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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2018-08-15 15:08:21 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/syslog-ng: Update to 3.17.2.


## Bugfixes

- Fix a bug in flow-control
- Fix template function evaluation in debugger


## Features

- Client side failback mode
- New linux-audit() source as SCL
- Decorating generated configuration
- Introduce ewmm() source
- Add parsing of Cisco unified call manager
- Mandatory parameters for cfg-block (SCL)

## Bugfixes

- dqtool cat print backlog items
- Rewind backlog in case of stateless LogProtoClient
- Filter out incorrectly parsed sudo logs
- Minor fixes related to client-lib-dir, loggen and eventlog
- Minor stats-query fixes and refactor
- Reliable disk buffer non-empty backlog
- Fix pip package versions on older distro releases (dbld)
- Fix a groupset/groupunset and map-value-pairs() crash
- Make g_atomic_counter_set() atomic and update minimum glib version
  to 2.26
- Aligning java related SCLs with mandatory parameters
- Loggen minor fixes
- grab-logging should be installed as a header
- Fix possible underflow of memory_usage (afsql, logqueue-fifo)
- Fix SELinux module version inconsistency
- Fix CMake unit test compilation (no-pie)
- Fix possible crash in syslog-parser()
- Disable ack for mark mode
- Fixing a Telegram destination bug with bot id
- All drivers should support inner destination or source plugins
- Fix default file and directory creation ownership
- Fix global "center;;received" counter when systemd-journal() is used
- Link everything to libsecret-storage
- Inform about the right dns-cache() configuration (warning message
- Adjusting window size for internal mark mode
- Fix memory leaks in disk-buffer()
- Fix undefined behavior in log multiplexer
- Fix static linking mode (autotools)
- Fix internal mark mode infinite loop with old ivykis
- Fix missing normalize flags
- Keep JVM running on reload if once configured
- Fix a race condition (suspend) in LogSource
- Add `@requires json-plugin` to the cim() parser
- Added exclude_kmsg option to system source
- Fix padding template function
- Leak & invalid memory access
- FreeBSD 11.2 builderror SOCK_STREAM
- Add ref-counted TLSVerifier struct (use after free fix)

## Other changes

- Improve loggen's file message parser
- syslog-ng-debun improvements
- Goodbye "goto relex" (refactor)
- Refactor the callback registration mechanism of WildcardFileReader
- Extended Linux capabilities detection (pkg-config)
- Add atomic gssize
- Lower the message level of `@requires` to debug
- macOS warning elimination
- Remove a misleading rewrite-related debug message
- Minor updates to SELinux policy installer script
- More robust GLib detection (CMake)
- Logthreaded nonfunctional changes
- Confgen and pragma improvements
- Flush before stopping syslog-ng (functional tests)
- Port unit tests into criterion (test_filters_netmask6, test_findeom,
  csv_parser, patternDB)
- Libtest refactors
- Add missing files to the source tarball
- Better python binary detection
   2018-06-25 19:14:19 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/syslog-ng*: Update to 3.16.1.

- Telegram destination and $(urlencode) template function
- Error reporting on misspelled block args
- New ignore_tns_config Oracle SQL destination config option
- Per-source "" and "src.sender" counters

- Fix possible loss of log messages in the systemd-journal() source
- Fix file source location information in internal logs
- Fix SDATA deserialization (disk-buffer crash)
- Fix unaccepted embedded 'file' keyword (file source and destination)
- Fix memory leaks in appmodel and varargs
- Fix a bug in the old LogMessage deserialization
- Fix reading the output of the confgen program
- Add safer mem_zero() to secret-storage
- Fix undefined behavior in syslog-ng-ctl query
- Fix lloc tracking for multi line blockrefs
- Added missing 'else {};' to default-network-drivers() to forward
  unparsable messages
- Fix mixed linking
- Fix compilation of evtlog on FreeBSD
- Fix thread_id allocation for more than 32 CPUs (crash)
- Add safe logging of errno
- Fix warnings related to floating point operations
- Partial revert of plugin discovery to bring back valgrind
- Fix connection close in network sources
- Fix file deletion in the wildcard-file() source
- Disable the DNS cache if use-dns(no) is used
- Fix compiler error for gcc 4.4
- Fix emitted warnings due to -no-pie detection for gcc 4.4
- Fix date format in functional tests
- Dbld fixes
- Rename PAGESIZE variables to pagesize in secret-storage (compilation
- Fix the lifetime of TLSContext to prevent crash on reload
- Fix reaping program() source and destination when a Java-based
  destination is used

Other changes
- Add debug message to program source/destination about successful
- Report memory exhaustion errors during config parsing
- Improved debug logs
- Dbld coverage
- LogTransportMock enhancement
- Modify the license of loggen from GPL to LGPL
- Loggen refactor
- Update RPM generation
- Rewrite unit tests based on Criterion
- Lexer test coverage improvements
- preparation for 3.16 OSE rhel/packaging
   2018-05-15 15:06:19 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/syslog-ng*: Update to 3.15.1.

## Features

- Support added for `if`/`elif`/`else` blocks to the configuration
  file syntax.
- Dramatically improved debug messages during filter/parser
- Similarly improved the error messages shown on syntax errors, they
  now show a full backtrace of inclusions, among other things.
- The `hook-commands` module was added, allowing one to run custom
  commands on source or destination setup and teardown.
- Implemented a way to skip processing included config file snippets
  in case a dependency is missing: The `@requires json` pragma.
- Basic client-side failover support was implemented.
- Errors from python destinations are now reported together with any
  exception text (if any).
- `add-contextual-data` gained a new `ignore-case()` option.

## Bugfixes

- Fix a crash that happened on disk queue restart.
- Fixed another crash when a corrupted disk queue file was being moved
- Fixed a crash that could happen during nvtable deserialization.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when NVTables were stored on low memory
- Fixed an issue with TLS session resumption, the session id context
  value is now properly set.
- We now link directly to the `evtlog` shipped with syslog-ng, and are
  not using the system library, not even when present.
- TLS destinations now work again without `key-file` or `cert-file`
- SDATA block names are now sanitized, in order to not break the spec
  when we get our SDATA from sources that are more lax (such as JSON).
- Some internal messages contained key-value pairs where the key had
  spaces in it, this has been addressed, they do not contain spaces
- The STOMP destination will now correctly use template options when
  formatting its body part.
- Fix compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0
- Fix compilation on FreeBSD.
- Fix compilation on SLES 11.
- Fix compilation on Hurd.
- Fix compiltaion on Solaris 10.
- Fix compilation on MacOS.
- Fixed a value conflict in the `afstreams` module's grammar file.
- Various compiler warning-related fixes all over the codebase.

## Other changes

- POSIX RegExp support was dropped from the filters, PCRE remains
- Miscellaneous build-system related fixes and improvements (both
  autotools and CMake).
- Update `lib/json-c` to `json-c-0.13-20171207`.
   2018-02-28 14:26:08 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/syslog-ng*: Update to 3.14.1.

- Password protected ssl keys
- Add OpenBSD module to system() source
- Add Ubuntu Trusty support to Docker build

- Fix increased memory usage during saving disk-buffer
- Fix maximum record length limitations of disk-buffer
- Fix a memory leak in cfg-lexer
- Fix some issues found by pylint in python module
- Fix a crash due to a race condition in kv-parser()
- Fix a crash due to a race condition in file() destination
- Fix deprecated API usage in python module tests
- Fix a race condition in internal() source
- Fix a locale issue in merge-grammar python tool
- Fix compile problems with autotools when '--disable-all-modules'
- Fix a file descriptor leak in persist-state
- Fix a file descriptor leak in pseudofile()
- Fix memory/fd leaks in loggen tool
- Fix compile problems on Fedora, RHEL6, CentOS6 and SUSE based
- Fix a crash when large variety of keys added to messages
- Fix compile problems when PATH_MAX not defined
- Fix integer overflow problems in grammar
- Fix a memory leak in filter()
- Fix memory leak of persist-name() option
- Fix message corruption caused by a bug in the subst() rewrite rule
- Fix silently dropped messages in elasticsearch2() when sending in
  bulk mode
- Fix broken disk-buffer() support in elasticsearch2()
- Fix Hy support in python module
- Fix an event scheduler related crash during reloading syslog-ng
- Fix a crash with SIGBUS when persist file cannot grow

Other changes
- Improve error reporting in "block" definitions in config
- Add warning message when disk-buffer() directory is changed in
- Syslog-ng debun improvements
- Refactor in rewrite() module init
- Missing child program (exit status 127) handling is changed in
  program() destination:
- stopping destination instead of polling for the child program
- Refactor in filter() module
- Improve thread synchronization in mainloop and refactor
- Adapted json-c v0.13 API changes to json-parser
- Add filters as selectors in contextual data
   2018-01-12 21:48:06 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/syslog-ng: Avoid doubling up on a process watchdog inside
the SMF manifest. Bump PKGREVISION.
   2017-12-11 15:45:11 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/syslog-ng* to 3.13.2.

- Remove separate sysutils/syslog-ng-json package, it is now a core


- Missing manpages from release tarball
- Package syslog-ng-mod-json is removed from
- Drop syslog-ng-abi virtual packages


- Add app-parser() framework (automatic parsing of log messages)
- Support microseconds in Riemann destination
- Add osquery destination as an SCL plugin
- Add network load balancer destination
- Add possibility to only signal re-open of file handles (SIGUSR1)
- It is possible from now to limit the number of registered dynamic
- Add $(binary) template function
- Add experimental transport for transferring messages in whole
  between syslog-ng instances (EWMM)
- Docker based build and debian package generation
- Add auto-parse(yes/no) to app-paser(), system() and
- Add Graylog2 destination and $(format-gelf) template function

- Exit when a read fails on an included config file instead of
  starting up with an empty configuration.
- Fix double free
- Add missing discarded counter to groupingby
- Fix a reference leak in Python destination
- Fix timezone issue in snmptrapd parser
- Fix potential crash in stdin driver
- Fix a crash when initializing new config fails for socket with
  keep_alive off
- Fix filter evaluation in case of contexts with multiple elements
- Various grouping-by fixes
- Fix potential use after free around dns-cache during shutdown
- Fix access to indirect values within Java destination
- Fix a crash in affile
- Fix a memory leak
- Fix a crash when getent is used empty group
- Fix jvm-options()
- Fix a crash in Python language binding
- Fix a crash in afmongodb
- Fix a memory leak in afmongodb
- Fix name-to-GID calculation in the $(getent) template function
- Fix a crash when redis is configured without the command() option
- Fix a race condition in kv-parser()

Other changes
- Cleanup diskq related warning messages
- Provide tls block for tls options in amqp(), http(), riemann()
  destination drivers
- It it possible from now to register blocks and generators as plugins
- Drop compatiblity with configurations below 3.0
- Do not change permissions of a file by default
- Allow source files to specify permissions locally
- Minor performance improvement
- The current config version can be queried with "--version"
- Increase the performance of kv-parser()
   2017-10-02 17:16:27 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/syslog-ng to 3.12.1.

# Features

- HDFS: support macro in filename
- HDFS: add append support
- Java: allow to use sequence numbers in templates
- TLS improvements
    - Add PKCS 12 support with the new `pkcs12-file()` TLS option
    - startup time `ssl-options()` and `peer-verify()` check
    - startup time `key_file`, `cert_file`, `ca_dir`, `crl_dir` and
      `cipher_suite` check
    - ECDH  cipher support (OpenSSL 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.0) with the
      `ecdh-curve-list()` option (only available >= 1.0.2)
        - for < 1.0.2, a hard-coded curve is used
        - for >= 1.0.2, automatic curve selection is used (the
          `ecdh-curve-list()` option can restrict this list)
    - DH cipher support with the `dhparam-file()` option
        - if the option is not specified, fallback RFC 3526 parameters
          are used
    - minor fixes
- `stdin()` source driver
- Implement `read_old_records` option for systemd-journal source
- Add tags-parser: a new module to parse $TAGS values
- Add a Windows eventlog parser scl module
- Add XML parser module

# Bugfixes

- Fix cannot parse ipv6 into hostname
- Speedup add-contextual-data by making ordering optional
- Fix `monitor-method()` option not working for `wildcard-file()` source
- Sanitize SDATA keys in syslog-protocol messages to avoid generating
  non-valid messages
- Fix memory leaks reported using Valgrind
- Fix memory leak related to cloning pipes and reload
- Fix getent protocol number returns incorrect value
- Fix elasticsearch2 destination flush mechanism
- Fix file destination related memory leak
- Fix a possible memory leak around affile destination

# Other changes

- Improve syslog-ng debun functionality
- Java: allow to set JVM options form global syslog-ng options
- Do steps towards Python 3 support:
    - Fix string compatibility for Python 3
    - Improve Python version auto detection
- HTTP destination: display verbose logs on debug level
- Improvements for Solaris packing
   2017-08-31 14:53:50 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/syslog-ng* to 3.11.1.



- Add geoip2 parser and template function.
- Add SSL support to AMQP.
- Add template option to apache-accesslog-parser.
- Add configurable event time to Riemann destination.
- Add drop-unmatched() option to dbparser.
- Add Ubuntu Xenial to the bundled docker images.
- Support multi-instance support for Solaris 10 and 11.
- Support multi-instance for systemd.
- Add configurable timeout to HTTP destination.
- Add prefix() option to cisco-parser.


- Fix a memory usage counter underflow for threaded destination drivers
  and writers.
- Fix a potential crash in AMQP.
- Fix a potential crash during reload.
- Fix a reload/shutdown issue.
- Fix a potential crash in afsocket destination during reload.
- Fix a counter registration bug.
- Fix a build issue on FreeBSD.
- Fix a memory leak in diskq plugin.
- Fix systemd-journal error codes validation.
- Fix a potential crash in diskq when it is used with file
  destination and the file is reaped.
- Fix a memory leak in HTTP destination
- Fix ENABLE_DEBUG in dbparser.
- Fix a unit tests that caused build issue on 32 bit platforms.

Other changes

- The eventlog library is part of syslog-ng from now.
- Improve error messages when the config cannot be initialized.
- Improve source suspended/resumed debug messages.
- Rename syslog-debun to syslog-ng-debun.
- Update manpages to v3.11
- Remove tgz2build directory.



- Support https in http (curl) module
- Docker support : from now Dockerfile for CentOS7, Ubuntu Zesty and for
  Debian Jessie is part of our upstream
- Add --database parameter for geoip template function
- Metric improvements
- Add snmp-parser (v1, v2)
- Add snmp-soure
- Add osquery source
- Add cisco-parser
- Add wildcard filesource
- Add startdate template function
- Add $(basename) and $(dirname) template functions
- Add Kerberos support for HDFS destination
- Add AUTH support for redis destination
- Add map-value-pairs() parser
- Extend Python language binding by Python parser
- Add support for extract-stray-words() option in kv-parser()
- Add $(context-values) template function
- Add $(context-lookup) function
- Add list related template functions
- Add add query commands to syslog-ng-ctl
- Support multiple servers in elasticsearch2-http destination
- Implements elastic-v2 https in http mode
- Add getent module (ported from incubator)
-  Add support for IP_FREEBIND


- Fix a libnet detection check error that caused problem configuring
- Avoid warnings about _DEFAULT_SOURCE on recent glibc versions
- Fix invalid database warning for geoip parser
- Fix prefix() default in systemd-journal for new config versions
- Fix a potential message loss in Riemann destination
- Fix a potential crash in the Riemann destination when the client is
  not connected to the Riemann server.
- Fix a possible add-contextual-data() related data loss in case of
  reference to the same add-contextual-data parser in several logpaths.
- Fix dbparser deadlock
- Fix Python destination
- Fix processed stats counter for afsocket
- Fix stats source for pipes
- Fix csv-parser multithreaded support
- Fix a message loss in case of filesource when syslog-ng was restarted
  and the log_msg_size > file size.
- Fix a potential crash in cryptofuncs
- Fix a potential crash in syslog-ng-ctl when no command line parameters
  was set.
- Fix token duplication in the output of '--preprocess-into'
- Fix UTF-8 support in syslog-ng-ctl
- Fix a potential crash during X.509 certificate validation.
- Fix a segfault in Python module startup
- Fix a possible endless reading loop issue in case of multi-line
- Fix soname for the http module from "curl" to "http"
- Avoid openssl 1.1.0 deprecated APIs

Other changes

- Increase processed counter by queued counter after reload or restart
  when diskqueue is used otherwise the newly added written counter would
- Set the default time-zone to UTC for elasticsearch2
- Add retries support for python destination
- Prefer server side cipher suite order
- Always include librabbitmq in the dist tarball
- Always include ivykis in the dist tarball
- Marking parse error locations with >@<.
- Default log_msg_size is increased to 64Kbyte from 8Kb
- Tons of syslog-debun improvements
- Exit with 0 return code when --help is specified for syslog-ng-ctl
- syslog-ng: make '--preprocess-into' foreground only
- Add debug messages on log_msg_set_value()
- Add more detail to filter evaluation related debug messages
   2017-01-10 19:54:16 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/syslog-ng to 3.9.1.


- Improve parsing performance in case of keep-timestamp(no)
- TLS based transports will publish the peer's certificate in a set of
  name-value pairs.
- Improve performance of the tcp() source, due to a bug, syslog-ng
  attempted to apply position tracking to messages coming over a TCP
  transport, which is used for file position tracking and causing
  performance degradation.
- Make it possible to configure the listen-backlog() for any stream based
  transports (unix-stream and tcp).
- Add a groupunset() rewrite rule that pairs up with groupset() but instead
  of setting values it unsets them.
- Add support for Elastic Shield and SearchGuard
- kv-parser() is now able to cope with unquoted values with an embedded
  space in them, it also trims whitespace from keys/values and is in
  general more reliable in extracting key-value pairs from arbitrary log
- Improve performance for java based destinations.
- Add prefix() option to add-contextual-data()


- Fix a potential crash in the file destination, in case it is a template
  based filename and time-reap() is elapsed.
- Fix a potential ACK problem within syslog-ng that can cause input windows
  to overflow queue sizes over time, effectively causing message drops that
  shouldn't occur.
- Fix a heap corruption bug in the DNS cache, in case the maximum number of
  DNS cache entries is reached.
- Fix timestamp for suppression messages.
- Fix add-contextual-data() to support CRLF line endings in its CSV input
- Fixed key() option parsing in riemann() destinations.
- Find libsystemd-journal related functions in both
  and, as recent systemd versions bundled all systemd
  related libs into the same library.
- Fixed the build-time detection of system-wide installed librabbitmq,
  libmongoc and libcap.
- Fix the file source to repeatedly check for unexisting files, as a bug
  caused syslog-ng to stop after two attempts previously.
- The performance testing tool "loggen" crashed if it was used to generate
  messages on multiple threads over TLS. This was now fixed.
- Fix an issue in the syslog-parser() parser, so that timestamps parsed
  earlier in the log path are properly overwritten.
- Due to a compilation issue, tcp-keepalive-time(), tcp-keepalive-intvl() and
  tcp-keepalive-probes() were not working, now they are again.
- The --disable-shm-counters option is now passed to mongo-c-driver to work
  around a minor security issue.
- Fix compilation issues on FreeBSD.
- Add support to month names in all caps in syslog timestamps. At least one
  device seems to generate these.
- The options() option to java destination can now accept numbers and not
  just strings.
- Fix a memory leak in the java destination driver, that may affect java
  based destinations like ElasticSearch, Kafka & HDFS.

Other changes

- HDFS was updated to 2.7.3
- Elasticsearch was updated to 2.4.0
- Support was added for OpenSSL 1.1.x
   2016-08-21 23:31:24 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
CPPFLAGS no longer needed, fixes build for py-syslog-ng.

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