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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2019-10-08 16:36:40 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.2.4

### GMime 3.2.4

* Replaced calls to g_memmove with memmove.

    It seems that the latest versions of glib have deprecated g_memmove
    in favor of having developers use libc's memmove() function directly.
    This change reduces the number of compiler warnings during the gmime
    build process.

* Added a new GMIME_DECRYPT_NO_VERIFY flag that disables signature verification.

    For cases where it is not necessary to verify the signatures (or it is known
    that there are no signatures), making use of this flag can significantly
    improve the performance of decrypting OpenPGP content.

* Modified GMimeParser to not set the OpenPGP state for base64/uuencoded content.

    While the GMimeParser is parsing a MIME message (or other MIME entity), it will
    normally attempt to identify OpenPGP markers in the content of GMimeParts.
    However, when the content is base64 or uu-encoded, the parser is unable to
    accurately detect these markers and so in previous versions, it was falsely
    claiming that such MIME parts had no OpenPGP content even though it was possible,
    after decoding their content, that they did in fact have OpenPGP content.

    For more details about this bug, see issue #60.

* Added reporting of RFC 5322 addr-spec syntax violations to the \ 
GMimeParserWarning API.

* Fixed a stack underflow error in the uudecode.c sample.

* Improved Vala bindings.

    - Use correct symbol prefixes which avoid loads of cname attributes.
    - Unhide FilterBest.charset() method which conflicts with charset field.
    - Object.write_to_stream conflicts with function pointer with the same name
      but with a different signature.

   2018-12-03 12:12:44 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
gmime3: update to 3.2.3.

### GMime 3.2.3

* Fixed GMimeFilterBasic for uudecode.

    Don't allow the outbuf to ever get set to NULL which could happen
    if the begin-line had not yet been found (and thus
    g_mime_filter_set_size() had never been called to allocate the
    outbuf buffer).

 * Fixed a bug in g_mime_uuencode_step().

 * Modified GMimeParser to work around broken mailers that send base64
   encoded message/rfc822 parts.


 * Fixed a bug in g_mime_quoted_encode_close() where it would incorrectly
   end the quoted-printable output with a line containing only "=\n" even
   when it is not needed.

 * Improved g_mime_content_encoding_from_string(). This function no
   longer requires the input string to be an exact match for "7bit",
   "8bit", "base64", etc. It can now handle whitespace before and
   after the value. In other words, it is now easy to use this
   function on raw header values before any whitespace trimming
   has been done.

 * Really, really fixed the packaging to include the Vala build files.
   2018-12-01 11:45:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
gmime3: update to 3.2.2.

### GMime 3.2.2

* Fixed packaging to include Vala files.

### GMime 3.2.1

* Fixed GMimeParser to recognize the message/global mime-type
  (a UTF-8 version of message/rfc822). (issue #50)

* Updated GMime to use libidn2 instead of the older libidn
  library. (issue #48)

* Fixed address quoting logic and IDN2 encoding.

    The rules for quoting address names should use 'specials'
    instead of 'tspecials' and when encoding domain names via
    IDN2, check if the encoded domain matches the original
    domain name (other than case). If they match, prefer the
    non-encoded domain name since the user may have used
    uppercase characters to enhance readability of the domain

  pass to g_mime_crypto_context_decrypt(). Also added
  pass to g_mime_crypto_context_verify().

    Clients that wish to enable online certificate and/or
    keyserver lookups now need to explicitly enable this

    These changes are designed to make it more difficult
    for clients to be susceptible to Efail privacy exploits.
    Specifically, it is meant to address the privacy concerns
    regarding CRL and OCSP status check backchannels.

    For more information about Efail, see

* Fixed g_mime_message_write_to_stream() to prioritize message
  headers over body headers (even when they have an offset of -1).
  (issue #46)

* The GMimeParser can now warn about a number of RFC-compliance
  issues that it finds when parsing messages.

* Fixed GMimeTextPart to make sure that the GMimeFilterCharset is
  non-null before trying to use it. This can happen if the charset
  specified in the Content-Type header is unsupported by the
  iconv library.
   2018-01-28 16:30:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
gmime3: update to 3.2.0.

Changes not documented.
   2018-01-10 10:54:53 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
gmime3: update to 3.0.5.

Changes not found.
   2017-11-23 16:42:03 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
mail/gmime3: import gmime3-3.0.2

GMime is a C library which may be used for the creation and parsing
of messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME),
as defined by numerous IETF specifications.

GMime features an extremely robust high-performance parser designed
to be able to preserve byte-for-byte information allowing developers
to re-seralize the parsed messages back to a stream exactly as the
parser found them. It also features integrated GnuPG and S/MIME
v3.2 support.

Built on top of GObject (the object system used by the GNOME
desktop), many developers should find its API design and memory
management very familiar.

This package contains v3 of the gmime API.

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