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wip/twitim Twitim is a Twitter client for GNOME
wip/p5-Net-UPnP Perl extension for UPnP
wip/ever-note-mode Refer and edit Evernote notes directly from Emacs
wip/audiere Audiere is a high-level audio API
wip/ipax0208font-ttf TrueType IPA fonts based on JIS X0208
wip/p5-Net-DBus-GLib Perl extension for the DBus GLib bindings
wip/ftgl C++ library of Freetype2 in OpenGL applications
wip/rsget Perl application designed to retrieve files from download services
wip/py-libtorrent-rasterbar Python binding of rasterbar libtorrent library
wip/ciwiki CiWiki is a small and simple WikiWikiWeb implementation written in C
wip/ghostpcl-urwfonts-ttf PCL 80 std ttf fonts under AFPL (except for PostScript 35 std fonts)
wip/pinkpony Pink Pony is a 3D racing game with ponies!
wip/pythoncad PythonCAD is a CAD package written, surprisingly enough, in Python
graphics/glfw GLFW is a free, Open Source, multi-platform library of OpenGL
wip/p5-Gtk2-Spell Bindings for GtkSpell with Gtk2