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wip/lumberjack Rolling logger for Go
devel/go-review Git Codereview plugin used by the Go project
lang/go111 The Go programming language
wip/p6-zef Perl 6 module manager
www/caddy General-purpose web server
sysutils/py-augeas Python bindings for Augeas
textproc/go-text Supplementary text processing libraries for Go
net/gcloud-golang-metadata Google Compute Engine metadata package
wip/paxmirabilis Archiving utility for tar, cpio and ar
textproc/py-jsonschema Implementation of JSON Schema for Python
sysutils/py-google-compute-engine Packages for Google Compute Engine images
security/p5-BSD-arc4random Perl interface to the arc4 random number generator
devel/google-api-go-client Go client library for various Google APIs
devel/golint Linter for Go source files
wip/tealdeer Simplified, example based and community-driven man pages
sysutils/p5-Config-Augeas Edit configuration files through Augeas C library
devel/go-tools Tools for use with Go, including godoc
security/go-oauth2 OAuth 2 library for Go
devel/py-retry_decorator Retry decorator for Python
security/py-crcmod Cyclic Redundancy Checksums in Python
net/py-gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin Boto auth plugin for Google Cloud Storage
net/py-gsutil Command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services
wip/vgo Versioned Go prototype
security/2fa Command-line client for two-factor authentication
sysutils/dosfstools Tools for working with FAT filesystems
sysutils/py-borgbackup Deduplicating backup program with compression and encryption
lang/go112 The Go programming language
textproc/hfstospell HFST spell checker library and command line tool
lang/go19 The Go programming language, version 1.9
www/py-google-apitools Client libraries for humans
wip/oranchelo-icon-theme Flat icon theme for XFCE
devel/py-fakefs Fake file system that mocks the Python file system modules
security/py-google-reauth Library to support two-factor authentication
security/py-u2f U2F host library for interacting with a U2F device
wip/delve Go debugger
security/libb2 C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2sp
sysutils/augeas Tool for editing configuration programmatically
lang/go14 The Go programming language
lang/go110 The Go programming language
net/go-net Supplementary network libraries for Go
wip/go113 The Go programming language