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time/grdc Grand digital clock from FreeBSD-current games
textproc/ispell-ru-io Russian (KOI8-R) ispell dictonary from Alexander Lebedev
textproc/ispell-ru Russian (KOI8-R) ispell dictonary from Alexander Lebedev
databases/leveldb Fast and lightweight key/value database library by Google
databases/py-mongo Python driver for MongoDB
security/pwsafe CLI based PasswordSafe compatible password manager
math/R-VGAM Vector generalized linear and additive models
converters/ru-d1489 CP866<->KOI8-R, CP1251<->KOI8-R and font converters acc. to RFC1489
sysutils/cdbkup CD-R(W) backup/restore system
time/xdkcal X Desktop Calendar
devel/R-iterators Provides iterator construct