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pkgtools/pkg_select Curses based pkgsrc system browser / manager
net/nagstamon Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop
www/p5-WWW-Curl Perl binding interface for curl
wip/nos-tun The nos-tun utility is used to establish an nos style tunnel
pkgtools/pkg_notify Notifies package maintainer when a new version is available
net/wimon Tool that shows a real-time graph of your wireless connection
net/csup Rewrite of the CVSup file updating client in C
devel/p5-Term-ProgressBar Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal
shells/lshell Lshell restricts users environment to specified commands
wip/p5-News-Newsrc Perl module to manage newsrc files
pkgtools/pkgse Fetch informations about a NetBSD package from
www/p5-WordPress-XMLRPC Perl 5 API to WordPress XML-RPC services
devel/py-pytemplate Pytemplate gives python developpers a starting framework
wip/eciadsl-usermode Driver for Globespan chipset-based ADSL USB modems
sysutils/ftwin Ftwin finds duplicate files according to their content
math/p5-Math-Random Random number generators
wip/p5-NNTPClient Perl 5 module to talk to NNTP (RFC977) server
mail/dkim-milter Open source DKIM filter software from Sendmail, Inc
wip/libpusb Simple and portable USB development interface
graphics/libpuzzle Libpuzzle is designed to quickly find visually similar images