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./chat/ejabberd, Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 17.09, Package name: ejabberd-17.09, Maintainer: filip

Ejabberd is a Rock Solid, Massively Scalable, Infinitely Extensible
XMPP Server.

Required to run:
[lang/erlang] [shells/bash] [sysutils/erlang-lager] [databases/erlang-p1_pgsql] [databases/erlang-eredis] [databases/erlang-p1_mysql] [lang/erlang-luerl] [devel/erlang-ezlib] [security/erlang-p1_oauth2] [security/erlang-fast_tls] [security/erlang-epam] [graphics/erlang-eimp]

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SHA1: 7b7fd4f21f18df7751915a4af1a53b832d952cfd
RMD160: ff4f0906999f44f607a7d0fafa6c4d8226586391
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   2017-10-17 16:55:36 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.09.

- Harden ejabberdctl
- Fix ejabberdctl quoting when using iex
- Call earlier deps configure scripts during compilation
- Fix iexdebug and iexlive commands
- Quote $PEER in ping command to avoid hostnames containing "-" being
  interpreted as arithmetic
- Docker: Sync containers from rroemhild and add instructions in
- Use eimp instead of ImageMagick calls for thumbnails creation
- Add forgotten caching options to the validator
- Fix 'make install' to work with new output from rebar list-deps
- Rewrite muc_register_nick and muc_unregister_nick to be DB
- WebAdmin: Fix deletion of multiple offline messages

- Add support for XEP-0368 in outgoing s2s: SRV records for XMPP over
- Deprecate s2s_use_starttls: required_trusted
- Don't attempt to access(2) a certificate file
- Let 'domain_certfile' take higher precedence instead of s2s_certfile
  or c2s_certfile

- mysql.sql: Use multi-column index on username/ID
- Use forked repo of Riak Erlang client to support OTP20

- mod_avatar: New module with support for legacy and modern clients
- mod_block_strangers: Introduce option 'allow_transports'
- mod_block_strangers: Block messages from strangers before
  mod_mam/mod_offline processing
- mod_http_upload: Don't ignore 'custom_headers'
- mod_muc: Improve presence-error and unavailable of multi-session
- mod_multicast: Fix start and reading of configured limits
- mod_mam: Simplify check for anon MUC JID filtering
- mod_mam: Refuse filtering anon MUC queries by JID
- mod_privacy: Explicitly match against
- mod_register: Introduce 'redirect_url' option
- mod_stream_mgmt: Delete 'c2s_init' hook
- mod_vcard_xupdate: Also replace vcard-x-update in direct presences

- Fix get_items/get_item calls
- Add correct order when requesting all items
- Implement '6.5.7 Requesting the Most Recent Items'
- Fix RSM support on SQL
- Add RSM support on mnesia
- Fix node_options: default options only apply on first plugin
- Broadcast updated node configuration
- Enforce controls on publish and delete items

- Preserve correct order of deserialized XML elements
- Suppress push notifications for online clients
- Extract strings and prepare translation files works again
   2017-09-06 14:26:32 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove the CONFLICT on jabberd, it doesn't make any sense.
   2017-08-20 14:58:04 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.08.

- Erlang/OTP 17.5 or higher is required, and 20 is now supported
- Make ejabberd_cluster modular
- Replace gen_fsm with p1_fsm to avoid warnings in OTP20+
- Fix clustering table reg_users_counter
- ext_mod: Update spec from custom and allow modules dependencies
- Fix to support : in passwords
- Set high water mark in lager for all backends
- Fix old route record in mnesia’s route table haven’t been remove
  when restarting in some cases
- ejabberd_cluster*.erl: Add copyright and fix description
- Add support of rfc6120 section on node shutdown

- ejabberd_c2s: Fix priority of ‘certfile’ option
- Introduce ‘hosts’ modules option
- Remove unused ‘managers’ option, related to the deferred XEP-0321

- Fix errors when running ejabberdctl as root
- Fix set_presence command to work in recent ejabberd
- Rename stop_all_connections to stop_s2s_connections for consistency
- Change policy of user_resources command, from user to admin
- Remove old command calling interface
- Describe more command arguments and results

- mod_http_api: Use hide_sensitive_log_data option when registering
- mod_http_fileserver: Request basic auth dialog from browser
- mod_muc: Fix nick bug with MUC on riak
- mod_muc: new hooks
- mod_push: Support XEP-0357: Push Notifications
- mod_push_keepalive: New module

- Keep disco#info on PEP compatible with XEP-0060
- Preliminary export PubSub data from Mnesia tables to SQL file
- Fix PubSub send last published items
- Fix PEP node removal
- Fix PEP node identity
- Fix disco#items on PEP service
- Fix getting cached last item
- Add import of PEP from prosody
   2017-08-01 16:59:08 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (211)
Log message:
Follow some http -> https redirects.
   2017-07-07 12:08:40 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.07.

Version 17.07

- Close accepted socket if sockname/peername has failed.

Version 17.06

New features
- The new cache system is also a new component that allows fine tuning
  of ejabberd performance for either small systems or large scale
- Certificate Manager is a feature that has been requested by many
  organisations, allowing administrators to manage their certificate
  more easily
- Riak support for several modules

- Deprecate misc:encode_base64/1 and misc:decode_base64/1
- Rename is_user_exists function to user_exists
- Allow api access on both ipv4 and 6 loopback addresses
- Fix invalid argument in get_messages_susbset

- Refactor ejabberdctl
- Improve ejabberdctl parameters parsing
- Quote all paths to allow spaces in directory names
- Show operations to perform before asking to
  apply them
- Fix Salt import from prosody SCRAMmed password

- Validate module options on start_module/2
- Validate new options before module reloading
- Validate second-level options
- Introduce iqdisc global option
- stream_management listen option deprecated, use mod_stream_mgmt
- Check presence of some files during option validation
- Speedup configuration options lookup
- Validate all certfiles on startup
- Only validate certfiles if public_key:short_name_hash/1 is available
- Introduce Certficate Manager

- Add clear_cache admin command
- Parse correctly presence_broadcast option in change_room_option
- Describe command arguments and results in mod_muc_admin
- Improve export2sql explanation; remove obsolete and duplicated
- Fix and document push_roster_all command
- Fix mod_muc_admin command set_room_affiliation
- Fix invalid {args,result}_examples in mod_muc_admin
- Fix srg_user_add/del for non-Mnesia database backends
- Make ext_mod api return rescode

- Erlang 17.5 or higher is required
- Add --enable-system-deps configure option
- Add --enable-stun and --enable-sip configure options

- Speedup Mnesia tables initialization
- Improve Mnesia tables creation and transformation
- Improve ejabberd_c2s:close()
- ejabberd_c2s: Don’t close session on stream resume
- Speedup loading of translation files
- Fix ejabberd_router:is_my_route/1
- Don’t let a receiver crash if a controller is unavailable
- Fix OTP-17.5 support
- websocket: Catch exception that may happen when sending data over

- New sql_connect_timeout option
- New sql_query_timeout option
- Get rid of sql_queries.erl
- Use round-robin algorithm when selecting worker from DB pool
- Add Riak as BOSH RAM backend
- Add Riak as mod_proxy65 RAM backend
- Add Riak as mod_carboncopy RAM backend
- Add Riak as router RAM backend
- Add Riak as session manager RAM backend
- Fix cleaning of Riak route table
- Add pubsub import from prosody/metronome
- Fix username in mam export
- Fix Salt import from prosody SCRAMmed password
- In offline export to SQL, first write all DELETE, later all INSERT

- Implement cache for mod_announce
- Implement cache for mod_private
- Implement cache for mod_privacy/mod_blocking
- Implement cache for mod_last
- Implement cache for mod_vcard and mod_vcard_xupdate
- Implement cache for roster
- Add cache options to the validator
- Use cache for authentication backends
- Use new cache API in mod_shared_roster_ldap
- Use new cache API in ejabberd_oauth
- Use new cache API in mod_mam
- Use new cache API in mod_caps
- Use cache in front of Redis/SQL RAM backends

- mod_http_upload: Add support for HTTP File Upload 0.3.0
- mod_mam: Added export function
- mod_metrics: Don’t leak with UDP sockets
- mod_metrics: New options ip and port
- mod_muc: Allow a room admin to un/subscribe another JID
- mod_offline: Don’t store messages via a single process
- mod_offline: Make sure only jabber:x:event tag is present in offline
- mod_register: New option ‘access_remove’ ACL
- mod_stream_mgmt: Preserve stanza count on timeout
- mod_vcard_ldap: Parse ldap_uids like in eldap_utils
- mod_client_state: Reset state on session resume
- mod_metrics: Fix IP address parsing
- mod_pubsub: Avoid useless calls on simples subscriptions
- mod_block_strangers: Add allow_local_users option

- Update elixir to v1.4.4
   2017-04-13 21:04:53 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.04.
Make the Redis support unconditional (no extra dependencies).

Changes in 17.04:

- Add more examples on config template
- Generate ejabberd lib dir when not available in code server
- Set default prefix to /usr/local
- Start supervisors after ext_mod
- Don't log warning on successful ping reply
- New muc_register_nick command

- Deprecate jlib.erl in favor of misc.erl
- Add support for file-based queues
- ejabberd_sm: Fix routing of headline and groupchat messages
- Fix c2s connection close on demand
- Improve overloaded S2S queue processing

- Improve Redis related code
- Add Redis pool support
- Improve logging of Redis errors
- Add Redis and SQL as mod_proxy65 RAM backends
- Add Redis and SQL as mod_carboncopy RAM backends
- Add Redis and SQL as mod_bosh RAM backends
- Add Redis and SQL as router RAM backends
- Add SQL as mod_muc RAM backend
- Remove obsolete Pubsub mnesia migration calls

- ejabberd_http: Expand @VERSION@ in custom headers
- ejabberd_http: Add "custom_headers" option
- mod_client_state: Queue stanzas of each full JID
- mod_http_upload: Don't add "Server" header line
- Pubsub: Refactor pubsub's get_last_items
- Pubsub: Fix PEP issues
   2017-03-30 16:50:06 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.03.

Major improvements
- New modular code allows to develop modules for a wide scope of
  functionalities without patching the core code such as C2S, S2S and
- Now 'From' and 'To' arguments must be omitted in functions and
  structures related to routing
- Ejabberd used to store all in-memory shared data such as ACLs,
  proxy65, sessions, routes, clustering, etc in internal Mnesia
  database and this used to be hardcoded. With new API it's now possible
  to store such data in any database. However, currently only Mnesia
  backend is supported.
- Dynamic configuration reload allows to reload modules, database
  connections, listeners, ACLs and global options without restarting
- Spam protection allows to block packets from non-subscribers
- S2S dialback is now an optional module

- tools/ checks hook dependencies
- tools/ checks which dependences need update
- Mark as deprecated add/get_local/global_option config functions
- Change routing API

- Fix some corner cases while re-reading RFC6120
- Attach IP metadata to every stanza received from stream
- Apply SASLprep before storing/converting passwords
- Send compressed in correct order
- Reset XML stream before sending SASL success
- Speedup features list when a lot of virtual hosts configured
- Fix s2s_dns_timeout issues
- Better handling of IPv6 domains
- Rename mod_sm -> mod_stream_mgmt
- Don't count resent stanzas
- Improve startup procedure, and log startup time
- Add more processes to supervision
- sm_sql: Avoid PID collisions

- Add 'supervisor' listening option
- Accept "add_commands: admin" in commands section
- Make sure that api_permissions always have "console commands"
- Change name of pam dep from p1_pam to epam
- Improve compilation with rebar3
- Add TLS support for external components
- Specify "ExecReload" command in systemd unit
- Don't attempt to resolve _jabber._tcp SRV record
- Improve error reporting for forbidden servers
- mod_block_strangers: New module to block packets from
- mod_register: Report password change in the log
- Remove relict mod_service_log
- Remove unused mod_ip_blacklist
- Remove ejabberd_frontend_socket
- WebAdmin: improve formatting when showing erlang terms
- Import from Prosody: Fix import of SCRAM passwords, offline

API & Commands
- get_last now always returns tuple with UTC XEP-0082 and status
- Protect users from delete_old_users command using a fixed access
- Separate list of strings with \n for srg_get_info in mod_http_api
- Support non-JID lines in command create_rooms_file
- stop_all_connections now stops all s2s connections via supervisor
- Support scrammed passwords in ejabberdctl import_prosody

- Provide example mod_http_api configuration with couple commands
- Clarify new modules usage in the example config
- Don't crash on malformed IP addresses
- Fix parsing of acl/access rules inside oauth sections of

Config reload improvements
- Start/stop auth modules when host is added/deleted
- Improve modules start/stop procedures
- Check result of gen_mod:start/2 callback
- Improve reload_config admin command
- Invalidate access permissions on configuration reload
- Start/stop virtual hosts when reloading configuration file
- Reload modules when reloading configuration file
- Restart listeners on configuration reload
- Make sure all hooks are called with proper host

- Add missing NOT NULL restrictions in schemas
- Move archive tables into lite.sql for better comparison with other
- Implement database backend interface for mod_proxy65
- Implement database backend interface for MUC, BOSH and auth_anonyous
- Implement database backend interface for ejabberd_router
- Propagate the TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT to pgsql driver

New XMPP stream behavior
- Reflect cyrsasl API changes in remaining code
- Improve return values in cyrsasl API
- More refactoring on session management
- Add xmpp_stream_out behavior and rewrite s2s/SM code
- Rewrite ejabberd_service to use new XMPP stream API

MAM & offline storage
- Make a message is not bounced if it's archived
- Archive message before delivering it to offline storage
- Include stanza ID with archived offline messages
- Add stanza-id to every archived message

- Avoid orphan_item leak on affiliation/subscription removal
- Fix pubsub SQL schemas, add NOT NULL restrictions
- Fix last item cache for multiple hosts

Server to server
- Several improvements of S2S errors logging
- Resolve all addresses from SRV lookup
- Add s2s work-around for
   2017-01-21 21:20:33 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update chat/ejabberd to 17.01

Most relevant changes:

- Add example api_permissions: definition to config template
- Allow old-stype mod_vcard_ldap in the config
- Fix migration of old pubsub database (migrating from 2.1.x)
- Get nodes from ejabberd_cluster instead of mnesia
- mod_configure: Fix configuration commands

- Fix case clauses when using compression
- Set from/to in every routed packet
- Correctly process errors from new cyrsasl API
- Improve return values in cyrsasl API

- mod_http_bind: remove and migration code to mod_bosh
- mod_muc: Allow a subscriber to create room, then set
- mod_muc: Support legacy muc#roomconfig values
- mod_offline: Decode message before checking for expiration

- Let ejabberd_mnesia handles copy_type
- Fix index processing
- Speedup table setup, no i/o if EJABBERD_SCHEMA_PATH not set

- Add SSL support for SQL connections with PostgreSQL 1.1.2+
- Cope with malformed values in 'rosterusers' SQL table
- Improve tag insertion, avoid duplication