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wip/mp3chop Program for chopping up mp3 files
fonts/cyr-rfx-mac-cyrillic Cyrillic X11 fonts in mac-cyrillic encoding
wip/vista-fonts TrueType fonts from Microsoft Windows Vista
wip/gitg Git repository browser
games/gtkballs GTK+ clone of Color Lines
wip/macro11 Portable replacement of MACRO-11 (PDP-11 assembler)
net/pload Network interface monitor for X11, monitoring totals and in/out rates
sysutils/memconf Physical memory information utility
security/paperkey Extract essence of OpenPGP secret key for printing
emulators/libdsk Library for accessing floppy discs and disc image files
net/jwhois Configurable WHOIS client
fonts/cyr-rfx-winlatin_1 Cyrillic X11 fonts in winlatin-1 encoding
graphics/xzgv Image viewer
fonts/cyr-rfx-windows_1251 Cyrillic X11 fonts in windows-1251 encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8_1 Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-1 encoding
sysutils/dvdisaster Protects data on optical media with error correcting codes
wip/pydance Simulator of Dance Dance Revolution and similar games
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso8859_15 Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso8859-15 encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso10646_0400 Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso10646-0400 encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-o Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-o encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-ub Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-ub encoding
wip/cpm Console Password Manager
net/get_iplayer Search, index, record or stream BBC iPlayer broadcasts
audio/ocp Open Cubic Player
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-ru Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-ru encoding
audio/libdca DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso8859_5 Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso8859-5 encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-bulgarian-mik Cyrillic X11 fonts in bulgarian-mik encoding
fonts/cyr-rfx-ibm-cp866 Cyrillic X11 fonts in ibm-cp866 encoding
wip/ukncbtl-git Emulator of UKNC, a Soviet school computer