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CVS Commit History:

   2018-04-16 12:19:37 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest patchset 1722.

8.0.1429  crash when calling term_start() with empty argument
8.0.1430  crash when term_start() fails
8.0.1431  MS-Windows: vimtutor fails if %TMP% has special chars
8.0.1432  after ":copen" can't get the window-ID of the quickfix window
8.0.1433  illegal memory access after undo
8.0.1434  GTK: :promtfind does not put focus on text input
8.0.1435  memory leak in test_arabic
8.0.1436  not enough information about what Python version may work
8.0.1437  pkg-config doesn't work with cross compiling
8.0.1438  filetype detection test not updated for change
8.0.1439  if cscope fails a search Vim may hang
8.0.1440  terminal window: some vterm responses are delayed
8.0.1441  using ":undo 0" leaves undo in wrong state
8.0.1442  (after 8.0.1439) using pointer before it is set
8.0.1443  (after 8.0.1441) compiler gives uninitialized var warning
8.0.1444  missing -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 may cause problems
8.0.1445  cannot act on edits in the command line
8.0.1446  acessing freed memory after window command in auto command
8.0.1447  still too many old style tests
8.0.1448  segfault with exception inside :rubyfile command
8.0.1449  slow redrawing with DirectX
8.0.1450  GUI: endless loop when stopping cursor blinking
8.0.1451  difficult to set the python home directories properly
8.0.1452  terminal test fails on some systems
8.0.1453  terminal test fails on some slow terminals
8.0.1454  when in silent mode too much output is buffered
8.0.1455  if $SHELL contains a space then 'shell' is incorrect
8.0.1456  timer test on travis Mac is still flaky
8.0.1457  clojure now supports a shebang line
8.0.1458  filetype detection test does not check all scripts
8.0.1459  cannot handle change of directory
8.0.1460  (after 8.0.1459) missing file in patch
8.0.1461  (after 8.0.1459) missing another file in patch
8.0.1462  (after 8.0.1459) missing yet another file in patch
8.0.1463  (after 8.0.1459) test fails without 'autochdir' option
8.0.1464  completing directory after :find does not add slash
8.0.1465  python2 and python3 detection not tested
8.0.1466  older GTK versions don't have gtk_entry_get_text_length()
8.0.1467  libvterm doesn't handle illegal byte sequence correctly
8.0.1468  illegal memory access in del_bytes()
8.0.1469  when package path is a symlink 'runtimepath' is wrong
8.0.1470  integer overflow when using regexp pattern
8.0.1471  on MS-Windows CursorIM highlighting no longer works
8.0.1472  MS-Windows: nsis installer is a bit slow
8.0.1473  MS-Windows: D&D fails between 32 and 64 bit apps
8.0.1474  Visual C 2017 has multiple MSVCVER numbers
8.0.1475  invalid memory access in read_redo()
8.0.1476  screen isn't always updated right away
8.0.1477  redraw flicker when moving mouse outside of terminal window
8.0.1478  unnecessary condition
8.0.1479  insert mode completion state is confusing
8.0.1480  (after 8.0.1479) patch missing change
8.0.1481  clearing a pointer takes two lines
8.0.1482  using feedkeys() does not work to test completion
8.0.1483  searchpair() might return an invalid value on timeout
8.0.1484  reduntant conditions
8.0.1485  weird autocmd may cause arglist to be changed recursively
8.0.1486  accessing invalid memory with "it"
8.0.1487  (after 8.0.1486) test 14 fails
8.0.1488  emacs tags no longer work
8.0.1489  there is no easy way to get the global directory
8.0.1490  number of spell regions is spread out through the code
8.0.1491  the minimum width of the popup menu is hard coded
8.0.1492  memory leak in balloon_split()
8.0.1493  completion items cannot be annotated
8.0.1494  no autocmd triggered in Insert mode with visible popup menu
8.0.1495  having 'pumwidth' default to zero has no merit
8.0.1496  clearing a pointer takes two lines
8.0.1497  getting the jump list requires parsing the output of :jumps
8.0.1498  getjumplist() returns duplicate entries
8.0.1499  out-of-memory situation not correctly handled
8.0.1500  possible NULL pointer dereference
8.0.1501  out-of-memory situation not correctly handled
8.0.1502  in out-of-memory situation character is not restored
8.0.1503  access memory beyond end of string
8.0.1504  Win32: the screen may be cleared on startup
8.0.1505  debugger can't break on a condition
8.0.1506  new version of HP NonStop (Tandem) doesn't like a header
8.0.1507  timer test is a bit flaky
8.0.1508  the :drop command is not always available
8.0.1509  (after 8.0.1508) failing drag-n-drop command no longer fails
8.0.1510  cannot test if a command causes a beep
8.0.1511  some code for the debugger watch expression is clumsy
8.0.1512  warning for possibly using NULL pointer
8.0.1513  the jumplist is not always properly cleaned up
8.0.1514  getting the list of changes is not easy
8.0.1515  BufWinEnter event fired when opening hidden terminal
8.0.1516  errors for job options are not very specific
8.0.1517  invalid memory acces with pattern using look-behind match
8.0.1518  error messages suppressed after ":silent! try"
8.0.1519  getchangelist() does not use argument as bufname()
8.0.1520  cursor in wrong line when using a WinBar in Terminal window
8.0.1521  Shift-Tab does not work in a terminal window
8.0.1522  popup menu is positioned in the wrong place
8.0.1523  cannot write and read terminal screendumps
8.0.1524  (after 8.0.1523) compiler warnings for uninitialized vars
8.0.1525  using :wqa exits even if a job runs in a terminal window
8.0.1526  no test using a screen dump yet
8.0.1527  screen dump test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1528  dead code found
8.0.1529  assert_equalfile() does not close file descriptors
8.0.1530  dump test fails when using a shadow directory
8.0.1531  cannot use 24 bit colors in MS-Windows console
8.0.1532  compiler warnings without termguicolors feature
8.0.1533  libterm doesn't support requesting fg and bg color
8.0.1534  C syntax test fails when using gvim
8.0.1535  C syntax test still fails when using gvim
8.0.1536  quotestar test is flaky when using the GUI
8.0.1537  xxd does not skip NUL lines when using ebcdic
8.0.1538  popupmenu is too far left when completion is long
8.0.1539  no test for the popup menu positioning
8.0.1540  popup menu positioning fails with longer string
8.0.1541  synpat_T is taking too much memory
8.0.1542  terminal screen dump does not include cursor position
8.0.1543  with 'termguicolors' Normal color doesn't work correctly
8.0.1544  when using 'termguicolors' SpellBad doesn't show
8.0.1545  screen dumps not included in distribution
8.0.1546  using feedkeys() in a terminal may trigger mappings
8.0.1547  undo in the options window makes it empty
8.0.1548  screen dump test script not included in distribution
8.0.1549  various small problems in test files
8.0.1550  various small problems in source files
8.0.1551  on Mac 'maxmemtot' is set to a weird value
8.0.1552  may leak file descriptors when executing job
8.0.1553  cannot see what digraph is used to insert a character
8.0.1554  custom plugins loaded with --clean
8.0.1555  build error for some combination of features
8.0.1556  may not parse the t_RS response correctly
8.0.1557  printf() does not work with only one argument
8.0.1558  no right-click menu in a terminal
8.0.1559  build failure without GUI
8.0.1560  build failure without GUI on MS-Windows
8.0.1561  crash with rust syntax highligting
8.0.1562  the terminal debugger can't set a breakpoint with the mouse
8.0.1563  timeout of getwinposx() can be too short
8.0.1564  too many #ifdefs
8.0.1565  can't build Mac version without GUI
8.0.1566  too many #ifdefs
8.0.1567  cannot build Win32 GUI without IME
8.0.1568  can't build on older Mac, header file is missing
8.0.1569  warning for uninitialized variable from gcc
8.0.1570  can't use :popup for a menu in the terminal
8.0.1571  can't build without GUI
8.0.1572  Mac: getting memory size doesn't work everywhere
8.0.1573  getwinpos(1) may cause response to be handled as command
8.0.1574  show cursor in wrong place when using popup menu
8.0.1575  crash when using virtual replace
8.0.1576  Perl VIM::Buffers() does not find every buffer
8.0.1577  virtual replace test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1578  no test for :popup in terminal
8.0.1579  virtual replace test fails in GUI
8.0.1580  FEAT_CURSORBIND and FEAT_SCROLLBIND are unused
8.0.1581  cannot build Win32 GUI without +eval
8.0.1582  in the MS-Windows console mouse movement is not used
8.0.1583  using C99 comment
8.0.1584  using C99 in Mac file gives compiler warning messages
8.0.1585  enabling beval_term feature in Win32 GUI
8.0.1586  imactivatefunc does not work on non-GUI Mac
8.0.1587  inserting from the clipboard doesn't work literally
8.0.1588  popup menu hangs after typing CTRL-C
8.0.1589  error for setting 'modifiable' when resetting it
8.0.1590  padding in list type wastes memory
8.0.1591  MS-Windows: when reparsing the arguments 'wildignore' matters
8.0.1592  terminal windows in a session are not properly restored
8.0.1593  :qall never exits with an active terminal window
8.0.1594  :confirm qall not tested with active terminal window
8.0.1595  no autocommand triggered before exiting
8.0.1596  no autocommand specifically for opening a terminal window
8.0.1597  autocommand events are not sorted
8.0.1598  cannot select text in a terminal with the mouse
8.0.1599  no error message when gdb does not support debugger
8.0.1600  crash when setting t_Co to zero when 'termguicolors' is set
8.0.1601  highlight test fails on Win32
8.0.1602  crash in parsing JSON
8.0.1603  cannot build with +terminal but without +menu
8.0.1604  paste test may fail if $DISPLAY is not set
8.0.1605  terminal test is a bit flaky
8.0.1606  singular/plural variants not translated
8.0.1607  --clean loads user settings from .gvimrc
8.0.1608  Win32: directx not enabled by default
8.0.1609  shell commands in the GUI use a dumb terminal
8.0.1610  cannot build without GUI
8.0.1611  CTRL-W in system terminal does not go to job
8.0.1612  need to close terminal after shell stopped
8.0.1613  warning for unused variable in tiny build
8.0.1614  "make tags" doesn't include libvterm
8.0.1615  term_dumpload() does not use the right colors
8.0.1616  Win32: shell commands in the GUI open a new console
8.0.1617  Win32: :shell command in the GUI crashes
8.0.1618  color Grey50 is missing in the compiled-in table
8.0.1619  Win32 GUI: crash when winpty is not installed
8.0.1620  reading spell file has no good EOF detection
8.0.1621  using invalid default value for highlight attribute
8.0.1622  possible NULL pointer dereference
8.0.1623  terminal kill tests are flaky
8.0.1624  options for term_dumpdiff()/term_dumpload() not implemented
8.0.1625  test_quotestar is flaky when run in GTK GUI
8.0.1626  compiler warning for possible loss of data
8.0.1627  compiler warning for visibility attribute not supported
8.0.1628  channel log doesn't mention exiting
8.0.1629  Mac: getpagesize() is deprecated
8.0.1630  trimming white space is not that easy
8.0.1631  testing with Vim running in terminal is a bit flaky
8.0.1632  in a terminal dump NUL and space are different
8.0.1633  a TextChanged autocmd triggers when it is defined
8.0.1634  the ex_vimgrep() function is too long
8.0.1635  undefining _POSIX_THREADS causes problems with Python 3
8.0.1636  no test for term_dumpload() and term_dumpdiff()
8.0.1637  no test for term_dumpdiff() options argument
8.0.1638  popup test fails depending on environment variable
8.0.1639  libvterm code lags behind master
8.0.1640  Test_cwd() is flaky
8.0.1641  job in terminal can't communicate with Vim
8.0.1642  running Vim in terminal fails with two windows
8.0.1643  terminal API tests fail
8.0.1644  terminal API tests still fail
8.0.1645  test for terminal response to escape sequence may fail
8.0.1646  MS-Windows: executable contains unreferenced functions
8.0.1647  terminal API may call any user function
8.0.1648  resource fork tool doesn't work on Python 3
8.0.1649  no completion for argument list commands
8.0.1650  too many #ifdefs
8.0.1651  cannot filter :ls output for terminal buffers
8.0.1652  term_dumpwrite() does not output composing characters
8.0.1653  screen dump is made too soon
8.0.1654  warnings for conversion of void to function pointer
8.0.1655  outdated gdb message in terminal debugger unclear
8.0.1656  no option to have xxd produce upper case variable names
8.0.1657  crash when reading a channel
8.0.1658  xxd capitalize argument not available in long form
8.0.1659  scroll events not recognized for some xterm emulators
8.0.1660  the terminal API "drop" command doesn't support options
8.0.1661  warnings from 64 bit compiler
8.0.1662  showing dump diff doesn't mention both file names
8.0.1663  cannot build without multi-byte feature
8.0.1664  test failure because of not allocating enough space
8.0.1665  when running a terminal from the GUI 'term' is not useful
8.0.1666  % argument in ch_log() causes trouble
8.0.1667  terminal window tests are flaky
8.0.1668  terminal debugger: can't re-open source code window
8.0.1669  :vimgrep may add entries to the wrong quickfix list
8.0.1670  terminal window tests are still a bit flaky
8.0.1671  crash when passing non-dict argument as env to job_start()
8.0.1672  error during completion causes command to be cancelled
8.0.1673  terminal window tests are still a bit flaky
8.0.1674  libvterm can't handle an OSC string split
8.0.1675  unused macro argument in libvterm
8.0.1676  no compiler warning for wrong printf format
8.0.1677  no compiler warning for wrong format in vim_snprintf()
8.0.1678  errorformat "%r" implies "%>"
8.0.1679  compiler warning for printf format
8.0.1680  memory allocated by libvterm is not profiled
8.0.1681  the format attribute fails with MinGW
8.0.1682  auto indenting breaks inserting a block
8.0.1683  Python upgrade breaks Vim when defining PYTHON_HOME
8.0.1684  ml_get errors when using terminal window for shell command
8.0.1685  can't set ANSI colors of a terminal window
8.0.1686  Python does not work when configuring with specific dir
8.0.1687  64 bit compiler warnings
8.0.1688  some macros are used without a semicolon
8.0.1689  no tests for xxd
8.0.1690  not easy to run one test with gvim instead of vim
8.0.1691  xxd test sometimes fails
8.0.1692  Python may not work when using statically linked library
8.0.1693  xxd is excluded from coverage statistics
8.0.1694  terminal API test is a bit flaky
8.0.1695  xxd test not run on MS-Windows
8.0.1696  coverage statistics don't work
8.0.1697  various tests are still a bit flaky
8.0.1698  coverage statistics don't work on coveralls
8.0.1699  leftover stuff for Python 1.4
8.0.1700  coverage statistics still don't work on coveralls
8.0.1701  can disable COLOR_EMOJI with MSVC but not MinGW
8.0.1702  leaking memory when autocommands make quickfix list invalid
8.0.1703  in the tutor 'showcmd' is not set
8.0.1704  'backupskip' default doesn't work for Mac
8.0.1705  when making a vertical split the mode message isn't updated
8.0.1706  cannot sent CTRL-\ to a terminal window
8.0.1707  when 'wfh' is set ":bel 10new" scrolls window
8.0.1708  mkdir with 'p' flag fails on existing directory
8.0.1709  some non-C89 code may slip through
8.0.1710  building with Ruby fails
8.0.1711  term_setsize() is not implemented yet
8.0.1712  terminal scrollback is not limited
8.0.1713  terminal debugger doesn't handle arguments
8.0.1714  term_setsize() does not give an error in a normal buffer
8.0.1715  terminal buffer can be 1 more than 'terminalscroll' lines
8.0.1716  test for term_setsize() does not give a good error message
8.0.1717  C89 check causes too much trouble
8.0.1718  terminal scrollback test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1719  cannot specify which Python executable configure should use
8.0.1720  when a timer is running a terminal window may not close
8.0.1721  no test for using the 'termsize' option
8.0.1722  cannot specify a minimal size for a terminal window
   2018-03-04 17:26:24 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
vim*: follow redirect
   2018-01-20 13:19:09 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest changeset.


8.0.1380  using "vim -r swapfile" the hit-enter prompt is misplaced.
8.0.1381  ch_readraw() waits for NL if channel mode is NL
8.0.1382  get "no write since last change" message if terminal is open
8.0.1383  local additions in help skips some files
8.0.1384  not enough quickfix help; confusing winid
8.0.1385  Python 3.5 is getting old
8.0.1386  cannot select modified buffers with getbufinfo()
8.0.1387  wordcount test is old style
8.0.1388  char not overwritten with ambiguous width char
8.0.1389  getqflist() items are missing if not set
8.0.1390  DirectX scrolling can be slow, vertical positioning is off
8.0.1391  encoding empty string to JSON sometimes gives "null"
8.0.1392  build fails with --with-features=huge --disable-channel
8.0.1393  too much highlighting with 'hlsearch' and 'incsearch' set
8.0.1394  cannot intercept a yank command
8.0.1395  it is not easy to see if a colorscheme is well written
8.0.1396  memory leak when CTRL-G in search command line fails
8.0.1397  pattern with \& following nothing gives an error
8.0.1398  :packadd does not load packages from the "start" directory
8.0.1399  warnings and errors when building tiny version
8.0.1400  color scheme check script shows up as color scheme
8.0.1401  cannot build with GTK but without XIM
8.0.1402  crash with nasty autocommand
8.0.1403  using freed buffer in grep command
8.0.1404  invalid memory access on exit
8.0.1405  duplicated code for getting a typed character
8.0.1406  difficult to track changes to a quickfix list
8.0.1407  GUI: CursorHold may trigger before 'updatetime'
8.0.1408  crash in setqflist()
8.0.1409  buffer overflow in :tags command
8.0.1410  hang when using count() with an empty string
8.0.1411  reading invalid memory with CTRL-W :
8.0.1412  using free memory using setloclist()
8.0.1413  accessing freed memory in :cbuffer
8.0.1414  accessing freed memory in :lfile.
8.0.1415  warning for unused function without timers feature
8.0.1416  crash when searching for a sentence
8.0.1417  test doesn't search for a sentence
8.0.1418  no test for expanding backticks
8.0.1419  cursor column is not updated after ]s
8.0.1420  accessing freed memory in vimgrep
8.0.1421  accessing invalid memory with overlong byte sequence
8.0.1422  no fallback to underline when undercurl is not set
8.0.1423  error in return not caught by try/catch
8.0.1424  the timer_pause test is flaky on Travis
8.0.1425  execute() does not work in completion of user command
8.0.1426  "gf" and <cfile> don't accept ? and & in URL
8.0.1427  the :leftabove modifier doesn't work for :copen
8.0.1428  compiler warning on 64 bit MS-Windows system
   2017-12-10 13:39:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
vim-share: fix building with Python 3.x (PR 52742)
   2017-12-08 21:12:43 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to vim-8.0.1379

Significant change: my ChromeOS fix is now included, so I can remove the
workaround from Makefile.common :)
   2017-12-03 20:49:03 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Disable selinux on ChromeOS.

ChromeOS userland has a libselinux but not the selinux.h header file. The
configure check passes but compilation later fails.

However, the resulting binary still does not run. It gets killed on
startup with "buffer overflow detected".
   2017-12-03 18:49:14 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patches 1365.

8.0.1215  newer gcc warns for implicit fallthrough
8.0.1216  tabline is not always updated for :file command
8.0.1217  can't use remote eval to inspect vars in debug mode
8.0.1218  writing to freed memory in autocmd
8.0.1219  terminal test is flaky
8.0.1220  skipping empty statusline groups is not correct
8.0.1221  still too many old style tests
8.0.1222  test functions interfere with each other
8.0.1223  crash when using autocomplete and tab pages
8.0.1224  still interference between test functions
8.0.1225  no check for spell region being zero
8.0.1226  edit and popup tests failing
8.0.1227  undefined left shift in readfile()
8.0.1228  invalid memory access in GUI test
8.0.1229  condition in vim_str2nr() is always true
8.0.1230  CTRL-A in Visual mode uses character after selection
8.0.1231  expanding file name drops dash
8.0.1232  MS-Windows users are confused about default mapping
8.0.1233  typo in dos installer
8.0.1234  MS-Windows: composing chars are not shown properly
8.0.1235  cannot disable the terminal feature in a huge build
8.0.1236  Mac features are confusing
8.0.1237  ":set scroll&" often gives an error
8.0.1238  incremental search only shows one match
8.0.1239  cannot use a lambda for the skip argument to searchpair()
8.0.1240  MS-Windows: term_start() does not support environment
8.0.1241  popup test is flaky
8.0.1242  function argument with only dash is seen as number zero
8.0.1243  no test for what 8.0.1227 fixes
8.0.1244  search test does not work correctly on MS-Windows
8.0.1245  when WaitFor() has a wrong expression it just waits a second
8.0.1246  popup test has an arbitrary delay
8.0.1247  not easy to find Debian build info
8.0.1248  stray + in README file
8.0.1249  no error when WaitFor() gets an invalid wrong expression
8.0.1250  'hlsearch' highlighting not removed after incsearch
8.0.1251  invalid expressin passed to WaitFor()
8.0.1252  incomplete translations makefile for MinGW/Cygwin
8.0.1253  still too many old style tests
8.0.1254  undefined left shift in gethexchrs()
8.0.1255  duplicate badge README file
8.0.1256  typo in configure variable vim_cv_tgent
8.0.1257  no test for fix of undefined behavior
8.0.1258  'ttymouse' is set to "sgr" even though it's not supported
8.0.1259  search test can be flaky
8.0.1260  using global variables for WaitFor()
8.0.1261  program in terminal window gets NL instead of CR
8.0.1262  terminal redir test is flaky
8.0.1263  others can read the swap file if a user is careless
8.0.1264  terminal debugger gets stuck in small window
8.0.1265  swap test not skipped when there is one group
8.0.1266  Test_swap_directory was commented out
8.0.1267  Test_swap_group may leave file behind
8.0.1268  PC install instructions are incomplete
8.0.1269  effect of autocommands on marks is not tested
8.0.1270  mismatching file name with Filelist
8.0.1271  still too many old style tests
8.0.1272  warnings for unused variables in tiny build
8.0.1273  old test file remaining
8.0.1274  setbufline() fails when using folding
8.0.1275  CmdlineLeave autocmd prevents fold from opening
8.0.1276  key lost when window closed in exit callback
8.0.1277  terminal window CR-NL conversions may cause problems
8.0.1278  GUI window always resizes when adding scrollbar
8.0.1279  initializing menus can be slow
8.0.1280  Python None cannot be converted to a Vim type
8.0.1281  loading file type detection slows down startup
8.0.1282  script-local variable defined in the wrong script
8.0.1283  test 86 fails under ASAN
8.0.1284  loading file type detection slows down startup
8.0.1285  distributed autoload files may clash with user files
8.0.1286  occasional crash when using a channel
8.0.1287  temp file used for viminfo may have wrong permissions
8.0.1288  GUI: cannot drag the statusline of a terminal window
8.0.1289  mkview always includes the local directory
8.0.1290  seq_cur of undotree() wrong after undo
8.0.1291  C indent wrong when * immediately follows comment
8.0.1292  quick clicks in the WinBar start Visual mode
8.0.1293  setting a breakpoint in the terminal debugger sometimes fails
8.0.1294  GUI: get stuck when splitting a terminal window
8.0.1295  cannot automatically get a server name in a terminal
8.0.1296  checking the same condition twice
8.0.1297  +autoservername does not show enabled on MS-Windows
8.0.1298  missing test file
8.0.1299  bracketed paste does not work well in terminal window
8.0.1300  file permissions may end up wrong when writing
8.0.1301  generated license file for NSIS has a modeline
8.0.1302  still too many old style tests
8.0.1303  'ttymouse' is not set to "sgr" for and Iterm2
8.0.1304  CTRL-G/CTRL-T don't work with incsearch and empty pattern
8.0.1305  writefile() never calls fsync()
8.0.1306  ASAN error stack trace is not useful
8.0.1307  compiler warning for ignoring return value
8.0.1308  the "Reading from stdin" message may be undesired
8.0.1309  cannot use 'balloonexpr' in a terminal
8.0.1310  cproto generates errors because of missing type
8.0.1311  no test for strpart()
8.0.1312  balloon_show() only works in terminal when compiled with GUI
8.0.1313  missing dependencies cause parallel make to fail
8.0.1314  build fails on Mac
8.0.1315  build still fails on Mac
8.0.1316  build still still fails on Mac
8.0.1317  accessing freed memory in term_wait()
8.0.1318  terminal balloon only shows one line
8.0.1319  can't build GUI on MS-Windows
8.0.1320  popup test fails on GUI-only build
8.0.1321  can't build huge version with Athena
8.0.1322  textformat test isn't run
8.0.1323  mouse events in a terminal window may cause endless loop
8.0.1324  some xterm sends different mouse move codes
8.0.1325  more tests are not run
8.0.1326  largefile test fails on CI, glob test on MS-Windows
8.0.1327  new proto file missing from distribution
8.0.1328  trouble when using ":term ++close" with autocmd
8.0.1329  when a flaky test fails it also often fails the second time
8.0.1330  MS-Windows: job in terminal can't get back to Vim
8.0.1331  possible crash when window can be zero lines high
8.0.1332  highlighting in quickfix window could be better
8.0.1333  some tests are run twice
8.0.1334  splitting a window with a WinBar damages window layout
8.0.1335  writefile() using fsync() may give an error.
8.0.1336  cannot use imactivatefunc() unless compiled with +xim
8.0.1337  typo in #ifdef
8.0.1338  USE_IM_CONTROL is confusing and incomplete
8.0.1339  no test for what 8.0.1335 fixes
8.0.1340  MS-Windows: cannot build GUI without IME
8.0.1341  'imactivatefunc' test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1342  cannot build with Motif and multi-byte
8.0.1343  MS-Windows: does not show colored emojis
8.0.1344  using 'imactivatefunc' in the GUI does not work
8.0.1345  race condition between stat() and open() for viminfo
8.0.1346  crash when passing 50 char string to balloon_split()
8.0.1347  MS-Windows: build broken by misplaced curly
8.0.1348  make testclean deletes script file on MS-Windows
8.0.1349  options test fails when using Motif or GTK GUI
8.0.1350  cannot build with +eval and -multi_byte
8.0.1351  warning for unused variables building with MinGW
8.0.1352  dead URLs in the help go unnoticed
8.0.1353  QuickFixCmdPost is not used consistently
8.0.1354  Shift-Insert doesn't always work in MS-Windows console
8.0.1355  cursor keys don't work in MS-Windows console
8.0.1356  using simalt in a GUIEnter autocommand inserts characters
8.0.1357  startup test fails on OpenBSD
8.0.1358  undercurl is not used in the terminal
8.0.1359  libvterm ANSI colors can not always be recognized
8.0.1360  the Terminal highlighting doesn't work in a terminal
8.0.1361  some users don't want to diff with hidden buffers
8.0.1362  terminal window colors wrong when using Terminal highlighting
8.0.1363  recovering does not work when swap file ends in .stz
8.0.1364  there is no easy way to get the window position
8.0.1365  when one channel test fails others fail as well
   2017-10-24 13:04:03 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patchset 1214.

8.0.1177  in a terminal window the popup menu is not cleared
8.0.1178  using old compiler on MS-Windows
8.0.1179  Test_popup_and_window_resize() does not always pass
8.0.1180  MS-Windows testclean target deletes the color script
8.0.1181  tests using Vim command fail on MS-Windows
8.0.1182  cannot see or change mzscheme dll name
8.0.1183  MS-Windows build instructions are outdated
8.0.1184  the :marks command is not tested
8.0.1185  Ruby library includes minor version number
8.0.1186  still quite a few old style tests
8.0.1187  building with lua fails for OSX on Travis
8.0.1188  autocmd test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1189  E172 is not actually useful
8.0.1190  unusable after opening new window in BufWritePre event
8.0.1191  MS-Windows: missing 32 and 64 bit files in installer
8.0.1192  MS-Windows: terminal feature not enabled by default
8.0.1193  crash when wiping out a buffer after using getbufinfo()
8.0.1194  actual fg and bg colors of terminal are unknown
8.0.1195  can't build on MS-Windows
8.0.1196  crash when t_RF is not set
8.0.1197  MS-Windows build instructions are not up to date
8.0.1198  older compilers don't know uint8_t
8.0.1199  when 'clipboard' is "autoselectplus" star register is set
8.0.1200  tests switch the bell off twice
8.0.1201  "yL" is affected by 'scrolloff'
8.0.1202  :wall gives an errof for a terminal window
8.0.1203  terminal window mistreats composing characters
8.0.1204  a QuitPre autocommand may get the wrong file name
8.0.1205  it is possible to unload a changed buffer
8.0.1206  no autocmd for entering or leaving the command line
8.0.1207  profiling skips the first and last script line
8.0.1208  'statusline' drops empty group with highlight change
8.0.1209  still too many old style tests
8.0.1210  CTRL-G and CTRL-T are ignored with typeahead
8.0.1211  cannot reorder tab pages with drag & drop
8.0.1212  MS-Windows: tear-off menu does not work on 64 bit
8.0.1213  setting 'mzschemedll' has no effect
8.0.1214  accessing freed memory when EXITFREE is set
   2017-10-07 14:32:23 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patchset 8.0.1176

8.0.1097  background color wrong if job changes background color
8.0.1098  build failure if libvterm installed
8.0.1099  warnings for GDK calls
8.0.1100  stuck in redraw loop when 'lazyredraw' is set
8.0.1101  channel write fails if writing to log fails
8.0.1102  terminal window does not use Normal colors
8.0.1103  converting cterm color fails for grey ramp
8.0.1104  the qf_jump() function is too long
8.0.1105  match() and matchend() are not tested
8.0.1106  terminal colors wrong on an MS-Windows console
8.0.1107  terminal debugger jumps to non-existing file
8.0.1108  cannot specify mappings for the terminal window
8.0.1109  timer causes error on exit from Ex mode
8.0.1110  FORTIFY_SOURCE from Perl causes problems
8.0.1111  syntax error in configure when using Perl
8.0.1112  can't get size or current index from quickfix list
8.0.1113  can go to Insert mode from Terminal-Normal mode
8.0.1114  default for 'iminsert' is annoying
8.0.1115  crash when using foldtextresult() recursively
8.0.1116  terminal test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1117  Test_terminal_no_cmd hangs on MS-Windows with GUI
8.0.1118  FEAT_WINDOWS adds a lot of #ifdefs
8.0.1119  quitting a split terminal window kills the job
8.0.1120  :tm means :tmap instead of :tmenu
8.0.1121  can uncheck executables in MS-Windows installer
8.0.1122  vimtutor.bat doesn't work well with vim.bat
8.0.1123  cannot define a toolbar for a window
8.0.1124  use of MZSCHEME_VER is unclear
8.0.1125  wrong window height when splitting window with window toolbar
8.0.1126  endless resize when terminal showing in two buffers
8.0.1127  Test_peek_and_get_char fails on 32 bit system
8.0.1128  old xterm sends CTRL-X in response to t_RS
8.0.1129  window toolbar missing a part of the patch
8.0.1130  the qf_jump() function is still too long
8.0.1131  not easy to trigger an autocommand for new terminal window
8.0.1132  #if condition is not portable
8.0.1133  syntax timeout not used correctly
8.0.1134  superfluous call to syn_get_final_id()
8.0.1135  W_WINCOL() is always the same
8.0.1136  W_WIDTH() is always the same
8.0.1137  (after 8.0.1136) cannot build with Ruby
8.0.1138  click in window toolbar starts Visual mode
8.0.1139  using window toolbar changes state
8.0.1140  still old style tests
8.0.1141  MS-Windows build dependencies are incomplete
8.0.1142  window toolbar menu gets a tear-off item
8.0.1143  macros always expand to the same thing
8.0.1144  using wrong #ifdef for computing length
8.0.1145  warning when compiling with Perl
8.0.1146  redraw when highlight is set with same names
8.0.1147  fail to build with tiny features
8.0.1148  gN doesn't work on last match with 'wrapscan' off
8.0.1149  libvterm colors differ from xterm
8.0.1150  MS-Windows GUI: dialog font size is incorrect
8.0.1151  "vim -c startinsert!" doesn't append
8.0.1152  encoding of error message wrong in Cygwin terminal
8.0.1153  no tests for diff_hlID() and diff_filler()
8.0.1154  'indentkeys' does not work properly
8.0.1155  Ruby command triggers a warning
8.0.1156  trouble from removing one -W argument from Perl CFLAGS
8.0.1157  compiler warning on MS-Windows
8.0.1158  still old style tests
8.0.1159  typo in #ifdef
8.0.1160  getting tab-local variable fails after closing window
8.0.1161  popup menu drawing problem when resizing terminal
8.0.1162  shared script for tests cannot be included twice
8.0.1163  popup test is flaky
8.0.1164  changing StatusLine highlight does not always work
8.0.1165  popup test is still flaky
8.0.1166  :terminal doesn't work on Mac High Sierra
8.0.1167  Motif: typing in terminal window is slow
8.0.1168  wrong highlighting with combination of match and 'cursorline'
8.0.1169  highlignting one char too many with 'list' and 'cul'
8.0.1170  using termdebug results in 100% CPU time
8.0.1171  popup test is still a bit flaky
8.0.1172  when E734 is given option is still set
8.0.1173  terminal window is not redrawn after CTRL-L
8.0.1174  Mac has wrong color for white
8.0.1175  build failure without +termresponse
8.0.1176  job_start() does not handle quote and backslash correctly
   2017-09-19 01:27:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
vim-share: add comment where changelog can be found

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