./databases/postgresql12-pltcl, PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 12.0, Package name: postgresql12-pltcl-12.0, Maintainer: adam

PL/Tcl is a dynamic loadable extension for the PostgreSQL database system
that enables the Tcl language to be used to create functions and
trigger-procedures. It offers most of the capabilities a function
writer has in the C language.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [lang/tcl] [databases/postgresql12-client] [databases/postgresql12-server]

Required to build:

Package options: gssapi

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SHA1: bed695e1c6846337d5297439ef76969f5c9fdc20
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   2019-10-07 21:21:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (46)
Log message:
postgresql12: added version 12.0

Release 12:

General performance improvements, including:
* Optimizations to space utilization and read/write performance for B-tree indexes
* Partitioning performance enhancements, including improved query performance on \ 
tables with thousands of partitions, improved insertion performance with INSERT \ 
and COPY, and the ability to execute ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION without \ 
blocking queries
* Automatic (but overridable) inlining of common table expressions (CTEs)
* Reduction of WAL overhead for creation of GiST, GIN, and SP-GiST indexes
* Support for covering GiST indexes, via the INCLUDE clause
* Multi-column most-common-value (MCV) statistics can be defined via CREATE \ 
STATISTICS, to support better plans for queries that test several \ 
non-uniformly-distributed columns

Enhancements to administrative functionality, including:
* REINDEX CONCURRENTLY can rebuild an index without blocking writes to its table
* pg_checksums can enable/disable page checksums (used for detecting data \ 
corruption) in an offline cluster
* Progress reporting statistics for CREATE INDEX, REINDEX, CLUSTER, VACUUM FULL, \ 
and pg_checksums

Support for the SQL/JSON path language

Stored generated columns

Nondeterministic ICU collations, enabling case-insensitive and \ 
accent-insensitive grouping and ordering

New authentication features, including:
* Encryption of TCP/IP connections when using GSSAPI authentication
* Discovery of LDAP servers using DNS SRV records
* Multi-factor authentication, using the clientcert=verify-full option combined \ 
with an additional authentication method in pg_hba.conf