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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.10.2, Package name: py27-peewee-2.10.2, Maintainer: filip

Peewee is a simple and small ORM. It has few (but expressive)
concepts, making it easy to learn and intuitive to use.
Supports SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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   2017-10-13 16:19:05 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.10.2

- Update travis-ci build scripts to use Postgres 9.6 and test against
  Python 3.6.
- Added support for returning namedtuple objects when iterating over a
- Added support for specifying the "object id" attribute used when
  declaring a foreign key. By default, it is foreign-key-name_id, but
  it can now be customized.
- Fixed small bug in the calculation of search scores when using the
  SQLite C extension or the sqlite_ext module.
- Support literal column names with the dataset module.

- Removed AESEncryptedField.
   2017-05-10 20:24:05 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.10.0.

- Remove the playhouse.fields.AESEncryptedField over security concerns
  described in ticket #1264.
- Correctly resolve explicit table dependencies when creating tables, refs
- Implement not equals comparison for CompositeKey.
   2017-04-26 16:10:48 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix sphinx-build lookup
   2017-04-21 11:14:01 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.9.2.

## 2.9.2

- Fixed significant bug in the `savepoint` commit/rollback implementation.
- Added support for postgresql `INTERVAL` columns.
- Fixed bug where missing `sqlite3` library was causing other, unrelated
  libraries to throw errors when attempting to import.
- Added a `case_sensitive` parameter to the SQLite `REGEXP` function
  implementation. The default is `False`, to preserve backwards-compatibility.
- Fixed bug that caused tables not to be created when using the `dataset`
- Modified `drop_table` to raise an exception if the user attempts to drop
  tables with `CASCADE` when the database backend does not support it.
- Fixed Python3 issue in the `AESEncryptedField`.
- Modified the behavior of string-typed fields to treat the addition operator
  as concatenation

## 2.9.1

- Fixed #1218, where the use of `playhouse.flask_utils` was requiring the
  `sqlite3` module to be installed.
- Fixed #1219 regarding the SQL generation for composite key sub-selects,
  joins, etc.

## 2.9.0

In this release there are two notable changes:

- The ``Model.create_or_get()`` method was removed.
- The SQLite closure table extension gained support for many-to-many
  relationships thanks to a nice PR by @necoro.

## 2.8.8

This release contains a single important bugfix for a regression in specifying
the type of lock to use when opening a SQLite transaction.

## 2.8.7

This release contains numerous cleanups.

### Bugs fixed

- #1087 - Fixed a misuse of the iteration protocol in the `sqliteq` extension.
- #1096 - Fix representation of recursive foreign key relations when using the
  `model_to_dict` helper.
- #1126 - Allow `pskel` to be installed into `bin` directory.
- #1105 - Added a `Tuple()` type to Peewee to enable expressing arbitrary
  tuple expressions in SQL.
- #1133 - Fixed bug in the conversion of objects to `Decimal` instances in the
- Fixed an issue renaming a unique foreign key in MySQL.
- Remove the join predicate from CROSS JOINs.
- #1148 - Ensure indexes are created when a column is added using a schema
- #1165 - Fix bug where the primary key was being overwritten in queries using
  the closure-table extension.

### New stuff

- Added properties to the `SqliteExtDatabase` to expose common `PRAGMA`
- Clarified documentation on calling `commit()` or `rollback()` from within the
  scope of an atomic block.
- Allow table creation dependencies to be specified using new `depends_on` meta
- Allow specification of the lock type used in SQLite transactions.
- Added support for `CROSS JOIN` expressions in select queries.
- Docs on how to implement optimistic locking
- Documented optional dependencies.
- Generic support for specifying select queries as locking the selected rows
  `FOR X`, e.g. `FOR UPDATE` or `FOR SHARE`.
- Support for specifying the frame-of-reference in window queries, e.g.
  specifying `UNBOUNDED PRECEDING`, etc.

### Backwards-incompatible changes

- As of 9e76c99, an `OperationalError` is raised if the user calls `connect()`
  on an already-open Database object. Previously, the existing connection would
  remain open and a new connection would overwrite it, making it impossible to
  close the previous connection. If you find this is causing breakage in your
  application, you can switch the `connect()` call to `get_conn()` which will
  only open a connection if necessary. The error **is** indicative of a real
  issue, though, so audit your code for places where you may be opening a
  connection without closing it (module-scope operations, e.g.).
   2016-10-26 16:28:16 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.8.5.


- Starting docs on sqliteq
- Use parentheses for compound select with MySQL.
- Remove "clean_prefetch_subquery" as I'm not sure why it exists in the
  first place.


- New playhouse extension module for working with SQLite in
  multi-threaded / concurrent environments. The new module is called
  playhouse.sqliteq and it works by serializing queries using a dedicated
  worker thread (or greenlet). The performance is quite good, hopefully
  this proves useful to someone besides myself! You can learn more by
  reading the sqliteq documentation.
- #1061 - @akrs patched a bug in TimestampField which affected the
  accuracy of sub-second timestamps (for resolution > 1).
- #1071, small python 3 fix.
- #1072, allow DeferredRelation to be used multiple times if there are
  multiple references to a given deferred model.
- #1073, fixed regression in the speedups module that caused SQL
  functions to always coerce return values, regardless of the coerce
- #1083, another Python 3 issue - this time regarding the use of
   2016-09-10 22:58:45 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.8.3.

Bugs fixed and general changes

- #1028 - allow the ensure_join method to accept on and join_type
  parameters. Thanks @paulbooth.
- #1032 - fix bug related to coercing model instances to database
  parameters when the model's primary key is a foreign key.
- #1035 - fix bug introduced in 2.8.2, where I had added some
  logic to try and restrict the base Model class from being
  treated as a "real" Model.
- #1039 - update documentation to clarify that lists or tuples are
  acceptable values when specifying SQLite PRAGMA statements.
- #1041 - PyPy user was unable to install Peewee. (Who in their
  right mind would ever use PyPy?!) Bug was fixed by removing the
  pre-generated C files from the distribution.
- #1043 - fix bug where the speedups C extension was not calling
  the correct model initialization method, resulting in model
  instances returned as results of a query having their dirty flag
  incorrectly set.
- #1048 - similar to #1043, add logic to ensure that fields with
  default values are considered dirty when instantiating the
- #1049 - update URL to APSW.
- Fixed unreported bug regarding TimestampField with zero values
  reporting the incorrect datetime.

New stuff

- djpeewee extension module now works with Django 1.9.
- TimestampField is now an officially documented field.
- #1050 - use the db_column of a ForeignKeyField for the name of
  the ObjectIdDescriptor, except when the db_column and field name
  are the same, in which case the ID descriptor will be named
   2016-08-09 14:10:31 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.8.2.

Bugs fixed and general cleanups
- fixed some bugs related to the Cython extension build process.
- allow blanks and perform type conversion when using the db_url
- added the ability to query using the <foreign_key>_id attribute.
- ensure that peewee.OperationalError is raised consistently when
  using the RetryOperationalError mixin.
- ensure that pwiz will import the appropriate extensions when
  vendor-specific fields are used.
- ensure that pwiz-generated models containing UnknownField
  placeholders do not blow up when you instantiate them.
- correctly limit the length of automatically-generated index
- fixed bug where BlobField could not be used if it's parent model
  pointed to an uninitialized database Proxy.
- greater consistency with the conversion to Python data-types
  when performing aggregations, annotations, or calling scalar().
- ensure the correct data-types are used when initializing a
  connection pool.
- fix bug where Signal subclasses were not returning rows affected
  on save.
- added documentation about SQLite limits and how they affect
- better warnings regarding C extension compilation, thanks
- fix bug where table names starting with numbers generated
  invalid table names when using pwiz.
- fix bug where parameter was not being used. Thanks @jberkel.
- fixed the way SqliteExtDatabase handles the automatic rowid (and
  docid) columns. Thanks for alerting me to the issue and
  providing a failing test case @jberkel.
- fix obscure bug relating to cloning foreign key fields twice.
- allow set instances to be used on the right-hand side of IN
- fix behavior where the default id primary key was inherited
  regardless. When users would inadvertently include it in their
  queries, it would use the table alias of it's parent class.
- add support for db_column in djpeewee
- fix the behavior of truncate_date with Postgresql. Thanks
- allow DATABASE_URL as a recognized parameter to the Flask
- correctly handle bytes wrapper used by PasswordField to bytes.
- when selecting and joining on multiple models, do not create
  model instances when the foreign key is NULL.
- do not coerce the return value of function calls to COUNT or
  SUM, since the python driver will already give us the right
  Python value.
- use global state to resolve DeferredRelations, allowing for a
  nicer API. Thanks @brenguyen711.
- attempt to avoid creating invalid Python when using pwiz with
  MySQL database columns containing spaces. Yes, fucking spaces.
- fix bug in SQLite migrator which had a naive approach to fixing
- explicitly check for None when determining if the database has
  been set on ModelOptions. Thanks @joeyespo.

New stuff
- Added TimestampField for storing datetimes using integers.
  Greater than second delay is possible through exponentiation.
- Added Database.drop_index() method.
- Added a max_depth parameter to the model_to_dict function in the
  playhouse.shortcuts extension module.
- SelectQuery.first() function accepts a parameter n which applies
  a limit to the query and returns the first row.
- group_by(), order_by(), window() now accept a keyward argument
  extend, which, when set to True, will append to the existing
  values rather than overwriting them.
- Query results support negative indexing.
- C sources are included now as part of the package. I think they
  should be able to compile for python 2 or 3, on linux or
  windows...but not positive.
   2016-05-06 11:45:09 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/py-peewee to 2.8.1.

Bugs fixed
- #821 - issue warning if Cython is old
- #822 - better handling of MySQL connections point for advanced
- #313 - support equality/inequality with generic foreign key
  queries, and ensure get_or_create works with GFKs.
- #834 - fixed Python3 incompatibilities in the PasswordField,
  thanks @mosquito.
- #836 - fix handling of last_insert_id() when using APSWDatabase.
- #845 - add connection hooks to APSWDatabase.
- #852 - check SQLite library version to avoid calls to missing
- #857 - allow database definition to be deferred when using the
  connection pool.
- #878 - formerly .limit(0) had no effect. Now adds LIMIT 0.
- #879 - implement a __hash__ method for Model
- #886 - fix count() for compound select queries.
- #895 - allow writing to the foreign_key_id descriptor to set the
  foreign key value.
- #893 - fix boolean logic bug in model_to_dict().
- #904 - fix side-effect in clean_prefetch_query, thanks to
- #907 - package includes pskel now.
- #852 - fix sqlite version check in BerkeleyDB backend.
- #919 - add runtime check for sqlite3 library to match MySQL and
  Postgres. Thanks @M157q

New features
- Added a number of SQLite user-defined functions and aggregates.
- Use the DB-API2 Binary type for BlobField.
- Implemented the lucene scoring algorithm in the sqlite_ext
  Cython library.
- #825 - allow a custom base class for ModelOptions, providing an
- #830 - added SmallIntegerField type.
- #838 - allow using a custom descriptor class with
- #855 - merged change from @lez which included docs on using
  peewee with Pyramid.
- #858 - allow arguments to be passed on query-string when using
  the db_url module. Thanks @RealSalmon
- #862 - add support for truncate table, thanks @dev-zero for the
  sample code.
- Allow the related_name model Meta option to be a callable that
  accepts the foreign key field instance.