./devel/boehm-gc, Garbage collection and memory leak detection for C and C++

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.6.4nb3, Package name: boehm-gc-7.6.4nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The Boehm-Weiser garbage collection package, for C and C++ -
garbage collection and memory leak detection libraries.

A garbage collector is something which automatically frees malloc'd
memory for you by working out what parts of memory your program
no longer has pointers to. As a result, garbage collectors can also
inform you of memory leaks (if they find memory they can free, it means
you have lost all of your pointers to it, but you didn't free it).

This package has two libraries and some include files:
libgc.a - a garbage collection library, replaces malloc/free/new/delete/etc
with versions that do automatic garbage collection
libleak.a - a leak detection library, which is just libgc.a compiled with
different switches.

C programs may be linked against either of these, and should run (with
GC or leak detection) without change. C++ programs must include a header
to use garbage collection, though leak detection should work without
such source code modifications. See the man page and header files.

PS: garbage collection is addictive.

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SHA1: 1a3f91a6ea004dcd1f5fc93defcdb2c2bc0c3941
RMD160: 3aae763358c2781209d3b5a68ead899942322304
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   2018-07-27 12:23:12 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
boehm-gc: Enable threads by default on SunOS.

   2018-06-08 22:17:43 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
boehm-gc: (re)add support for aarch64 on NetBSD

Readd patch written by <jmcneill> to support for aarch64.
   2018-05-31 09:26:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
boehm-gc: fix pkglint
   2018-05-31 09:26:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
boehm-gc: remove obsolete patch
   2018-05-19 01:04:53 by Jared D. McNeill | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Add support for NetBSD aarch64. Bump pkgrevision.
   2018-04-17 07:32:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package removed
Log message:
boehm-gc: update to 7.6.4.

== [7.6.4] 2018-01-26 ==

* Add note of set_free_space_divisor, set_warn_proc ABI change after gc-7.1
* Change compiler invocation example in gc.man to use dynamic libgc
* Delete dont_ar_* build intermediate files on make clean (Makefile.direct)
* Do not declare dl_iterate_phdr as weak for DragonFly
* Fix 'cords' parallel build in Makefile.direct
* Fix 'undeclared identifier USRSTACK' compiler error on OpenBSD-6.2
* Fix error code in abort message if sem_wait failed in start_world (NetBSD)
* Fix GC allocation mutex in child after a fork
* Fix global operator delete definition for C++14 in gc_cpp
* Fix last_reclaimed..gc_no interval comparison to threshold in unmap_old
* Fix libgc version which was changed in linkage breaking way
* Fix missing EOLn output in threadlibs tool
* Fix threadlibs tool to output '-lpthread' for DragonFly
* Prevent DATASTART redefinition for NaCl
* Remove obsolete advice about linking with _DYNAMIC=0 (Linux)
   2018-01-19 12:43:46 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
boehm-gc: add upstream commit for libtool version

In 7.6.2, upstream intentionally but badly-advised bumped their
library major version number. In 7.6.4, they'll undo that change.
Instead of bumping twice in pkgsrc, follow their lead and get the
change in now.

See https://github.com/ivmai/bdwgc/issues/197

   2018-01-10 10:16:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
boehm-gc: update to 7.6.2.

== [7.6.2] 2017-12-23 ==

* Add assertion that no hb_n_marks underflow occurs
* Add minimal testing of GC_MALLOC_[ATOMIC_]WORDS and GC_CONS (gctest)
* Add minimal testing of GC_set_bit (gctest)
* Add more cases to huge_test to cover sizes close to word-type maximum
* Add testing of new[]/delete[] (test_cpp)
* Adjust AO_HAVE_x check to match AO_fetch_and_add primitive variant used
* Adjust code indentation of calloc_explicitly_typed
* Align local_mark_stack in help_marker explicitly
* Allow custom TRACE_ENTRIES value
* Allow gctest and thread_leak_test with zero NTHREADS
* Avoid data race in finalized_count (gctest)
* Code refactoring of divide-by-HBLKSIZE occurrences
* Code refactoring of huge_test
* Code refactoring of tests/subthread_create regarding AO add primitive
* Compile thread_local_alloc only if multi-threaded build (Makefile.am)
* Delete preprocessor output on make clean (Makefile.direct)
* Disable implicit multi-threaded mode for Win32 to avoid LOCK crash
* Do not disable parallel mark for WRAP_MARK_SOME
* Do not enable mprotect-based incremental mode if unmapping is on (gctest)
* Do not install documentation if configure --disable-docs (new option)
* Do not use tkill (Android)
* Document base and size of objects allocated by finalized_malloc
* Document configure 'syntax error' issue in README
* Eliminate 'address of local variable returned' static analyzer warning
* Eliminate 'array vs singleton' code defect in typed_test (gctest)
* Eliminate 'assigned value never used' CSA warning in min_bytes_allocd
* Eliminate 'boolean result used in bitwise op' cppcheck false warning
* Eliminate 'C-style pointer casting' cppcheck style warnings in test
* Eliminate 'checking if unsigned variable is <0' cppcheck style warning
* Eliminate 'class member var with name also defined in parent' warning
* Eliminate 'comparison is always false' static analyzer warning in finalize
* Eliminate 'Condition 0==datastart always false' cppcheck warning (dyn_load)
* Eliminate 'condition is always true' cppcheck style warning
* Eliminate 'constructor with 1 argument is not explicit' cppcheck warning
* Eliminate 'CORD_*printf is never used' cppcheck style warnings (cordtest)
* Eliminate 'dereference of null' CSA false warning in array_mark_proc
* Eliminate 'function result not used' code defect in GC_mark_local
* Eliminate 'GC_collecting is set but never used' code defect (Win32)
* Eliminate 'GC_record_fault is never used' cppcheck style warning
* Eliminate 'integer shift by a negative amount' code defect in finalize
* Eliminate 'label not used' cppcheck false warnings in GC_mark_X
* Eliminate 'memory leak' code defect for scratch-allocated memory
* Eliminate 'memory leak' code defect in remove_specific
* Eliminate 'non-null arg compared to null' warning in toggleref_add (GCC)
* Eliminate 'non-reentrant function strtok called' cppcheck warning (POSIX)
* Eliminate 'possible integer underflow' code defect (cord-de)
* Eliminate 'potential overflow' static analyzer warning in test
* Eliminate 'printf format specifies type void*' GCC pedantic warnings
* Eliminate 'scope of variable can be reduced' cppcheck warnings
* Eliminate 'suspicious pointer subtraction' cppcheck warning (gc_cpp)
* Eliminate 'this statement may fall through' GCC warnings
* Eliminate 'unnecessary comparison of static strings' cppcheck warning
* Eliminate 'unsafe vsprintf is deprecated' compiler warning
* Eliminate 'unused formal parameter' compiler warnings in C++ code (MS VC)
* Eliminate 'unused variable' compiler warning in remove_all_threads_but_me
* Eliminate 'use of vulnerable sprintf' code defect in de_win test (cord)
* Eliminate 'value exceeds maximum object size' GCC warning in huge_test
* Eliminate 'value of CLOCK_TYPE unknown' cppcheck info message
* Eliminate 'value of DATASTART2 unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Eliminate 'value of GC_PTHREAD_EXIT_ATTRIBUTE unknown' cppcheck messages
* Eliminate 'value of GC_RETURN_ADDR_PARENT unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Eliminate 'value of NEED_FIXUP_POINTER unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Eliminate 'write to memory that was const-qualified' code analyzer warning
* Eliminate all 'scope of variable can be reduced' cppcheck style warnings
* Eliminate CSA warning about incorrect cast applied to HBLK_OBJS
* Eliminate CSA warning about narrowing cast in CleanUp of test_cpp
* Eliminate CSA warning of non-virtual destructor in test_cpp base class
* Eliminate CSA warning of staticroot that can be a local variable (tests)
* Eliminate CSA warning of unmodified non-const static var (disclaim_test)
* Eliminate redundant local variable in register_finalizer
* Eliminate TSan (Thread Sanitizer) warnings in gctest
* Eliminate UBSan warning of overflow during descr subtraction in mark_from
* Eliminate unreachable PROC/DEFAULT_VDB GC_printf calls in gctest main()
* Eliminate unsigned fl_builder_count underflow in mark_thread
* Enable GC_is_tmp_root for all platforms
* Execute more single-threaded GC tests by CMake
* Expand tabs to spaces in de_win.rc (tests)
* Export GC_dump_finalization/regions()
* Export GC_is_tmp_root() and GC_print_trace[_inner]()
* Export GC_print_free_list()
* Fix '32-bit value shift followed by expansion to 64-bit' code defect
* Fix 'GC_written_pages never read' code defect (GWW_VDB)
* Fix 'label cannot be reached' static analyzer warning in disclaim_test
* Fix 'size of tv is unknown' error in brief_async_signal_safe_sleep (musl)
* Fix 'syntax error' reported by cppcheck for mach_dep
* Fix 'unknown type name GC_INNER' compilation error (FreeBSD)
* Fix 'variable assigned a value that is never used' cppcheck style warnings
* Fix 'void pointers in calculations: behavior undefined' cppcheck warning
* Fix assertion violation about disabled cancel in try_to_collect_inner
* Fix atomic_ops build in Makefile.direct for Solaris
* Fix Clang static analyzer warning about not found gc_priv.h in extra files
* Fix compilation error in get_main_stack_base (Emscripten)
* Fix compilation for winpthreads if HANDLE_FORK
* Fix compilation if configured with --enable-werror on OS X
* Fix cord/de build in Makefile.direct (Linux)
* Fix data race in a list referenced by A.aa (gctest)
* Fix data race in collectable_count (gctest)
* Fix data race in do_local_mark when comparing active_count to helper_count
* Fix data race in GC_suspend/resume_thread
* Fix data race in last_stop_count access (suspend_handler_inner)
* Fix data race in make_descriptor when setting explicit_typing_initialized
* Fix data race in mark_thread when updating mark_no
* Fix data race when getting object size in explicitly-typed allocators
* Fix deadlock in GC_suspend_thread
* Fix gctest failure for Darwin if CPPCHECK is defined
* Fix lack of barriers to synchronize memory for suspend_handler
* Fix marking of disclaim-reachable objects in the incremental mode
* Fix message of VDB implementation used if MPROTECT_VDB+GWW_VDB (gctest)
* Fix missing started_thread_while_stopped call from mark_some if GCC/Clang
* Fix null dereference in GC_stack_range_for if not DARWIN_DONT_PARSE_STACK
* Fix page calculation in checksums
* Fix parallel build in Makefile.direct
* Fix test_cpp and c++ parallel build in Makefile.direct
* Fix typo in comment of GC_mark_some
* Fix typos in cdescr.html and README.sgi
* Make GC_INIT optional for clients even if thread-local allocations enabled
* Match uclinux pattern in configure
* Move conditional GC_need_to_lock setting to gc_locks.h (refactoring)
* Move README.QUICK from DOC_FILES to OTHER_FILES in Makefile.direct
* New API function (GC_is_init_called) to check if BDWGC is initialized
* New target (check-cpp) in Makefile.direct
* Prevent abort in register_data_segments for Symbian and Emscripten
* Prevent multiple 'Caught ACCESS_VIOLATION in marker' per collection
* Print realloc_count value in gctest
* Put invariant name in quotes to make mark_state comments clearer
* Refine configure messages when checking for compiler option support
* Remove extraneous semicolons after AC_MSG_WARN (configure)
* Remove page_was_dirty and remove_protection duplicate definitions
* Remove unnecessary type casts of printf arguments to unsigned long
* Remove unused ALIGN_DOUBLE, USE_GENERIC_PUSH_REGS macros (TILE-Gx/Pro)
* Rename 'test' to 'check' target in Makefile.direct
* Replace deprecated rewind to fseek in cordxtra
* Report gcc/clang pedantic warnings (configure)
* Skip thread suspend/resume API testing for Tru64 (OSF1)
* Support AddressSanitizer (Clang/GCC) and MemorySanitizer (Clang)
* Support GC_init (and get_stack_base) from non-main thread on FreeBSD/NetBSD
* Suppress 'tainted string passed to vulnerable operation' false defects
* Suppress 'taking address of label non-standard' GCC/Clang pedantic warning
* Test GC initialization from non-main thread on FreeBSD and NetBSD
* Test GCJ object creation with length-based descriptor (gctest)
* Update comment in finalized_disclaim to match FINALIZER_CLOSURE_FLAG
* Update README regarding make cords with Makefile.direct
* Update README to use autogen.sh on build from the source repository
* Update shared libraries version info to differentiate against v7.4
* Use mprotect instead of mmap in GC_unmap() on Cygwin
* Use same style of include gc.h in documentation
* Workaround '!GC_page_size is always false' cppcheck style warning
* Workaround '#error' cppcheck error messages
* Workaround '32-bit value shift by >31 bits is undefined' cppcheck warnings
* Workaround 'array compared to 0', 'untrusted loop bound' false defects
* Workaround 'bad address arithmetic' static analysis tool false positive
* Workaround 'checking if unsigned value is negative' cppcheck warning
* Workaround 'checking unsigned value is negative' code defect in mark_from
* Workaround 'comparison of identical expressions' false code defects
* Workaround 'Condition 0!=GETENV() is always false' cppcheck style warnings
* Workaround 'condition is always false' cppcheck warning in get_next_stack
* Workaround 'condition is always true' cppcheck style warnings in GC_init
* Workaround 'function is never used' cppcheck style warnings
* Workaround 'insecure libc pseudo-random number generator used' code defect
* Workaround 'int shift by negative amount' false code defect in finalize
* Workaround 'local variable size too big' static analyzer warning
* Workaround 'memory leak: result' cppcheck false error (POSIX)
* Workaround 'null pointer dereference' false positive in push_next_marked
* Workaround 'obsolescent bcopy, bzero called' cppcheck warnings (POSIX)
* Workaround 'obsolescent usleep called' cppcheck warning (POSIX)
* Workaround 'obsolete function alloca() called' cppcheck warnings
* Workaround 'passing untyped NULL to variadic function' cppcheck warning
* Workaround 'pointer used before comparison to null' code defect (pthread)
* Workaround 'possible null pointer dereference' cppcheck warnings
* Workaround 'potential multiplication overflow' code defect in de_win (cord)
* Workaround 'redundant assignment of *result to itself' cppcheck warning
* Workaround 'resource leak' false positives in alloc_MS, bl/envfile_init
* Workaround 'same expression on both sides of ==' cppcheck style warning
* Workaround 'same expression on both sides of OR' cppcheck style warning
* Workaround 'struct member is never used' cppcheck style warnings
* Workaround 'tainted int used as loop bound' static analysis tool warning
* Workaround 'Uninitialized variable' cppcheck errors
* Workaround 'unused variable' cppcheck style warnings
* Workaround 'va_list used before va_start' cppcheck error in cord
* Workaround 'value of macro unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Workaround 'value of REDIRECT_MALLOC/FREE unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Workaround 'value of SIGBUS unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Workaround 'value of WINAPI unknown' cppcheck info messages
* Workaround 'variable hides enumerator with same name' cppcheck warnings
* Workaround 'variable reassigned before old value used' cppcheck warnings
* Workaround 'waiting while holding lock' code defect in stop_world (Unix)
* Workaround false 'uninitialized var use' code defect (initsecondarythread)
Also, includes 7.4.6 changes