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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 18.01, Package name: ejabberd-18.01, Maintainer: filip

Ejabberd is a Rock Solid, Massively Scalable, Infinitely Extensible
XMPP Server.

Required to run:
[lang/erlang] [shells/bash] [sysutils/erlang-lager] [databases/erlang-p1_pgsql] [databases/erlang-eredis] [databases/erlang-p1_mysql] [misc/erlang-p1_utils] [textproc/erlang-jiffy] [lang/erlang-luerl] [net/erlang-stun] [net/erlang-esip] [devel/erlang-ezlib] [devel/erlang-cache_tab] [security/erlang-p1_oauth2] [security/erlang-fast_tls] [converters/erlang-iconv] [textproc/erlang-stringprep] [textproc/erlang-fast_xml] [textproc/erlang-fast_yaml] [net/erlang-xmpp] [security/erlang-epam] [graphics/erlang-eimp] [devel/erlang-fs] [security/erlang-jose]

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RMD160: c4df350ba3fd41c4103039cd1a363b0943625d52
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   2018-01-16 13:28:56 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 18.01.

- Fix TLS driver memory management
- Fix privacy_set command
- Report 'fs' support as unavailable on SunOS
- Let mod_block_strangers bounce an error when a message is rejected
   2018-01-03 23:53:51 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove comment no longer relevant
   2018-01-03 23:51:30 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.12.

- Change installation home for Erlang libs to prevent build conflicts
  with previous versions that may be present on the system, as
  encountered by @gdt.

- Rewrite ejabberd system monitor for efficiency
- Fix incoming XMPP processing order
- Use xmpp:try_subtag/2 wherever possible
- Better process subtag decoding errors
- Only allow compression after SASL as per XEP-0170
- Don't crash on unexpected XML events
- Fix session mnesia table cleanup
- Don't let privacy list prevent local roster update

- Rely on Server Name Indication for incoming Direct-TLS connections
- Speedup certificate chains creation and validation
- Log warning on empty wildcard paths
- Don't call pkix_is_self_signed/1 too frequently
- Eat less memory during building certificates graph
- Avoid infinite loop between self-signed certs
- Fix function clause on filelib:wildcard/1
- Use ejabberd_pkix API in mod_sip
- Move 'certfile' based options in a single place

- Don't crash on malformed IQ
- Include x tag in presence errors related to nick change
- Include 110 status on shutdown
- Improve muc#roominfo and muc#roomconfig forms
- mod_mam: Never store MUC messages in user archives

- Fix num_subscribers on node metadata
- Fix send last items on initial presence
- Send last PEP items to owner on initial presence
- Support pubsub#publish-options PRECONDITIONs
- Add pubsub#multi-items to features list (Support XEP-0060 v1.14)
- Add missing Nidx building records from sql result
- Don't force RSM in get_items when max_items is not provided

- Introduce option 'ca_file'
- Set executable permission on mac_listener when installing
- Use /bin/sh as the explicit shell when using su in ejabberdctl.
- Windows does not have /tmp, fallback to $HOME/conf for ODBC
  configuration files

- Change loglevel of TLS failures
- Log a warning when a disk is almost full
- Disable default alarm handler
- Handle also process_memory_high_watermark alarm
- Kill and restart lager when it's overloaded
- Avoid excessive logging of SQL failures

- New muc_online_room_by_regex command
- Fix race between join_cluster and ejabberd_mnesia
- Fix commands rooms_unused_list and _destroy
- send_direct_invitations accepts only user jids
- ejabberd_sm: Fix get_session_sid/3

- Add missing server_host column in pg.new.sql
- Add new schema for MySQL and Sqlite
- Fix SQL serialization

- MacOS installer is signed. You can now easily install ejabberd on
  your Mac.

- Compile sql_pt early
- Binary installer uses OTP 20.2
   2017-12-29 17:16:48 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
ejabberd: Add comment explaining a build failure

When 17.09 is installed, the build of 17.11 fails.  But, with no
ejabberd installd package, it builds fine.  Include link to issue
filed upstream.
   2017-12-14 22:12:21 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.11.

New features
- ACME Support
- Introduce 'certfiles' global option
- Use new API for IQ routing

- Omit "ProtectSystem" option from systemd unit
- Log warnings for c2s/s2s certfile option
- Log a message when a user gets registered
- ejabberdctl: Fix 'read' syntax for non-bash shells
- Fix renew_certificates ejabberdctl command
- Unregister commands when stopping node only if it's last one
- Halt ejabberd if the top supervisor fails to start

- Avoid badarg error when running get-deps before ./configure has
  created src/ejabberd.app
- Fix sed invocation that was incompatible with FreeBSD's sed
- Makefile.in: Fix "make clean && make"
- Improve --enable-system-deps
- Install binaries with 755 permissions
- Install eimp binary with +x attribute
- Remove find-outdated-deps script, we have better replacement for it

- Allow export command regardless of the configured db_type
- Add SQL_INSERT macro and update SQL queries to use server_host field
- Update SQL archive index to match mysql.sql
- mod_muc: Use correct table field name in sql query

- Always strip stanza IDs
- Announce support for stanza IDs
- Don't store from 'sm_receive_packet' hook
- Fix mod_mam reloading
- Ignore non-message stanzas earlier
- Improve handling of forked messages
- Make sure a stanza ID is always added
- Make sure archived message isn't bounced
- Prepare version 0.6.1 of XEP-0313 (MAM) support

- Properly store subject element
- Resend presences and history if presence possesses x MUC element
- Send presence-unavailable when expulsing a participant
- Add mucsub event for subscribers list changes
- Optimize muc subscriptions handling
- Show real jid in mucsub subscription change events

- Add basic PubSub meta-data support
- Rewrite pubsub export to sql
- Cleanup tree requests, rename pubsub_node.type to pubsub_node.plugin
- Fix select_type race on plugin_init
- Implement parentnodes seek for hometree
- Delete cached item on node removal
- Fix delete item from unregistered user
- Cleanup pubsub subscriptions quering, fix pep case
- PEP services must send notifications to the account owner

- Avoid notification duplicates
- Add support for SQL storage
- Add export from Mnesia database to SQL file
- Don't store xdata() in Mnesia table
- Simplify backend interface
   2017-10-17 16:55:36 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.09.

- Harden ejabberdctl
- Fix ejabberdctl quoting when using iex
- Call earlier deps configure scripts during compilation
- Fix iexdebug and iexlive commands
- Quote $PEER in ping command to avoid hostnames containing "-" being
  interpreted as arithmetic
- Docker: Sync containers from rroemhild and add instructions in
- Use eimp instead of ImageMagick calls for thumbnails creation
- Add forgotten caching options to the validator
- Fix 'make install' to work with new output from rebar list-deps
- Rewrite muc_register_nick and muc_unregister_nick to be DB
- WebAdmin: Fix deletion of multiple offline messages

- Add support for XEP-0368 in outgoing s2s: SRV records for XMPP over
- Deprecate s2s_use_starttls: required_trusted
- Don't attempt to access(2) a certificate file
- Let 'domain_certfile' take higher precedence instead of s2s_certfile
  or c2s_certfile

- mysql.sql: Use multi-column index on username/ID
- Use forked repo of Riak Erlang client to support OTP20

- mod_avatar: New module with support for legacy and modern clients
- mod_block_strangers: Introduce option 'allow_transports'
- mod_block_strangers: Block messages from strangers before
  mod_mam/mod_offline processing
- mod_http_upload: Don't ignore 'custom_headers'
- mod_muc: Improve presence-error and unavailable of multi-session
- mod_multicast: Fix start and reading of configured limits
- mod_mam: Simplify check for anon MUC JID filtering
- mod_mam: Refuse filtering anon MUC queries by JID
- mod_privacy: Explicitly match against
- mod_register: Introduce 'redirect_url' option
- mod_stream_mgmt: Delete 'c2s_init' hook
- mod_vcard_xupdate: Also replace vcard-x-update in direct presences

- Fix get_items/get_item calls
- Add correct order when requesting all items
- Implement '6.5.7 Requesting the Most Recent Items'
- Fix RSM support on SQL
- Add RSM support on mnesia
- Fix node_options: default options only apply on first plugin
- Broadcast updated node configuration
- Enforce controls on publish and delete items

- Preserve correct order of deserialized XML elements
- Suppress push notifications for online clients
- Extract strings and prepare translation files works again
   2017-09-06 14:26:32 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove the CONFLICT on jabberd, it doesn't make any sense.
   2017-08-20 14:58:04 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.08.

- Erlang/OTP 17.5 or higher is required, and 20 is now supported
- Make ejabberd_cluster modular
- Replace gen_fsm with p1_fsm to avoid warnings in OTP20+
- Fix clustering table reg_users_counter
- ext_mod: Update spec from custom and allow modules dependencies
- extauth.py: Fix to support : in passwords
- Set high water mark in lager for all backends
- Fix old route record in mnesia’s route table haven’t been remove
  when restarting in some cases
- ejabberd_cluster*.erl: Add copyright and fix description
- Add support of rfc6120 section on node shutdown

- ejabberd_c2s: Fix priority of ‘certfile’ option
- Introduce ‘hosts’ modules option
- Remove unused ‘managers’ option, related to the deferred XEP-0321

- Fix errors when running ejabberdctl as root
- Fix set_presence command to work in recent ejabberd
- Rename stop_all_connections to stop_s2s_connections for consistency
- Change policy of user_resources command, from user to admin
- Remove old command calling interface
- Describe more command arguments and results

- mod_http_api: Use hide_sensitive_log_data option when registering
- mod_http_fileserver: Request basic auth dialog from browser
- mod_muc: Fix nick bug with MUC on riak
- mod_muc: new hooks
- mod_push: Support XEP-0357: Push Notifications
- mod_push_keepalive: New module

- Keep disco#info on PEP compatible with XEP-0060
- Preliminary export PubSub data from Mnesia tables to SQL file
- Fix PubSub send last published items
- Fix PEP node removal
- Fix PEP node identity
- Fix disco#items on PEP service
- Fix getting cached last item
- Add import of PEP from prosody