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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 18.06, Package name: ejabberd-18.06, Maintainer: fhajny

Ejabberd is a Rock Solid, Massively Scalable, Infinitely Extensible
XMPP Server.

Required to run:
[lang/erlang] [shells/bash] [sysutils/erlang-lager] [databases/erlang-p1_pgsql] [databases/erlang-eredis] [databases/erlang-p1_mysql] [misc/erlang-p1_utils] [textproc/erlang-jiffy] [lang/erlang-luerl] [net/erlang-stun] [net/erlang-esip] [devel/erlang-ezlib] [devel/erlang-cache_tab] [security/erlang-p1_oauth2] [security/erlang-fast_tls] [converters/erlang-iconv] [textproc/erlang-stringprep] [textproc/erlang-fast_xml] [textproc/erlang-fast_yaml] [net/erlang-xmpp] [security/erlang-epam] [graphics/erlang-eimp] [security/erlang-jose]

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SHA1: 18c3ab25c904f7898717171d5e4ee568b8fcd68f
RMD160: d5b00602ccded838df81bb766e0aaefc639c02f6
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   2018-12-15 22:12:25 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (67) | Package updated
Log message:
*: update email for fhajny
   2018-07-20 11:58:26 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
chat/ejabberd: Update to 18.06.

- Stop ejabberd initialization on invalid/unknown options
- Add new options for OOM watchdog: oom_watermark and oom_queue
- Add ability to modify version string
- Add option ext_api_headers to define REST API custom headers
- Fix Erlang limits in ejabberdctl.cfg.example to reflect current
- Make trusted_proxied ejabberd_http option accept ip masks
- Teach acl ip matching about ipv4 mapped ipv6 addresses
- Removed watchdog_admins option from config, as has no effect anymore
- Improve logging of external authentication failures
- ejabberd_auth: Don't use cache if the option is disabled
- Make connected_users_info and user_sessions_info DB-agnostic

- Support SASL PLAIN by xmpp_stream_out
- Add Resource Binding support to xmpp_stream_out
- Improve robustness of external authentication backends
- Don't use 'unsupported-version' inside SM element
- Generate SASL failures on unencrypted connections only for s2s
- Fix reset_stream in websocket using pre-rfc protocol
- Don't crash in bosh when we receive request with RID < prev_rid
- Get rid of all calls to jlib.erl module
- Support IPv6 connections for PostgreSQL, MySQL and LDAP
- Fix authentication for usernames containing uppercase characters
- Optimize HTTP requests memory usage
- PKIX: Just warn instead of ignore a certificate containing no domain
- PKIX: Don't replace valid certificates with invalid ones

- Log modules startup
- mod_disco: Advertise disco#info and disco#items features
- mod_irc: is moved away from ejabberd repo to ejabberd-contrib
- mod_mam: Don't replace existing stanza ID
- HTTP upload: Generate HTTP Upload form using xdata codec
- HTTP upload: Improve error formatting
- HTTP upload: Return detailed error if HTTP upload is too large

- Always display room's xdata in disco#info
- Display muc#roomconfig_changesubject in room's disco#info
- Render roomname, allowinvites and allowpm in room disco#info
- Support for roomconfig_lang/roominfo_lang
- mod_muc_sql: Fix export to SQL

- Omit summary for outgoing messages
- Further improve handling of carbons
- Also include sender/body for carbons
- Include a static body text by default
- keepalive: Increase default timeout to 3 days
- SQL: Check 'max_user_sessions' limit
   2018-05-17 15:40:38 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
chat/ejabberd: Update to 18.04.

- Don't produce a crash dump during intentional exit
- ejabberdctl: fix parameter parsing
- New hook 'component_send_packet' for sending packet from component
- gen_mod: Carefully validate options list
- gen_mod: Support global module processes
- gen_mod: Remove frontend process support
- gen_mod: Don't crash on invalid module's sub-options
- config: move section about direct-tls for c2s just under regular c2s
- fast_tls: Clear cache on configuration reload
- http: Add support for PATCH http method
- mod_client_state: Add 'csi_activity' hook
- mod_http_upload: Accept characters of any script
- mod_http_upload: Add MIME type for M4A files
- mod_mam: Add commands for cleaning up archives for a given user
- mod_muc: Let a MUC room to route presences from its bare JID
- mod_muc: Introduce new mod_muc option: access_register
- mod_muc_room: Add stubs for affiliation-specific backend callbacks
- mod_muc_log: Fix Code format when logging a MUC room kick/ban
- mod_multicast: Improved
- mod_push: New options include_sender and include_body
- mod_push: Don't notify on stream errors
- mod_push_keepalive: Reset timeout on messages only
- mod_roster: Use 'lserver' for configuration lookup
- mod_vcard_ldap: Fix returning value from mod_vcard_ldap's search()
- mod_pubsub: Fix notification payload generated by pubsub
- mod_pubsub: Improve pubsub#itemreply implementation
- mod_pubsub: PubSub purge_node must use a transaction
- Utils: Use httpc directly instead of using p1_http wrapper
- Rest: Add flexibility on rest url config
- SystemMonitors: Get rid of useless memory/disk usage warnings
- WebSocket: Pass access option from websocket to c2s
   2018-03-28 23:51:09 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
chat/ejabberd: Update to 18.03.

- Avoid logging IP addresses in mod_register when it's not desired
- Command 'reload-config' allows to reload certificates
- Get rid of 'fs' package dependency
- Improve log message when module startup has failed
- mod_muc_admin: New command get_room_affiliation
- prosody2ejabberd: Report meaningful error when luerl is not

- Accept atoms in api_permission command lists and commands with
  numbers in them
- Validate additional listen opts: inet, inet6, backlog
- Remove 'iqdisc' option
- New option –enable-group=xxx
- New option 'negotiation_timeout'
- New option 'new_sql_schema'
- New option 'validate_stream'
- ejabberd_service: New option 'global_routes' for
- mod_avatar: New 'rate_limit' option
- mod_block_strangers: New 'access' option
- mod_block_strangers: New 'captcha' option
- mod_pubsub: New option 'force_node_config'

- Simplify ejabberd_sup code
- New gen_mod mod_options/1 callback to provide known options and
- Replace ?MYLANG with connection's language wherever possible
- sql/*: Add username to peer indexes
- cyrsasl: Simplify code for splitting auth string in cyrsasl
- ejabberd_auth: Cache 'isuser' queries to external auth program
- ejabberd_web_admin: Hardcode required ACL rules
- mod_admin_extra: Command check_password_hash supports all hash
- mod_admin_extra: Fix srg_get_info command with @all@ and @online@
- mod_avatar: Fulfill all requirements of XEP-0398 v0.2.0
- mod_avatar: Improve validation of 'convert' option
- mod_block_strangers: Bounce groupchat to bare JID
- mod_block_strangers: Fix a typo in call to create_captcha()
- mod_caps: Only store CAPS if contact is subscribed
- mod_carboncopy: Copy outgoing MUC PMs
- mod_mam: Really run use_cache/1 and cache_nodes/1 callbacks
- mod_pubsub: Remove items of unregistered user
- mod_push_keepalive: Preserve timeout on resumption
- mod_shared_roster: Try to fix ejabberd_c2s:process_info: got
  unexpected info
- mod_shared_roster_ldap: Fix processing of ldap_memberattr_format_re
- mod_stream_mgmt: Abort connection on count error
- mod_stream_mgmt: Clean up on timed out resumption
   2018-01-16 13:28:56 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 18.01.

- Fix TLS driver memory management
- Fix privacy_set command
- Report 'fs' support as unavailable on SunOS
- Let mod_block_strangers bounce an error when a message is rejected
   2018-01-03 23:53:51 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove comment no longer relevant
   2018-01-03 23:51:30 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.12.

- Change installation home for Erlang libs to prevent build conflicts
  with previous versions that may be present on the system, as
  encountered by @gdt.

- Rewrite ejabberd system monitor for efficiency
- Fix incoming XMPP processing order
- Use xmpp:try_subtag/2 wherever possible
- Better process subtag decoding errors
- Only allow compression after SASL as per XEP-0170
- Don't crash on unexpected XML events
- Fix session mnesia table cleanup
- Don't let privacy list prevent local roster update

- Rely on Server Name Indication for incoming Direct-TLS connections
- Speedup certificate chains creation and validation
- Log warning on empty wildcard paths
- Don't call pkix_is_self_signed/1 too frequently
- Eat less memory during building certificates graph
- Avoid infinite loop between self-signed certs
- Fix function clause on filelib:wildcard/1
- Use ejabberd_pkix API in mod_sip
- Move 'certfile' based options in a single place

- Don't crash on malformed IQ
- Include x tag in presence errors related to nick change
- Include 110 status on shutdown
- Improve muc#roominfo and muc#roomconfig forms
- mod_mam: Never store MUC messages in user archives

- Fix num_subscribers on node metadata
- Fix send last items on initial presence
- Send last PEP items to owner on initial presence
- Support pubsub#publish-options PRECONDITIONs
- Add pubsub#multi-items to features list (Support XEP-0060 v1.14)
- Add missing Nidx building records from sql result
- Don't force RSM in get_items when max_items is not provided

- Introduce option 'ca_file'
- Set executable permission on mac_listener when installing
- Use /bin/sh as the explicit shell when using su in ejabberdctl.
- Windows does not have /tmp, fallback to $HOME/conf for ODBC
  configuration files

- Change loglevel of TLS failures
- Log a warning when a disk is almost full
- Disable default alarm handler
- Handle also process_memory_high_watermark alarm
- Kill and restart lager when it's overloaded
- Avoid excessive logging of SQL failures

- New muc_online_room_by_regex command
- Fix race between join_cluster and ejabberd_mnesia
- Fix commands rooms_unused_list and _destroy
- send_direct_invitations accepts only user jids
- ejabberd_sm: Fix get_session_sid/3

- Add missing server_host column in pg.new.sql
- Add new schema for MySQL and Sqlite
- Fix SQL serialization

- MacOS installer is signed. You can now easily install ejabberd on
  your Mac.

- Compile sql_pt early
- Binary installer uses OTP 20.2
   2017-12-29 17:16:48 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
ejabberd: Add comment explaining a build failure

When 17.09 is installed, the build of 17.11 fails.  But, with no
ejabberd installd package, it builds fine.  Include link to issue
filed upstream.