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pkgtools/dfdisk Fetch distfiles from multiple locations
sysutils/etcutils Utilities to programmatically edit configuration files
devel/lutok Lightweight C++ API for Lua
wip/p5-Tk-TableMatrix Table/Matrix widget extension to Perl/Tk
security/google-authenticator One-time password generator and PAM module from Google
pkgtools/pkg_alternatives Generic wrappers for programs with similar interfaces
sysutils/sysupgrade Automate upgrades of NetBSD
sysutils/sysbuild-user Runs sysbuild periodically under a dedicated user
pkgtools/autoswc Generates system wide cache files for GNU autoconf
devel/quilt Tools to manage series of patches
pkgtools/pkg_comp-cron Configures periodic pkgsrc binary package builds
sysutils/sandboxctl Manages chroot-based sandboxes
textproc/xmlcatmgr XML and SGML catalog manager
pkgtools/verifypc Sanity check package dependencies according to pkg-config
devel/kyua Testing framework for infrastructure software
devel/atf Automated testing framework
sysutils/sysbuild Automates builds of NetBSD and manages source trees
pkgtools/pkg_comp Automates builds of packages and manages pkgsrc trees
textproc/ispell-es Spanish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
textproc/markdown2social Converts simple Markdown documents to Google+ posts
wip/muine Simple and intuitive music player for GNOME
textproc/ispell-ca Catalan dictionary for interactive spelling checker
devel/shtk Application toolkit for POSIX-compliant shell scripts