl5 module to use telnet
print/tex-sepnum-doc Documentation for tex-sepnum
print/tex-capt-of Captions on more than floats
devel/startbug1 Light weight Bug Tracking System written in C and Perl
wip/ark Manages various archive formats within the KDE environment
devel/gperftools Fast, multi-threaded malloc() and nifty performance analysis tools
www/p5-Apache-Gallery Perl5/Apache module for handling image directories
net/ruby-dnsruby Ruby DNS client library
print/tex-texlive-docindex-doc Documentation for tex-texlive-docindex
wip/stmd-git Standard markdown converter implementation
x11/libkactivities4 KDE Activity Manager
wip/py-dexy_viewer Document Automation viewer
net/p5-Net Perl5 modules to access and use network protocols
pkgtools/shlock Shell utility to perform dot-locking
wip/plod System administration journaling tool
devel/p5-File-Find-Rule-Permissions Rule to match on file permissions and user access
wip/swarp Simple mouse pointer warping tool for X
wip/py-trimesh Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes
print/apsfilter Flexible magic filter for printing under Unix environment
sysutils/u-boot-pinebook Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (pinebook_defconfig)
devel/p5-File-Find-Object Object-oriented and iterative replacement for File::Find
wip/tcc-git The Smallest ANSI C compiler
net/py-medusa Framework for writing asynchronous socket-based servers
print/tex-leftidx-doc Documentation for tex-leftidx
wip/synfig Vector-based 2D animation renderer
www/py-django-photologue Plug-in photo management application for the Django framework
wip/xbsql SQL frontend for DB4 (DBF) files with xbase
security/p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA Perl5 wrapper module for the OpenSSL DSA functions
devel/p5-ExtUtils-Depends Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
graphics/py-objgraph Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz
wip/tkpng Open source package that adds PNG photo image support to Tcl/Tk
www/wml Web Meta Language
print/tex-elsarticle-doc Documentation for tex-elsarticle
net/gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget for GTK
multimedia/phonon Multimedia API for KDE and QT
time/p5-DateTime-Event-Recurrence DateTime::Set extension to create basic recurrence sets
cross/arm-none-eabi-binutils Cross binutils for bare metal ARM EABI
www/drivel LiveJournal client for the GNOME Desktop
www/sitecopy Utility for synchronizing remote and local web sites
www/p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
audio/festvox-don British English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
devel/heirloom-what Collection of standard Unix utilities (what)
devel/hs-data-default-instances-containers Default instances for types in containers
multimedia/libdv-tools DV video codec library (standalone tools)
time/p5-TimeDate Perl5 TimeDate distribution
cross/objconv Object file converter and disassembler
www/p5-AnyEvent-HTTP Perl 5 module providing simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
www/py-paste Middleware for Python WSGI applications
www/p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst
www/py-djangocms-admin-style Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface
textproc/ruby-simple-rss Simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader
audio/p5-CDDB-File Parses a CDDB/freedb data file
devel/hs-dlist Differences lists
devel/hs-deepseq-generics GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation
devel/py-tortoisehg GUI for Mercurial
devel/libkomparediff2 Library to compare files and strings
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Debugger Debug Perl code from Padre editor
finance/py-trytond-account-statement Account statement module of the Tryton application platform
finance/py-trytond-account-stock-continental Account stock continental module of the Tryton platform
fonts/tex-cns CNS fonts for CJK LaTeX
multimedia/libdv DV video codec library
time/py-tzdata Timezone database for Python
cross/nios2-gcc GNU gcc for Altera FPGA Nios2 processor
www/p5-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP Perl 5 module providing reversehttp for AnyEvent
www/p5-HTTP-Tiny Perl5 module providing a small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client
www/weblint HTML validator and sanity checker
audio/lame Fast, high quality MP3 encoder
benchmarks/sysbench Modular, cross-platform and multi-threaded benchmark tool
devel/p5-Test-Weaken Test that freed memory objects were, indeed, freed
devel/kbuild Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks
devel/ruby-kgio Provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby
devel/py-mixbox Utility library for cybox, maec, and stix packages
editors/gconf-editor Editor for the GConf configuration system
fonts/tex-cbfonts-fd-doc Documentation for tex-cbfonts-fd
graphics/tex-piechartmp-doc Documentation for tex-piechartmp
graphics/tex-tkz-base-doc Documentation for tex-tkz-base
net/p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable Net::DNS::Resolver descendant class for offline emulation of DNS
security/openvas-plugins Plugins for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
devel/ragel State machine compiler
www/mongrel-console Mongrel & Rails IRB console
wip/torcs The Open Racing Car Simulator
print/tex-titling-doc Documentation for tex-titling
wip/scratchpad Scratchpad is a document oriented
wip/polkit-git Authorization Manager
www/ruby-sinatra Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
wip/xspread X11 spreadsheet based on sc
wip/py-PythonMagick Python binding for ImageMagick
print/tex-draftcopy Identify draft copies
wip/py-typedecorator Decorator-based type checking library for Python 2 and 3
lang/classpath-gui Class libraries for Java VM (GUI libraries)
net/radsecproxy Secure radius proxy
net/urlgfe Download manager for X
wip/amavis-logwatch Amavis log reporting utility
lang/clisp CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
wip/py-mssql2 Python interface to MS SQL
net/py-soappy SOAP Services for Python
databases/php-pgsql PHP extension for PostgreSQL databases
net/p5-NetAddr-MAC Perl5 module handling hardware MAC Addresses (EUI-48 and EUI-64)
net/ytalk Multi-user replacement for UNIX talk
devel/p5-Set-Object Perl module to manage sets of objects
wip/ds2 Debug server for LLDB
print/tex-chess Fonts for typesetting chess boards
devel/idutils Classic Berkeley gid/lid tools for looking up variables in code
www/py-parsel Library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS
security/py-backports.ssl_match_hostname Python SSL support module for Python 2
devel/py-buildbot-grid-view Grid View Plugin for the buildbot CI system
wip/clearsans-ttf Clear Sans TrueType font from Intel
net/erlang-stun STUN and TURN library for Erlang / Elixir
print/tex-titlesec-doc Documentation for tex-titlesec
devel/p5-Test-CheckManifest Check if MANIFEST of perl module matches its distro
security/py-openid Python module for OpenID
converters/ru-d1489 CP866<->KOI8-R, CP1251<->KOI8-R and font converters acc. to RFC1489
wip/trac-plugins-GraphViz-svn Graphviz plugin for Trac
www/vimb Vim-like webkit browser
databases/palm-db-tools Conversion utilities for PalmOS flat-file database programs
wip/avida2 Avida is an auto-adaptive genetic system
wip/p5-Lingua-StopWords Lingua::StopWords - Stop words for several languages
graphics/tex-pst-tools PStricks support functions
devel/ruby-abstract Abstract methods for Ruby
net/py-soaplib Implementation of the SOAP 1.1 protocol
textproc/p5-Pod-Coverage Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive
devel/ruby-celluloid-fsm Celluloid Finite State Machines
www/nanoblogger-extra Collection of various contributions and add-ons for nanoblogger
print/tex-xkeyval Macros for setting keys and class or package options
devel/py-test-xdist Plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
wip/trac-plugins-TimingAndEstimation-svn TimingAndEstimation plugin for Trac
security/py-yubiauth YubiAuth authentication backend
devel/p5-FFI-CheckLib Check that a library is available for FFI
graphics/plotutils Programs and library for plotting scientific data
wip/openrw-git Open Source recreation of Grand Theft Auto III
net/balance TCP loadbalancer with roundrobin and failover
net/portmap RPC portmapper with access control
devel/py-attrs Attributes without boilerplate
textproc/p5-String-ShellQuote Quote strings for passing through the shell
devel/py-pexpect Pure Python Expect-like module
wip/py-ufl Unified Form Language for finite element discretizations
devel/p5-Test-Without-Module Perl 5 module to fallback test behaviour in absence of modules
security/ruby-airbrussh Airbrussh pretties up your SSHKit and Capistrano output
print/tex-ydoc-doc Documentation for tex-ydoc
net/libtorrent BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
wip/cinnamon-desktop Additional UI API for cinnamon
wip/evolution-rss Evolution rss reader plugin
net/xorp The eXtensible Open Router Platform
wip/py-openxmllib Provides resources to handle OpenXML documents from Python
wip/pear-PHPUnit_MockObject Mock Object library for PHPUnit
net/netcat-openbsd Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens
www/p5-LWPx-TimedHTTP Perl 5 module to time the different stages of an HTTP request
print/tex-endnotes LaTeX package to place footnotes at the end
devel/ucpp C preprocessor and lexer
wip/julia Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing
wip/py-webhelpers Python helper functions for writing templates in web applications
fonts/tex-concmath-doc Documentation for tex-concmath
net/rancid Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
devel/libtool-base Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
security/ruby-jsobfu Javascript code obfuscator
wip/pcmanfm-qt File manager + desktop manager
fonts/tex-afm2pl Convert an Adobe font metric file to a TeX font property list
security/p5-Net-OpenSSH Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH
benchmarks/super_pi Pi calculation program, used for stability testing (binary)
net/php-sockets PHP extension for sockets support
net/gift-gnutella Gnutella plugin for giFT
print/tex-europasscv-doc Documentation for tex-europasscv
security/sbd HMAC & one-time pad-based remote login program
wip/vkeybd Virtual midi keyboard
devel/py-flake8-docstrings Extension for flake8 using pydocstyle to check docstrings
wip/hs-profunctors Profunctors
wip/gtk2hs-buildtools Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries
wip/packman Small package manager
www/p5-Template-Toolkit-Simple Perl 5 module providing a simple Interface to Template Toolkit
wip/uTox-git Lightweight Tox client for the desktop
net/py-adns Python interface to the GNU asynchronous DNS resolver library
security/p5-Module-Signature Perl 5 module for module signature file manipulation
wip/py-wafo Statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and random loads
devel/p5-App-Cmd Perl 5 module to write command line apps with less suffering
net/deforaos-vncviewer DeforaOS desktop VNC viewer
wip/acpiclient Displays information about ACPI devices
www/p5-HTML-Stream Perl5 HTML output stream class, and some markup utilities
print/tex-figflow-doc Documentation for tex-figflow
security/stud Scalable TLS Unwrapping Daemon
devel/ruby-io-like Functionality of an IO object to any class
sysutils/bfs Breadth-first version of the UNIX find command
devel/p5-Term-ProgressBar Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal
wip/io-lzo LZO addon for Io
net/libexosip The Extended Open SIP library
wip/znc Advanced IRC bouncer with IPv6 and SSL support
wip/p6-Pod-To-HTML convert POD6 to HTML
wip/py-siginterrupt Python interface to the siginterrupt system function
security/KeePass Free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate Delegate session storage to an application model object
net/krdc KDE remote desktop client
cross/mingw-binutils GNU binutils for win32 cross-development
print/hpijs HP inkjet printer driver server
security/ykclient Libraries for online validation of Yubikey OTPs
wip/xcursor-themes Modular xcursor themes
www/p5-HTML-Mason Perl-based web site development and delivery system
wip/syx Free and portable smalltalk implementation
emulators/libretro-gambatte Libretro core based on the Gambatte Game Boy Color emulator
net/logjam GTK client for
wip/direnv Environment switcher for the shell
wip/skype4 P2P VoIP software (4.x branch)
wip/py-gato Python-based toolbox to visualise algorithms on graphs
net/go-vultr Vultr CLI and API client library
www/p5-URI-db Perl extension to provide database URIs
wip/hs-hslogger Logging framework for Haskell
print/tex-schwalbe-chess Typeset the German chess magazine Die Schwalbe
wip/xmms-skin-Cobalt Skin for XMMS
security/py-SSLCrypto Python bindings for openssl
devel/p5-Pegex Create equivalent parsers in lots of programming languages
net/py-zeep Fast and modern Python SOAP client
www/ruby-url_mount Universal mounting points for rack applications
wip/ghc710 Compiler for the functional language Haskell
wip/libpano12 Panorama-tools is for making panoramic images from multiple pictures
devel/libcompizconfig Configuration backend for compiz
wip/hijra Hijra is the Hijri Islamic Calendar
fonts/tex-gillcm Alternative unslanted italic Computer Modern fonts
net/rtorrent Ncurses based torrent client with support for sessions
sysutils/syslog-ng-sql Highly portable log management solution
devel/p5-Devel-BeginLift Declarator magic for perl
print/tex-bold-extra-doc Documentation for tex-bold-extra
wip/parcellite Parcellite is a lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
www/php-http PHP extension for extended HTTP support
net/nagios-base Network monitor
wip/py-errorhandler Logging framework handler
net/dlint Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility
wip/py-ranger VIM-inspired filemanager for the console
print/tex-latex-bin LaTeX executables
sysutils/slay Kills a login shell and process(es) of a user
fonts/tex-palatino Palatino font family for TeX
wip/dosemu2 Run DOS programs under UNIX
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace Display a stack trace on the debug screen
graphics/glut GLUT Graphics library similar to SGIs OpenGL
wip/R-bigmemory.sri Shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages
wip/vcglib Template library for manipulation of triangle meshes
wip/gerris-snapshot Software the solution of the PDE describing fluid flow
wip/py-conda-env Tools for interacting with conda environments
devel/tex-xifthen-doc Documentation for tex-xifthen
wip/aquaria Aquaria Open Source Edition
wip/v8 V8 JavaScript Engine
x11/Xbae Motif-compatible widgets: XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption, XbaeInput
databases/postgresql-redislog Shipping PostgreSQL logs to Redis
www/ruby-http-cookie Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265
print/tex-hyphen-english English hyphenation patterns
graphics/pstoedit Convert PostScript / PDF into various vector graphic formats
sysutils/mtoolsfm Easy MS-DOS disk access without learning MS-DOS commands
wip/freedoom Free content game based on Doom engine
net/proftpd-odbc ODBC module for ProFTPD
wip/drumpiler Drum machine compiler
fonts/tex-hacm Font support for the Arka language
net/ed2k-gtk-gui GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet
wip/v8-316 V8 JavaScript Engine
net/giftcurs Curses frontend to the giFT daemon
sysutils/lvm2 Linux userspace toolset for volume management facilities
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-ACL ACL support for Catalyst applications
print/tex-options-doc Documentation for tex-options
graphics/gtksee Gtk-based image viewing and cataloging program
wip/xmms-skin-UltrafinaSEM Skin for XMMS
devel/p5-Scope-Guard Lexically scoped resource management
print/tex-presentations-doc Examples from the book Presentationen mit LaTeX
net/bug-buddy Graphical GNOME2 bug reporting tool
net/udns Lightweight DNS resolver supporting asynchronous queries
wip/tome2 Troubles of Middle Earth
sysutils/desktop-file-utils Utilities to manage desktop entries
devel/p5-Test-DependentModules Test all modules which depend on your module
devel/boost-docs Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (documentation)
security/ruby-openvas-omp Ruby library for communication with OpenVAS manager
wip/json-glib JSON parser for GLib-based libraries and applications
wip/suitesparse SuiteSparse is a set of packages for sparse matrices calculation
graphics/xgc Graphics demo showing the X11 core protocol graphics primitives
www/ruby-rack-ssl Rack middleware to force SSL/TLS
wip/xnee Record, replay, and distribute user actions under X11
net/py-google Call the Google web API from Python
graphics/kruler KDE screen ruler
sysutils/p5-collectd Statistics collection daemon - perl plugin
net/grive2 Independent open source implementation of Google Drive client
wip/p5-Text-VimColor Syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim
print/tex-jurabib BibTeX citation support for the humanities and legal texts
print/tex-hyperref-doc Documentation for tex-hyperref
textproc/docbook-xsl Docbook XSL modular stylesheet
net/gst-plugins1-mms Open source multimedia framework - mms plugin
time/p5-DateTime-TimeZone Perl module to handle time zone manipulation
sysutils/qpasswd Password-checking tools for many authentication schemes
net/hf6to4 Enables 6to4 IPv6 automatic tunnels
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Natural Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic
wip/divecmd Download and process dive computer data
net/nagios-plugin-snmp Nagios snmp plugins
devel/p5-PPI-XS Perl 5 XS acceleration for the PPI perl parser
wip/py-ars Physically-accurate robotics simulator
time/pclock Simple analog clock designed for Window Maker
wip/gforth-git Fast interpreter for the Forth language
net/ntopng Network traffic probe
print/tex-Type1fonts-doc Font installation guide
wip/libdivecomputer Library for communication with dive computers
time/phoon Show phase of the moon on ASCII terminal
net/p5-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-Network FusionInventory agent network tasks
wip/hs-containers-unicode-symbols Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
sysutils/heirloom-stty Collection of standard Unix utilities (stty)
net/p5-RPC-XML XML-RPC client and server library for Perl
sysutils/collectd-dbi Statistics collection daemon - dbi plugin
textproc/CRF++ Yet Another CRF toolkit
wip/nestra NES emulator (without sound)
wip/dicom3tools Library for dealing with DICOM 3 files
net/snmptt SNMP trap handler written in Perl
wip/py-nxos Support module for Cisco NX-OS
sysutils/heirloom-copy Collection of standard Unix utilities (copy)
net/x2vnc Multi-console display using X and VNC
wip/junit Automated testing framework for Java
emulators/atari800 Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator
net/ywho Who, users, uptime on clients in a sun-RPC network
wip/disque Distributed message broker
inputmethod/ibus-rime Rime Input Method Engine for Linux/IBus
wip/py-nzmath Number theory oriented calculation system
net/grilo Media browser framework
wip/plasti Plasti is a 2D ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian) code
chat/konversation KDE IRC Client
wip/qtre Quick Tool for Raw Editing
wip/hs-bifunctors Bifunctors
wip/py-cryptoim Crypto Instant Messenger
net/nbtscan NetBIOS name network scanner
time/p5-MooseX-Types-DateTime-MoreCoercions Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime
wip/mygui-git Cross-platform library for creating GUIs for games and 3D programs
net/bwm-ng Console-based bandwidth monitor
wip/tex-lineno-doc Documentation for tex-lineno
net/smokeping Latency/packet loss monitoring/graphing tool
emulators/suse100_openmotif Linux compatibility package for OpenMotif
wip/py-cryptoidlib CryptoIDlib is a python library for working with cryptoID certChains
wip/superchic Monte Carlo Event Generator for Central Exclusive Production
net/ns The UCB/LBNL Network Simulator Version 2
wip/shell-fm Console based player for Last.FM radio streams
wip/py-behaviour Behaviour Driven Development in Python
net/iperf TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
wip/premake Build script generator
security/py-ezPyCrypto Easy Python API for strong encryption
net/nap Terminal based Napster client similar to ircII
wip/p5-Module-Pluggable-Fast Fast plugins with instantiation
wip/py-speex Speex bindings for Python; see speex package for details
lang/duktape Embeddable Javascript engine
wip/qmpdclient QT4 based mpd client
wip/universalcodegrep Extremely fast grep-like tool for searching source code
graphics/gfract Gtk-based fractal program
lang/guile20 Official extension language for the GNU operating system (2.0 branch)
wip/pear-Horde_ActiveSync ActiveSync server
print/tex-textfit Fit text to a desired size
wip/py-wxWidgets-unicode Python bindings for wxWidgets (unicode version)
devel/p5-OLE-Storage_Lite Module for reading and writing OLE-Structured files
sysutils/ruby-capistrano-harrow plugin to improve the UX for users of Capistrano and Harrow
www/p5-HTTP-Daemon Simple http server class
converters/rtf2html Rich Text to HTML file converter
wip/rtl-sdr-git Turns your Realtek RTL2832 based DVB dongle into a SDR receiver
devel/py-subvertpy Alternative Python bindings for Subversion
wip/signify Cryptographically sign and verify files, from OpenBSD
wip/uget Open Source download manager application developed with GTK+
lang/gcc8-libs The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
wip/gonepass-git Password manager compatible with 1Password (git version)
wip/gnomad2 GTK+2 tool for managing Creative and Dell mp3 players
wip/xonotic The free and fast arena shooter
sysutils/ruby-specinfra Common layer for serverspec and itamae
net/jftpgw FTP gateway/proxy
wip/pbbam PacBio BAM C++ library, with SWIG bindings
wip/tex-arabxtex ArabTeX-like interface for XeLaTeX
mail/ruby-mime-types-data Registry for information about MIME media type definitions
wip/gnuradio-doxygen Doxygen documentation of GNU Radio
devel/ruby-test-unit Improved version of Test::Unit
audio/gst-plugins0.10-lame Open source multimedia framework - lame plugin
wip/py-guppy Guppy-PE -- A Python Programming Environment
wip/netwmpager EWMH (NetWM) compatible pager
wip/p5-Math-FixedPrecision Perl module that provides decimal math without floating point errors
wip/notify-sharp C# client implementation for Desktop Notifications
wip/rippled Ripple peer-to-peer network daemon
wip/3dsconv Script to convert Nintendo 3DS CCI (.cci, .3ds) files to the CIA format
lang/nhc98 Portable Haskell 98 compiler
wip/ocaml-gmetadom OCaml bindings for GDome2 DOM implementation
wip/py-aspyct Python library including an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) engine
audio/gst-plugins1-spc Open source multimedia framework - spc plugin
lang/bwbasic The Bywater Basic interpreter
audio/festvox-hvs Mexican Spanish female voice for the festival
wip/p5-Asterisk-vicidial Perl modules used with Asterisk-VICIdial
devel/py-zope.testing Zope testing helpers
devel/p5-PPIx-Utilities Extensions to PPI
lang/ksi Portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C
wip/ocaml-herelib Syntax extension for inserting the current location
graphics/tex-latexmp-doc Documentation for tex-latexmp
fonts/tex-gfsneohellenic Greek font in the Neo-Hellenic style
wip/p5-Image-EXIF Perl extension for exif library
security/ruby-sshkit Makes it easy to write structured, testable SSH commands
wip/cairo-dingbat-ttf Outline version of old Macintosh font
wip/py-cvxpy Python software for convex optimization
fonts/tex-lh-doc Documentation for tex-lh
fonts/tex-staves-doc Documentation for tex-staves
wip/py-fuzzpy Fuzzy sets, graphs, and mathematics for Python
wip/davical-git Simple CalDAV server using a PostgreSQL backend
news/flnews Fast and lightweight USENET newsreader with GUI
fonts/tex-luaotfload-doc Documentation for tex-luaotfload
wip/p5-WebService-GData Google data protocol v2
graphics/tex-pst-tools-doc Documentation for tex-pst-tools
devel/transifex-client Transifex Command-line Client
wip/ldapdns Tiny, fast authoritative nameserver that queries LDAP
wip/py-fcn Fully Convolutional Networks
wip/py-vanguards Vanguards Onion Service Addon
devel/ruby-mixlib-log Mixin for simple class-based loggers
wip/pkgmanager Package manager for pkgsrc
wip/nehe-opengl-tutorials OpenGL tutorials from - sdl versions
wip/7kaa Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
wip/py-plumbum Plumbum: shell combinators library
www/ruby-faraday HTTP/REST API client library
wip/MoleInvasion Platform game with moles
wip/pkg_fake Tool for pkgsrc that creates and manages fake packages
wip/aoeui Lightweight text editor optimized for Dvorak
wip/eic C style scripting lang
www/ruby-unicorn Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix
cross/freemint-pml PML math library for FreeMiNT
wip/crm114 Fast and accurate learning classifier, good for spam
wip/py-karta Geospatial analysis in Python
sysutils/ruby-chef-zero Simple fast-start in-memory Chef server
fonts/tex-ccfonts Support for Concrete text and math fonts in LaTeX
wip/dwb-gtk2-git Dynamic WebKit browser, gtk2 version
wip/py-django-quran Quranic models and helpers for use in Django projects
wip/frobby Computations with monomial ideals
wip/p5-Exception-Base Exception::Base
mail/esmtp Relay-only Mail Transfer Agent with sendmail-compatible syntax
fonts/tex-mdsymbol-doc Documentation for tex-mdsymbol
wip/fswatch Cross-platform file change monitor with multiple backends
wip/llvm-git Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure
x11/xmh Provides a GUI to the MH Message Handling System
graphics/dcraw Raw digital camera decoder
fonts/tex-phaistos Disk of Phaistos font
wip/gtk-server Small tool to enable GUI access for shell scripts
lang/openjdk7 Open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition
wip/hs-comonads-fd Comonad transformers using functional dependencies
devel/py-ParamUnittest Simple extension to have parametrized unit tests
wip/wrcs Wiki Revision Control System
fonts/tex-punknova-doc Documentation for tex-punknova
devel/p5-Test-Aggregate Aggregate *.t tests to make them run faster
wip/gxmms2 Graphical GTK+2-based XMMS2 client
devel/libgit2 Portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods
wip/hs-monoid-transformer Monoid counterparts to some ubiquitous monad transformers
games/lskat Lieutenant Skat card game for two players
net/gnapfetch Update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap
multimedia/gmplayer Fast, cross-platform movie player with GTK2+ interface
time/py-monotonic Implementation of time.monotonic() for Python
cross/cross-libtool-base Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
www/apache-tomcat7 Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
www/p5-CGI-Lite Simple perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
www/p5-Kwiki-Scode Kwiki Scode plugin to protect against wiki spammers
textproc/gtkspell3 Spell checking GtkTextView widget (v3)
www/ruby-clearsilver Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
net/libquic Multiplexed stream transport over UDP
textproc/xml2doc Xml to document formats converter
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-x264 Open source multimedia framework - x264 plugin
time/wmCalClock Another WindowMaker calendar/clock dockapp
cross/mingw GCC tools for win32 cross-development
www/py-cherrypy17 Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
wip/io-base All base Io addons
wip/py-fealty Discretised field utilities
textproc/tex-xindy General-purpose index processor
graphics/ruby-gnome2-clutter-gdk Ruby binding of GDK specific API of Clutter
fonts/tex-phaistos-doc Documentation for tex-phaistos
wip/kacst-ttf Truetype Arabic fonts created by KACST
wip/oops Multithreaded caching HTTP proxy server
security/p5-Digest-SHA3 Perl5 module for SHA-3
devel/p5-subversion Perl bindings for Subversion
devel/py-pathspec Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths
geography/libdrg Library for reading and merging DRG files
fonts/tex-bbold-type1 Adobe Type 1 format version of the bbold font
www/py-WSGIProxy2 WSGI Proxy with various http client backends
devel/ocaml-yojson JSON parsing and pretty-printing library for OCaml
devel/ocaml-biniou Extensible binary data format, like JSON but faster
devel/ocaml-jbuilder Composable build system for OCaml
fonts/vlgothic-ttf Free Japanese TrueType fonts named VLGothic
www/grafana Metrics dashboard and graph editor
devel/py-case Python unittest utilities
devel/verifast VeriFast code verifier in separation logic
devel/tre Lightweight and robust POSIX compliant regexp matching library
www/caddy General-purpose web server
mail/mailsend Utility to send mail via SMTP from command line
devel/libidn2 Convert internationalized domain names to/from ASCII Encoding
www/php-glpi IT inventory management software
devel/php-gearman PHP extension for Gearman
wip/hs-tfp Type-level programming library using type families
devel/ocaml-base Alternative standard library for OCaml
math/prng Portable, high-performance ANSI-C pseudorandom number generators
audio/py-beets Music geeks media organizer
mail/tnef2txt Portable application/ms-tnef parser
fonts/tex-esrelation Provides a symbol set for describing relations between ordered pairs
wip/espeak Speech synthesizer
audio/py-discogs-client Python Client for the Discogs API
pkgtools/pkg_distinst Remove any distfiles not belonging to an installed package
devel/ocaml-compiler-libs Repackaging of OCaml compiler libraries
pkgtools/pkg_comp-cron Configures periodic pkgsrc binary package builds
wip/phonon-backend-xine Multimedia API for KDE and QT - xine backend
pkgtools/bootstrap-extras Extra bootstrap files and scripts for NetBSD
devel/ocaml-ppx_tools_versioned Tools for authors of ppx rewriters
sysutils/collectd-lua Statistics collection daemon - lua plugin
devel/ruby-filesize Class for handling filesizes with both the SI and binary prefixes
pkgtools/pkg_install-info Standalone GNU info file installation utility
wip/logfmon-git Log file monitor
lang/py-execjs Run JavaScript code from Python
ham/gnuradio-pager FLEX radiopager receiver/demodulator of GNU Radio
wip/go-notify File system event notification library on steroids
wip/py-shutilwhich Shutil.which for those not using Python 3.3 yet
wip/py-healpy Healpix tools package for Python
games/kanatest Flash-card program to memorise Japanese kana
games/rocksndiamonds-levels DX, Emerald Mine, and Sokoban levels for RocksNDiamonds
wip/qt5-qtwebengine Qt5 WebEngine module
mail/gmime24 Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v2.4)
wip/p6-oo-monitors A monitor provides per-instance mutual exclusion for objects
wip/p6-Perl6-MIME-Base64 A Perl 6 module for Base64
wip/p6-grammar-debugger A Perl 6 module for debugging grammars
devel/py-meson Open source build system meant to be fast and user friendly
wip/atanks Multi-platform Scorched Earth clone
wip/deforaos-mixer DeforaOS desktop volume mixer
wip/gucharmap Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
wip/p6-svg A Perl 6 module for SVG graphics
wip/py-exocode Automation of debris disk detection
wip/grafX2 Bitmap paint program suited for pixel art
wip/p6-perl6-encode A Perl 6 module for some text encoding
wip/p6-uri Perl6 realization of URI — Uniform Resource Identifiers handler
wip/OpenIPMI User-level library that provides a higher-level abstraction of IPMI
games/qqwing Sudoku puzzle generator and solver
mail/p5-Parse-MIME Parse mime-types, match against media ranges
devel/go-i18n Translate your Go program into multiple languages
devel/go-fsync Package fsync keeps files and directories in sync
devel/go-fsnotify File system notifications for Go
textproc/py-sphinx-rtd-theme Sphinx theme
devel/go-amber Templating engine for Go inspired by HAML and Jade
devel/go-gitmap Git repository object map creator
sysutils/cvsreport Message reports from CVS activity
sysutils/ir-account Copy accounts among systems and manage sudo privs
textproc/py-lxml Python binding for libxml2 and libxslt
mail/ytnef (no description)
devel/py-test-forked Run tests in isolated forked subprocesses
devel/go-blackfriday Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go
meta-pkgs/bulk-medium Meta-package for a standard medium-sized limited bulk build
devel/libnet10 C library for portable packet creation and injection
devel/gcvs GTK interface for CVS
devel/go-cli Package for building command line apps in Go
devel/libdnsres Non-blocking thread-safe API for resolving DNS names
mail/rblcheck Command-line interface to Paul Vixies RBL filter
wip/double-conversion Conversion routines for IEEE doubles
wip/py-quepy Framework to convert natural language to database queries
audio/grip CD-player and CD-ripper for the Gnome desktop
audio/maplay MPEG audio player/decoder for layer I and II MPEG audio streams
devel/go-properties Java properties scanner for Go
wip/ats2 Programming language unifying implementation with formal specification
wip/ruby-ghi GitHub Issues on the command line
wip/eclipse Java IDE
www/ruby-sass Powerful, but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again
mail/fetchmailconf Configuration tool for fetchmail
net/tightvnc Display X and Win32 desktops on remote X/Win32/Java displays
mail/amavis-perl Mail virus scanner
wip/go-humanize Go Humans! (formatters for units to human friendly sizes)
wip/py-repoze.who Identification and authentication framework for WSGI
wip/go-log Logging packages for Go
wip/plink Whole genome association analysis toolset
wip/py-canonicaljson Encodes objects and arrays
wip/go-flags Go command line option parser
wip/cblas C bindings and headers for BLAS library
wip/go-pass getpasswd for Go
wip/kwin KDE Window manager
sysutils/u-boot-orangepi-2 Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (orangepi_2_defconfig)
wip/metal Meta-analysis of genomewide association scans
wip/py-unpaddedbase64 Encode and decode Base64
wip/ssh-chat Chat over SSH
wip/plibsys Highly portable C system library
math/p5-Statistics-CaseResampling Efficient resampling and calculation of medians with confidence intervals
net/p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco Perl5 module for communicating with Cisco routers via telnet
multimedia/gst-plugins1-omx GStreamer OpenMAX IL wrapper plugin
mail/mblaze Set of Maildir utilities
wip/cross-binutils Unified GNU binutils for cross build environments
wip/php-doc PHP Documentation
math/p5-Number-WithError Numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding
net/py-dnsdiag DNS Diagnostics and Performance Measurement Tools
devel/boost-libs Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (binary libraries)
multimedia/libmediainfo MediaInfoLib, support library for MediaInfo program
geography/gpsbabel Utility to convert and fetch GPS related data
multimedia/smpeg2 Free MPEG1 video player library with sound support
devel/p5-Test-LectroTest Easy, automatic, specification-based tests
net/unfs3 Userspace NFSv3 server
wip/qn-x11 GTK theme-engine to yield a QNX look and feel
print/tex-labels Print sheets of sticky labels
multimedia/libhdhomerun Client and library for Silicon Dust HD Homerun
print/tex-aeguill-doc Documentation for tex-aeguill
benchmarks/p5-Dumbbench More reliable benchmarking with the least amount of thinking
fonts/tex-cc-pl Polish extension of Computer Concrete fonts
fonts/tex-jablantile Metafont version of tiles in the style of Slavik Jablan
fonts/akkadian-ttf Typeface for various Cuneiform scripts and Neo-Assyrian signs
fonts/tex-antt-doc Documentation for tex-antt
fonts/tex-lm-math OpenType maths fonts for Latin Modern
fonts/tex-eiad-ltx-doc Documentation for tex-eiad-ltx
wip/jsoncpp-git JSON reader and writer in C++
print/tex-present Presentations with Plain TeX
fonts/tex-universa Herbert Bayers universal font
fonts/tex-txfontsb-doc Documentation for tex-txfontsb
fonts/tex-sourcecodepro-doc Documentation for tex-sourcecodepro
mail/mew Messaging in the Emacs World
textproc/p5-Pod-Markdown Convert POD to Markdown
fonts/tex-baskervaldx-doc Documentation for tex-baskervaldx
wip/php-msgpack PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack
x11/xdm X Display Manager from modular
print/tex-ntheorem Enhanced theorem environment for LaTeX
fonts/tex-times Select Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default font
fonts/tex-boisik Font inspired by Baskerville design
fonts/chkfontpath Command line tool to manage X servers font path
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso10646_0400 Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso10646-0400 encoding
mail/p5-Mail-IMAPClient Perl5 module for talking to RFC-2060 IMAP servers
fonts/font-bh-100dpi Standard 100dpi Bigelow & Holmes PCF fonts
fonts/tex-avantgar Avantgarde font
print/tex-latex-doc-ptr-doc Direction-finder for LaTeX documentation
fonts/tex-bookman Bookman font
mail/OSBF-lua Lua C module for text classification
fonts/tamsyn-font Monospaced programming font
wip/premake4 Build script generator
fonts/tex-cbfonts Complete set of Greek fonts
fonts/tex-dozenal Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called dozenal)
fonts/tex-fc-doc Documentation for tex-fc
fonts/tex-gfsartemisia Modern Greek font design
fonts/tex-glyphlist Adobe glyph list
fonts/tex-jmn Hans font for TeX
fonts/tex-trajan-doc Documentation for tex-trajan
print/tex-chngcntr-doc Documentation for tex-chngcntr
wip/scrc SpecC Reference Compiler
fonts/tex-ptex-fontmaps Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex
mail/courier-analog Courier log analyzer
wip/io-rational Rational math addon for Io
fonts/tex-roboto-doc Documentation for tex-roboto
fonts/tex-utopia Adobe Utopia fonts
print/tex-algorithm2e Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords
fonts/tex-nanumtype1-doc Documentation for tex-nanumtype1
mail/mailhops Shows the route of an Internet mail message
fonts/FiraCode Monospaced font with programming ligatures
security/py-oauth2client Python library for accessing resources protected by OAuth 2.0
fonts/tex-Asana-Math-doc Documentation for tex-Asana-Math
fonts/konatu-ttf Japanese TrueType gothic (sans-serif) fonts, Konatu fonts
print/tex-dblfloatfix Fixes for twocolumn floats
fonts/tex-fira Fira fonts with LaTeX support
fonts/tex-eiad-doc Documentation for tex-eiad
fonts/motoya-fonts Motoya L Cider W3 and L Mulberry W3 fonts
wip/py-bandicoot Toolbox to analyze mobile phone metadata
fonts/tex-sourcesanspro-doc Documentation for tex-sourcesanspro
mail/cucipop The Cubic Circle POP3 mail server
wip/stardict-tools StarDict tools for dictionary conversions
print/tex-dhua-doc Documentation for tex-dhua
chat/empathy Gnome instant messenger client
devel/p5-Carp-Always Perl5 module which warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces
mail/xmailbox Enhanced xbiff, with pixmap and sound support
print/tex-tocbibind Add bibliography/index/contents to Table of Contents
devel/py-olefile Python module to read/write MS OLE2 files
wip/kahakai Window manager with Python scripting
chat/silc-client Client for the Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) protocol
chat/centerim Instant Messenger interface supporting many protocols
mail/squirrelmail PHP webmail package
finance/py-trytond-analytic-invoice The analytic invoice module of the Tryton application platform
audio/xmms-pulse XMMS plugin to output sound through the pulseaudio daemon
audio/freeswitch-sounds-fr FreeSwitch Sounds (French)
finance/py-trytond-account-payment-sepa-cfonb Account payment SEPA CFONB module of the Tryton application platform
finance/py-trytond-account-invoice-history Account invoice history module of the Tryton platform
wip/structure Multi-locus genotype data to investigate population structure
finance/py-trytond-sale-complaint Sale complaint module of the Tryton application platform
finance/py-trytond-account-deposit The account_deposit module of the Tryton application platform
print/tex-subfigmat-doc Documentation for tex-subfigmat
finance/py-trytond-commission-waiting Commission waiting module of the Tryton application platform
finance/py-trytond-product-cost-fifo The product cost FIFO module of the Tryton application platform
finance/gnucash-docs Documentation for GnuCash - personal double-entry accounting program
fonts/tex-superiors Attach superior figures to a font family
audio/SDL2_mixer Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
devel/git-lfs Git extension for versioning large files
benchmarks/dnsperf DNS server performance measurement tools
misc/cowsay Configurable talking cow
misc/ruby-systemu Capture of stdout/stderr and handling of child processes
security/p5-Crypt-SSLeay Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https support
audio/gst-plugins1-jack Open source multimedia framework - jack plugin
misc/xtend Monitors X10 commands using heyu to automate UNIX functions
misc/p5-Mac-PropertyList Work with Mac plists at a low level
misc/kstars KDE desktop planetarium
security/p5-Crypt-RC4 Perl5 module for the alleged RC4 encryption algorithm
wip/ical2pcal Convert iCalendar (.ics) data files to pcal data files
audio/alsa-utils Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) CLI utilities
misc/edict Japanese-English dictionary file
misc/ocaml-opam OCaml package manager
multimedia/mpeg_play Program to play mpeg movies on X displays
inputmethod/fcitx-configtool GTK 3 Fcitx configuration tool
cross/h8300-elf-binutils Cross utility for h8300-elf
www/py-waitress Production-quality pure-Python WSGI server
security/p5-Crypt-Eksblowfish Perl5 Eksblowfish block cipher
misc/zyGrib GRIB file viewer for weather data
textproc/py-natsort Natural sorting for python
misc/kmousetool KDE mouse manipulation tool
devel/nspr-reference HTML Documentation for NSPR
shells/fish User friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems
audio/py-musicbrainz Python interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service
misc/rocs KDE graph theory IDE
wip/py-mcint Simple tool to perform numerical integration using MC techniques
shells/es Extensible shell, derived from plan9s rc
databases/qdbm Quick Database Manager - library of routines for managing a db
databases/p5-BDB Perl 5 module providing asynchronous Berkeley DB access
wm/afterstep Window manager based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface
wip/xbelmark XBEL XML bookmarks to readable HTML converter
databases/p5-DBIx-Connector Fast, safe DBI connection and transaction management
databases/postgresql93-plpython PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
audio/gst-plugins1-wavpack Open source multimedia framework - wavpack plugin
wip/py-oasa Python library for manipulation of chemical formats
devel/py-macholib Mach-O header analysis and editing
databases/p5-Dancer-Plugin-DBIC DBIx::Class interface for Dancer applications
wip/hs-HList Haskell Heterogeneous Lists
editors/nts Simple GUI note taking application
audio/openal 3D positional spatialized sound library
x11/xlt OpenMotif/Lesstif Widget library
games/falcons-eye Falcons Eye NetHack
x11/xaniroc Animate your root-cursor
databases/liquibase Database Change Management
wip/thrift Framework for cross-language services development
graphics/ploticus-examples Examples for the ploticus data plotting suite
devel/p5-Config-AutoConf Perl 5 module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl
audio/mpg123-pulse Contains the pulse module for mpg123
filesystems/fuse-httpfs FUSE HTTP filesystem
wip/gtk2-engines-magicchicken MagicChicken theme engine for GTK+ 2.x
wip/io-range Range addon for Io
filesystems/glusterfs Cluster filesystem
filesystems/fuse-chironfs Replicating file system
filesystems/fuse-cryptofs FUSE encrypted filesystem
filesystems/fuse-pod FUSE-based filesystem for iPod
filesystems/fuse-gstfs On-demand, transcoding filesystem (using GStreamer pipeline)
audio/bmp-esound BMP plugin to output sound through the esound daemon
games/sirius Othello game for GNOME2
wip/py-rdf Pure Python package providing the core RDF constructs
games/xbat XEVIOUS like shooting game
graphics/jhead Extract EXIF header from JPEG image
x11/kde4-l10n-he Hebrew language pack for KDE4
audio/libcuefile CUE File library for the musepack decoder
games/atomix Puzzle game
wip/py-sasa SAIL/AIL Sentiment Analyzer
games/flightgear-data FlightGear Simulator data files
games/freesci Interpreter for Sierra On-Lines SCI games
games/openmortal Parody of Mortal Kombat with real characters
audio/libmodplug Library for decoding mod-like music formats
graphics/barcode Create bar codes as EPS (program and library)
games/quakespasm Enhanced Quake engine using SDL
x11/kde4-l10n-pa Panjabi language pack for KDE4
ham/freedv FreeDV: HF Digital Voice for Radio Amateurs
ham/fldigi Digital radio modem
audio/ardour Digital Audio Workstation
ham/tlf Advanced hamradio logging and contest program
ham/gnuradio-qtgui Qt GUI module of GNU Radio
ham/gnuradio-zeromq All of the zeromq blocks, utilities, and examples
graphics/sane-backends API for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers, etc
wip/py-scikits_talkbox Talkbox, a set of python modules for speech/signal processing
lang/nodejs6 V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
lang/parrot Virtual machine made to run Perl 6 and other languages
lang/siod Small-footprint implementation of the Scheme programming language
graphics/tex-pst-gr3d Three dimensional grids with PSTricks
lang/LuaJIT Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua programming language
audio/qsynth Qt GUI Interface to FluidSynth
wip/py-sdeint Numerical integration of stochastic differential equations
lang/gcc44 GNU Compiler Collection 4.4
graphics/xgraph Tool to draw a graph on an X11 display
lang/gcc3 GNU Compiler Collection, v3
lang/racket-textual Scheme-based dialect of Lisp
mail/offlineimap Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
mail/ezmlm-idx Version of ezmlm with enhancements by third parties
mail/archivemail Tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes
mail/claws-mail-vcalendar Enable vCalendar message handling
mail/p5-Email-MessageID Generate world unique message-ids
mail/dot-forward Reads sendmails .forward files under qmail
mail/mpop Small, fast and portable POP3 client
mail/fml4 FML mailing list server
mail/p5-Email-MIME-Encodings Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
mail/mime-construct Constructs and emails MIME messages
audio/py-karaoke Free Python-based karaoke player
mail/sylpheed Gtk based e-mail and netnews client
mail/wl-snapshot Mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs
mail/postfix-ldap Postfix SMTP server LDAP backend module
mail/GNUMail GNUstep clone of NeXTs application
mail/p5-Mail-Webmail-Gmail Interface to Googles webmail service
devel/py-cogapp Code generator for executing Python snippets in source files
wip/gimmie Creative panel replacement
mail/ruby-actionmailer42 Email composition, delivery, and receiving (for Rails 4.2)
mail/mailsort Sort mbox mail folders by date
mail/newmail Program to check multiple local mailboxes for new mail
mail/p5-App-Siesh Sieve Shell
mail/p5-Email-Reply Reply to a Message
mail/p5-Mail-DeliveryStatus-BounceParser Perl extension to analyze bounce messages
mail/perdition-mysql IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (MySQL user database module)
mail/pine-pgp-filters Filters to integrate Pine with gnupg or pgp
mail/qgreylist Simple greylisting for qmail
mail/sympa Mailing list manager
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Epoch Convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds
mail/ruby-mime-types Definition of MIME types for Ruby
x11/qt5-qtscript Qt5 module for script
mail/maildrop Courier mail delivery agent with filtering abilities
mail/p5-Mail-RFC822-Address Perl extension for validating email addresses according to RFC822
mail/p5-Net-SMTP_auth Perl module adding SMTP AUTH support to Net::SMTP module
mail/YoSucker Download mails from Yahoo webmail into mbox
mail/p5-URI-imap Perl5 module for support of imap URI scheme objects
audio/aumix Set mix levels (curses interface only)
wip/py-twilio Twilio API client and TwiML generator
wip/yi The Haskell-Scriptable Editor
time/planner Project management tool for the GNOME desktop
math/fftwf Collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs
lang/py-paver Easy Scripting for Software Projects
audio/distmp3 Distributed mp3 encoding across multiple hosts
wip/py-wasanbon Development Framework for Robotics Technology Middleware
time/wmclockmon Windowmaker dockapp for time/date
audio/easyh10 Database tool for the iRiver H10 digital audio player
math/qalculate-gtk Modern multi-purpose desktop calculator (GNOME version)
math/teapot Curses based spread sheet program
archivers/ruby-xz Ruby bindings for liblzma
math/newmat Newmat C++ Matrix Library
math/gtklife The game of life
math/R-ncdf High-level R interface to Unidatas netCDF data files
math/R-MatrixModels Modelling with Sparse And Dense Matrices
math/randlib Library of C Routines for Random Number Generation
math/gp-fplsa GAP interface to FPLSA
math/p5-Algorithm-Munkres Munkres Assignment for square and rectangular matrices
math/p5-Math-Derivative Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation
time/p5-Test-Time Override time()/sleep() core functions for testing
textproc/p5-Text-DelimMatch Find regexp delimited strings with proper nesting
meta-pkgs/gnome-devtools Meta-package for utilities used for developing GNOME applications
wip/fuse-squashfuse FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives
time/logtime Prints date and time in a standard format
x11/kde4-l10n-ia Interlingua language pack for KDE4
audio/libsndfile Library for reading and writing audio files
wip/flvmeta Metadata injector for FLV video files
x11/gtkterm2 Simple GTK-2 terminal with tabs
audio/mpdas Mpdas is an AudioScrobbler client for MPD written in C++
time/py-trytond-company-work-time Company work time module of the Tryton application platform
wip/fluxbox Window Manager for X based on Blackbox
x11/kde4-l10n-gl Galician language pack for KDE4
x11/XaoS Zoomable fractal rendering doodad
wip/qtaccountsservice Qt-style API for freedesktop.orgs AccountsService DBus service
time/py-pytz World timezone definitions, modern and historical
x11/gtksourceview3 Text widget that extends GTK3s GtkTextView widget (v3)
audio/xfce4-mixer Xfce mixer plugin
x11/ssystem Solar System Flyby Simulator
devel/p5-FindBin-libs Locate and a use lib or export directories based on FindBin::Bin
audio/festvox-mwm American English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/ratpoints Optimized quadratic sieve algorithm
x11/xf86-video-modesetting Generic modesetting driver
x11/libXxf86dga Library for the XFree86-DGA X extension
devel/tradcpp Traditional (K&R-style) C preprocessor
wip/8cc-git Small C Compiler
audio/py-hsaudiotag3k Read metdata (tags) of mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files
x11/wmfire Displays generated fire according to system load
wip/pear-PHP_Depend PHP_Depend design quality metrics for PHP packages
wip/ap2-jk2 Apache2 JK2 module for connecting to Tomcat using AJP1X
wip/libcue Library to access a cue sheet data
wip/hs-HUnit Unit testing framework for Haskell
wip/py-qalsadi Qalsadi Arabic Morpholoc=gical Analyzer for Python
wip/nautilus Nautilus file manager for GNOME3
wip/xinetd Secure replacement for inetd
devel/p5-App-Prove-Plugin-ProgressBar Progress bar for Perl prove(1)
wip/songwrite2 Music score and songbook editor
wip/hs-vector-th-unbox Deriver for Data.Vector.Unboxed using Template Haskell
wip/linux-makedev Script to make and update Linux /dev device nodes
audio/sweep Full-featured digital sound editor
wip/p5-Google-API-Client Perl module for accessing Google APIs
wip/gnuradio-zeromq All of the zeromq blocks, utilities, and examples
wip/urlwatch Watch web pages and arbitrary URLs for changes
wip/mtf Unix reader for the Microsoft Tape Format used by NT Backup
wip/jason Java-based interpreter for an extended version of AgentSpeak
wip/deforaos-init DeforaOS system session
wip/mtr-graph Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
wip/py-python-application Basic building blocks for python applications
wip/muscle-mcardplugin MuscleCard applet plugin for the MUSCLE framework
wip/libretro-pcsx-rearmed Libretro core based on the PCSX ReARMed emulator
wip/libgtkhtml-java GtkHtml bindings for Java
audio/tcl-snack The Snack Sound Toolkit
wip/R-cellranger Helper functions to work with spreadsheets
wip/pear-Horde_Support Support classes
wip/yoda Yet more Objects for Data Analysis
wip/orbifolder Study the Low Energy Effective Theory of Heterotic Orbifolds
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-FSEvents Bridge between Python and Objective-C (FSEvents framework)
wip/spyder Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment, alternative to IDLE
wip/p5-IO-Socket-Socks Create SOCKS v4/v5 client or server
wip/mic-paren Advanced highlighting of parenthesis
wip/dionysus Dionysus is a database engine for for universal constants
wip/aegisub Free, cross-platform tool for creating and modifying subtitles
wip/proplib Portable Property container object library
wip/hs-chalkboard-viewer OpenGL based viewer for chalkboard rendered images
devel/p5-Test-CheckDeps Perl 5 module to check for presence of dependencies
wip/roxterm ROXTerm is a terminal emulator
wip/hepmc C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators
devel/vanessa_logger Library that provides a generic logging layer
wip/py-llfuse Python bindings for low-level FUSE API
wip/py-mailcap-fix Patched mailcap module that conforms to RFC 1524
wip/py-scipy-data_fitting Data fitting system with SciPy
wip/cl-split-sequence Common Lisp utility to split sequences
wip/posh Debian Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell
wip/opentomb Open-Source Tomb Raider 1-5 engine remake
wip/java-gnujaxp XML extensions for GNU classpath
wip/hs-hslogger-template Automatic generation of hslogger functions
wip/nongnu-libunwind-git NONGNU libunwind
wip/py-epigrass Epidemiological Geo-Referenced Analysis and Simulation System
devel/kcachegrind Visualization of Performance Profiling Data
devel/go-purell Purell is a tiny Go library to normalize URLs
wip/py-cloudlib General purpose library for in application use
wip/seqtk Tool for processing sequences in FASTA/FASTQ format
wip/lldb-git Next generation, high-performance debugger
wip/lua-lbn Arbitrary precision library for Lua based on OpenSSL bn
lang/mercury Modern logic/functional programming language
wip/menumaker Generates menus for X WMs by scanning for installed programs
wip/OpenTESArena Open-source re-implementation of The Elder Scrolls: Arena
wip/mingw-w64-binutils GNU binutils for win32/64 cross-development
wip/moe Moe Editor - A powerful and user-friendly text editor
filesystems/p5-Path-Tiny Perl5 file path utility
devel/tex-lualibs Additional Lua functions for LuaTeX macro programmers
wip/varnish4 High-performace HTTP accelerator
wip/pointfree Convert Haskell expressions to pointfree form
wip/electricsheep Distributed fractal flame screensaver
wip/msgpack-git Binary-based efficient object serialization library
wip/msworkbench Set of tools for development of MapServer web mapping applications
wip/munin-c-git System monitoring tool, client version and plugin in C
wip/mysqltcl Tcl Mysql Interface
devel/kdesdk-thumbnailers Plugins for the KDE thumbnailing system
net/radiusd-cistron RADIUS-compliant remote authentication and accounting server
wip/pear-PHP_PMD PHP Mess Detector
wip/netbsd-make Portable (autoconf) version of NetBSD make utility
wip/netlogo NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment
devel/libpthread_dbg POSIX Debug Threads Library
wip/osmo-sdr-git Small form-factor inexpensive SDR (Software Defined Radio)
wip/p5-Crypt-CAST5 Perl5 CAST5 block cipher implementation
wip/pythontoolkit PythonToolkit (PTK) an interactive python environment
wip/flimp Generic GUI for image manipulation
wip/fribid FriBID is a web browser plugin for BankID
devel/hs-data-default-class Class for types with a default value
wip/raw Open Source implementation of Another World engine
wip/py-pynfo Nice, configureable info bot in Python
wip/hs-HCL High-level Haskell library for building command line interfaces
wip/nih-current Package manager for pkgsrc
wip/xmms-skins Skins for XMMS
wip/hs-haskell-lexer Fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
wip/cpluff TODO: Short description of the package
wip/html2latex HTML to LaTeX converter
wip/py-locustio Python utility for doing distributed load testing of a web site
emulators/libretro-core-info Libretro core information
net/p5-Net-LDAP-Server LDAP server side protocol handling
wip/spamassassin-cvs Mail filter to identify spam (CVS snapshot)
wip/py-quaternionarray Python package for fast quaternion arrays math
wip/freeradius2 Free RADIUS server implementation
wip/openbsc Free software implementation for GSM/3GPP protocol stack and elements
wip/tcptunnel Simple TCP port forwarder
wip/py-transaction Transaction management for Python
devel/p5-MouseX-Getopt Mouse role for processing command line options
wip/gnome-activity-journal GUI to browse and search your Zeitgeist activities
wip/gimp-dds DDS io gimp plugin
wip/py-sempy Python implementation of the spectral element method
net/p5-Socket6 Perl5 module to support getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo()
wip/csoap SOAP C Framework C API functions
wip/hs-QIO QIO Monad is a library for defining quantum computations
wip/gnormalize Gtk2::Perl frontend for audio conversion
wip/guitone Graphical Monotone VCS Tool
wip/dotproject Webserver base project management
wip/tendra Multi-targetted C and C++ compiler
wip/p5-News-Newsrc Perl module to manage newsrc files
wip/pear-Horde_Group Group management for horde
devel/teem Libraries for manipulation of Structured Scientific Data
wip/vino VNC server for GNOME
wip/asterisk11-vicidial The Asterisk Software PBX
devel/py-rply Pure Python Lex/Yacc that works with RPython
wip/deadbeef Ultimate Music Player For GNU/Linux
wip/tome Troubles of Middle Earth
net/p5-Net-Bind Perl5 module to grovel DNS resolver information
wip/apvlv PDF/DJVU/UMD/TXT Viewer which behaves like Vim
wip/gpsdrive GpsDrive is a car (bike, ship, plane) navigation system
wip/gtk2-theme-pack Art for your GTK+ 2.x desktop
net/tacacs Cisco authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol daemon
wip/aldo Morse code training program
audio/bsl Buzz song loader
wip/aokell AOKell is a Java implementation of the Fractal component model
wip/aten Aten is a tool to create, edit, and visualise coordinates
devel/libextractor Metadata extractor for various file data types
wip/brltty Access software for a blind person using a soft braille terminal
wip/ddate The enhanced Discordian date program
wip/desktop-data-model Engine providing live updates of online data to the desktop
wip/extra-cmake-modules Extra modules and scripts for CMake
wip/festvox-hl Welsh voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/flexdock Swing windowing and docking framework
wip/getdp General environment for the treatment of discrete problems
wip/gsview Graphical interface for ghostscript
wip/hs-HsHyperEstraier HyperEstraier binding for Haskell
wip/hs-attempt Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures
wip/hs-bindings-librrd Low level Haskell bindings to RRDtool
wip/hs-dataenc Data encoding library for Haskell
net/p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2
wip/iptables Interface to Linux netfilter firewalling subsystem
wip/jellyfish2 Fast, memory-efficient counting of k-mers in DNA
devel/p5-MooseX-FollowPBP Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo()
wip/lat LDAP Administration Tool written in Mono
wip/labyrinth Labyrinth is a lightweight mind-mapping tool for GNOME
devel/py-generate Python interface to Generate
wip/libgda-xbase GNU database access library - xbase provider
net/p5-Net-Frame-Layer-IPv6 Internet Protocol v6 layer object
wip/minuit2 MINUIT is a physics analysis tool for function minimization
wip/mps-youtube Terminal based YouTube player and downloader
wip/mtr-current Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
wip/musescore Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
wip/netdata-git distributed real-time performance and health monitoring
wip/openmpi Open source MPI-2 implementation
wip/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ConfigAuto Easy config file management for CGI::Application
multimedia/libkcddb KDE CDDB library
wip/p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC DBIx::Class model class for Catalyst
wip/pal Command-line calendar program
wip/p5-HTML-Latex Perl5 module for converting HTML to LaTeX
wip/p5-Imager Perl module for manipulating gray, color, and RGBA format images
wip/p5-Text-EtText Simple plain-text format which allows conversion to and from HTML
wip/py-moksha-common Common components for Moksha
net/nasd Prototype storage implementation
devel/pilrc Generate resources for PalmOS applications from textual description
wip/py-kabuki Easy creation of hierarchical bayesian models
wip/mingw-w64-libgcc GCC target libraries for win32/64 cross-development
geography/libnova Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics calculation library
multimedia/dvdview Software only MPEG-1/2 video decoder
wip/py-processing Library for running multiple Python processes using the threading API
wip/py-statgrap Python bindings for the libstatgrab library
wip/py-visionegg Visual stimulus creation and control in Python
devel/ProjectCenter GNUstep Integrated Development Environment
wip/ruby-kakasi Ruby binding for KAKASI implemented with Fiddle/DL/FFI
wip/sil-scheherazade-ttf Smart unicode font for arabic
wip/xdebug PHP extension for debugging
wip/suse121_32_libgpg-error Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libgpg-error
multimedia/libkate Overlay codec, originally designed for karaoke and text
wip/ttysnoop Snoop TTYs on Linux for kernels 2.6
wip/xfs Xorg version of X font server
net/get-flash-videos Tool for using various Flash-based video hosting sites
wip/php-xdiff PHP bindings to the functions of LibXDiff
wip/audit-system Check the NetBSD base OS for known vulnerabilities
wip/crabemu Primarily a Sega Master System emulator
wip/py-jswebkit WebKit/JavaScriptCore Python bindings
wip/yabar Modern and lightweight status bar for X window managers
wip/p5-DBIx-Simple DBIx::Simple - Easy-to-use OO interface to DBI
wip/unpaper Post-processing scanned and photocopied book pages
multimedia/ruby-gnome2-clutter-gstreamer Ruby binding of Clutter-GStreamer
wip/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-TT Add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application
net/librsync rsync-like rolling checksum library
wip/rakudo-star Perl 6 reference implementation
audio/lmms Linux MultiMedia Studio
wip/nicotine+ Client for the SoulSeek, a peer-to-peer network for music
wip/libimobiledevice Libraries and tools to communicate with iOS devices
wip/xf86-video-ati-dfbsd Modular Xorg ATI Radeon video driver
wip/pt-ttf Public fonts for minority languages of Russia
devel/libsafec C bounds checking memory and string functions library
wip/apache-commons-digester Rule based XML Java object mapping tool
wip/gcc43 This is the GCC 4.3.2 compiler
wip/py-rlcompleter2 Python command line completion
wip/cddlib TODO: Short description of the package
wip/apache-log4j Logging facility for Java
wip/py-pysb Python Systems Biology modeling framework
wip/hs-ConfigFile Configuration file reading & writing
audio/mbrolavox-us2 American English male voice for MBROLA
wip/lcdproc Client/server software to print system info to small LCDs
wip/jedit Text editor written in Java
wip/vis-editor Vim like text editor
devel/cqual Tool for adding type qualifiers to C
wip/xerces-c-2.8.0 Validating C++ XML parser with DOM and SAX support
net/openwbem Web-based Enterprise Management software
wip/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static Serve static files with Catalyst
emulators/retroarch Official reference frontend for the libretro API
wip/emacs-pr-el Modified version of GNATS send-pr.el
wip/rust Safe, concurrent, practical language
net/p5-Regexp-Common-net-CIDR Provide patterns for CIDR blocks
wip/bamtools API and toolkit for handling BAM files
wip/libjingle Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library
wip/cufflinks-2.2.1 RNA transcript assembly, differential expression/regulation
wip/pear-channel-phpunit Adds channel to PEAR
wip/tipp10 Touch typing tutor
wip/p5-HTML-GenerateUtil Routines useful when generating HTML output
wip/cinelerra Non-linear video and audio editor and compositor (unofficial)
devel/gindent GNU version of pretty-printer for C source code
wip/tcptrack Watch TCP connections
audio/festival-doc Festival documentation, in (tex)info, html, dvi and ps formats
wip/segvcatch C++ library converting hardware exceptions into a software exceptions
wip/plasma-desktop KDE Plasma Desktop
wip/sharif-univ-ttf This font was created by Sharif University
wip/suse121_libgpg-error Linux compatibility package for libgpg-error
wip/khotkeys KHotKeys
wip/py-openastro Open source astrology program,
wip/frobtads Portable TADS toolkit
wip/gdal-docs Documentation for GDAL
wip/alberta Adaptive hierarchical finite element toolbox
wip/py-yt Analyzing and visualizing astrophysical simulation output
net/arp-scan Discovery and fingerprinting tool using ARP
wip/polarssl11 Open Source embedded SSL/TLS cryptographic library
wip/astguiclient-vicidial Asterisk GUI client, VICIdial
wip/py-stache Mustache for Python
wip/fftw-mpich Collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs
devel/py-constantly Symbolic constants in Python
cad/felt Free system for introductory level finite element analysis
emulators/libretro-database ROM scanning data provided by the libretro project
print/tex-context-ruby Ruby annotations in ConTeXt
wip/metasploit Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing
comms/py-colorama Cross-platform coloured terminal text
comms/tn3270 Utilities for connecting to IBM VM/CMS systems
comms/pilotmgr Synchronize databases on any 3Com Palm device
comms/synce-rra Remote Replication Agent Connection protocol library
comms/p5-Data-AMF Serialise/deserialise AMF Packets
comms/multisync-gui GUI for libopensync
audio/pavumeter Volume meter for the PulseAudio sound server
emulators/libretro-glsl-shaders Libretro GLSL shaders
wip/marathon-scenarios Game data for numerous scenarios playable with the Aleph One engine
devel/p5-Mac-SystemDirectory Locate Mac OS X Standard System Directories
devel/p5-signatures Subroutine signatures with no source filter
devel/rt4 Industrial-grade ticketing system
devel/py-configobj Simple but powerful config file reader and write
devel/tet3 The Open Group test harness
devel/p5-CPAN-Meta-YAML Perl module to read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
devel/ocaml-migrate-parsetree Migrate parse trees between versions of OCaml
devel/chrpath Change the dynamic library load path of compiled binaries
devel/p5-List-UtilsBy Higher-order list utility functions
devel/p5-Devel-FindPerl Perl 5 module providing the path of the running perl
devel/monotone Free distributed version control system
devel/p5-ExtUtils-LibBuilder Perl5 module for building C libraries
devel/alex Tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
devel/librelp Reliable Event Logging Protocol core library
devel/ninja-build Ninja is a small build system with a focus on speed
devel/ocamlmod Generate OCaml modules from source files
wip/audiere Audiere is a high-level audio API
games/asc Turn based strategy game
devel/glib Some useful routines for C programming (glib1)
devel/p5-CHI Unified cache handling interface
devel/p5-Class-Field Perl 5 class field accessor generator
devel/heirloom-libcommon Collection of standard Unix utilities (libcommon)
devel/p5-Class-C3-Adopt-NEXT Perl5 module to make NEXT suck less
wip/llgo-git Go frontend for LLVM, written in Go
devel/bzr-gtk Various GTK+ frontends to Bazaar commands
devel/p5-IO-LockedFile Supply object methods for locking files
devel/p5-Module-Install-RTx Perl5 module for building and installing RT extensions
graphics/tex-epstopdf Convert EPS to encapsulated PDF using Ghostscript
print/tex-xetex-doc Documentation for tex-xetex
devel/libgnomeuimm C++ bindings for libgnomeui
devel/polly Polyhedral optimizations for LLVM
devel/p5-Rose-Object Very simple class base class used by Rose objects
wip/linux-modutils-old Linux kernel module utilities, .old versions
devel/ocaml-cmdliner Module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces
devel/ogre Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
time/p5-Date-ICal Perl extension for ICalendar date objects
devel/p5-File-Find-Rule-PPI Add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule
devel/p5-IO-stringy Perl class for I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
wip/minio High performance distributed object storage server
devel/diffuse Graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
print/tex-cases-doc Documentation for tex-cases
devel/opencm Secure, high-integrity replacement for CVS
devel/R-proto Prototype object-based programming
net/transmission Free, lightweight BitTorrent client
devel/p5-Devel-NYTProf Powerful feature-rich Perl 5 source code profiler
devel/p5-Hook-LexWrap Perl5 module providing lexically scoped subroutine wrappers
time/p5-DateTime-Format-SQLite Parse and format SQLite dates and times
devel/p5-MooX-HandlesVia NativeTrait-like behavior for Moo
devel/ruby-celluloid-supervision Celluloid Supervision
devel/py-blinker Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
devel/p5-Proc-Queue Limit the number of child processes running
devel/autogen The Automated Text and Program Generation Tool
print/tex-moreverb-doc Documentation for tex-moreverb
devel/cdk Curses Development Kit
devel/ecore Event Abstraction and Modular Convenience Library
devel/git-remote-hg Bridge support in git for mercurial
wip/dmd Digital Mars D compiler
devel/gputils Collection of tools for Microchips PIC micro-processors
print/tex-pdfpages Include PDF documents in LaTeX
wip/openlogos Openlogos is a language translation system
devel/libdatrie Implementation of Double-Array Trie
time/hebcal Perpetual Hebrew calendar
devel/libwnck Library to write pagers and tasklists
devel/log4cxx Logging framework for C++
wip/py-cbc Gravitational wave CBC analysis toolkit
devel/p5-App-CLI Dispatcher module for command line interface programs
devel/p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs
time/p5-Calendar-Simple Perl extension to create simple calendars
devel/p5-Devel-Cover Perl 5 module providing code coverage metrics
devel/p5-Devel-Trace Print out each line before it is executed (like sh -x)
devel/p5-ExtUtils-Command Perl 5 functions to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles
wip/py-ccdproc Stropy affiliated package
devel/pth GNU Portable Thread library
devel/p5-File-ShareDir-ProjectDistDir Perl extension for set-and-forget using a directory in projects root
devel/p5-MRO-Compat MRO::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
editors/nvi-m17n Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch
print/tex-abc-doc Documentation for tex-abc
devel/p5-Object-Accessor Module that allows per Object accessors (as opposed to per Class ..)
devel/p5-Path-Dispatcher-Declarative Perl 5 module providing a sugary dispatcher
devel/p5-PerlIO-eol Perl module for normalizing line endings
devel/p5-Template-Plugin-VMethods Install virtual methods into the Template Toolkit
time/p5-DateTime-Incomplete DateTime::Incomplete - An incomplete datetime, like January 5
devel/p5-Test-Command-Simple Test external commands (nearly) as easily as loaded modules
devel/p5-Test-LeakTrace Perl 5 module to trace memory leaks
devel/py-Pyro Distributed Object Technology system in Python
print/tex-ifoddpage Determine if the current page is odd or even
devel/py-logilab-astng Extend Python abstract syntax tree
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-PreferencePanes Bridge between Python and Objective-C (PreferencePanes framework)
devel/ruby-SDL Ruby extension library to use SDL library
devel/scintilla Source code editing component
devel/ruby-uglifier Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
wip/py-clid Simple vector mathematics library
devel/sofia-sip Open-source SIP User-Agent library
devel/st Non-preemptive thread library for Internet applications
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Structured Perl 5 module providing structured type constraints for Moose
time/p5-Time-Local Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Stringlike Commonly-used type constraints that do not ship with Moose by default
devel/kio Resource and network access abstraction
devel/p5-AutoXS-Header Perl 5 module container for the AutoXS header files
wip/libntfs Linux-NTFS project utilities for the Windows NT Filesystem
devel/p5-Test-Dir Test directory attributes
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-OpenDirectory Bridge between Python and Objective-C (OpenDirectory framework)
time/p5-Time-Warp Perl 5 module to control the flow of time
devel/p5-Git-Repository Perl interface to Git repositories
devel/ruby-randexp Library for generating random strings
devel/p5-ExtUtils-Config Wrapper for configuration of Perl
time/p5-Convert-NLS_DATE_FORMAT Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT <-> strftime Format Strings
devel/gettext-tools Tools for providing messages in different languages
devel/p5-autovivification Perl5 module to lexically disable autovivification
devel/error Insert compiler errors in source files as comments
devel/lua-BitOp Lua module which adds bitwise operations on numbers
devel/automoc4 Automatic moc for Qt 4 packages
print/tex-rcsinfo-doc Documentation for tex-rcsinfo
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Path-Class Path::Class type library for Moose
wip/py-corpus Arabic Quranic Corpus python API
devel/p5-File-MimeInfo Perl module for the freedesktop shared MIME database
devel/p5-Spiffy Object-oriented Perl framework
sysutils/collectd-mysql Statistics collection daemon - mysql plugin
devel/libmowgli Development framework for C (like GLib)
devel/p5-Params-Classify Perl5 module for argument type classification
wip/py-cracklib Tool for preventing users from choosing bad passwords
devel/p5-Module-ExtractUse Perl 5 module to find out what modules are used
devel/p5-Data-Printer Colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects
devel/ruby-thrift_client Thrift client wrapper for Ruby
editors/ce Chets Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , tty version
devel/py-tox Virtualenv-based automation of test activities
devel/p5-Moose-Policy Moose-mounted police
devel/py-hypothesis Python library for property based testing
editors/zim Zim brings the concept of a wiki to your desktop
devel/p5-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate Perl5 module to log to files which archive/rotate themselves
devel/p5-Moos Moo s{imple,peedy,ingle}
print/tex-ulem-doc Documentation for tex-ulem
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-AddressBook Bridge between Python and Objective-C (AddressBook framework)
editors/gnuserv Improved version of emacsserver for GNU Emacs
devel/flexdock Swing windowing and docking framework
devel/p5-Clone Perl module for recursively copying datatypes
sysutils/xfce4-mount-plugin Xfce mount/umount utility for the panel
wip/py-deltasigma Scale and map to implementable topologies delta sigma modulators
editors/ghex Hex editor
print/tex-MemoirChapStyles-doc Chapter styles in memoir class
editors/mule Multilingual GNU editing macros (editor)
editors/poedit Cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor
emulators/xnp2 Neko Project II PC-9801 emulator
wip/py-dj-database-url Use Database URLs in your Django Application
sysutils/rsnapshot Filesystem snapshot utility
emulators/blinkensim Blinkenlights graphics simulator
security/ruby-net-ssh-gateway Simple way to connect to servers behind a firewall or NAT
pkgtools/pkg_tarup Generates binary package(s) from installed pkg(s)
pkgtools/pkg_install Package management and administration tools for pkgsrc
pkgtools/dfdisk Fetch distfiles from multiple locations
wip/gambas3-gb-openal OpenAL library interface for Gambas
sysutils/swatch Simple log file watcher
wip/py-dropbox Python SDK for the Dropbox API v2
security/liboauth Embeddable oauth 1.0 implementation
security/cy2-ldapdb Cyrus SASL LDAPDB authentication plugin
security/sfs Secure, global, self-certifying network file system
security/libdes Small DES (Data Encryption Standard) lib & standalone program
security/HElib Homeomorphic Encryption library
security/antonym Anonymous nymserver account maintenance tool
security/cy2-crammd5 Cyrus SASL CRAM-MD5 authentication plugin
wip/squirrelmail-avelsieve Sieve Script editing plugin for SquirrelMail
security/engine-pkcs11 PKCS#11 engine for OpenSSL
print/tex-latex-course-doc LaTeX course as a projected presentation
sysutils/cpogm Copy owner, group and mode of a file
wip/thawab Thawab Arabic/Islamic encyclopedia system
security/p5-Crypt-GeneratePassword Generate secure random pronounceable passwords
security/ssldump SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
security/pam-ldap Pluggable authentication module for LDAP directories
security/f-prot-antivirus6-ms-bin F-PROT antivirus for Mail Servers
security/p5-Digest-Hashcash Perl5 extension module for hashcash hashes
security/pam-p11 Smart card PAM module
security/libfwbuilder Firewall Builder API
security/py-service_identity Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL
security/ccid Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC)
security/seahorse GnuPG front end and bonobo component for GNOME
security/cy2-ntlm Cyrus SASL NTLM authentication plugin
security/fprint-demo Simple GTK+ application to demonstrate libfprints capabilities
wip/h323plus Open H.323 library
security/msu Mini passwordless su
security/beecrypt Multipurpose cryptographic library
security/srm Secure replacement for rm(1)
sysutils/heirloom-file Collection of standard Unix utilities (file)
wip/py-hepcrawl Scrapy project for feeds into INSPIRE-HEP
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn DBIx::Class component to automatically encode columns
sysutils/fsviewer NextStep-like Filemanager for WindowMaker
print/tex-figflow Flow text around a figure
sysutils/gnome-settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon
sysutils/heirloom-sort Collection of standard Unix utilities (sort)
databases/p5-DBICx-Sugar Just some syntax sugar for DBIx::Class
wip/sgmltools-lite Friendly Python interface to SGML software
sysutils/ruby-facter Cross-platform Ruby library for retrieving facts from OS
wip/iText Java classes to generate PDF files on the fly
sysutils/heirloom-pgrep Collection of standard Unix utilities (pgrep)
wm/ratpoison Simple window manager with no fat library dependencies
sysutils/py-setconf Small utility to change settings in configuration textfiles
print/tex-germbib German variants of standard BibTeX styles
sysutils/wbm-shell Webmin module for executing shell commands
sysutils/wbm-useradmin Webmin module to manage users and groups
sysutils/p5-Mac-AppleScript Perl 5 module to execute applescript commands on OS X
devel/myrepos Treat multiple repositories as one combined repository
sysutils/heirloom-basename Collection of standard Unix utilities (basename)
sysutils/p5-GTop Perl interface to libgtop
textproc/py-sphinx Python documentation generator
wip/fastool Simple and quick FastQ and FastA tool for file reading and conversion
textproc/aspell-sl Slovenian language support for aspell
wip/pimcommon Common libraries for KDE PIM
devel/p5-Test-Refcount Assert reference counts on objects
textproc/docbook2mdoc Convert DocBook documentation into man pages (mdoc)
textproc/libxml++1 C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
textproc/p5-XML-Dumper Perl to XML structure input/output engine
textproc/p5-Text-Wrapper Perl5 module that provides simple word wrapping
databases/py-unicodecsv Drop-in replacement for Pythons csv module with unicode support
wip/bugzilla Web based bug tracking system
textproc/py-Tempita Small Python templating language
textproc/link-grammar Syntactic parsing library
net/py-tldextract Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains
wip/ripit Perl-script frontend for encoding audio CDs to OGG/MP3 files
devel/p5-Tie-Cycle Perl5 module to cycle through a list of values
textproc/heirloom-head Collection of standard Unix utilities (head)
textproc/hunspell-nl_NL Dutch dictionary for hunspell
net/nagios-plugin-ldap Nagios ldap plugin
lang/ocaml The latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML
textproc/p5-String-Similarity Calculate the similarity of two strings
textproc/p5-ack Grep-like text finder
textproc/py-numpydoc Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
textproc/ruby-cabocha CaboCha ruby module
textproc/p5-Unicode-CaseFold Unicode case-folding for case-insensitive lookups
textproc/py-html5lib HTML5 parser and tokenizer
textproc/lq-sp Modified SP package
textproc/makeindexk General purpose hierarchical index generator
print/foo2zjs Printer driver for Zenographics ZjStream wire protocol
textproc/tex-latexdiff-doc Documentation for tex-latexdiff
devel/p5-File-ChangeNotify Watch for changes to files, cross-platform style
textproc/p5-Text-Unidecode Perl5 module that transliterates Unicode to US-ASCII
time/p5-Rose-DateTime DateTime helper functions and objects for Rose
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Builder Create DateTime parser classes and objects
net/tigervnc High-performance, platform-neutral VNC client/server
time/p5-DateTime-Event-ICal DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences
print/foomatic-ppds-cups Foomatic PPD collection for CUPS servers
net/freeradius-memcached Free RADIUS support for memcached
www/p5-Plack-App-Proxy Plack middleware proxy application
devel/p5-Test-Inter Perl 5 framework for more readable interactive tests
wm/aewm++ Fork of the popular minimal window manager aewm
www/py-flask-assets Flask webassets integration
wip/etoile Desktop environment built on GNUstep
wip/gnuradio-wavelet Wavelet transform of GNU Radio
www/p5-LWP-UserAgent-Determined Perl5 virtual browser that retries errors
www/p5-Task-CatInABox Catalyst and related modules for exploring Catalyst
www/py-tornado Fast and non-blocking web framework
www/p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-Serial Represent auto-increment columns in a form
www/p5-Plack-Test-Agent OO interface for testing low-level Plack/PSGI apps
www/webby Static web page generator
www/py-flask-mail Flask extension for sending email
devel/p5-MooseX-MethodAttributes Perl5 module for code attribute introspection
net/freeradius-freetds Free RADIUS FreeTDS support
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Server Base Server plugin for RPC-able protocols
devel/p5-Wx-Perl-DataWalker Shows a relatively simple Perl data structure browser
www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple
www/thoth-delicious Thoth blog engine plugin
www/kannel Open source WAP and SMS gateway
print/pnm2ppa Filter to convert PNM file to PPA used by some HP DJ printer
www/p5-LWP-Protocol-PSGI Perl extension to override LWP HTTP/HTTPS backend with your PSGI app
graphics/p5-Image-JpegTran-AutoRotate Losslessly fix JPEG orientation
print/zathura PDF viewer with vi-like keybindings
www/p5-HTTP-Date Perl 5 module providing date conversion routines
print/tex-abntex2-doc Documentation for tex-abntex2
devel/p5-Config-GitLike Perl 5 module providing a git-compatible config file parser
www/liferea Simple FeedReader clone for reading RSS/RDF feeds
databases/ruby-dm-active_model Plugin to make datamapper active_model compliant
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N I18N for Catalyst
www/p5-HTTP-Headers-Fast Perl extension for faster implementation of HTTP::Headers
devel/p5-Sub-Identify Perl 5 module to retrieve names of code references
www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple
www/p5-Kwiki-HtmlBlocks Kwiki plugin to display blocks of HTML markup
print/tex-xskak-doc Documentation for tex-xskak
www/p5-POE-Component-Server-SOAP SOAP Server implementation for POE
www/p5-ParallelUserAgent CPAN Bundle for the LWP Parallel User Agent extension
devel/p5-Parse-Method-Signatures Perl 5 module providing Perl 6 like method signature parser
www/p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-Boolean Extend Rose::HTML::Objects RadioButtonGroup
devel/p5-Proc-Daemon Provide capability for a Perl program to run as a daemon
www/p5-libapreq Lots of Apache specific httpd handling modules
www/py-HTMLgen Class library for the generation of HTML documents
www/py-cfscrape Python module for dealing with Cloudfare protection
www/py-clearsilver Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
print/tex-babel-interlingua Babel support for Interlingua
wip/libharu Library for generating PDF files
www/py-flask-login User session management for Flask
print/ruby-gnome2-poppler Ruby binding of poppler-glib
www/py-pelican Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax
www/py-trytond-webdav Webdav module of the Tryton application platform
www/py-webcolors Library for working with color specifications for HTML and CSS
www/py-werkzeug Python WSGI Utility Library
www/ruby-http Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
devel/p5-String-Util String processing utilities
www/ruby-http-form_data Build form data request bodies
print/tex-cjk-ko-doc Documentation for tex-cjk-ko
devel/p5-Ouch Exceptions that dont hurt
www/ruby-rack-cache HTTP Caching for Rack
wip/p5-Text-Quote Quotes strings as required for perl to eval them back correctly
www/ruby-sawyer Secret User Agent of HTTP
databases/p5-Data-Table Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, etc
wip/py-peru Tool for fetching code
www/ruby-sinatra-contrib Collection of useful Sinatra extensions
www/ruby-websocket-driver WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
devel/ucl Portable lossless data compression library
print/tex-context-cyrillicnumbers-doc Documentation for tex-context-cyrillicnumbers
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Test-StashWarnings TODO: Short description of the package
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-RHTMLO Rose::HTML::Objects CRUD controller
www/py-django-countries Provides a country field for Django models
www/p5-HTML-StripScripts Perl5 module to strip scripting constructs out of HTML
wip/p5-Proc-Fork Simple, intuitive interface to the fork() system call
www/py-blosxom PyBlosxom is a lightweight file-based weblog system
devel/p5-MooseX-Attribute-Chained Attribute that returns the instance to allow for chaining
www/p5-HTTP-Request-AsCGI Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request
www/nvu Web Authoring System
devel/sunifdef Tool for eliminating superfluous C preprocessor conditionals
www/ruby-faye-websocket Standards-compliant WebSocket server and client
www/py-sparqlwrapper SPARQL endpoint interface to Python
www/p5-Catalyst-Controller-BindLex Put lexicals on the catalyst stash
devel/p5-Test-Distribution Perl5 module testing all modules of a distribution
wip/py-owslib OGC Web Service utility library
www/py-h2 HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation
www/qDecoder Web Application Interface for C/C++ (CGI Library)
www/libwww The W3C Reference Library
archivers/lzip Lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
www/p5-Twiggy AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI
print/tex-context-gantt-doc Documentation for tex-context-gantt
www/p5-Web-Scraper Perl 5 Web Scraping Toolkit inspired by Scrapi
www/p5-WordPress-XMLRPC Perl 5 API to WordPress XML-RPC services
devel/p5-B-Keywords Perl 5 module providing lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
www/p5-Catalyst-Engine-PSGI Perl 5 PSGI engine for Catalyst
www/ruby-padrino-mailer Mailer system for padrino
www/p5-FCGI-Client Perl 5 client library for fastcgi protocol
www/mongrel-upload-progress Mongrel plugin to track file upload status
archivers/innoextract Tool to unpack installers created by Inno Setup
archivers/dar Disk archiver
archivers/p5-Archive-Any-Lite Simple CPAN package extractor
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Vision Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Vision framework)
net/p5-Net-DHCP Object methods to create a DHCP packet
net/p5-Net-DNS-Zone-Parser Perl5 module for normalizing zone files
net/py-ipaddress Port of the python 3.3+ ipaddress module to 2.6 and 2.7
net/py-caldav CalDAV (RFC4791) client library for Python
net/py-Socks Python SOCKS client module
mail/qmail-autoresponder Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail
net/mldonkey-gui Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more (GTK interface)
net/openslp Open-source implementation of the Service Location Protocol
net/p5-DNS-ZoneParse Perl5 module for parsing DNS zone files
net/mbrowse Graphical SNMP MIB browser
net/speedtest-cli Command line client for use with
devel/p5-PerlIO-utf8_strict Perl extension to provide fast and correct UTF-8 I/O
net/grilo-plugins Plugins for grilo media browser
net/icsi-finger Distributed finger service
net/inadyn Dynamic DNS client
net/p5-X500-DN Handle X.500 DNs (Distinguished Names), parse and format them
wip/hs-hslua Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
net/p5-Net-Gnats Perl interface to the gnatsd daemon
net/proftpd-mysql MySQL module for proftpd
net/publicfile Secure read-only HTTP and FTP servers
wip/R-readxl Import excel files into R
net/sniproxy Proxy that routes based on TLS server name extension
net/stripes Looking Glass for Zebra and Cisco Routers
net/udpcast Send data simultaneously to many destinations on a LAN
net/py-pydns Python DNS library
net/twittering-mode Emacs client for twitter
net/ruby-soap4r Implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby
wip/cacti-plugin-realtime Provides a method to view Cacti graphs with a resolution of upto 5 sec
net/py-hatop Interactive client and monitoring tool for HAProxy
net/hs-network Haskell Low-level networking interface
net/miniupnpd UPnP IGD service with NAT-PMP support
net/libtelnet RFC-complient TELNET implementation as a C library
devel/p5-Hash-MultiValue Perl5 module to store multiple values per key
print/tex-ifluatex The \ifluatex switch for TeX
devel/p5-File-PathConvert Convert paths and URLs from absolute to relative and vice versa
print/tex-endfloat-doc Documentation for tex-endfloat
audio/lv2 Open standard for audio plugins, used by hundreds of plugins
audio/xmms X Multimedia System - an audio player with a Winamp GUI
audio/alacconvert Apple Lossless Audio Codec converter by Apple
audio/bmp-flac FLAC BMP plugin
audio/libao-macosx Cross-platform audio library (MacOS X plugin)
audio/spiralsynth Polyphonic analogue softsynth
wip/guichan Portable C++ GUI library for games
wip/mpb MIT Photonic Bands
devel/p5-IPC-PubSub Perl 5 module providing interprocess publish/subscribe channels
print/tex-gfnotation-doc Documentation for tex-gfnotation
lang/llvm Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure
graphics/evas-jpeg Evas JPEG image loader
graphics/photopc Manipulate digital cameras on Fujitsu chipset
graphics/p5-SVG-Graph Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
graphics/tex-feynmf-doc Documentation for tex-feynmf
devel/p5-File-DirSync Perl5 module to synchronize two directories rapidly
graphics/tex-pst-circ PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits
wip/svrcore Netscape svrcore is a kind of library to handle NSS PIN requests
graphics/xfce4-icon-theme Xfce icon themes
graphics/zathura-djvu Add DjVu support to zathura using djvulibre library
print/tex-latex TeX macro package that defines LaTeX
wip/jakarta-log4j Logging facility for Java
graphics/autopano-sift-C SIFT Feature Detection implementation
graphics/tex-splines MetaPost macros for drawing cubic spline interpolants
graphics/compface 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
devel/p5-Autodia Create documentation through templates
graphics/cairo-gobject Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
graphics/gexiv2 GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
print/tex-luatex LuaTeX basic definition package
print/tex-siunitx-doc Documentation for tex-siunitx
print/tex-showlabels Show label commands in the margin
print/tex-bibunits Multiple bibliographies in one document
print/py-pslib Python bindings for pslib
print/tex-secdot-doc Documentation for tex-secdot
print/tex-europasscv Unofficial class for the new version of the Europass curriculum vitae
print/tex-printlen Print lengths using specified units
x11/deforaos-notes DeforaOS desktop notes manager
print/tex-arabi-doc Documentation for tex-arabi
print/tex-caption-doc Documentation for tex-caption
devel/p5-CPAN-Meta-Check Perl module to verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
wip/ruby-neovim Ruby client to Neovim
print/tex-pict2e New implementation of picture commands
devel/py-kafka-python Pure Python client for Apache Kafka
print/tex-url Verbatim with URL-sensitive line breaks
print/tex-abstract-doc Documentation for tex-abstract
print/tex-amsmath-doc Documentation for tex-amsmath
print/tex-rcsinfo Support for the revision control system
print/tex-pdfcomment User-friendly interface to pdf annotations
print/tex-ukrhyph Hyphenation pattern files for Ukrainian
print/tex-pgf-doc Documentation for tex-pgf
print/tex-bezos-doc Documentation for tex-bezos
print/tex-hyphen-dutch Hyphenation patterns for Dutch
print/tex-bibtopic-doc Documentation for tex-bibtopic
wip/softflowd Flow-based network traffic analyser capable of Cisco NetFlow export
devel/p5-IPC-Shareable Tie a variable to shared memory
sysutils/strigi Small fast desktop searching program
print/tex-todo-doc Documentation for tex-todo
wip/fswebcam Pulls single images off of webcams without graphic bloat
sysutils/xosview X11 graphical display of OS statistics
devel/p5-Mac-Carbon Carbon API for perl on Mac OS X
wip/ircII-current Internet Relay Chat and Internet Citizens Band Client
devel/p5-MooseX-CompileTime-Traits Allow compile time traits for classes/roles
sysutils/pcmanfm Extremly fast and lightweight file manager
textproc/p5-iCal-Parser Parse iCalendar files into a data structure
print/tex-zxjafont-doc Documentation for tex-zxjafont
textproc/cityhash Provides hash functions for strings
devel/p5-Tie-Array-AsHash Perl module to access array(s) like hashes
pkgtools/rdigest Recursive message digest wrapper utility
devel/p5-Tie-LLHash Ordered hashes
multimedia/dumpmpeg Splits an MPEG stream into single images
devel/p5-Tie-ToObject Tie to an existing object
wip/py-lrparsing LR(1) parser hiding behind a pythonic interface
devel/p5-Tree-DAG_Node Class for representing nodes in a tree
print/cjkutils Utilities for CJK LaTeX
devel/p5-TryCatch First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters
wip/ilohamail Light weight yet full featured multilingual webmail
devel/p5-UNIVERSAL-moniker Perl module for assigning user-friendly names to classes
filesystems/fuse-unionfs FUSE-based union filesystem
wip/lzs-lkm NetBSD kernel module for LZS decompression with PPP
devel/p5-UNIVERSAL-require Perl module to require() from a variable
wip/cgnslib CFD General Notation System library code
devel/p5-ex-lib Perl 5 module to add in @INC absolute paths from relative ones
wip/py-cmtoolkit Unofficial Python port of the conformalmapping MATLAB toolbox
wip/py-xpra screen(1) for X
finance/py-trytond-sale-supply-drop-shipment Sale supply drop shipment of the Tryton application platform
wip/argouml UML design tool environment with cognitive support
wip/hs-haskell-src Manipulating Haskell source code
wip/picolisp64 Simple programming language and application server framework
wip/mpgedit MPEG audio file editor
wip/apel-git Portable Emacs library
wip/eciadsl-usermode Driver for Globespan chipset-based ADSL USB modems
wip/hs-haskore The Haskore Computer Music System
wip/mupen64-base Free Nintendo 64(TM) emulator for unix-like OS
wip/py-flavio Flavour physics phenomenology in the Standard Model and beyond
wip/yafray Yet Another Free Raytracer
wip/py-dolo Economic modelling in Python
wip/bonnie++-current Enhanced performance Test of Filesystem I/O
wip/py-ntch Examine python code and detect possible errors
wip/thepeg Toolkit for High Energy Physics Event Generation
wip/xtrlock Simple X11 screen lock tool
wip/pgstudio GUI to manage PostgreSQL database
devel/p5-strictures Perl 5 pragma to turn on strict and make all warnings fatal
wip/vimrc-mode Emacs major mode for editing .vimrc configuration files
www/p5-Catalyst-Action-REST Automated REST Method Dispatching
www/p5-Session-Storage-Secure Encrypted, expiring, compressed, serialized session data with integrity
graphics/metacam Digital camera image meta-information reader
graphics/tex-hatching MetaPost macros for hatching interior of closed paths
security/libmerkletree Calculate and verify Merkle tree digests
security/gnome-keyring-manager GNOME password and secret manager
time/p5-DateTime-Format-CLDR Parse and format CLDR, Common Locale Date Repository, time patterns
mail/roundcube Browser-based multilingual IMAP client
wip/threadingbuildingblocks Intel Threading Building Block
wip/cool-old-term-git Good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display
wip/netbsd-light-desktop-default-settings Default settings for NetBSD Light Desktop
wip/py-hdf5storage Utilities to read/write Python types to/from HDF5 files
wip/sysstat System performance tools for Linux
fonts/font-micro-misc Miscellaneous Micro PCF fonts
devel/xulrunner192 XML User Interface Language runtime environment
wip/pear-Horde_Injector Injection container for horde
print/tex-presentations-en-doc Examples from the book Presentations with LaTeX
fonts/ubuntu-fonts TrueType font family from Ubuntu
fonts/SDL2_ttf Use TrueType fonts in your SDL2 applications
fonts/tex-ccicons-doc Documentation for tex-ccicons
editors/manedit UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser for X11
wip/cinelerra-git Non-linear video and audio editor and compositor
ham/gnuradio-wavelet Wavelet transform of GNU Radio
devel/p5-Module-Implementation Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations
devel/p5-Algorithm-HowSimilar Perl module for computation of similarity amongst values
devel/tailor Tool to migrate changesets between various version control systems
devel/cmockery2 Reviving cmockery unit test framework from Google
devel/p5-Tie-Array-Sorted Array which is kept sorted
devel/p5-Class-ISA Report the search path for a classs ISA tree
print/tex-biblatex-doc Documentation for tex-biblatex
converters/p5-Unicode-String Perl5 modules to handle various Unicode issues
fonts/mkfontdir X11 Font Index Generator
wip/ddocent Bash pipeline for RAD sequencing
wip/libLLVM38 Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure (old version)
sysutils/dtb-arm64-sun50i DTB files for arm64 sun50i based boards
wip/taskcoach Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager
wip/arm-elf-binutils Cross binutils for bare metal classic ARM ELF
wip/armadillo C++ linear algebra library
devel/p5-Import-Into Perl5 module to import packages into other packages
print/tex-templates-fenn-doc Templates for TeX usage
wip/autoq3d Application for computer aided drafting in two and dimensions
wip/backintime Simple backup system for the GNOME desktop
wip/bfgminer Modular ASIC/FPGA Bitcoin miner
devel/p5-Devel-CheckCompiler Check the compiler availability
print/tex-curves-doc Documentation for tex-curves
graphics/p5-Image-Size Read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats
graphics/pear-Image_Graph Package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot
devel/p5-Test-Stream Successor to Test::More and Test::Builder
mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole Support for the Sieve language and the ManageSieve protocol
databases/ruby-sequel Model classes for the Sequel Database Toolkit
shells/mksh MirBSD Korn Shell
wip/baler Store data in bales and provide a TOC for direct access
x11/xdg-user-dirs Tool to manage well known user directories
security/prngd Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
devel/p5-Devel-GlobalDestruction Perl 5 package exposing the flag which marks global destruction
print/tex-xtab-doc Documentation for tex-xtab
devel/p5-MetaCPAN-Client Comprehensive, DWIM-featured client to the MetaCPAN API
devel/apache-maven Apache Projects software project management and comprehension tool
devel/gnustep-make GNUstep makefile package
devel/p5-Data-Denter (deprecated) alternative Perl 5 module to Data::Dumper and Storable
devel/p5-Module-Build-XSUtil Module::Build class for building XS modules
devel/p5-Make Perl5 module implementing make in Perl
print/tex-context-transliterator-doc Documentation for tex-context-transliterator
editors/tea Powerful, easy-to-use text editor for Gtk2
wip/py-htmlparser Backport of HTMLParser from python 2.7
wip/ap2-auth-imap Module to allow apache2 authentication against an IMAP server
wip/gnome-settings-daemon GNOME settings daemon
devel/p5-File-Touch Perl 5 module to touch files
wip/gtkmmorse Morse Code Trainer
wip/hashcat Worlds fastest and most advanced password recovery utility
wip/scourge Graphical 3D roguelike, vermin extermination
wip/gauche-pib Gauche library for the IRC protocol
wip/silky Silky is an easy-to-use graphical SILC client
wip/qt5-qtbase-git C++ X GUI toolkit
wip/pydance Simulator of Dance Dance Revolution and similar games
wip/revbump Tools for bumping PKGREVISIONs (for pkgsrc developers)
wip/natali AT&T/Apple AppleTalk Library Interface for Netatalk
wip/pbcopper Core C++ library for data structures, algorithms, and utilities
wip/bagel Domain specific compiler for lattice QCD
wip/pear-Horde_Auth Authentification backends
wip/ghostscript-cidfonts-ryumin Enable Ryumin-Light and GothicBBB for ghostscript
devel/gtexinfo GNU info documentation utilities
wip/PatternPaint Making beautiful light shows is as easy as drawing a picture
devel/py-ipaddr Google open source IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library in Python
wip/avr-gcc GNU gcc-4.9 for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
print/tex-IEEEconf Macros for IEEE conference proceedings
audio/libvisual-bmp Libvisual Beep Media Player plugin
audio/mpc Command-line client for musicpd
security/polkit-qt Qt Wrapper around PolicyKit
devel/p5-Test-Pod-Coverage Check for pod coverage in your distribution
security/credns Validates DNSSEC in the DNS notify/transfer-chain
security/isakmpd OpenBSD IKE daemon
devel/p5-ExtUtils-CBuilder Perl5 module for compiling and linking C code for Perl modules
security/cy2-digestmd5 Cyrus SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication plugin
security/cy2-scram Cyrus SASL SCRAM authentication plugin
security/gpa GUI frontend to gnupg
security/kdesu Integration with su for elevated privileges
security/kwallet Secure and unified container for user passwords
editors/ssam UTF-8-aware stream editor like sed(1), using the sam command set
wip/clisp-asdf Another System Definition Facility for Common Lisp
security/libtcpa TCPA libraries and test programs from IBM
security/msudir Easy setuid script management
security/openvas-server Server for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
print/tex-hyph-utf8 Hyphenation patterns expressed in UTF-8
security/prelude-correlator Intrusion event correlation engine
devel/p5-File-Type Perl module for determining file type
wip/commandergenius The ultimate Commander Keen interpreter
security/sslwrap Simple SSL wrapper
devel/p5-Devel-OverrideGlobalRequire Perl 5 package that overrides CORE::GLOBAL::require safely
security/keychain Nice ssh-agent front-end
security/CoolKey Driver support for the CoolKey and CAC products
security/libsodium Library for build higher-level cryptographic tools
print/tex-fwlw Get first and last words of a page
security/p5-Crypt-PasswdMD5 MD5-based crypt() function
devel/libstatgrab Provides a useful interface to system statistics
security/ocaml-ssl SSL library for OCaml
security/tcp_wrappers Monitor and filter incoming requests for network services
devel/p5-Function-Parameters Perl5 subroutine definitions with parameter lists
wip/hs-hxt-charproperties Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode
devel/p5-OOTools Perl module collection to easily create constructors methods
security/prelude-manager Prelude IDS manager
security/kauth Abstraction to system policy and authentication features
security/p5-Crypt-Blowfish Perl5 Blowfish implementation
editors/mflteco MFL clone of Tape Editor and COrrector
security/kgpg KDE encryption tool
devel/p5-Test-SubCalls Perl5 module to track the number of times subs are called
chat/tirc Tokens Internet Relay Chat Client
chat/anope Set of Services for IRC networks
chat/fisg Fast IRC statistics generator
wip/fluxspace Fluxbox workspace manager, environment
editors/xournal Take notes, sketch and annotate PDFs
chat/ktp-kded-integration-module KDE Telepathy integration into KDE workspaces
editors/ng Very light Emacs-clone with japanese support
chat/pidgin Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client GTK frontend
wip/darcs-to-git Convert a Darcs repository into a Git repository
devel/p5-Log-LogLite Simple logging class for Perl
chat/ekg Experimental Gadu-Gadu Client (Polish instant messaging system)
chat/phone Multi-person chat program, like VMS phone
chat/loudmouth Lightweight Jabber client library
chat/p5-Net-Goofey Perl module for communicating with a Goofey server
chat/unrealircd Advanced IRC server with IPv6 and SSL support
chat/pidgin-silc SILC plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
textproc/ispell-pl Polish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-SVN Simple SVN interface for Padre
textproc/p5-Text-Quoted Extract the structure of a quoted mail message
textproc/queequeg Tiny English grammar checker for non-native speakers
textproc/p5-Lingua-Preferred Choose a preferred language from a selection