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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2018.06nb2, Package name: MoarVM-2018.06nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Short for "Metamodel On A Runtime", MoarVM is a virtual machine built
especially for Rakudo Perl 6 and the NQP Compiler Toolchain. The primary
backend target for the Christmas 2015 release of Perl 6, MoarVM stands
out amongst the various Rakudo and NQP compilation targets by:

- Running the Perl 6 specification test suite in the least time
- Passing more of the Perl 6 specification tests than Rakudo Perl 6 on
other backends
- Having the lowest memory usage
- Having the best startup time
- Being fastest to build both NQP and Rakudo - and thus your Perl 6 and
NQP programs too!
- Being the only backend to support strings at grapheme level

Required to run:
[math/ltm] [devel/libffi] [devel/libatomic_ops] [devel/libuv]

Required to build:

Master sites:

SHA1: ac81f82b5f49b0ef3a8714897f5e91da7b93f0cc
RMD160: e11832af71c9bc16fc702579cb9fb32c5b0c0d5d
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   2018-10-08 18:54:28 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (10) | Package updated
Log message:
Update rakudo, nqp, MoarVM to 2018.06

Bumping buildlink3.mk required because the reporter mentions having
to do this because of a time-consuming incompatibility in p6-zip.
Unclear if the packages are independent, so updating together.

No changelog found.

From tomasz motyl in PR pkg/53663
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2017-09-26 16:35:46 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update MoarVM to monthly release 2017.09.1 (.1 is a quick patch)

see https://www.moarvm.org/releases.html for notes
   2017-09-17 18:20:55 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
MoarVM uses an executable stack.

Mark as not PaX MPROTECT safe.
   2017-09-16 21:09:53 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update MoarVM to 2017.07.

This is needed for the current wip/nqp and wip/rakudo.

Full Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0 text segmentation support.
Faster normalization, string indexing, and string concatenation.
Collation improvements, including support for reversing any of the levels.
Optional output buffering on file handles.
Numerous tweaks to dynamic optimization and JIT compilation to improve code
quality, with a focus on Perl 6 I/O code.
Asynchronous process handling improvements, including support for retrieving
and plumbing together processes at the file descriptor level.
And numerous other fixes and enhancements.
   2017-06-20 21:06:42 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update MoarVM to 2017.06. Bump API_DEPENDS too, as functions have been


- Make coerce_s_n work more like the Perl 6 Str.Num method
- Eliminate socket string I/O
- Re-implement synchronous sockets without using libuv, enabling them to
  be passed between threads
- Add ability to get port from already bind-ed socket
- Add cpucores op to get the number of CPU cores
- Fix inconsistency in decode stream take bytes API, so it returns null
  if that number of bytes is not available
- Fix memory leak in syncpipe
- Removed unsed header file in threads.c
- Remove unused args to bind_stdio_handle
- Remove char-level I/O ops and the functions they called
- Remove char-level I/O from synchronous I/O vtables
- Remove unused encoding option in dir handle
- Re-implement print/say debug output ops to encode and then use binary
- Eliminate use of libuv in synchronous file handles
- Switch standard handles to use the new synchronous file handle code,
  which means they can now be safely used from multiple threads also
- Remove unused ->filename slot of syncfile
- Debugging aid for introspecting P6opaque objects
- Support merge_bytes in async proc ops, for reading STDOUT and STDERR
- Support binding handles to file descriptors in async procs
- Fix off-by-one in profiler node GC
- Add string eqat/index ignorecase+ignoremark functions
- Add new eqaticim_s and indexicim_s ops ignorecase+ignoremark
- Use norm instead of n for the normalizer variable
- Add improved support for GCB=Prepend
- Improve Regional Indicators support during normalization
- Serialize a Decoder REPR object into null, so incidental file handle
  serialization in Perl 6 does not blow up
- Improve named argument optimization, so we can specialize and throw
  out instructions in more cases
- JIT decodertakeline
- Fix missed opportunity to run JITted code
- Have inline log note what couldn't inline also
- Remove successor when optional named argument is passed, so default
  code can be eliminated
- Flag writers that die when a basic block is eliminated, and disregard
  them in PHI node analysis, provide more precise type information
- Make a basic block elimination pre-pass before the main optimization
- Set dead writer when deleting instructions also, to further aid PHI
- Track which basic blocks are part of a jump list
- Delete pointless goto instructions (those at the end of a basic block
  that simply go to the next block)
- Remove bad Windows quoting option async proc code
- Actually log inlines to stderr as the comment up top claims
- Make find_separator only look at the last chars, which is far cheaper
- Add help text for environment variables to Configure
- Move NFG initialization into nfg.c
- Cache CRLF grapheme value
- Cache maximum separator length, to save recomputing it for every line
  that is read
- Cache a list of final separator graphemes, for faster stopper
  detection in streaming decoders
- Introduce a max final grapheme codepoint filter, for faster stopper
  detection in streaming decoders
- Add a UTF-8 decoding fast-path that doesn't need to go through the
  full normalizer
- Keep last freed chars buffer handy for re-use in streaming decoder
- Make a smarter guess at decode result buffer size in streaming decoder
- Don't copy when we can steal decoder output, saving a memory copy in
  most line reading operations
- Various micro-optimizations to UTF-8 decoding fast path
- Fix newline translation in various encoding's streaming decoder


- Mark profiler call graphs iteratively instead of recursively
- Keep around line number annotations in spesh, for more accurate source
  position information for coverage data in specialized code
- Introduce "telemeh", a high-precision-time low-impact logger
- Fix error reporting in chdir
- Fix memory leak on error in chdir
- Travis: readlink doesn't have `-f` on MacOS so make our own solution
- Fix bug in index ignorecase and equal at ignorecase
- Fix all known remaining bugs in indexic and eqatic
- Zero slot when popping a VMArray, to avoid junk reads if it grows
  again later
- Add can_fit_into_8bit funct, put logic used many places into one
- Use -1 instead of 0 when long right-shifting negative smallints
- Remove workaround for tommath issue #56, which is now fixed upstream
- Don't crash on reading a closed dir handle
- Remove deprecated async string I/O ops


- Shorten the nursery when creating large bigints, to bring GC forward
  and resolve excessive memory use
- Use correct format for repeat/concat errors
- Fix bug in indexic_s if expanding codepoint is the last codepoint
- Special case "\r\n" in MVM_nfg_is_concat_stable for performance
- Further optimize MVM_nfg_is_concat_stable to speed up concatenation
- Do not set use rpath if installing into proper system locations
- Optimize passes_quickcheck_and_zero_ccc to be much faster
- Give this_repr constants more meaningful names to aid debugging
- Streamline MVM_bigint_radix and MVM_radix for Nd Unicode #'s
- Fix case-insensitive string compare bug when synthetics are in the
- Improve description for "should eventually be unreachable" error
- Correctly detect and handle overflow in mp_get_int64
- Split into mp_get_int64 and mp_get_uint64
- Only allocate and normalize for cp's that require it in
  MVM_string_chr, and short-circuit Unicode property test for codepoints
below 0x300
- Provide a better error when failing to encode surrogates in UTF-8
- Add a cast to suppress a compiler warning in strings/ops.c
- Factor out code from equal_at_ignore_case for use in index_ignore_case
- Use both hex and decimal for UTF8 encoding error messages
- Add parentheses in various places to suppress compiler warnings
- Use PRIu64 in fprintf's to fix compiler warning about incorrect types
- Add a check that introspection->is_tty is not NULL, avoiding a crash
- Mention debug_name in errors about uncomposed repr
- Add new --coverage option for Configure.pl
- First prototype of a per-line coverage reporter, enabled by setting
- Cope with a native type with no nativesize, but signedness
- Remove two functions in normalize.c that have been superseded
- Give collapse_strands a 5.4% speed boost under some workloads
- Add MVM_string_graphs_nocheck funct, use it in places we previously
  already checked
- Have a two-part loop in collapse strands to make loop tighter when
- Implement serialize/deserialize in VMHash REPR
- Use memmem in string index. Uses Knuth-Morris-Pratt on glibc, and adds
  the FreeBSD memmem.c for use on Windows
- Fix a join NFG bug when there was an empty string and an empty
- Reorder MVMStaticFrameBody to save 16 bytes according to pahole;
  similarly save 16 bytes in MVMCompUnitBody, 24 bytes in MVMJitCode, 8
bytes in MVMIOSyncStreamData, SerializationRoot and SerializationReader
- Remove arbitrary and small length range check for reading bytes from a
- Remove unused defines in threadcontext.h
- Greatly reduce contention in the fixed-size allocator for
  multi-threaded programs, giving up to 40% speedup in some cases
- Add continuous coverage analysis to Travis builds, along with other
  Travis improvements
- Mark thread GC blocked when doing synchronous writes
- Add missing MVMROOT when reading bytes, which could result in
  occasional data loss


- Fix some missing variable initializations
- Set effective_handlers in context-only frame
- Streamline code in hash computation, hopefully fixing a Coverity
- Detect and throw on over-size array
- Put in a limit for codepoints in a grapheme, to avoid various
- Fix a missing NULL check at end of profiling
- Panic when a new thread context can't create an uv_loop
- Better handling of out of memory when creating a thread
- Another attempt at silencing the pthread_yield warnings
- Missing GC block marking in event loop starting, fixing a deadlock
- Fix CArray marshalling of type objects
- Provide a way to put Decoder in nl-translate mode
- Ensure Decoder REPR never sees concurrent use
- Debug option to detect concurrent VMArray use
- Encode strings as UTF-8 in MVM_unicode_string_from_name
- Reword exception message for read() outside original thread
- Check that results of repeat/concat fit in an MVMString
- Fix div_i JIT round to negative infinity
- Ignore SIGPIPE by default
- Only start readers if a process spawned OK
- Remove deprecated char-mode async proc reading
- Signal error to stdout/stderr on spawn failure
- Do gen2 sweep before letting stolen threads go, fixing occasional
- Turn libtommath dependency into a submodule, use a MoarVM fork
- Update libtommath fork to have expmod hang fix
- Change MVM_string_equal_at_ignore_case to use fc
- Fix MVM_string_equal_at_ignore_case when folding the haystack changes
- Mention debug name and REPR name in "requires obj with repr X" errors
- Remove unneeded variable in MVM_string_index
- Add MVM_string_index_ignore_case function and indexic_s op
- A range of improvements to the MoarVM GDB plug-in


- Fix format strings that warn during compile
- Implement missing cleanup of async task handles, fixing a memory leak
- Make Unicode sequence and codepoint name lookup case-insensitive
- Add Unicode sequences from NamedSequences.txt in the Unicode database
- Remove second declaration of MVM_frame_destroy
- JIT MVM_radix()
- Make radix and radix_I 50% faster with Unicode Nd
- Add East_Asian_Width prop
- Fix memory leaks in synchronous sockets
- Fix crashes in socket connect error handling
- Don't leak memory in STable repossession
- Missing MVMROOT around a lock acquisition
- Refuse to form an NFA with a zeroed to-state
- Add data section for JIT code, and use it for extop 'fake' registers
- Correct typo in NFG trie node struct name
- Fix overflow in div_i op
- Implement support for synthetic graphemes in
- Implement configurable collation_mode for MVM_unicode_string_compare
- Use LDFLAGS in ld invocations
- On Windows, create UTF-8 encoded argv upon program entry
- On Windows, populate environment hash from Unicode environment
- Some additional heuristics to cut down on cross-thread write log
- Fix abs_n op for negative zeros
- Sort out semantics of closed async sockets
- Fix overflow on 32-bit systems in is_full_collection()
- Rename MVMArray file and constant to VMArray
- Remove bogus indication that MoarVM builds on `cygwin`
- Use utf8 for unicode_db files
- Fix invalid read when GC was triggered in the string repeat op
- Don't call MVM_string_graphs twice in indexing op, plus cleanup
   2017-02-05 13:36:59 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update MoarVM to 2017.01.

- Implement heap snapshots support, exposed through the profiling API
- Don't mark tc->cur_frame twice during GC
- Move thread object mark into thread root mark, removing a special case in the
  main collector
- Add API for adding a permanent root together with a description
- Mark thread blocked for GC when doing synchronous reads
- Make MVM_bigint_from_num jit-friendly
- JIT coerce_nI as a call to bigint_from_num
- Set debug_name on a few more built-in types
- Add REPR API for getting unmanaged size, implement it for many REPRs
- Fix compile on FreeBSD 9
- Handle single-char build directory names by changing capture to lookahead
- Fix performance of reading very long lines
- Fix utf8-c8 decode crash caused by off-by-1
- Fix a full vs. partial collection detection bug
- Factor unmanaged size into promoted bytes
- Enhance scheme for deciding when to do a full collect
- Bail out if HLL name string index is invalid in bytecode unpack
- Don't try to set flags beyond num_lexicals when reading in call frames
- Adjust byte count when UTF-16 BOM marker consumed
- Fix buffer overrun in utf8-c8 decoding
- Initialize object registers with VMNull when allocating frames, to avoid a
  number of possible segfaults
- Fix incorrect boolification of "" under mode \ 
- Utilize debug_name in nativecall error messages

- Use MSVC-provided stdint.h and inttypes.h when possible
- Improved various error messages to include the debug type name
- Eliminate call frame reference counts, instead using a linear call stack for
  frames that never become heap-referenced and using the garbage collector to
  manage those that do
- Tune number of gen2 sized bins
- Improve error reporting in P6opaque's compose function
- Improved GC debugging support to catch more problems
- Fix a race between serialization context resolution and garbage collection
- Add a missing MVMROOT in shell/spawn
- Fix segfault when trying to serialize an uncomposed P6opaque type
- Update the build system to autodetect system provided libs
- Add missing rooting, since the instrumentation level barrier may allocate
- Fix cleanup of temp roots at thread exit
- Add missing rooting of exception message in `die`
- Fix CUnion layout computation GC issues
- Fix data race in clearing of "in inter-gen set" flag
- Various improvements and fixes to the spesh_graph tool
- Add missing optimization of decont_s and decont_u ops
- Eliminate duplicate MVMContext creation code
- Fix full cleanup crash: the NFG uses the FSA, so have to destroy NFG first
- Close dynvar log filehandle in instance destroy
- Clean up cross-thread write logging mutex
- Free debug names in STables
- Free the string_heap_fast_table in CompUnit bodies
- Free permroot descriptions
- Free thread's finalization queue in tc destruction
- Add docs about MVMROOT
- Fix crash when GCing an ended thread
- Implement loadbytecodebuffer and loadbytecodefh ops
- Speed up initialization of non-specialized frames
- Use varints to make serialization of various integers more compact, reducing
  size of compiled output
- Ensure we always produce at least one snapshot when heap profiling
- Remove debug output when taking heap snapshots

- Serialize the HLL role field of STables
- Avoid VMNull setup memcpy/loop in specialized frame initialization
- Stop caching MVMContext on a frame
- Use frames directly when serializing closures, rather than having to create
  an MVMContext wrapper for every one
- Write SC index when deserializing, repossessing, and preparing to serialize,
  saving a huge amount of linear scanning
- Only used cached SC index if SC itself matches
- Remove an unrequired memset to clear the args buffer
- Inline args preparation into interpreter, and JIT it directly instead of
  making a call to a tiny function
- Mark getlexcaller as :noinline
- Don't lose handlers during multi-level inlines
- Eliminate loop in P6opaque's get_boxed_ref function, decreasing cost
- Implement payload throw/handler support
- Implement callerlex throwing mode
- Make moar-gdb.py source-able, instead of only autoloadable
- Fix inlining causing wrong lexical handler lookup
- Make build in dir containing space work
- Allow HLL handler for unhandled lexical exception
- Add debug_name to "cannot iterate X with Y REPR" message
- Give "this is not a X iterator" more info, too

- Implement a new multi-dispatch cache, structured as a tree, able to hold more
  entries more memory-compactly, and able to cache dispatches involving named
- JIT read_fhs op
- Implement elems REPR function for MVMContext
- Implement a BB-splitting manipulation function in the optimizer
- Fix sha1 op to work with null bytes
- Fix bad interaction between profiling and dead allocation elimination; the
  presence of allocation logging would prevent the optimization, leading to
  misleading profiler output results

- Don't crash in P6opaque on NULL name_to_index_mapping
- Fix off-by-one in grapheme iterator
- Block/unblock thread for GC on semaphore wait
- Mark blocked around some more lock acquisitions
- Fix various cases of out-dated pointer reads on concurrency control constructs
- Hold uv_sem_t at a level of indirection, so it won't move in memory
- Add a flag for PIPE_MERGED_OUT_ERR; fix stdio setup for merge
- Fix EOF detection when reading files from /proc and similar
- Fix lost socket listen errors
- Implement async cancellation completion notifications
- Add some missing fact dependencies in spesh, fixing some wrong guard
- Avoid use of possibly-invalidated decont facts in spesh
- Remove keep_caller from MVMFrame
- Correctly NULL-terminate the buffer in MVM_vm_dump_file

- Do not crash when the container configuration can't be read
- Correctly calculate the work_size when inlining between compilation units
- Validate indices of param_ ops and require checkarity before param_*
- Fix tautological comprison; snprintf returns an int, not a size_t
- Fix tell for files that haven't been read from
- Don't allow zero alignment in P6opaque storage spec
- Index check lexicals when reading static flags
- Add Decoder REPR and a number of ops that provide access to VM-backed
  streaming decoding
- Don't segfault when serializing an uncomposed p6opaque
- Don't read_int into a size_t which is unsigned
- Never leak sym_name from nativecall_build
- Fix a couple of potential leaks in heap snapshots
- Kick arg_ and argconst_ ops from the correct basic block when inlining
- Use HASH_FIND_CACHE instead of HASH_FIND in MVMHash
- Correct wording of named arguments error
- Bounds check for hints in get_attribute and bind_attribute
- Use hints for is_attribute_initialized, and null-check repr_data
- Clean up various unused variables
- Mark thread GC blocked while accepting a socket to prevent deadlocks
- Configure.pl now has an explicit use lib "."
- Fix missing finalization queue cleanup at thread exit
- Mark SC used in bytecode loading as claimed to avoid keeping them around for
  too long
- Fix an error in multi caching of named arguments that could cause lookups to
  fail and the cache to keep growing

- Fix build without libtommath source
- Make MVM_file_open_fh() throw if the file we opened was a directory
- Fix bug and memory leaks in MVM_file_open_fh()
- Add error message for likely MacOS build failure
- Don't set inheriting process on inherited pipe, fixing a segfault
- Update to the Unicode 9 database
- Die on CStruct without any fields
- Constant-fold unipropcode and unipvalcode
- Use PRId64 instead of %d for 64 bit int format string args
- "Cannot unbox type object" error gets debugname and native type info
- Fix uninitialized arg_names of an MVMCallsite
- Handle C++ constructors on libffi
- Fix CUnion get_attribute treating inlined attrs as pointers
- Fix 32 bit issue with rw args in NativeCall callbacks
- Use better throw-away type for void nativecalls
- Gracefully handle a 0 RSS reported by the Linux kernel
- Fix "Invalid free()" in empty repossessed arrays
- Make sure we mean "signed char" when we say "char"
- Fix calculating structure sizes for arm64 and others
- Disable JIT on x32, since it has a different calling convention
- Fix pointer size unit in configure message
- Use set_uint64 in from_num, otherwise we overflow on x32
- Rewrite mkdir_p api, no function changes
- Improve nativecall attribute error messages
- Include debug_name in crossthreadwritelog and serialization errors
- Deprecate async string I/O ops
- Deprecate flattenropes op
- Implement indexingoptimized op (replaces flattenropes, but is not in-place)
- Fix memory leadk in ord_basechar_at
- Ensure errno is grabbed before MVM_free is called
- Make extra sure unlock only happens if lock happened

- Workaround tommath issue #56 which affects random bigint numbers > 32 bits
- Fix memory leaks in nqp_nfa_run
- Fix a sizeof arg that allocated a much-too-big buffer for callsite arg names
- Add missing breaks in MVMString's copy_to
- Prevent null deref when calling MVM_string_utf16_encode
- Corrections to mkdir on Windows
- Introduce MVM_SPESH_LIMIT, which limits how many specializations will be
  performed; this is useful for debugging which specialized block is to blame
  for a bug
- Make sure we never box a NULL filename when creating backtraces
- Fix the nativecall attribute error messages
- Remove (non-existent) num16 from error message
- Make the fixed size allocator provide useful information to Valgrind
- Implement serialization of SCRef
- Include file/line of unserializable closure, to aid debugging
- Add type info when failing to bind an attribute
- Use ffi_arg type for libffi nativecall return types
- Handle libffi return type more correctly
- Work around missing libatomic_ops prototype on s390x
- Panic when trying to GC a locked mutex
- Make VM panic output state that a panic occurred
- Fix JIT code generation bug in nqp::exception
- Add missing rooting of value pushed to concurrent queue
- Add src/gc/debug.h dependency to Makefile
- Mark a thread GC-blocked while it is in native code
- Have "Cannot * a type object" also outputs the type's debug name
- Don't reveal partially deserialized method cache
- Give a bunch of exception ops REPR and debug name output
- Prevent segfault when null string used as hash key
- Request POSIX.1.c compliance on solaris
- Change to use readdir insteal of readdir_r
- Use GCC on Solaris by default
- Give diagnostic output when compiling fails
- Handle current Solaris compiler not understanding -mt
- Fixed readdir so it won't check old errno
- Work around clock_gettime issue on OSX
- Refactor hashes to no longer need to flatten ropes in string keys
- Save 8 (64-bit) or 4 (32-bit) bytes per entry in the MVMHash REPR
- Remove the deprecated flattenropes op
- Remove now-unused MVM_string_flatten function
- Don't treat an nread of 0 in libuv read callbacks as an error
- Bump to latest libatomic_ops

- Decode Latin-1 and UTF-8 strings to 8-bit width when possible
- Teach a few string functions to compress results into 8-bit storage
- Fix for AIX's INFINITY not being a constant
- Unlink libmoar before (re)installing it
- Add configuration for AIX
- Support Perl older than 5.10 for Configure.pl
- Use "pkgconfig --libs libffi" additionally to --cflags
- Fix powerpc detection on AIX (gcc)
- Make multidim error messages say they are multidim
- Add comment about where to find UNIDATA
- Implement captureinnerlex op, for fixing QUIT/LAST phaser scoping in Perl 6
- Fix mis-sized free in the NFG trie that only showed up in 32-bit
- Add GC debug helper to "find" a pointer in nurseries/gen2 bins
- Make ASSERT_NOT_FROMSPACE check fromspaces of all threads
- Fix missing MVMROOT around an allocation
- Fix typo in nfg.h comment
- Fix native callback and GC interaction when embedded
- Add GC block management functions to the public API
- Mark throwpayload* as :throwish in oplist
- Optimize the check for negative bignums
- Remove useless mp_neg calls
- Fix premature free of UV socket handles
- Fix premature handle free in async UDP sockets
- Add a "check every register access" GC debug mode
- Provide a #define to disable dynlex caching
- Provide a #define for deopt logging
- Invalidate dynlex caches during deopt
- Fix pow_I when it takes an exponent larger than 2**32
- Only do MVM_ASSERT_NOT_FROMSPACE in GC debug mode
- Add a fromspace assertion in finalize
- Avoid a number of spesh GC invariant violations
- Panic if we try to GC when speshing/JITing
- Ensure we don't leak partially deserialized objects
- Fix unrooted frame around SC object lookup
- Remove some GC debug code
- Avoid reading nativerefs in spesh, since it can cause boxing and thus GC
- Cope with push being used on concurrent queues
- MVMROOT around putting work on concurrent queue
- MVMROOT eventloop queue when polling it
- Do MVM_ASSIGN_REF after block/unblock in concurrent queue
- Fix more unrooted frame around SC object lookup

- Extract spesh block allocator from spesh, for wider use
- Add a number of missing MVMROOTs, which could lead to outdated pointers; also
  removed some unrequired MVMROOTs
- Fix arg_flags allocation sizes
- Remove an obsolete path from ldrpath
- Check lexical accesses in GC debug mode 2 also
- Add a #define to turn on inline logging
- Fix callstack reset bug, which could corrupt deeply recursing callstacks
- Don't allow re-compose of a P6opaque
- Add a new unicmp_s op, which compares using the Unicode Collation Algorithm
- Make sure we generate all values of the Line_Break property
- Re-implement utf8-c8 encoding, fixing bugs and ensuring that non-NFC input
  will round-trip properly also
- Implement Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph as an integer property
- Implement Emoji grapheme breaking and other combined codes
- Add support for Grapheme_Cluster_Break=Prepend from Unicode 9.0
- Make sure we break after Prepend if it's a control character
- Add a script to download the latest version of all of the Unicode data
- Missing rooting GC in rare exit handler case
- Implement new setdispatcherfor op and add JIT for it
- Use much faster atoi function in normalizer; 14% less CPU use when slurping a
  file in UTF-8 encoding
- For Decompose_Type, use int lookup instead of str for better performance
- Fix heap snapshot crash on eventloop thread
- Use /usr/bin/env perl for ./Configure.pl
- Don't break after ZWJ or for MALE SIGN and FEMALE SIGN
- Take into account actual allocated size of I/O buffers in gen2 promotion
- Tweak full collection criteria in heap profiling
- Free up spesh log slots after specialization, avoiding some leaks
- Removed the getregref_ ops (unused by NQP or Perl 6)
- Removed the continuationclone op (unused by Perl 6)
- Enforce one-shot invocation of continuations
- Greatly simplify handling of call frame working register lifetimes, leading
  to consistently shorter lifetimes, less memory pressure, and faster calling
- Eliminate now-unused `tc` field in MVMFrame, saving a pointer per callframe
- Simplify args cleanup functions
- Reduce number of checks in call frame marking, making it faster
- Implement getstrfromname op, to get named Unicode sequences
- Fix GC in spesh triggered by managed mutex use
- Fix data race in inlining extop fixup
- Fix data race in callsite fixup during inlining
- Fix data race in string fixup during inlining
- Fix charname lookups of LINE FEED and CARRIAGE RETURN
- Remove Unicode 1 names and add Unicode Name Aliases
- Convert MVM_malloc+memset to MVM_calloc
- Clean out ancient "remove after rebootstrap" line
- Fix missing cleanup of managed DecodeStream
- Have DecodeStrem clean leftover char buffers
- Fix a typo in decode stream destroy function
   2016-07-09 08:39:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1068) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.0 for everything mentioning perl.