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wip/pacman Simple library-based package manager
wip/deluge Lightweight, free software, cross-platform BitTorrent client
wip/rippled Ripple peer-to-peer network daemon
wip/plibsys Highly portable C system library
wip/xbps The X Binary Package System
wip/proplib Portable Property container object library
lang/guile20 Official extension language for the GNU operating system (2.0 branch)
wip/chezscheme Cisco implementation of the Scheme programming language
wip/capicxx-core-runtime GENIVI common API C++ core runtime
wip/dlt-daemon GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace
wip/getdns Modern asynchronous DNS API
wip/rootsh Logging wrapper for shells
wip/realpath DragonFly BSDs version of realpath utility
net/megatools Command line client for
wip/lscpu The lscpu for BSD
wip/py-multimethods Multimethods for Python
wip/py-codecov Python report uploader for Codecov
wip/dlt-viewer GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace viewing program
wip/py-conan C/C++ package manager
wip/tracy Real time, nanosecond resolution frame profiler
wip/py-distro OS platform information API
wip/py-patch Library to parse and apply unified diffs
wip/py-pluginbase Simple but flexible plugin system for Python
wip/py-node-semver Python version of node-semver
wip/py-nose-pathmunge Plugin to the nose test framework which provides a method to add directories to the sys.path of nose.
wip/libopenshot-audio Library for high-quality editing and playback of audio
wip/libzahl Library for arbitrary size integers, bigint
wip/py-influxdb Python client for InfluxDB
wip/py-mido Library for working with MIDI messages and ports.
wip/ffxvid Small script to encode to Xvid video
devel/py-distro OS platform information API
wip/py-mapcode Mapcode module for Python
wip/lzlib In-memory LZMA compression and decompression library
wip/py-black Uncompromising Python code formatter
wip/py-patch-ng Library to parse and apply unified diffs