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meta-pkgs/bulk-medium Meta-package for a standard medium-sized limited bulk build
security/mozilla-rootcerts-openssl Wedge for installing and managing mozilla-rootcerts
meta-pkgs/bulk-small Meta-package for a standard short limited bulk build
editors/emacs Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
devel/tradcpp Traditional (K&R-style) C preprocessor
devel/py-tabular Tabular data tools for Python
editors/emacs-nox11 Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
editors/emacs20 GNU editing macros (editor)
meta-pkgs/bulk-large Meta-package for a standard largish limited bulk build
lang/ghc-bootstrap Bootstrap kit generator for the GHC Haskell compiler
lang/newsqueak Newsqueak: a language for communicating with mice
lang/pict Concurrent language based on Milners pi calculus
x11/xview-config OpenLook Toolkit config files
emulators/sys161 System/161 MIPS emulator
math/z3 The Z3 theorem prover / SMT solver