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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 11.5, Package name: postgresql11-11.5, Maintainer: adam

PostgreSQL is a robust, next-generation, Object-Relational DBMS (ORDBMS),
derived from the Berkeley Postgres database management system. While
PostgreSQL retains the powerful object-relational data model, rich data types
and easy extensibility of Postgres, it replaces the PostQuel query language
with an extended subset of SQL.

PostgreSQL is free and the complete source is available.

This is the meta-package for the PostgreSQL database system.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [databases/postgresql11-client] [databases/postgresql11-docs] [databases/postgresql11-server]

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Package options: gssapi

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   2019-10-07 21:28:29 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (10)
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Remove unused files; cleanup
   2019-08-11 13:40:11 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package updated
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postgresqlNN: updated to 11.5, 10.10, 9.6.15, 9.5.19, 9.4.24

PostgreSQL 11.5, 10.10, 9.6.15, 9.5.19, 9.4.24

Security Issues

Four security vulnerabilities have been closed by this release:

CVE-2019-10208: TYPE in pg_temp executes arbitrary SQL during SECURITY DEFINER \ 

Versions Affected: 9.4 - 11

Given a suitable SECURITY DEFINER function, an attacker can execute arbitrary \ 
SQL under the identity of the function owner. An attack requires EXECUTE \ 
permission on the function, which must itself contain a function call having \ 
inexact argument type match. For example, length('foo'::varchar) and \ 
length('foo') are inexact, while length('foo'::text) is exact. As part of \ 
exploiting this vulnerability, the attacker uses CREATE DOMAIN to create a type \ 
in a pg_temp schema. The attack pattern and fix are similar to that for \ 

Writing SECURITY DEFINER functions continues to require
following the considerations noted in the documentation:

The PostgreSQL project thanks Tom Lane for reporting this problem.

CVE-2019-10209: Memory disclosure in cross-type comparison for hashed subplan

Versions Affected: 11

In a database containing hypothetical, user-defined hash equality operators, an \ 
attacker could read arbitrary bytes of server memory. For an attack to become \ 
possible, a superuser would need to create unusual operators. It is possible for \ 
operators not purpose-crafted for attack to have the properties that enable an \ 
attack, but we are not aware of specific examples.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Andreas Seltenreich for reporting this problem.

CVE-2019-10210: EnterpriseDB Windows installer writes PostgreSQL superuser \ 
password to unprotected temporary file

Versions Affected: The EnterpriseDB Windows installer for versions 9.4 - 11

The EnterpriseDB Windows installer writes a password to a temporary file in its \ 
installation directory, creates initial databases, and deletes the file. During \ 
those seconds while the file exists, a local attacker can read the PostgreSQL \ 
superuser password from the file.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Noah Misch for reporting this problem.

CVE-2019-10211: EnterpriseDB Windows installer bundled OpenSSL executes code \ 
from unprotected directory

Versions Affected: The EnterpriseDB Windows installer for versions 9.4 - 11

When the database server or libpq client library initializes SSL, libeay32.dll \ 
attempts to read configuration from a hard-coded directory. Typically, the \ 
directory does not exist, but any local user could create it and inject \ 
configuration. This configuration can direct OpenSSL to load and execute \ 
arbitrary code as the user running a PostgreSQL server or client. Most \ 
PostgreSQL client tools and libraries use libpq, and one can encounter this \ 
vulnerability by using any of them. This vulnerability is much like \ 
CVE-2019-5443, but it originated independently. One can work around the \ 
vulnerability by setting environment variable OPENSSL_CONF to \ 
"NUL:/openssl.cnf" or any other name that cannot exist as a file.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Daniel Gustafsson of the curl security team for \ 
reporting this problem.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes over 40 bugs that were reported in the last several \ 
months. Some of these issues affect only version 11, but many affect all \ 
supported versions.

Some of these fixes include:

Fix for ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN TYPE when multiple column types are \ 
modified in a single-command. This issue was introduced in the previous \ 
cumulative update (11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, 9.4.23, and 12 beta 2).
Ensure that partition key columns will not be dropped as the result of an \ 
"indirect drop," such as from a cascade from dropping the key column's \ 
data type (e.g. a custom data type). This fix is applied only to newly created \ 
partitioned tables: if you believe you have an affected partition table (e.g. \ 
one where the partition key uses a custom data type), you will need to either \ 
create a new table and move your data into it OR use pg_upgrade.
Prevent dropping a partitioned table's trigger if there are pending trigger \ 
events in child partitions. This particularly affects foreign key constraints, \ 
which are implemented by triggers.
Several additional fixes for partitioning, including a fix for partition pruning \ 
that could lead to inefficient queries.
Fix for parallel hash joins that could lead to duplicate result rows in EXISTS \ 
Several fixes for the query planner.
Several fixes for issues that would lead to query deadlocks.
Fix for multi-column foreign keys when rebuilding a foreign key constraint.
Prevent extended statistics from being built for inherited tables.
Fix for the canonicalization of date ranges that include -infinity/infinity \ 
endpoints to ensure the behavior matches the documentation.
Fix loss of fractional digits when converting very large money values to numeric.
Fix for PL/pgSQL functions that return composite types.
Make libpq ignore the \r carriage return in connection service files, which was \ 
causing connection failures in some edge cases.
Several fixes for psql, which includes avoiding incorrect tab completion options \ 
after SET variable =.
Improve reliability of contrib/amcheck's index verification.
Set initdb to prefer the timezone behavior defined by the C library instead of \ 
what is defined by localtime or posixrules. This ensures PostgreSQL uses the \ 
"real" timezone name instead of an artificial name.
Fix pg_dump to ensure that custom operator classes are dumped in the correct \ 
order to prevent creating an unrestorable dump.
Fix possible lockup in pgbench when using -R option.
Fix spinlock assembly code for MIPS CPUs so that it works on MIPS r6.
This update also contains tzdata release 2019b for DST law changes in Brazil, \ 
plus historical corrections for Hong Kong, Italy, and Palestine. This update \ 
also adds support for zic's new -b slim option to reduce the size of the \ 
installed zone files, though it is not currently being used by PostgreSQL.
   2019-06-23 09:56:00 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (21) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresqlNN: updated to 11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, 9.4.23

PostgreSQL 11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, 9.4.23, and 12 Beta 2 Released!

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported \ 
versions of our database system, including 11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, and \ 
9.4.23, as well as the second beta of PostgreSQL 12. This release fixes one \ 
security issue and over 25 bugs since the previous cumulative update in May.

Security Issues

This release closes one security vulnerability:
CVE-2019-10164: Stack-based buffer overflow via setting a password
Versions affected: 10, 11, 12 beta.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fix assorted errors in run-time partition pruning that could lead to wrong \ 
answers in queries on partitioned tables
pg_dump now recreates table partitions using CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE .. \ 
ATTACH PARTITION rather than including PARTITION OF in the creation command
Improve how initdb determines which system time zone to select if there are \ 
equivalent names for the time zone. Also explicitly prefer UTC over UCT
Fix possible crash while trying to copy trigger definitions to a new partition
Fix failure of ALTER TABLE .. ALTER COLUMN TYPE when the table has a partial \ 
exclusion constraint
Fix failure of COMMENT command for comments on domains
Several fixes related to aggregation
Fix faulty generation of merge-append plans that could lead to "could not \ 
find pathkey item to sort" errors
Fix failures on dump/restore where views contained queries with duplicate join names
Fix conversion of JSON string literals to JSON-type output columns in \ 
json_to_record() and json_populate_record()
Fix incorrect optimization of {1,1} quantifiers in regular expressions
Fix issue for B-tree indexes during edge case failure involving columns covered \ 
with the INCLUDE clause, which manifests itself with errors during VACUUM. If \ 
you are affected by this issue, you will need to reindex the specific index
Fix race condition in check to see whether a pre-existing shared memory segment \ 
is still in use by a conflicting postmaster
Fix for the walreceiver process that avoids a crash or deadlock on shutdown
Avoid possible hang in libpq if using SSL and OpenSSL's pending-data buffer \ 
contains an exact multiple of 256 bytes
Fix ordering of GRANT commands emitted by pg_dump and pg_dumpall for databases \ 
and tablespaces
Fix misleading error reports from reindexdb
Ensure that vacuumdb returns correct status if an error occurs while using \ 
parallel jobs
Fix contrib/auto_explain to not cause problems in parallel queries, which \ 
resulted in failures like "could not find key N in shm TOC"
Account for possible data modifications by local BEFORE ROW UPDATE triggers in \ 
On Windows, avoid failure when the database encoding is set to SQL_ASCII and we \ 
attempt to log a non-ASCII string
   2019-05-13 22:38:13 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (24) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresqlNN: updated to the latest

PostgreSQL 11.3, 10.8, 9.6.13, 9.5.17, and 9.4.22 Released!
The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported \ 
versions of our database system, including 11.3, 10.8, 9.6.13, 9.5.17, and \ 
9.4.22. This release fixes two security issues in the PostgreSQL server, a \ 
security issue found in two of the PostgreSQL Windows installers, and over 60 \ 
bugs reported over the last three months.

Security Issues

Four security vulnerabilities have been closed by this release:

CVE-2019-10127: BigSQL Windows installer does not clear permissive ACL entries
CVE-2019-10128: EnterpriseDB Windows installer does not clear permissive ACL entries
Due to both the EnterpriseDB and BigSQL Windows installers not locking down the \ 
permissions of the PostgreSQL binary installation directory and the data \ 
directory, an unprivileged Windows user account and an unprivileged PostgreSQL \ 
account could cause the PostgreSQL service account to execute arbitrary code.

This vulnerability is present in all supported versions of PostgreSQL for these \ 
installers, and possibly exists in older versions. Both sets of installers have \ 
fixed the permissions for these directories for both new and existing \ 
installations. If you have installed PostgreSQL on Windows using other methods, \ 
we advise that you check that your PostgreSQL binary directories are writable \ 
only to trusted users and that your data directories are only accessible to \ 
trusted users.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Conner Jones for reporting this problem.

CVE-2019-10129: Memory disclosure in partition routing
Prior to this release, a user running PostgreSQL 11 can read arbitrary bytes of \ 
server memory by executing a purpose-crafted INSERT statement to a partitioned \ 

CVE-2019-10130: Selectivity estimators bypass row security policies
PostgreSQL maintains statistics for tables by sampling data available in \ 
columns; this data is consulted during the query planning process. Prior to this \ 
release, a user able to execute SQL queries with permissions to read a given \ 
column could craft a leaky operator that could read whatever data had been \ 
sampled from that column. If this happened to include values from rows that the \ 
user is forbidden to see by a row security policy, the user could effectively \ 
bypass the policy. This is fixed by only allowing a non-leakproof operator to \ 
use this data if there are no relevant row security policies for the table.

This issue is present in PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10, and 11. The PostgreSQL project \ 
thanks Dean Rasheed for reporting this problem.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update also fixes over 60 bugs that were reported in the last several \ 
months. Some of these issues affect only version 11, but many affect all \ 
supported versions.

Some of these fixes include:

Several catalog corruption fixes, including one related to running ALTER TABLE \ 
on a partitioned table
Several fixes for partitioning
Avoid server crash when an error occurs while trying to persist a cursor query \ 
across a transaction commit
Avoid O(N^2) performance issue when rolling back a transaction that created many \ 
Fix possible “could not access status of transaction” failures in txid_status()
Fix updatable views to handle explicit DEFAULT items in INSERT .. VALUES \ 
statements where there are multiple VALUES rows
Fix CREATE VIEW to allow zero-column views
Add missing support for the CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS .. AS EXECUTE .. statement
Ensure that sub-SELECTs appearing in row-level-security policy expressions are \ 
executed with the correct user's permissions
Accept XML documents as valid values of type xml when xmloption is set to \ 
content, as required by SQL:2006 and later
Fix incompatibility of GIN-index WAL records that were introduced in 11.2, 10.7, \ 
9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21 that affected replica servers running these versions \ 
reading in changes to GIN indexes from primary servers of older versions
Several memory leak fixes as well as fixes to management of dynamic shared memory
Relax panics on fsync and sync_file_range failures for certain cases where a \ 
failure indicated "operation not supported"
Several fixes to the query planner, several of which should lead to planning \ 
Fix race condition in which a hot-standby postmaster could fail to shut down \ 
after receiving a smart-shutdown request
Several fixes for SCRAM authentication
Fix handling of lc_time settings that imply an encoding different from the \ 
database's encoding
Create the current_logfiles file with the same permissions as other files in the \ 
server's data directory
Several ecpg fixes
Make pg_verify_checksums verify that the data directory it's pointed at is of \ 
the right PostgreSQL version
Several fixes for contrib/postgres_fdw, including one for remote partitions \ 
where an UPDATE could lead to incorrect results or a crash
Several Windows fixes
This update also contains tzdata release 2019a for DST law changes in Palestine \ 
and Metlakatla, plus historical corrections for Israel. Etc/UCT is now a \ 
backward-compatibility link to Etc/UTC, instead of being a separate zone that \ 
generates the abbreviation UCT, which nowadays is typically a typo. PostgreSQL \ 
will still accept UCT as an input zone abbreviation, but it won't output it.
   2019-04-03 02:33:20 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (748)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from textproc/icu
   2019-02-17 09:27:51 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
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   2019-02-17 09:26:13 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (29) | Package updated
Log message:
postgresqlNN: updated to 11.2, 10.7, 9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21

PostgreSQL 11.2, 10.7, 9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21 Released!
This release changes the behavior in how PostgreSQL interfaces with fsync() and \ 
includes fixes for partitioning and over 70 other bugs that were reported over \ 
the past three months.

Fix handling of unique indexes with INCLUDE columns on partitioned tables
Ensure that NOT NULL constraints of a partitioned table are honored within its \ 
Several fixes for constraints on partitioned tables
Fix problems with applying ON COMMIT DROP and ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS to \ 
partitioned tables and tables with inheritance children
Disallow COPY FREEZE on partitioned tables
Several fixes for the ALTER TABLE .. ADD COLUMN with a non-nullable default \ 
feature, including a possible index corruption case
Several fixes in GIN indexes, including avoiding a deadlock with vacuuming and \ 
concurrent index insertions (which partially reverts a performance improvement \ 
introduced in PostgreSQL 10)
Fix possible crashes in logical replication when index expressions or predicates \ 
are in use
Several fixes for the write-ahead log (WAL)
Fix possible crash in UPDATE with a multiple SET clause using a sub-SELECT
Fix crash when zero rows are provided to json[b]_populate_recordset() or \ 
Several fixes related to collation handling, including the parsing of \ 
collation-sensitive expressions in the arguments of a CALL statement
Several fixes for the query planner, including an improvement to planning speed \ 
for large inheritance or partitioning table groups
Several fixes for TRUNCATE
Ensure ALTER TABLE ONLY ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS is processed correctly
Allow UNLISTEN in hot-standby (replica) mode
Fix parsing of space-separated lists of host names in the ldapserver parameter \ 
of LDAP authentication entries in pg_hba.conf
Several fixes for ecpg
Several fixes for psql, including having \g target work with COPY TO STDOUT
The random number generation for pgbench is now fully deterministic and \ 
platform-independent when --random-seed=N is specified
Fix pg_basebackup and pg_verify_checksums to appropriately ignore temporary files
Several fixes for pg_dump, including having ALTER INDEX SET STATISTICS commands \ 
Prevent false index-corruption reports from contrib/amcheck caused by \ 
inline-compressed data
Support new Makefile variables to help with building extensions
   2018-12-09 19:52:52 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (724)
Log message:
revbump after updating textproc/icu