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sysutils/rsyslog-dbi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the dbi module
security/py-certbot Client for the Lets Encrypt CA
sysutils/collectd Statistics collection daemon base
www/ap2-xsendfile Apache 2 module that processes X-SENDFILE headers
security/php-ssh2 PHP bindings to the functions of libssh2
sysutils/rsyslog-gnutls Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gnutls module
sysutils/liblogging Easy to use logging library
sysutils/rsyslog-mysql Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the mysql module
sysutils/rsyslog-gssapi Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the gssapi module
sysutils/manifold SMF service manifest creation tool
devel/gearmand Gearman C Server and Library
databases/sqlrelay-nodejs node.js API for SQL Relay
sysutils/rsyslog-relp Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the relp module
sysutils/rsyslog-rabbitmq Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the rabbitmq module
security/py-acme ACME protocol implementation in Python
www/php-http PHP extension for extended HTTP support
devel/librelp Reliable Event Logging Protocol core library
net/libtelnet RFC-complient TELNET implementation as a C library
sysutils/beats Data Shippers for Elasticsearch
audio/sphinxtrain CMUSphinx speed recognition acoustic model training tools
devel/lua-filesystem File system related library for Lua
www/pup Parsing HTML at the command line
textproc/sphinxsearch Sphinx Full-Text Search Engine
www/ap22-authz-ldap Apache LDAP Authorization module
devel/zookeeper Highly reliable distributed coordination server
sysutils/rsyslog-elasticsearch Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the elasticsearch module
cad/oce Open CASCADE Community Edition
devel/librdkafka Apache Kafka C/C++ library
archivers/lz4 Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
parallel/pdsh High-performance, parallel remote shell utility
lang/nodejs8 V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
devel/py-hash Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library
www/trafficserver Fast, scalable and extensible caching proxy server
geography/mapcode Mapcode Library for C/C++
audio/pocketsphinx CMUSphinx speech recognition C library
databases/sqlrelay Database connection pooling middleware and API
chat/prosody Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua
net/dnsdist Highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
security/py-ndg_httpsclient HTTPS client implementation for httplib and urllib2 based on PyOpenSSL
sysutils/consul Tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration
net/rabbitmq Implementation of AMQP that provides robust messaging for applications
sysutils/rsyslog The enhanced syslogd for Unix
devel/py-argcomplete Bash tab completion for argparse
audio/sphinx3 CMUSphinx speech recognition frontend
databases/libmongo-client Alternative C driver for MongoDB
security/vault Tool for managing secrets
lang/nodejs V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
databases/pg_repack Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks
net/rabbitmq-c C-language AMQP client library for use with AMQP servers
databases/couchdb Document database server, accessible via a RESTful JSON API
sysutils/rsyslog-omprog Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the omprog module
textproc/libfastjson Fast json library for C
www/passenger Web and application server for Ruby, Python and Node.js
www/ap2-passenger Passenger module for Apache 2.x
databases/redis Persistent key-value database with built-in net interface
chat/ejabberd Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server
audio/sphinxbase CMUSphinx speech recognition support library
www/php-fpm FPM interface for PHP7.1
finance/magento Feature-rich eCommerce platform
math/py-scikit-learn Machine learning algorithms for Python
security/php-ssh2-0 PHP bindings to the functions of libssh2
security/hitch High performance SSL/TLS proxy
databases/sqlrelay-sqlite SQLite support for SQL Relay
databases/wiredtiger Open Source extensible platform for data management
databases/mongo-tools MongoDB CLI tools
textproc/crush-tools Collection of tools for processing delimited-text data
www/php-http3 PHP extension for extended HTTP support
databases/innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor program
databases/pgpool2 Middleware between PostgreSQL servers and a PostgreSQL database client
databases/php-sqlrelay PHP extension for SQL Relay
databases/py-barman Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
databases/py-peewee Small, expressive ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
databases/mongo-c-driver MongoDB client library written in C
databases/py-cassandra-driver DataStax Python Driver for Apache Cassandra
sysutils/rsyslog-kafka Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the kafka module
sysutils/rsyslog-snmp Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the snmp module
sysutils/liblognorm Tool to normalize log data
databases/mariadb-connector-c MariaDB Connector/C library
lang/npm Package manager for JavaScript
sysutils/rsyslog-libgcrypt Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the libgcrypt module
devel/kafka Distributed streaming platform
devel/php-memcached PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
sysutils/rsyslog-pgsql Enhanced syslogd for Unix - the pgsql module