./databases/postgresql12-plpython, PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 12.0, Package name: postgresql12-plpython-12.0, Maintainer: adam

PL/Python allows you to write functions in the Python programming
language that may be used in SQL queries as if they were built into
Postgres. The PL/Python intepreter is a full Python interpreter.

PL/Python is currently only available as an "untrusted" language
(meaning it does not offer any way of restricting what users can do
in it). It has therefore been named "plpythonu". The trusted variant
plpython may become available again in future, if a new secure execution
mechanism is developed in Python.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [lang/python37] [databases/postgresql12-client] [databases/postgresql12-server]

Required to build:

Package options: gssapi

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   2019-10-07 21:21:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (46)
Log message:
postgresql12: added version 12.0

Release 12:

General performance improvements, including:
* Optimizations to space utilization and read/write performance for B-tree indexes
* Partitioning performance enhancements, including improved query performance on \ 
tables with thousands of partitions, improved insertion performance with INSERT \ 
and COPY, and the ability to execute ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION without \ 
blocking queries
* Automatic (but overridable) inlining of common table expressions (CTEs)
* Reduction of WAL overhead for creation of GiST, GIN, and SP-GiST indexes
* Support for covering GiST indexes, via the INCLUDE clause
* Multi-column most-common-value (MCV) statistics can be defined via CREATE \ 
STATISTICS, to support better plans for queries that test several \ 
non-uniformly-distributed columns

Enhancements to administrative functionality, including:
* REINDEX CONCURRENTLY can rebuild an index without blocking writes to its table
* pg_checksums can enable/disable page checksums (used for detecting data \ 
corruption) in an offline cluster
* Progress reporting statistics for CREATE INDEX, REINDEX, CLUSTER, VACUUM FULL, \ 
and pg_checksums

Support for the SQL/JSON path language

Stored generated columns

Nondeterministic ICU collations, enabling case-insensitive and \ 
accent-insensitive grouping and ordering

New authentication features, including:
* Encryption of TCP/IP connections when using GSSAPI authentication
* Discovery of LDAP servers using DNS SRV records
* Multi-factor authentication, using the clientcert=verify-full option combined \ 
with an additional authentication method in pg_hba.conf