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devel/py-gobject3 Python bindings for glib2 gobject
security/ecap_clamav_adapter eCAP ClamAV adapter
benchmarks/glmark2 OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark
x11/gtksourceview3 Text widget that extends GTK3s GtkTextView widget
devel/gdbus-codegen Generate code and/or documentation for one or more D-Bus interfaces
devel/libwnck3 Library to write pagers and tasklists
print/tex-textcase Case conversion ignoring mathematics, etc
devel/glib2 Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
games/gnome-sudoku Number grid logic puzzle
games/qqwing Sudoku puzzle generator and solver
math/gnome-calculator Desktop calculator for GNOME
print/tex-textcase-doc Documentation for tex-textcase
print/pmw High quality music typesetting program
textproc/yelp-xsl XSL stylesheets for Yelp help browser
textproc/itstool ITS Tool allows you to translate XML documents with PO files
devel/accerciser3 Interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
devel/at-spi2-atk Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface A11y Toolkit
x11/gnome-desktop3 GNOME3 desktop-wide documents and libgnome-desktop library
graphics/adwaita-icon-theme Standard GNOME icons
math/py-lmfit Least-squares minimization with bounds and constraints
sysutils/gio-fam FAM backend for GIO, the glib VFS API
games/hitori Logic game similar to Sudoku
devel/swig3 Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (version 3)
misc/yelp3 Mallard capable help browser
editors/gedit3 Lightweight GNOME UTF-8 text editor
graphics/eog3 Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
www/e2guardian Web content filtering proxy
textproc/gspell Spell checking API for GTK+ applications
editors/ne Terminal text editor
www/libecap C++ implementation of eCAP API
devel/py-at-spi2 Python Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
devel/py-gobject3-common Python version independent files for glib2 gobject bindings
devel/at-spi2-core Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface Core