./cad/klayout, Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.25.6nb1, Package name: klayout-0.25.6nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Although a comparatively simple piece of software, a layout viewer is not
only just a tool for the chip design engineer. Today design's complexity
require not only a simple "viewer". Rather, a viewer is the microscope
through which the engineer looks at the design.

There are numerous viewers available, but sadly there are not many which
satisfy a few basic requirements. Most of them are commercial and
expensive. If there is need for a simple, yet powerful viewer - here it is.

Required to run:
[lang/python27] [x11/qt5-qtsvg] [x11/qt5-qttools] [x11/qt5-qtbase] [lang/ruby24-base]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Master sites:

SHA1: a74576b0fec09ce9b3c102a5a2cac42cc86b37ae
RMD160: 02b07a6a9bd16546cda8cf1c7b0fc94a93c24e8f
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   2018-12-09 19:52:52 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (724)
Log message:
revbump after updating textproc/icu
   2018-12-09 06:36:50 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated cad/klayout 0.25.4 to 0.25.6

0.25.6          (2018-11-23):

* Enhancement: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/pull/199
       Added an option to export DXF polygons as LINE objects
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/198
       Stitching of DXF contours wasn't taking nearest neighbours
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/191
       MainWindow/PluginRoot classes got mixed up
       As a side effect of this fix, layout views can now
       be configured individually. This wasn't working
       consistently before.

0.25.5          (2018-10-20):

* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/162
       GDS2 LIBNAME was not maintained on "File/Save".
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/166
       Internal error when writing GDS files (breaking of polygons)
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/172
       DEF reader did not pull vias from LEF
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/174
       Performance issue with many layers with width >1
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/176
       Painting issue with texts
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/185
       Hash values available as __hash__ standard method now
       for Python
* Bugfix: some potential memory corruption issues fixed
       During the efforts for making the code base compatible
       with MSVC, some potential candidates for memory corruption
       have been identified and fixed.
       These fixes are included in this release.
   2018-11-12 04:53:16 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1532)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from hardbuzz-2.1.1
   2018-09-22 17:28:28 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated cad/klayout to 0.25.4

0.25.4          (2018-08-25):
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/121
       Issue with multiple reads of GDS2 layouts including PCells
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/134
       Error in cell.fill_region caused by big polygon with
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/139
       Libraries have not been reassigned when loading a GDS file
       from command line (does not happen on File/Open)
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/141
       Issue with RBA::QHostAddress (ambiguous overload) on Qt5
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/142
       Issue with RBA::RecursiveShapeIterator#region=
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/144
       The Salt package descriptions are not shown with Motif
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/148
       Wrong font is used
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/152
       Shapes#size reported a wrong shape count in viewer mode
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/153
       Application crash when editing guiding shape properties
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/155
       Program freezes after replacing nothing by something in
       Macro editor
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/157
       "Replace cell with ..." rejected cell names with a library
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/158
       Repaint issue on cell context
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/159
       Tech specific macros and DRC scripts were not shown in tech
* Bugfix: 8 bit indexed GIF images can be used for package icons now
* Enhancement: Provide a way to specify the type of a macro
       This feature is mainly useful for command line arguments.
       If you run KLayout with "klayout -b -r myscript"
       it will not be able to determine the type of macro without
       a suffix.

       You can now explicitly specify a certain type by
       giving the suffix implicitly like: "klayout -b -r myscript[rb]"
       This will read "myscript" but pretend it was "myscript.rb"
       and execute it as Ruby script.

       This feature is handy if you need to run a file with a
       specific interpreter but cannot modify the file name.
* Enhancement: Selection now shows PCell display names
       Before, the internal name was shown for instances
* Enhancement: There is an option in the View menu to show or hide markers
       Markers may hide layout under them. With this feature you can
       quickly disable all markers and the layout becomes visible.
   2018-07-24 15:00:10 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (12) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.25.3

* Use Qt 5 instead of Qt 4

0.25.3          (2018-05-03):

* Enhancement: Compile option to use libcurl instead of QtNetwork
       This workaround enables builds on the native CentOS6
       configuration with the package manager functional.
* Enhancement: Pass label (text) layers through DRC script
       The "labels" method now allows copying labels from a layer
       to the output.
* Enhancement: New "split" method for polygons
       This method will fragment the polygons into two or more
       smaller parts for reducing their vertex count.
* Enhancement: New "dtrans" method for RecursiveShapeIterator
       This method delivers the transformation in micron unit space
* Enhancement: New "insert" methods for Shapes
       Shapes can now insert from another Shapes container and
       from a RecursiveShapeIterator. Possible applications are
       fast flattening and fast region selection.
* Enhancement: New method to generate RDB items from shapes
       RdbItem#add_value from a shape, RdbDatabase#create_items
       from a shapes container or recursive shape iterator and
       RdbDatabase#create_item from a shape.
* Enhancement: DXF and CIF "keep layer names"
       If this option is set in the reader options, layer names
       are not translated into GDS layer/datatype pairs.
       Specifically a layer called "L5" for example is not
       translated to 5/0 and to "L5D0" on output correspondingly.
       The buddy script option is "--keep-layer-names".
* Enhancement: DXF contour joining accuracy
       On the DXF reader's options, a contour joining accuracy
       can be specified. Small gaps smaller than this accuracy
       will be closed when forming joined contours from edges.
       The buddy script option is --dxf-contour-accuracy=value.
* Bugfix: DXF display issue
       In some cases, DXF cell instances did not trigger bounding
       box update and the cells only got visible after save and
* Bugfix: XOR progress is more realistic
       The progress is updated after the layer has been computed,
       not before.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/117
       DTrans#itype was broken.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/116
       Fixed a polygon decomposition bug when writing GDS files
       with big polygons with many holes. As a side effect, the
       polygons with many holes computed by a NOT operation for
       example are less complex and spikes in the cutlines are
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/115
       Reader options were not persisted.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/114
       Custom line styles not loaded from tech's layer properties
* Enhancement: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/113
       The XOR tool has an option now to heal result shapes which
       cross tile boundaries. The result shape count of tiled
       and non-tiled mode should basically be the same then.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/112
       Salt package repository relative paths have not been working.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/109
       Issues with Python 3 and shape properties - property
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/108
       Bugfix on Box#enlarge and Box#moved for empty boxes.
       keys generated with Python 3 could not be written to GDS2.
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/107
       Undo not working with shapes.
* Enhancement: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/106
       Search & replace help page enhancements.

0.25.2          (2018-03-20):
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/90
      DRC: "extended" was not working as expected with "joined = \ 
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/89
      Display issue on MacOS fixed
* Enhancement: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/85
      IDE debugger: files can be excluded from showing exceptions when
      they are thrown. To exclude a file press the new "Ignore" button
      when the debugger tells you an exception has been generated.
      To re-able exception reporting, clear the list of the files
      in the IDE settings ("Debugging" tab)
      The macro IDE settings can now be edited in the File/Setup
* Bugfix: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/94
      Retina displays are support to some extend on MacOS.
      An open topic is the quality of the icons.
* Enhancement: build system for MacOS

0.25.1          (2018-02-23):
* Enhancements: build compatibility with MacOS and Qt 5.9.
      Qt 4.6 supported now as well with one restriction:
      the package installation feature is not working.
* Bugfixs: Package manager
       - Remove button wasn't enabled if multiple packages were selected
       - A potential crash ob removing packages was fixed
* Enhancement: 64 bit coordinate support enabled on Windows builds
* Further bugfixes: See links
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/21 (Autorun(-early) \ 
doesn't seem to run when lym files are inside a package)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/24 (Text insert \ 
dialog bug - Ok button isn't working)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/26 (Exceptions are \ 
reported every time they propagate up in the call chain in the ruby debugger)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/28 (CIF format \ 
detection failed)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/30 (Writer options \ 
dialog non-functional on a fresh configuration)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/32 (Rounding issue \ 
with instance properties)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/33 (Plugin factory \ 
not working when using with Python)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/36 (Hardening against \ 
destruction of object inside event handler)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/39 (Action cannot be \ 
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/40 (Crash in Python \ 
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/41 (Polygon#touches? \ 
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/42 (Headless mode \ 
support with Qt5/-zz)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/43 (Crash when using \ 
Qt specific command line options)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/44 (Transformation \ 
constructor with x,y not working)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/45 (Partial selection \ 
does not capture instance)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/48 (Cancel does not \ 
reset current tool)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/51 (Segmentation \ 
fault on return to main window and other opportunities)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/53 (Unreadable \ 
'about' text)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/62 \ 
(QXmlSimpleReader#parse cannot be called)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/63 (Wrong output on \ 
DRC non_interacting with empty second input)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/64 (Crash on exit)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/68 (OASIS reader \ 
issue with degenerated shapes)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/69 (DRC: 'inside' \ 
does not merge shapes of second input)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/71 (Target cell \ 
argument is required)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/72 (Edges/Region NOT \ 
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/73 (Allow 'change \ 
layers' on PCells which support a single layer parameter)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/74 (Small-corner \ 
boolean issue)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/75 (Python PCell \ 
issue when parameters are called 'layer')
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/79 (Replace function \ 
enabled also for read-only macros)
* Further enhancements: see links
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/29 (Permissive mode \ 
for OASIS writer on odd-width paths)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/59 (Async download of \ 
package index and details)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/66 (Authentication \ 
dialog indicates retry)
       - https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/77 (Layout#copy_tree \ 
now works in non-editable mode too)

0.25            (2017-11-04):
* Enhancement: Menu customization
      Menu items can be disabled or enabled now. The former
      "Key Bindings" configuration page has been turned into
      "Menu Customization". Check boxes allow enabling or
      disabling of menu items. Disabled menu items are not
      A search filter allows quick selection of menu items
      by title or path.
* Enhancement: The cell tree no longer is collapsed on edits
      or when the sorting order changes.
* Enhancement: Using a special menu path, macros can be
      configured to appear in submenus now.
* Enhancement: KLAYOUT_HOME environment variable to
      control the location of the application folder.
      The application folder is the place where KLayout
      keeps the configuration, macros, packages and
      other things.
* Enhancements: Major overhaul of the build environment
      - Qt5 supported now
      - Employs qmake as build system
      - Reorganisation of the sources
      - Continuous integration enabled (unit tests
        integrated in .pro files, JUnit output etc.)
      - Compatible with the clang compiler
* Enhancements: Buddy tools: KLayout now comes with a set of
      additional executables that provide some functionality
      subset in a lean way. These binaries are named "strm..."
      and are installed along with KLayout.
      - strm2cif: converts any format to CIF
      - strm2dxf: converts any format to DXF
      - strm2gds: converts any format to GDS2
      - strm2gdstxt: converts any format to GDS2/text
      - strm2oas: converts any format to OASIS
      - strm2txt: converts any format to plain text (internally)
      - strmclip: creates a clip from a file
      - strmcmp: compares two files (logically)
      - strmxor: compares two files (geometrically)
      For more information, use the "-h" or "--help" option.
* Enhancements: HTTPS support for loading files from URL's directly
* Enhancements: Numerous enhancements and optimizations in the RBA/pya
      area and in the debugger.
* Enhancements: KLayout notifies the user when a file was changed and
      asks whether to reload.
* Enhancements: "File cell or layer": type into the cell or layer list \ 
to jump to the
      cell name typed.
* Enhancements: Advanced search features in the filter entry box
      for the cell selection form: Case sensitive/insensitive,
      glob pattern, clear button.
* Enhancements: Tree expansion icons have a better contrast now on Windows
      with dark background.
* Enhancements: Forward and backward navigation buttons in the main window.
      These buttons jump to the previous or next display state:
      zoom window, hierarchy depth, etc..
* Enhancements: A Package manager is provided. Packages are add-ons for
      KLayout and can include macros, script libraries, fonts
      for the TEXT PCell, technologies, DRC scripts etc.
      Packages can be published on GitHub or any server
      supporting WebDAV. After registering a package, users
      can install or update packages with a few clicks.
      For more information see https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/wiki
      or "About Packages" in the "Various Topics" area of \ 
the main
      documentation. The package manager is found in the "Tools"
      menu under "Manage Packages".
* Enhancements: LEF/DEF reader:
       - Compatibility fixes with version 5.8
       - Regions and Groups are supported now
       - LEF/DEF is a standare format now and
         can be used with "File/Open" for example.
* Enhancement: DXR reader supports variable path widths now
* Enhancement: XOR provides graphical progress
* Enhancements: Libraries can be associated with a technology. Only libraries
      associated with the selected technology are shown in the selection
* Enhancements: Overlapping instances are easier to select now (instance
      selection cycling).
* Enhancements: Many more methods in RBA/pya. For example:
       - Ability to directly insert "D" types (such as DBox
         into layouts and cells.
       - RBA::RecursiveShapeIterator now supports complex (non-rectangular)
         search regions
       - A more consistent type framework (consistent complex transformation
         types, vectors)
       - More intuitive interface in certain objects (i.e. CellView,
         LayerPropertiesNode, Annotation etc.). Changing an attribute
         usually has an immediate effect on the respective property now
         ("live objects")
       - Hash functions for certain objects - Box, Edge, Trans, Polygon,
         and other objects can be used as dictionary keys now.
       - New import methods for Region, EdgePairs and Edges
       - New features for LayerMapping and CellMapping
       - Multiple selected cells in LayoutView
       - RBA::TextGenerator to supply the Basic.TEXT PCell's
         functionality as static feature
       - Receivers can be added to signals and removed from
         signals now.
       - Individual instance iterator for CellInstArray
       - ...
* Enhancements: Enhanced layout statistics form with detailed shape
* Enhancements: Line styles (dashed, dotted etc.) available now.
      Works best with manhattan layouts.
* Enhancements: "Marked box mode": boxes are drawn with a cross.
* Enhancements: Arbitrary pattern size for custom fill pattern (no
      limited to multiples of 8). Max size is 32x32.
      Enhanced annotations:
       - Ellipses
       - Position markers
       - Text alignment
       - "Auto measure" rulers (place a ruler measuring the
         distances between adjacent objects with a single
* Enhancements: DRC enhancements:
       - Text support
       - "smoothed" function
       - "layers" function delivers all layers read
       - Polygon with edge interactions
       - middle and extent_refs methods for center point and other
       - "corners" function
       - "collect...", "select" and "each" methods
* Enhancements: GDS2 paths can now use the MultiXY extension too.
* Enhancements: X2 Support for Gerber import.
* Enhancements: A function to reset the window state after the
      window has been misconfigured (i.e. detaching or closing
      the dockable windows). This feature is found in
      View/Restore Window.
   2018-07-04 15:40:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (423)
Log message:
*: Move SUBST_STAGE from post-patch to pre-configure

Performing substitutions during post-patch breaks tools such as mkpatches,
making it very difficult to regenerate correct patches after making changes,
and often leading to substituted string replacements being committed.
   2018-03-12 12:18:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2155)
Log message:
Recursive bumps for fontconfig and libzip dependency changes.
   2017-07-11 21:41:20 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
require much less memory.