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net/maradns Secure DNS server for *NIX systems
wip/cl-alexandria Alexandria is a collection utilities for Common Lisp
wip/cl-who CL-WHO - Yet another Lisp markup language
devel/py-subvertpy Alternative Python bindings for Subversion
devel/bzr-gtk Various GTK+ frontends to Bazaar commands
wip/clisp-asdf Another System Definition Facility for Common Lisp
wip/cl-trivial-gray-streams Trivial-gray-streams is a compatibility layer for Gray streams
wip/cl-flexi-streams FLEXI-STREAMS - Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp
wip/cl-babel Babel is a character encoding/decoding library for Common Lisp
wip/cl-trivial-features Trivial-features ensures consistent *FEATURES* in Common Lisp
wip/cl-fad CL-FAD is a thin layer atop Common Lisp standard pathname functions
devel/bzr Bazaar open source distributed version control system
devel/qbzr GUI front end for Bazaar
wip/cl-unicode CL-UNICODE - A portable Unicode library for Common Lisp
devel/bzr-explorer GUI frontend to bzr
devel/bzr-svn Foreign Subversion repository support for Bazaar
wip/cl-cffi The Common Foreign Function Interface for Common Lisp
wip/cl-bordeaux-threads Portable shared-state concurrency for Common Lisp
wip/cl-ppcre-unicode CL-PPCRE-UNICODE is the CL-PPCRE package with Unicode support
wip/cl-anaphora Anaphora is the anaphoric macro collection
wip/cl-split-sequence Common Lisp utility to split sequences
devel/bzrtools Collection of plugins for Bazaar
wip/cl-ppcre CL-PPCRE is a portable regular expression library for Common Lisp