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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2018-02-12 09:06:56 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-coverage: updated to 4.5.1

Version 4.5.1:

- Now that 4.5 properly separated the [run] omit and [report] omit
  settings, an old bug has become apparent.  If you specified a package name
  for [run] source, then omit patterns weren't matched inside that package.
  This bug (issue 638_) is now fixed.

- On Python 3.7, reporting about a decorated function with no body other than a
  docstring would crash with an IndexError (issue 640_).  This is
  now fixed.

- Configurer plugins are now reported in the output of --debug=sys.
   2018-02-05 17:13:19 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-coverage: updated to 4.5

Version 4.5:

- A new kind of plugin is supported: configurators are invoked at start-up to
  allow more complex configuration than the .coveragerc file can easily do.
  See :ref:api_plugin for details.  This solves the complex configuration
  problem described in issue 563_.

- The fail_under option can now be a float.  Note that you must specify the
  [report] precision configuration option for the fractional part to be
  used.  Thanks to Lars Hupfeldt Nielsen for help with the implementation.
  Fixes issue 631_.

- The include and omit options can be specified for both the [run]
  and [report] phases of execution.  4.4.2 introduced some incorrect
  interactions between those phases, where the options for one were confused
  for the other.  This is now corrected, fixing issue 621_ and issue 622_.
  Thanks to Daniel Hahler for seeing more clearly than I could.

- The coverage combine command used to always overwrite the data file, even
  when no data had been read from apparently combinable files.  Now, an error
  is raised if we thought there were files to combine, but in fact none of them
  could be used.  Fixes issue 629_.

- The coverage combine command could get confused about path separators
  when combining data collected on Windows with data collected on Linux, as
  described in issue 618_.  This is now fixed: the result path always uses
  the path separator specified in the [paths] result.

- On Windows, the HTML report could fail when source trees are deeply nested,
  due to attempting to create HTML filenames longer than the 250-character
  maximum.  Now filenames will never get much larger than 200 characters,
  fixing issue 627_.  Thanks to Alex Sandro for helping with the fix.
   2017-12-13 09:16:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
py-coverage: use ALTERNATIVES; PLIST changed to avoid conflicts between Python \ 
versions; bumped revision
   2017-11-06 11:37:32 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-coverage: updated to 4.4.2

Version 4.4.2:

- Support for Python 3.7.  In some cases, class and module docstrings are no
  longer counted in statement totals, which could slightly change your total

- Specifying both ``--source`` and ``--include`` no longer silently ignores the
  include setting, instead it displays a warning. Thanks, Loïc Dachary.  Closes
  `issue 265`_ and `issue 101`_.

- Fixed a race condition when saving data and multiple threads are tracing
  (`issue 581`_). It could produce a "dictionary changed size during \ 
  RuntimeError.  I believe this mostly but not entirely fixes the race
  condition.  A true fix would likely be too expensive.

- Configuration values which are file paths will now apply tilde-expansion,
  closing `issue 589`_.

- Now secondary config files like tox.ini and setup.cfg can be specified
  explicitly, and prefixed sections like `[coverage:run]` will be read. Fixes
  `issue 588`_.

- Be more flexible about the command name displayed by help, fixing
  `issue 600`_.
   2017-05-17 13:39:58 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Version 4.4.1
- No code changes: just corrected packaging for Python 2.7 Linux wheels.

Version 4.4
- Reports could produce the wrong file names for packages, reporting ````
  instead of the correct ``pkg/``.  This is now fixed.  Thanks, Dirk

- XML reports could produce ``<source>`` and ``<class>`` lines that \ 
  didn't specify a valid source file path.  This is now fixed. (`issue 526`_)

- Namespace packages are no longer warned as having no code. (`issue 572`_)

- Code that uses ``sys.settrace(sys.gettrace())`` in a file that wasn't being
  coverage-measured would prevent correct coverage measurement in following
  code. An example of this was running doctests programmatically. This is now
  fixed. (`issue 575`_)

- Errors printed by the ``coverage`` command now go to stderr instead of

- Running ``coverage xml`` in a directory named with non-ASCII characters would
  fail under Python 2. This is now fixed. (`issue 573`_)
   2016-08-28 17:48:37 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (112)
Log message:
Remove unnecessary PLIST_SUBST and FILES_SUBST that are now provided
by the infrastructure.

Mark a couple more packages as not ready for python-3.x.
   2016-06-08 19:43:49 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (356)
Log message:
   2015-11-07 22:43:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Add some more test dependencies, and run the correct tool for testing.

Still more changes needed to get this anywhere approximatelysuccessful.
   2015-11-07 20:12:09 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update py-coverage to 4.0.2:

Version 4.0.2 --- 4 November 2015

- More work on supporting unusually encoded source. Fixed `issue 431`_.

- Files or directories with non-ASCII characters are now handled properly,
  fixing `issue 432`_.

- Setting a trace function with sys.settrace was broken by a change in 4.0.1,
  as reported in `issue 436`_.  This is now fixed.

- Officially support PyPy 4.0, which required no changes, just updates to the

.. _issue 431: \ … ith-cp1252
.. _issue 432: \ … rs-various
.. _issue 436: \ … -rise-from

Version 4.0.1 --- 13 October 2015

- When combining data files, unreadable files will now generate a warning
  instead of failing the command.  This is more in line with the older v3.7.1 behavior, which silently ignored unreadable files.
  Prompted by `issue 418`_.

- The --skip-covered option would skip reporting on 100% covered files, but
  also skipped them when calculating total coverage.  This was wrong, it should
  only remove lines from the report, not change the final answer.  This is now
  fixed, closing `issue 423`_.

- In 4.0, the data file recorded a summary of the system on which it was run.
  Combined data files would keep all of those summaries.  This could lead to
  enormous data files consisting of mostly repetitive useless information. That
  summary is now gone, fixing `issue 415`_.  If you want summary information,
  get in touch, and we'll figure out a better way to do it.

- Test suites that mocked os.path.exists would experience strange failures, due
  to using their mock inadvertently.  This is now fixed, closing
  `issue 416`_.

- Importing a ``__init__`` module explicitly would lead to an error:
  ``AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '__path__'``, as reported
  in `issue 410`_.  This is now fixed.

- Code that uses ``sys.settrace(sys.gettrace())`` used to incur a more than 2x
  speed penalty.  Now there's no penalty at all. Fixes `issue 397`_.

- Pyexpat C code will no longer be recorded as a source file, fixing
  `issue 419`_.

- The source kit now contains all of the files needed to have a complete source
  tree, re-fixing `issue 137`_ and closing `issue 281`_.

.. _issue 281: \ … ing-in-the
.. _issue 397: \ … erage-with
.. _issue 410: \ … ect-has-no
.. _issue 415: \ … ates-cause
.. _issue 416: \ … s-failures
.. _issue 418: … arse-error
.. _issue 419: \ … -path-to-c
.. _issue 423: \ … rted-total

Version 4.0 --- 20 September 2015

No changes from 4.0b3

Version 4.0b3 --- 7 September 2015

- Reporting on an unmeasured file would fail with a traceback.  This is now
  fixed, closing `issue 403`_.

- The Jenkins ShiningPanda plugin looks for an obsolete file name to find the
  HTML reports to publish, so it was failing under 4.0.  Now we
  create that file if we are running under Jenkins, to keep things working
  smoothly. `issue 404`_.

- Kits used to include tests and docs, but didn't install them anywhere, or
  provide all of the supporting tools to make them useful.  Kits no longer
  include tests and docs.  If you were using them from the older packages, get
  in touch and help me understand how.

.. _issue 403: \ … r-nonetype
.. _issue 404: \ … -find-html

Version 4.0b2 --- 22 August 2015

- 4.0b1 broke --append creating new data files.  This is now fixed, closing
  `issue 392`_.

- ``py.test --cov`` can write empty data, then touch files due to ``--source``,
  which made mistakenly force the data file to record lines instead
  of arcs.  This would lead to a "Can't combine line data with arc \ 
data" error
  message.  This is now fixed, and changed some method names in the
  CoverageData interface.  Fixes `issue 399`_.

- `CoverageData.read_fileobj` and `CoverageData.write_fileobj` replace the
  `.read` and `.write` methods, and are now properly inverses of each other.

- When using ``report --skip-covered``, a message will now be included in the
  report output indicating how many files were skipped, and if all files are
  skipped, won't accidentally scold you for having no data to
  report.  Thanks, Krystian Kichewko.

- A new conversion utility has been added:  ``python -m coverage.pickle2json``
  will convert v3.x pickle data files to v4.x JSON data files.  Thanks,
  Alexander Todorov.  Closes `issue 395`_.

- A new version identifier is available, `coverage.version_info`, a plain tuple
  of values similar to `sys.version_info`_.

.. _issue 392: \ … erage-file
.. _issue 395: \ … s-well-for
.. _issue 399: \ … -line-data
.. _sys.version_info: … rsion_info

Version 4.0b1 --- 2 August 2015

- is now licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.  See NOTICE.txt for
  details.  Closes `issue 313`_.

- The data storage has been completely revamped.  The data file is now
  JSON-based instead of a pickle, closing `issue 236`_.  The `CoverageData`
  class is now a public supported documented API to the data file.

- A new configuration option, ``[run] note``, lets you set a note that will be
  stored in the `runs` section of the data file.  You can use this to annotate
  the data file with any information you like.

- Unrecognized configuration options will now print an error message and stop  This should help prevent configuration mistakes from passing
  silently.  Finishes `issue 386`_.

- In parallel mode, ``coverage erase`` will now delete all of the data files,
  fixing `issue 262`_.

- now accepts a directory name for ``coverage run`` and will run a
  ```` found there, just like Python will.  Fixes `issue 252`_.
  Thanks, Dmitry Trofimov.

- The XML report now includes a ``missing-branches`` attribute.  Thanks, Steve
  Peak.  This is not a part of the Cobertura DTD, so the XML report no longer
  references the DTD.

- Missing branches in the HTML report now have a bit more information in the
  right-hand annotations.  Hopefully this will make their meaning clearer.

- All the reporting functions now behave the same if no data had been
  collected, exiting with a status code of 1.  Fixed ``fail_under`` to be
  applied even when the report is empty.  Thanks, Ionel Cristian Mărieș.

- Plugins are now initialized differently.  Instead of looking for a class
  called ``Plugin``, looks for a function called ``coverage_init``.

- A file-tracing plugin can now ask to have built-in Python reporting by
  returning `"python"` from its `file_reporter()` method.

- Code that was executed with `exec` would be mis-attributed to the file that
  called it.  This is now fixed, closing `issue 380`_.

- The ability to use item access on `Coverage.config` (introduced in 4.0a2) has
  been changed to a more explicit `Coverage.get_option` and
  `Coverage.set_option` API.

- The ``Coverage.use_cache`` method is no longer supported.

- The private method ``Coverage._harvest_data`` is now called
  ``Coverage.get_data``, and returns the ``CoverageData`` containing the
  collected data.

- The project is consistently referred to as "" throughout \ 
the code
  and the documentation, closing `issue 275`_.

- Combining data files with an explicit configuration file was broken in 4.0a6,
  but now works again, closing `issue 385`_.

- ``coverage combine`` now accepts files as well as directories.

- The speed is back to 3.7.1 levels, after having slowed down due to plugin
  support, finishing up `issue 387`_.

.. _issue 236: \ … d-feel-bad
.. _issue 252: \ … ogram-with
.. _issue 262: \ … -erase-all
.. _issue 275: \ … s-coverage
.. _issue 313: \ … g-2-3-or-4
.. _issue 380: \ … luded-from
.. _issue 385: \ … ith-rcfile
.. _issue 386: \ … figuration
.. _issue 387: \ … -371-to-40

.. 40 issues closed in 4.0 below here

Version 4.0a6 --- 21 June 2015

- Python 3.5b2 and PyPy 2.6.0 are supported.

- The original module-level function interface to is no longer
  supported.  You must now create a ``coverage.Coverage`` object, and use
  methods on it.

- The ``coverage combine`` command now accepts any number of directories as
  arguments, and will combine all the data files from those directories.  This
  means you don't have to copy the files to one directory before combining.
  Thanks, Christine Lytwynec.  Finishes `issue 354`_.

- Branch coverage couldn't properly handle certain extremely long files. This
  is now fixed (`issue 359`_).

- Branch coverage didn't understand yield statements properly.  Mickie Betz
  persisted in pursuing this despite Ned's pessimism.  Fixes `issue 308`_ and
  `issue 324`_.

- The COVERAGE_DEBUG environment variable can be used to set the ``[run] debug``
  configuration option to control what internal operations are logged.

- HTML reports were truncated at formfeed characters.  This is now fixed
  (`issue 360`_).  It's always fun when the problem is due to a `bug in the
  Python standard library <>`_.

- Files with incorrect encoding declaration comments are no longer ignored by
  the reporting commands, fixing `issue 351`_.

- HTML reports now include a timestamp in the footer, closing `issue 299`_.
  Thanks, Conrad Ho.

- HTML reports now begrudgingly use double-quotes rather than single quotes,
  because there are "software engineers" out there writing tools that \ 
read HTML
  and somehow have no idea that single quotes exist.  Capitulates to the absurd
  `issue 361`_.  Thanks, Jon Chappell.

- The ``coverage annotate`` command now handles non-ASCII characters properly,
  closing `issue 363`_.  Thanks, Leonardo Pistone.

- Drive letters on Windows were not normalized correctly, now they are. Thanks,
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș.

- Plugin support had some bugs fixed, closing `issue 374`_ and `issue 375`_.
  Thanks, Stefan Behnel.

.. _issue 299: \ … d-hh-mm-in
.. _issue 308: \ … h-coverage
.. _issue 324: \ … h-coverage
.. _issue 351: \ … re-ignored
.. _issue 354: \ … -a-list-of
.. _issue 359: … hunk-error
.. _issue 360: \ … n-the-code
.. _issue 361: \ … -output-to
.. _issue 363: \ … -happy-fun
.. _issue 374: \ … ps-fail-in
.. _issue 375: \ … -byte-code

Version 4.0a5 --- 16 February 2015

- Plugin support is now implemented in the C tracer instead of the Python
  tracer. This greatly improves the speed of tracing projects using plugins.

- now always adds the current directory to sys.path, so that
  plugins can import files in the current directory (`issue 358`_).

- If the `config_file` argument to the Coverage constructor is specified as
  ".coveragerc", it is treated as if it were True.  This means setup.cfg is
  also examined, and a missing file is not considered an error (`issue 357`_).

- Wildly experimental: support for measuring processes started by the
  multiprocessing module.  To use, set ``--concurrency=multiprocessing``,
  either on the command line or in the .coveragerc file (`issue 117`_). Thanks,
  Eduardo Schettino.  Currently, this does not work on Windows.

- A new warning is possible, if a desired file isn't measured because it was
  imported before was started (`issue 353`_).

- The `coverage.process_startup` function now will start coverage measurement
  only once, no matter how many times it is called.  This fixes problems due
  to unusual virtualenv configurations (`issue 340`_).

- Added 3.5.0a1 to the list of supported CPython versions.

.. _issue 117: \ … ode-run-by
.. _issue 340: … rror-subpy
.. _issue 353: \ … third-case
.. _issue 357: \ … eragerc-is
.. _issue 358: \ … uld-adjust

Version 4.0a4 --- 25 January 2015

- Plugins can now provide sys_info for debugging output.

- Started plugins documentation.

- Prepared to move the docs to

Version 4.0a3 --- 20 January 2015

- Reports now use file names with extensions.  Previously, a report would
  describe a/b/ as "a/b/c".  Now it is shown as \ 
"a/b/".  This allows
  for better support of non-Python files, and also fixed `issue 69`_.

- The XML report now reports each directory as a package again.  This was a bad
  regression, I apologize.  This was reported in `issue 235`_, which is now

- A new configuration option for the XML report: ``[xml] package_depth``
  controls which directories are identified as packages in the report.
  Directories deeper than this depth are not reported as packages.
  The default is that all directories are reported as packages.
  Thanks, Lex Berezhny.

- When looking for the source for a frame, check if the file exists. On
  Windows, .pyw files are no longer recorded as .py files. Along the way, this
  fixed `issue 290`_.

- Empty files are now reported as 100% covered in the XML report, not 0%
  covered (`issue 345`_).

- Regexes in the configuration file are now compiled as soon as they are read,
  to provide error messages earlier (`issue 349`_).

.. _issue 69: \ … hat-doesnt
.. _issue 235: \ … xml-report
.. _issue 290: \ … -pyw-files
.. _issue 345: \ … mpty-files
.. _issue 349: \ … an-earlier

Version 4.0a2 --- 14 January 2015

- Officially support PyPy 2.4, and PyPy3 2.4.  Drop support for
  CPython 3.2 and older versions of PyPy.  The code won't work on CPython 3.2.
  It will probably still work on older versions of PyPy, but I'm not testing
  against them.

- Plugins!

- The original command line switches (`-x` to run a program, etc) are no
  longer supported.

- A new option: `coverage report --skip-covered` will reduce the number of
  files reported by skipping files with 100% coverage.  Thanks, Krystian
  Kichewko.  This means that empty `` files will be skipped, since
  they are 100% covered, closing `issue 315`_.

- You can now specify the ``--fail-under`` option in the ``.coveragerc`` file
  as the ``[report] fail_under`` option.  This closes `issue 314`_.

- The ``COVERAGE_OPTIONS`` environment variable is no longer supported.  It was
  a hack for ``--timid`` before configuration files were available.

- The HTML report now has filtering.  Type text into the Filter box on the
  index page, and only modules with that text in the name will be shown.
  Thanks, Danny Allen.

- The textual report and the HTML report used to report partial branches
  differently for no good reason.  Now the text report's "missing branches"
  column is a "partial branches" column so that both reports show the same
  numbers.  This closes `issue 342`_.

- If you specify a ``--rcfile`` that cannot be read, you will get an error
  message.  Fixes `issue 343`_.

- The ``--debug`` switch can now be used on any command.

- You can now programmatically adjust the configuration of by
  setting items on `Coverage.config` after construction.

- A module run with ``-m`` can be used as the argument to ``--source``, fixing
  `issue 328`_.  Thanks, Buck Evan.

- The regex for matching exclusion pragmas has been fixed to allow more kinds
  of whitespace, fixing `issue 334`_.

- Made some PyPy-specific tweaks to improve speed under PyPy.  Thanks, Alex

- In some cases, with a source file missing a final newline, would
  count statements incorrectly.  This is now fixed, closing `issue 293`_.

- The status.dat file that HTML reports use to avoid re-creating files that
  haven't changed is now a JSON file instead of a pickle file.  This obviates
  `issue 287`_ and `issue 237`_.

.. _issue 237: \ … -statusdat
.. _issue 287: \ … e-protocol
.. _issue 293: \ … rong-if-no
.. _issue 314: \ … coveragerc
.. _issue 315: \ … __init__py
.. _issue 328: \ … run-source
.. _issue 334: \ … -character
.. _issue 342: \ … rts-differ
.. _issue 343: \ … ent-config

Version 4.0a1 --- 27 September 2014

- Python versions supported are now CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4, and
  PyPy 2.2.

- Gevent, eventlet, and greenlet are now supported, closing `issue 149`_.
  The ``concurrency`` setting specifies the concurrency library in use.  Huge
  thanks to Peter Portante for initial implementation, and to Joe Jevnik for
  the final insight that completed the work.

- Options are now also read from a setup.cfg file, if any.  Sections are
  prefixed with "coverage:", so the ``[run]`` options will be read from the
  ``[coverage:run]`` section of setup.cfg.  Finishes `issue 304`_.

- The ``report -m`` command can now show missing branches when reporting on
  branch coverage.  Thanks, Steve Leonard. Closes `issue 230`_.

- The XML report now contains a <source> element, fixing `issue 94`_.  Thanks
  Stan Hu.

- The class defined in the coverage module is now called ``Coverage`` instead
  of ``coverage``, though the old name still works, for backward compatibility.

- The ``fail-under`` value is now rounded the same as reported results,
  preventing paradoxical results, fixing `issue 284`_.

- The XML report will now create the output directory if need be, fixing
  `issue 285`_.  Thanks, Chris Rose.

- HTML reports no longer raise UnicodeDecodeError if a Python file has
  undecodable characters, fixing `issue 303`_ and `issue 331`_.

- The annotate command will now annotate all files, not just ones relative to
  the current directory, fixing `issue 57`_.

- The coverage module no longer causes deprecation warnings on Python 3.4 by
  importing the imp module, fixing `issue 305`_.

- Encoding declarations in source files are only considered if they are truly
  comments.  Thanks, Anthony Sottile.

.. _issue 57: \ … otate-many
.. _issue 94: \ … ce-sources
.. _issue 149: \ … oks-broken
.. _issue 230: \ … ranches-in
.. _issue 284: \ … -precision
.. _issue 285: \ … -directory
.. _issue 303: … ecodeerror
.. _issue 304: \ … m-setupcfg
.. _issue 305: \ … imp-module
.. _issue 331: \ … on-python2
   2015-11-03 04:29:40 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (1995)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for devel category

Issues found with existing distfiles:
No changes made to these distinfo files.

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.

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