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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2019-04-03 02:33:20 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (748)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from textproc/icu
   2019-01-09 23:06:16 by Amitai Schleier | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix OS X build.
   2018-12-09 19:52:52 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (724)
Log message:
revbump after updating textproc/icu
   2018-10-12 14:49:28 by Roy Marples | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Avoid calling ERR string init functions as this doesn't work with
OpenSSL-1.1 and should happen automatically with this version.
   2018-10-07 22:10:57 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
mail/rspamd: Update to 1.8.0.

- [Feature] Add arguments schemas to processors and extractors
- [Feature] Add functional selectors library
- [Feature] Add generic selector to reputation module
- [Feature] Add more ratelimits: by digest, by attachments data, by
- [Feature] Add preliminary stop words detection support
- [Feature] Add pure Lua debugm function
- [Feature] Add schema validation for Redis settings
- [Feature] Add selectors combine function
- [Feature] Add some recursion protection to lua logger
- [Feature] Add support for Lua API tracing
- [Feature] Allow to apply schema to arguments
- [Feature] Allow to get dkim signing data directly from HTTP headers
- [Feature] Allow to reuse existing authentication results
- [Feature] Cache selectors results in re runtime
- [Feature] Implement new text tokenizer based on libicu
- [Feature] Integrate selectors framework to multimap
- [Feature] Support (almost) all html entities
- [Feature] Support adding and deletion of recipients in the milter
- [Feature] Support gathering HTTP body from fragments in lua_http
- [Feature] Support multi flag in regexp and glob maps
- [Feature] Support selectors in ratelimit module
- [Feature] Support selectors in settings
- [Feature] Use khash in HTML parser
- [Feature] Use pure Lua debugm function
- [Fix] Add fail-safety for destroying sessions
- [Fix] Allow to add result-less fake DNS records
- [Fix] Another try to fix race conditions on config unload
- [Fix] Call Lua callback on DNS timeouts
- [Fix] Deprecate task:inc_dns_req as it is redundant
- [Fix] Do not allow events deletions on cleanup
- [Fix] Do not try to process skipped messages
- [Fix] Fix HTTP requests with no body
- [Fix] Fix another cleanup race condition
- [Fix] Fix bug in processing of pcre regexps
- [Fix] Fix byte array allocation in the pool
- [Fix] Fix crashes on task cleanup
- [Fix] Fix dynamic buckets in ratelimits
- [Fix] Fix endless loop when waiting for Rspamd to stop
- [Fix] Fix lua_util.str_split in case of delimiters set
- [Fix] Fix more issues with watching of async events
- [Fix] Fix stop words detection and loading logic
- [Fix] Fix various corner cases for language detection
- [Fix] Fix watchers in lua_tcp
- [Fix] Fix words decay algorithm
- [Fix] Implement watchers replacement to handle nested calls
- [Fix] Save faked code into fake dns record
- [Fix] Show the proper frame when using lua_util.debugm
- [Fix] Use fake dns records in tests
- [Fix] Use unicode replacements for HTML entities
- [Fix] fixed "cannot find dependency on symbol 1" issue when using
  replaced symbols in spamassassin rules
- [Fix] partition_id is not available in old versions of CH
- [Project] Add implicit conversion logic to selectors
- [Project] Add initial support for selectors in regexps
- [Project] Add method concept
- [Project] Further changes in unicode operations
- [Project] Implement Clickhouse migrations
- [Project] Implement implicit conversions to userdata
- [Project] Implement insert method
- [Project] Implement selectors registration for regular expressions
- [Project] Implement selectors support in re_cache
- [Project] Improve language detector: cleanup unused files,
- [Project] Migrate CH data to a fat table
- [Project] Rework selectors logic
- [Project] Start Clickhouse utilities library
- [Project] Start unicode rework
- [Project] coroutine threaded model for API calls: thread pool
- [Rework] Move phishtank to a DNS based service
- [Rework] Rework Clickhouse plugin to use the new API
- [Rework] Rework language detector
- [Rework] Rework utf content processing in text parts
- [WebUI] Add progress bar for AJAX requests
- [WebUI] Avoid errors table reinitialization
- [WebUI] Avoid history table reinitialization
- [WebUI] Avoid throughput summary table reinitialization
- [WebUI] Destroy summary table on disconnect
- [WebUI] Fix "auth" request URL
- [WebUI] Fix disabling and hiding controls on page reload
- [WebUI] Fix maps loading from neighbours
- [WebUI] Fix symbols sorting by score
- [WebUI] Fix tables destroying
- [WebUI] Fix throughput data consolidation
- [WebUI] Fix upload buttons disabling
   2018-09-07 13:54:16 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
mail/rspamd: Clean up temp testing flags
   2018-09-07 13:19:07 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
mail/rspamd: Update to 1.7.9.

- Fix missing config files (pkg/53577).

The most important features and fixes

- Ratelimits are reworked and now work as intended (and documented)
- Clickhouse module supports data retention policies
- Reworked C modules to avoid global contexts (simplifies leaks
  detection on reload)
- Reputation plugin now supports SPF records reputation
- WebUI code is now even more conformant to the modern JS standards
- Maps are now distributed remotely with local file safety fallback to
  allow faster maps update without waiting for a new release
- Antivirus module checks attachments only (as decoded content) in
  attachments_only mode to improve AV performance by hiding the mime
  content from them

Full list of the meaningful changes

- [CritFix] Fix caseless comparison of equal length strings
- [Feature] Add HTTP basic auth support to elastic and clickhouse
- [Feature] Add SPF selector to reputation
- [Feature] Add support of the fallback backends for HTTP maps
- [Feature] Allow to print full mime structure when extracting mime
- [Feature] Allow to split symbols in reputation plugin
- [Feature] Check attachments only on AV scanners in attachments_only
- [Feature] Disable all SSL checks if ssl_no_verify flag is set
- [Feature] Implement parsing of scoped IPv6 addresses
- [Feature] Improve rspamc counters output
- [Fix] Add sanity checks when expanding SPF macros
- [Fix] Allow to parse SA rules with no spaces around =~ (dirty hack)
- [Fix] Avoid one extra byte writing
- [Fix] Deal with direct hash table
- [Fix] Detect empty text part as text, not HTML
- [Fix] Do not reduce map watch timeout for mixed http/file maps
- [Fix] Fix HTML part detection heuristic
- [Fix] Fix double free in redirectors cleanup
- [Fix] Fix legacy history handling in the controller
- [Fix] Fix messages insertion
- [Fix] Fix sending string method
- [Fix] Fix statconver command line arguments
- [Fix] Fixed argument checking for being null
- [Fix] Fixed issues reported by luacheck
- [Fix] Freeze updates queue when do actual storage update
- [Fix] HTTP map hash is per-backend and not per-map
- [Fix] Plug memory leak in fuzzy updates
- [Fix] Prefer 'MTA-Name' when producing authentication results
- [Fix] Replace bad unicode sequences instead of stopping on them
- [Fix] Set classifier version on learning
- [Project] Reworked ratelimits
- [Project] Apply topological sorting for symbols in Rspamd
- [Project] Remove global contexts from C modules
- [Project] Move performance critical hash tables to khash
- [WebUI] Avoid unused indexes
- [WebUI] Do not execute on_success callback
- [WebUI] Fix history reset for "All SERVERS" (#2346)
- [WebUI] Fix query URL for selected server
- [WebUI] Fix symbols display in legacy history,
- [WebUI] Hide symbols order selector for legacy history
- [WebUI] Refactor query functions into one
- [WebUI] Remove previously-attached event handlers
- [WebUI] Save symbols to the selected server
- [WebUI] Unify arguments of query functions
- [WebUI] Use common query functions to get graph data
- [WebUI] Use common query functions to save symbols
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-07-31 14:27:03 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
mail/rspamd: Update to 1.7.8

1.7.8: 12 Jul 2018
- [Feature] Add more extended statistics about fuzzy updates
- [Feature] Add more non-conformant Received headers support
- [Feature] Add preliminary function to get fuzzy hashes from text in
- [Feature] Allow to configure AV module rejection message
- [Feature] Implement fuzzy hashes extraction in mime tool
- [Feature] Improve WHITE_ON_WHITE rule
- [Feature] Improve integer -> string conversion
- [Feature] Reuse maps in multimap module more aggressively
- [Fix] Avoid race condition in skip map as pool lifetime is not
- [Fix] Eliminate all specific C plugins pools
- [Fix] Fix DKIM check rule if DNS is unavailable
- [Fix] Fix build where ucontext is defined in ucontext.h
- [Fix] Fix crash in base url handling
- [Fix] Fix descriptors leak in sqlite3 locking code
- [Fix] Fix messages quarantine
- [Fix] Fix padded numbers printing
- [Fix] Fix race condition on maps reinit
- [Fix] Fix regexp functions when no data is passed
- [Fix] Fix specific urls extraction
- [Fix] Fix styles propagation
- [Fix] Improve resetting of the limit buckets
- [Fix] Initialize sqlite3 properly
- [Fix] Work with broken resolvers in resolv.conf
- [Project] Implement HTTP maps caching
- [Project] Refresh fuzzy hashes when matched
- [Project] Add logic to deduplicate fuzzy updates queue
- [WebUI] Add missed declarations
- [WebUI] Avoid using "undefined" property
- [WebUI] Do not accept passwords containing control characters
- [WebUI] Do not redeclare variables
- [WebUI] Enable strict mode,
- [WebUI] Fix variable assignment
- [WebUI] Initialize variables at declaration
- [WebUI] Remove duplicated path from RequireJS config
- [WebUI] Remove unused block
- [WebUI] Remove unused variable
- [WebUI] Remove unused variables
- [WebUI] Use self-explanatory notation
- [WebUI] Use type-safe equality operators

1.7.7: 02 Jul 2018
- [CritFix] Check NM part of pubkey to match it with rotating keypairs
- [CritFix] Do not overwrite PID of the main process
- [CritFix] Fix maps after reload
- [CritFix] Fix maps race conditions on reload
- [CritFix] Fix shmem leak in encrypting proxy mode
- [Feature] Add a concept of ignored symbols to avoid race conditions
- [Feature] Add ability to print bayes tokens in rspamadm mime
- [Feature] Add method to get statistical tokens in Lua API
- [Feature] Add preliminary mime stat command
- [Feature] Add rspamadm mime tool
- [Feature] Add urls extraction tool
- [Feature] Address ZeroFont exploit
- [Feature] Allow rspamadm mime to process multiple files
- [Feature] Allow to extract words in `rspamadm mime`
- [Feature] Allow to print mime part data
- [Feature] Allow to show HTML structure on extraction
- [Feature] Distinguish IP failures from connection failures
- [Feature] Improve output for mime command
- [Feature] Improve styles propagation
- [Feature] Main process crash will now cleanup all children
- [Feature] Preload file and static maps in main process
- [Feature] Print stack trace on crash
- [Feature] Process font size in HTML parser
- [Feature] Propagate content length of invisible tags
- [Feature] Read ordinary file maps in chunks to be more safe on
- [Feature] Support base tag in HTML
- [Feature] Support more size suffixes when parsing HTML styles
- [Feature] Support opacity style
- [Fix] Another fix for nested composites
- [Fix] Fill nm id in keypairs cache code
- [Fix] Fix colors alpha channel handling
- [Fix] Fix destruction logic
- [Fix] Fix double free
- [Fix] Fix maps preload logic
- [Fix] Fix nested composites process
- [Fix] Fix proxying of Exim connections
- [Fix] Fix reload crash
- [Fix] Fix rspamadm -l command
- [Fix] Update ed25519 signing schema
- [WebUI] Stop using "const" declaration
- [WebUI] Update RequireJS to 2.3.5

1.7.6: 15 Jun 2018
- [CritFix] Fix multiple neural networks support
- [Feature] Add decryption function to keypair command
- [Feature] Add gzip compression for HTTP requests in elastic module
- [Feature] Add gzip methods to lua util
- [Feature] Add maps based on Top Level Domains
- [Feature] Add pubkey checks for dkim_signing
- [Feature] Add support of fake DNS records
- [Feature] Add tool to encrypt files
- [Feature] Allow to add symbols using settings directly
- [Feature] Allow to match private and public keys for DKIM signatures
- [Feature] Allow to set task flags via settings
- [Feature] Allow to specify fake DNS address from the config
- [Feature] Implement signatures verification using rspamadm keypair
- [Feature] Implement signing using `rspamadm keypair`
- [Feature] Improve error reporting for DKIM key access issues
- [Feature] Provide $HOSTNAME variable in UCL
- [Feature] Rework levenshtein distance computation
- [Feature] Split message parsing and processing
- [Feature] Support ED25519 DKIM signatures
- [Feature] Support encrypted configs in UCL
- [Feature] Suppress duplicate warning on very large radix tries
- [Feature] Use OSB to combine header names
- [Fix] Cleanup maps data on shutdown
- [Fix] Fix '~' behaviour in composites
- [Fix] Fix HTTP maps updates
- [Fix] Fix NIST signatures
- [Fix] Fix RFC822 comments when processing a mime address
- [Fix] Fix double free
- [Fix] Fix dynamic settings application
- [Fix] Fix for CommuniGate Pro maillist
- [Fix] Fix keypair creation method to actually create keypair...
- [Fix] Fix matching patterns with no paths
- [Fix] Fix memory leak in parsing comments
- [Fix] Fix parsing of urls with numeric password
- [Fix] Fix plugins intialisation in configwizard
- [Fix] Fix potential crash on reload
- [Fix] Fix potential race condition for a finished HTTP connections
- [Fix] Fix race-condition leak on processes reload
- [Fix] Fix signing in openssl mode
- [Fix] Free language detector structures
- [Fix] Relax alignment requirements
- [Fix] Send DMARC reports compressed
- [Fix] Try to fix leak in dmarc module
- [Fix] Try to plug memory leak in metric exporter
- [Project] Convert rspamadm subcommands to Lua
- [WebUI] Display smtp sender/recipient in history
- [WebUI] Fix elements disabling in "Symbols" tab
- [WebUI] Limit recipients list in history column to 3
- [WebUI] Match envelope and mime addresses following in arbitrary
- [WebUI] Update column header
- [WebUI] Wrap addresses in history

1.7.5: 18 May 2018
- [Conf] Add MSBL proposed return codes
- [Conf] Add additional groups for policies
- [CritFix] Do not use volatile Lua strings as UCL keys
- [Feature] Add ability to add fuzzy hashes to headers
- [Feature] Add function to extract most meaningful urls
- [Feature] Add rule to block mixed text and encrypted parts
- [Feature] Allow multiple groups for symbols
- [Feature] Allow to disable lua squeezing logic
- [Feature] Allow to get multipart children in Lua
- [Feature] Allow to insert multiple headers from milter headers
- [Feature] Allow to print scores in subject and further extensions
- [Feature] Be more error-prone in squeezed rules
- [Feature] Support multiple return codes in emails module
- [Feature] Use EMA for calculating averages
- [Feature] Use common jit cache for all regexps
- [Feature] support for CommuniGate Pro self-generated messages
- [Fix] Allow to have multiple values for headers as arrays
- [Fix] Do not open sockets for disabled workers
- [Fix] Fix AuthservId
- [Fix] Fix base64 folding in Lua API
- [Fix] Fix build on non-x86 platforms
- [Fix] Fix cached maps logic
- [Fix] Fix compatibility with old maps query logic
- [Fix] Fix crash if skip_map is used
- [Fix] Fix importing static maps from UCL
- [Fix] Fix parsing of unix sockets
- [Fix] Fix raw_mime regexp on HTML part with no text content
- [Fix] Fix tables logging
- [Fix] Fix vertical tab handling in libucl
- [Fix] Try to fix frequency counters
- [Fix] Use better sharding for ip_score
- [Fix] Use multiple results from SURBL DNS reply
- [Fix] When doing AV scan select a different server for retransmit
   2018-07-20 05:34:33 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (705)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from textproc/icu-62.1

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