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CVS Commit History:

   2018-10-05 15:37:21 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to

Bugs fixed compared to 6.1.1 (rc2):

    bnc#757432 reused in-use SdStyleSheet removed by undo [Caolán McNamara]
    coverity#1438527 properly handle failure encoding MS file [Stephan Bergmann]
    fdo#35779 Automatic color does not work for the "notes" view \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    fdo#62044 Copy Paste from Impress break Writer's Heading Styles (Heading 1, \ 
Heading 2, etc) [Caolán McNamara]
    fdo#69384 Copy paste from impress to writer broken [Caolán McNamara]
    i#46511 Calc/Spreadsheet general format not displaying as Qpro, Excel, Lotus \ 
[Eike Rathke]
    ofz#10045 null deref [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#10056 null deref [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#10189 check container size [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#10198 reset uncommitted fly stuff & pams before applying redlining \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#10395 null-dereference [Caolán McNamara]
    rhbz#1618703 properly handle failure encoding MS file [Stephan Bergmann]
    tdf#64264 FILEOPEN: Table in docx is not rendered correctly due "repeat \ 
heading" (bad handling of isolated tblHeader row settings) [László \ 
    tdf#69977 freeze/crash when creating a diagram from many thousand cells \ 
[Noel Grandin]
    tdf#72942 importing .docx file overwrites all global properties [Caolán \ 
    tdf#73078 Function TYPE() returns error, when parameter is a reference to an \ 
empty cell [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#75341 UI: No Error-Dialog appears, when Input is set to required in a \ 
Field of a Form, but not set in the Table [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#90906 FILEOPEN: DOCX - Incorrect text highlight color in table header \ 
[Justin Luth]
    tdf#91292 FORMATTING: DOCX, Paragraph background color set to 'No Fill' not \ 
persisted on save [Justin Luth]
    tdf#91837 Inconsistent error messages when failing to input required fields \ 
[Julien Nabet]
    tdf#106260 EDITING: Cannot copy&paste URLs [Paul Trojahn]
    tdf#108028 Long chart title should automatically break [Balazs Varga]
    tdf#109229 FILESAVE: Textbox's height is reduced after RT [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#109353 Listbox doesn't show value (background) if value is just selected \ 
(Linux/KDE) [Alex McMurchy1917]
    tdf#112166 Crash on previewing slide fade transition with Intel graphics \ 
card in a VM [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#112356 LOCALHELP Document the Watermark dialog [Adolfo Jayme Barrientos]
    tdf#112454 'Delete comment' not working with mutli-selection [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#114227 Proxy settings disregarded for reporting crashes [Stephan Bergmann]
    tdf#114400 The draw:fontwork-xyz attributes from OOo1.0 are not supported by \ 
ODF but still written [Ilhan Yesil]
    tdf#114768 Preferred font order for Chinese locales [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#116436 FILEOPEN DOC(X): background color of a table row disappears \ 
[Justin Luth]
    tdf#117781 Hang when copying a sheet to a new document [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#117823 Crash in: SwMailMergeConfigItem::DocumentReloaded() [Ilhan Yesil]
    tdf#117895 "Edit document properties before saving" option leaves \ 
just-saved document modified; changes are not saved [Henry Castro]
    tdf#118203 measure lines (dimension line) have no value [Armin Le Grand]
    tdf#118382 Crash with RTF paste [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#118500 FILESAVE Impress losing slide transition settings on saving \ 
[Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    tdf#118502 eps images systematically get rasterized to bitmap [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    tdf#118567 Signature Line: Signing ooxml produces invalid signature [Samuel \ 
    tdf#118691 FILEOPEN DOCX Extra CR tag in table causes it to appear \ 
incorrectly [László Németh]
    tdf#118786 Crash deleting a table using the floating table toolbar \ 
[Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#118799 Pop-ups over spellcheck dialog allow interaction w underlying \ 
window ( not GTK ) [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#118845 Both Male and Female Salutations shown when hide paragraphs of \ 
empty fields option selected [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#118850 Custom time format changes to default upon load (only those saved \ 
from older versions) [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#118881 Personas not found again (seems root cause is different than \ 
tdf#114731) [Muhammet Kara]
    tdf#119122 Area tab: Pattern editor has incorrect behaviour switching the \ 
pattern [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119146 Fly in Words with non-animated background show entire paragraph \ 
in addition [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119152 Incorrect Column dialog in Table of Content compared to Section \ 
[Gabor Kelemen]
    tdf#119259 Crash in SfxItemSet::Get(unsigned short,bool) when doing \ 
undo/copy/exit [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119284 Automatic font color set only after editing [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119305 Chart created from fully selected sheet only targets header row \ 
[Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119316 LibreOffice on macOS adds file suffix whenever a document is \ 
edited (even though it was set to hidden) [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#119344 Build from sources with boost 1.68.0 fails, because libcmis 0.5.1 \ 
requires boost/uuid/sha1.hpp [rezso]
    tdf#119350 Page properties dialog is wrong about page margins [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119477 No highlighted text in ListBox when focused [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#119556 Print dialog: "Use only paper size from printer \ 
preferences" may be shown with inconsistent values [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#119557 regression: SVG text not displayed [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119562 FILESAVE XLSX Resize shape to fit text shape property not \ 
preserved [Balazs Varga]
    tdf#119574 Writer Format > Page menu so wide the options are not legible \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119579 Crash/Freeze when Insert Special Characters drop down control is \ 
in drop down and Help dialog is click on (not gtk3) [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119607 Writer: Macro: Libre crash after function \ 
getPropertyState("TextParagraph") for view cursor [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119685 gtk3_kde5's filepicker may cause UI freeze [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#119742 Writer crashed when insert Header and Footer [Juergen

    tdf#119793 Crash on redo of rectangle movement and text [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119802 LibreOffice crashes when I save multiple times in a row \ 
(gtk/gtk3) [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119860 Text positioning in shape objects and text boxes does not work \ 
anymore both in Impress and Draw [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119875 Sections: text is painted on itself with layout cache [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#119881 get_desktop_environment() doesn't work correctly if \ 
$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP contains a colon-separated list of strings [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#119897 Installation glitch for EmojiOneColor-SVGinOT.ttf [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119929 pdf export dialog window inconsistently uses french locale [Caoions
   2018-09-15 05:22:51 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to

Bugs fixed compared to 6.1.1 RC 1

    fdo#73165 inline spellchecking waits for typing pauses before redlining \ 
errors [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#116117 No Longer Honoring Umask [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#116370 Printing doesn't start in particular documents until you show \ 
first pages [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#118800 HOUR, MINUTE and SECOND function return value that is 1 too high, \ 
when seconds value of time >= 59.5 (HOUR, MINUTE) or >= xx.5 (SECOND) \ 
[Eike Rathke]
    tdf#119050 Second Export To PDF Does Not Honor Umask [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#119381 6.1 overwrites Symbolic Links with files [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#119454 text gets garbled printing with postscript [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#119458 Spell checker doesn't start automatically on file open. Needs \ 
user interaction [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#119533 calculation of MINUTE() wrong in LibreOffice 6.1 [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#119572 Envelopes: Font for Addressee and Sender are reversed. [Caolán \ 
    tdf#119694 HSQLDB driver not loading causes BASE error in embedded hsqldb \ 
database [Julien Nabet]

Bugs fixed compared to 6.1.0

    coverity#1438224 dereference null return value [Caolán McNamara]
    deb#905442 apparmor: fix saving files in enforced mode [Vincas Dargis]
    i#66963 Excel file with large graphic crashes calc for memory usage [Caolán \ 
    i#71244 new chart: Updates of charts in writer [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9603 infinite recursion [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9689 outer loop unrelated to inner loop [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9856 outer loop unrelated to inner loop [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9892 null-dereference [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9908 validate no negative editengine selection positions [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9917 use a WW8SprmIter to find the sprm [Caolán McNamara]
    ofz#9934 null deref [Caolán McNamara]
    rhbz#1610692 [fix available] (soffice:13740): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 10:28:04.861: \ 
gtk_widget_queue_draw_area: assertion 'height >= 0' failed [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#37223 Direct copy & paste from Calc into existing Writer table, \ 
places all in one cell (work around: paste-special in new table first) [László \ 
    tdf#41425 FILESAVE: Formatting and/or data validation, positioned after last \ 
non-empty cell, is lost when saving to XLS or XLSX [László Németh]
    tdf#63561 FILESAVE: Removed tab stop returns on roundtrip [Justin Luth]
    tdf#81943 FILEOPEN: RTF - Image should be placed behind table (wrap \ 
through-in background) [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#91502 The functions FORMULA and ISFORMULA do not return the correct \ 
array under "iterative evaluation" condition (array-evaluation) [Eike \ 
    tdf#94502 FILESAVE: Distorted and unusable export of stacked bar chart to \ 
Excel .XLSX [Balazs Varga]
    tdf#96275 FILEOPEN RTF: Incorrect basic shape position [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#96469 FILESAVE: Data Point Color in Charts lost on DOCX/XLSX export \ 
[Balazs Varga]
    tdf#98074 FILESAVE: Cell formatting lost / corrupted style.xml (reported by \ 
Excel) when saving file to XLSX [Markus Mohrhard]
    tdf#98558 FILEOPEN: CRASH: ODS with large chart out of memory 'Bad \ 
Allocation' on 32-bit LO since LO 4.0 [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#101254 Arrowheads in sidebar are disabled, although object can carry \ 
arrowheads. [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#101534 EDITING: paragraph in specific document (content from external \ 
source?) changes indent when copying and pasting from and to same paragraph \ 
[Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#107012 date with custom format macro and locale other than English don't \ 
produce desired result [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#108078 [FILESAVE DOCX] Chart title area fill property lost when saved as \ 
DOCX [Balazs Varga]
    tdf#108608 EDITING: Draw file be unresponsive if a large text is pasted into \ 
a textbox [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#109077 FILEOPEN: Word text boxes with background, become two in LO \ 
[Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#109137 FILESAVE: ODT: when reopened with LO, the graphic moves to page 2 \ 
[Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#111306 EDITING: The master slide loses the background when changing page \ 
format of orientation using the sidebar [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#112447 Image not visible if other image hidden by unused Page style \ 
[Michael Stahl]
    tdf#112563 'Random' number displayed on style organizer page [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#112975 LibO is maxing out one core for a long time (since LibO 6.0) \ 
[Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#113889 [FILESAVE]: changes format of date in cell from DD.MM.YY to \ 
MM.DD.YY with save file to .XLSX [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#114427 LibreOffice crashes on disposing a frame with a basic macro \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#115086 Crash in: \ 
sc::PivotTableDataProvider::assignLabelsToDataSequence(unsigned int) [Caolán \ 
    tdf#115254 [NEWHELP] Some branch bookmarks are not working [Olivier Hallot]
    tdf#115438 Pasting unformatted text over selected text causing LibreOffice \ 
Impress not to respond [Paul Trojahn]
    tdf#115937 FILEOPEN: crash when opening this .odp file [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#116350 PPTX: Missing font effect "transformation" support \ 
[Szymon Kłos]
    tdf#116370 Printing doesn't start in particular documents until you show \ 
first pages [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#116856 Update Appdata screenshots [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#117017 Text formatting .uno:Subscript, .uno:Superscript work from menu \ 
and Sidebar deck, but not completed with assigned keyboard shortcut [Maxim \ 
    tdf#117069 Crash when double-clicking in an empty chart that was saved as \ 
XLS [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#117081 cannot create Firebird embedded database unless experimental \ 
features is turned on [Xisco Faulí]
    tdf#117086 Writer crashes when opening odt from the attached document \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#117127 error when reading the value of a variable in the IDE (crash) \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#117426 CRASH: Print Preview crashes on signed document without infobar \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#117553 Footnote navigation when in footnote text is inconsistent [Jim \ 
    tdf#117707 Fontwork border line increases from 0,02inch to 0,03 inch when \ 
copy/pasting a fontwork between two sessions [Armin Le Grand]
    tdf#117795 Base crashes when selecting all controls on a Report and trying \ 
to change the font [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#117797 Crash / assert when resaving a specific PPT [Tomaž Vajngerl]
    tdf#117892 Area tab: Bitmap preview is not shown [Jim Raykowski]
    tdf#117972 Incorrect source string for UI in Pootle - Libreoffice 6aster \ 
[heiko tietze]
    tdf#118058 Writer hangs opening ODT document created in Writer 5 \ 
[Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#118107 Assertion failure when playing Fade in and Swivel animation (with \ 
OpenGL) [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#118150 FILEOPEN XLSX Chart wid[Christian Lohmaier]
    tdf#118281 Form control information for Text Box use 'cm' for units, not \ 
units as selected in other dialogs. [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#118377 CRASH: Writer crashes inserting a section [Armin Le Grand]
    tdf#118381 Inaccurate sytain document. [Szymon Kłos]
    tdf#118453 Navigator drag mode doesn't work [SalimHabchi]
    tdf#118457 [UI] Help button should be on the left of dialog (iv) [Olivier Hallot]
    tdf#118528 FILEOPEN ODT Table rendered in wrong position. Position changeen \ 
entering wrong password [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#118593 Opening first document pauses for 6-7 s, drops to 2 s by \ 
inserting a smart card into reader [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#118609 [CRASH] [Basic] [Calc] on closing a file if open hidden and if a \ 
particular subroutine is used before closing [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#118659 FILEOPEN: Read Error in .EPS images inserted in LibreOffice 6.0 \ 
beta1 or older [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#118730 Label in report builder doesn't have text [Armin Le Grand]
    tdf#118751 FIREBIRD: Firebird support is available by default with version \ 
6.1RC [Xisco Faulí]
    tdf#118786 Crash deleting a table using the floating table toolbar \ 
[Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#118844 [NEWHELP] Colibre icons missing in several help pages. [Olivier \ 
    tdf#118859 Crash when two Fields are empty, on same line and inside a table \ 
and hide paragraphs of empty fields active [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#118860 Impress opengl: hang when switching to slide where graphic is \ 
loaded async [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#118976 Area tab: Pattern preview is not shown [Jim Raykowski]
    tdf#118983 inserting columns or rows changes global named ranges on \ 
different sheets if expand references is on and insertion touches the edge \ 
(ignoring sheet) [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#118990 VLOOKUP in XLSX with external reference to Windows share saved \ 
incorrectly [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#118994 JAWS has no access to accessibility objects [Ilhan Yesil]
    tdf#119013 Date Format MM/DD/YY not Preserved When reading XLSX or XLS [Eike \ 
    tdf#119015 A .PPTX has table in wrong position (at the top), with one cell \ 
blue without text [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119029 Saving presentations with charts to PPTX looses data labels \ 
rotation [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119034 ADDRESS function >> R1C1 style is used instead of A1 style, \ 
if "A1" argument is floating-point number with zero integer [Eike \ 
    tdf#119052 Two "Edit Style" buttons on the "Character \ 
Style" dialog [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#119117 German sort algorithm "phone book" does not work \ 
[Julien Nabet]
    tdf#119128 CALC: toggle INSERT/OVERWRITE is broken since 6.1 [Maxim Monastirsky]
    tdf#119130 Menu items opening with a delay in a document containing a large \ 
amount of comments ( not gtk3) [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119133 QT5 integration Save As or PDF Export dialog has and empty file \ 
name and always home directory [Katarina Behrens]
    tdf#119136 FILEOPEN: DOCX from TextMaker freezes Writer due to a style with \ 
a blank name [Justin Luth]
    tdf#119137 MAXIFS, MINIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS: error in parameters list \ 
(Err:504) for scalar value (non-reference, non-array) as main range [Eike \ 
    tdf#119141 This version is unable to retrieve data from a webpage (link \ 
external data) [Justin Luth]
    tdf#119155 Freeze after command format->text->Capitalize Every Word \ 
[Julien Nabet]
    tdf#119160 PPTX: Font effect 'transformation' save with shape filling \ 
[Szymon Kłos]
    tdf#119162 Format > Text > Cycle Case on attached example file hangs \ 
Calc reproducibly [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#119169 Impress 6.1 CRASH when editing bulleted list ( steps in comment \ 
4) [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119194 Deprecation warning mentions wrong command line parameter when \ 
-convert-to used [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119212 List of character sets in ASCII Filter Options is mixed up \ 
[Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119224 Crash scrolling formatted 2007 DOCX with revision, comments and \ 
images (SfxListener::~SfxListener() EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_WRITE) ( steps in \ 
comment 8 ) [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119231 Help button in "Sign Signature Line" dialogue [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#119234 filter import of OOXML Shapes from Word fail to render in \ 
LibreOffice [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119245 Base form opens over top of query parameter replacement dialog \ 
opened by query form is based off. [Maxim Monastirsky]
    tdf#119251 Indents & Spacing doesn't accept non-default units [Caolán \ 
    tdf#119252 Fileopen: Table opens a width of 115.60 cm (since LibO6.1) in \ 
webview [Stephan Bergmann]
    tdf#119276 Sidebar Deck icon is not set through extension [Tomaž Vajngerl]
    tdf#119282 Area tab: Pattern color change results in pattern shown in Bitmap \ 
tab page [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119294 Intermittent crash when Frame and document have blank database \ 
fields and "Hide paragraphs" option on [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#119325 Tooltip not shown in colour palette [Caolán McNamara]
    tdf#119326 The application crashes when you add the "Windows \ 
Share" File Services resource [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#119357 No text printed since upgrade to 6.1 Linux - no font-information \ 
in postscript file [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#119399 Add new Venezuela currency bolívar soberano (VES) [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#119402 Wrong result of Conditional formatting with type Date: condition \ 
"This week" shows 9 days in week instead 7 days [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#119425 Use Ctrl+Tab to switch between sheets on macOS [heiko tietze]
    tdf#119427 The selectionChanged event of the \ interface does not work with mouse \ 
clicks. [Julien Nabet]
   2018-09-02 23:32:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (42)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for poppler-0.68
   2018-08-28 13:50:10 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
libreoffice: master site catch up with harfbuzz bump
   2018-08-28 05:42:35 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update internal harfbuzz to 1.8.8. Bump PKGREVISION
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-08-18 02:11:32 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to

Many new features including:
* EPUB export of Writer
* vlookup performance improvement of Calc
* New drawing style of Impress and Draw
* Embedded HSQLDB deprecation of Base
   2018-08-16 20:55:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (653) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump after boost-libs update
   2018-08-16 15:56:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (42)
Log message:
*: Recursive bump for poppler-0.67
   2018-07-20 11:36:57 by Manuel Bouyer | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update distinfo for new patch-external_mysql-connector-cpp_config.h

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