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net/deforaos-vncviewer DeforaOS desktop VNC viewer
wip/deforaos-desktop Meta-package for the DeforaOS Desktop environment
wip/php-gtk2 PHP extension for Gtk+ 2.0
wip/deforaos-todo DeforaOS desktop todo list
security/pev The PE analysis toolkit
devel/bokken Open Source Reverse Code Engineering
x11/deforaos-notes DeforaOS desktop notes manager
devel/py-google-apputils Google Application Utilities for Python
security/py-acme-tiny A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Lets Encrypt
sysutils/deforaos-browser DeforaOS desktop file manager and desktop handler
editors/deforaos-editor DeforaOS desktop text editor
wip/deforaos-locker DeforaOS desktop screensaver
wip/deforaos-phone DeforaOS desktop telephony
wip/xbmc Software media player and entertainment hub for digital media
sysutils/py-pefile Python module to read and work with PE files
wip/deforaos-pdfviewer DeforaOS desktop PDF viewer
devel/deforaos-asm DeforaOS (dis)assembly framework
wip/acme-client Secure Lets Encrypt client
sysutils/py-magic File type identification using libmagic
wip/deforaos-editor DeforaOS desktop text editor
security/py-cybox Python library for manipulating CybOX content
devel/py-protobuf Python bindings for protobuf
wip/deforaos-mixer DeforaOS desktop volume mixer
wip/deforaos-init DeforaOS system session
wip/openbsc Free software implementation for GSM/3GPP protocol stack and elements
devel/py-radare2 Reverse engineering framework (Python bindings)
devel/sofia-sip Open-source SIP User-Agent library
pkgtools/pkg Package management tool for FreeBSD
graphics/deforaos-camera DeforaOS desktop camera
security/yara Pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers
wip/deforaos-libdesktop DeforaOS desktop library
wip/pev The PE analysis toolkit
time/deforaos-todo DeforaOS desktop todo list
security/py-libtaxii Python library for handling TAXII Messages and Services
chat/telegram-purple libpurple protocol plugin for the Telegram messenger
devel/deforaos-libsystem DeforaOS core system library
x11/deforaos-locker DeforaOS desktop screensaver
mail/deforaos-mailer DeforaOS desktop e-mail client
wip/deforaos-framer DeforaOS desktop window manager
wip/deforaos-probe DeforaOS system monitoring infrastructure
wip/nodm TODO: Short description of the package
security/py-yara Yara python bindings
x11/deforaos-panel DeforaOS desktop panel
x11/deforaos-integration DeforaOS desktop integration
wip/testssl Checks servers for TLS/SSL flaws
wip/xoo Graphical wrapper around Xnest/Xephyr
wip/deforaos-camera DeforaOS desktop camera
wip/deforaos-player DeforaOS desktop media player
wip/libosmocore This is the libosmocore library
print/deforaos-pdfviewer DeforaOS desktop PDF viewer
wip/olsrd Ad-hoc wireless mesh routing daemon
wip/deforaos-keyboard DeforaOS desktop virtual keyboard
wip/john-jumbo Unix Password Cracker (community-enhanced version)
wip/deforaos-accessories DeforaOS Accessories
wip/php-composer Dependency Manager for PHP
wip/deforaos-mailer DeforaOS desktop e-mail client
wip/fwknop Port knocking via Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
devel/deforaos-cpp DeforaOS C code pre-processing library
meta-pkgs/deforaos-desktop Meta-package for the DeforaOS Desktop environment
wip/libgtkstylus Gtk+ 2 third-button emulation library
wip/deforaos-surfer DeforaOS desktop web browser
security/py-stix Python library for manipulating STIX content
www/deforaos-surfer DeforaOS desktop web browser
finance/cpuminer CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin
wip/deforaos-panel DeforaOS desktop panel
fonts/awesome-ttf The iconic font and CSS toolkit
x11/deforaos-libdesktop DeforaOS desktop library
wip/foxtrotgps GPS application
multimedia/flvstreamer Open source command-line RTMP client
comms/deforaos-phone DeforaOS desktop telephony
databases/deforaos-libdatabase DeforaOS libDatabase
devel/deforaos-configure DeforaOS automated Makefile generation tool
x11/deforaos-keyboard DeforaOS desktop virtual keyboard
security/php-ssdeep PHP extension for ssdeep
wip/deforaos-browser DeforaOS desktop file manager and desktop handler
wip/deforaos-terminal DeforaOS desktop terminal emulator
graphics/deforaos-icon-theme Artwork for the DeforaOS desktop
multimedia/deforaos-player DeforaOS desktop media player
security/ssdeep Program computing context triggered piecewise hashes (CTPH)
devel/sloccount Counting physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)
sysutils/deforaos-terminal DeforaOS desktop terminal emulator
x11/modular-xorg-xephyr Xephyr server based on kdrive from modular
audio/deforaos-mixer DeforaOS desktop volume mixer
devel/deforaos-coder DeforaOS Coder