./databases/postgresql-postgis2, Spatial database capabilities for PostgreSQL

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.3.1nb3, Package name: postgresql95-postgis-2.3.1nb3, Maintainer: gdt

PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational
database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the PostgreSQL server,
allowing it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic information
systems (GIS), much like ESRI's SDE or Oracle's Spatial extension. PostGIS
follows the OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been
certified as compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.

PostGIS/PostgreSQL includes the following functionality:
* Simple Features as defined by the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC)
* Support for Well-Known Text and Well-Known Binary representations of GIS
* Fast spatial indexing using GiST
* Geospatial analysis functions
* PostgreSQL JDBC extension objects corresponding to the geometries
* Support for OGC access functions as defined by the Simple Features

This is postgis 2.x, the currently-maintained and recommended version.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [textproc/libxslt] [graphics/ImageMagick] [geography/gdal-lib] [geography/geos] [devel/cunit] [geography/proj] [databases/postgresql95-client] [databases/postgresql95-server]

Required to build:
[textproc/docbook-xsl] [pkgtools/x11-links] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

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RMD160: af6a01053b65010ba95481cab335c000bf29de80
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   2017-05-24 21:51:14 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (52)
Log message:
Removed databases/postgresql91
   2017-04-30 03:22:04 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (612) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive revbump from boost update
   2017-02-28 16:20:12 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (208)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from graphics/libwebp
   2017-01-22 11:58:45 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Postgis no longer supports PostgreSQL < 9.2.
   2017-01-18 14:04:27 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Support postgresql96.
   2017-01-01 17:06:40 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (616) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump after boost update
   2016-12-05 16:12:08 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.3.1

Drop build patch incorporated upstream.

Upstream changes:

PostGIS 2.3.1 (2016/11/28)

* Bug fixes

PostGIS 2.3.0 (2016/09/26)

* Important / Breaking Changes

  - #3466, Casting from box3d to geometry now returns a 3D
           geometry (Julien Rouhaud of Dalibo)

  - #3604, pgcommon/Makefile.in orders CFLAGS incorrectly leading to
           wrong liblwgeom.h (Greg Troxel)

  - #3396, ST_EstimatedExtent, throw WARNING instead of ERROR
           (Regina Obe)

* New Features

  - Add support for custom TOC in postgis_restore.pl
    (Christoph Moench-Tegeder)
  - Add support for negative indexing in ST_PointN and ST_SetPoint
    (RĂ©mi Cura)
  - Add parameters for geography ST_Buffer (Thomas Bonfort)
  - TopoGeom_addElement, TopoGeom_remElement (Sandro Santilli)
  - populate_topology_layer (Sandro Santilli)
  - #454,  ST_WrapX and lwgeom_wrapx (Sandro Santilli)
  - #1758, ST_Normalize (Sandro Santilli)
  - #2236, shp2pgsql -d now emits "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS"
  - #2259, ST_VoronoiPolygons and ST_VoronoiLines (Dan Baston)
  - #2841 and #2996, ST_MinimumBoundingRadius and new ST_MinimumBoundingCircle
           implementation using Welzl's algorithm (Dan Baston)
  - #2991, Enable ST_Transform to use PROJ.4 text (Mike Toews)
  - #3059, Allow passing per-dimension parameters in ST_Expand (Dan Baston)
  - #3339, ST_GeneratePoints (Paul Ramsey)
  - #3362, ST_ClusterDBSCAN (Dan Baston)
  - #3364, ST_GeometricMedian (Dan Baston)
  - #3391, Add table inheritance support in ST_EstimatedExtent
           (Alessandro Pasotti)
  - #3424, ST_MinimumClearance (Dan Baston)
  - #3428, ST_Points (Dan Baston)
  - #3465, ST_ClusterKMeans (Paul Ramsey)
  - #3469, ST_MakeLine with MULTIPOINTs (Paul Norman)
  - #3549, Support PgSQL 9.6 parallel query mode, as far as possible
           (Paul Ramsey, Regina Obe)
  - #3557, Geometry function costs based on query stats (Paul Norman)
  - #3591, Add support for BRIN indexes. PostgreSQL 9.4+ required.
           (Giuseppe Broccolo of 2nd Quadrant, Julien Rouhaud
            and Ronan Dunklau of Dalibo)
  - #3496, Make postgis non-relocateable for extension install,
           schema qualify calls in functions (Regina Obe)
           Should resolve once and for all for extensions #3494, #3486, #3076
  - #3547, Update tiger geocoder to support TIGER 2016
           and to support both http and ftp.
  - #3613, Segmentize geography using equal length segments
           (Hugo Mercier of Oslandia)

* Bug Fixes

* Performance Enhancements

  - #75, Enhancement to PIP short circuit (Dan Baston)
  - #3383, Avoid deserializing small geometries during index operations
           (Dan Baston)
  - #3400, Minor optimization of PIP routines (Dan Baston)
  - Make adding a line to topology interruptible (Sandro Santilli)
   2016-10-09 23:42:04 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (110)
Log message:
Recursive bump for all users of pgsql now that the default is 95.