The following packages where found for maintainer:
wip/softvms [CURRENT] Emulator capable of running some Sega VMS games
wip/wjelement [CURRENT] Flexible JSON manipulation and schema validataion in C
wip/cdirip [CURRENT] Program for extracting tracks from a CDI (DiscJuggler) image
wip/sds [CURRENT] Simple dynamic strings library for C
wip/vmware-sercons [CURRENT] Tool for attaching simply to VMware Fusion Serial Consoles
wip/recidivm [CURRENT] Estimates a programs peak virtual memory use
wip/hungrycat [CURRENT] Prints file contents, while freeing disk space occupied by the file
wip/pipes-c [CURRENT] Mimics the pipes screensaver in a terminal window
devel/lcdis [CURRENT] Disassembler for the Sega VMU/VMS
devel/aslc86k [CURRENT] Macro assembler that can assemble programs of the Visual Memory System