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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.13.2, Package name: git-2.13.2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This package is a meta package, collecting the components normally
expected to be installed for the GIT distributed version control
suite (the tool itself, the tk-based browser gitk, and the man pages).

Required to run:
[devel/git-base] [devel/git-gitk] [devel/git-docs] [devel/git-contrib]

Required to build:

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   2017-06-25 05:15:11 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated devel/git-{base,contrib,docs,git-gitk} to 2.13.2
Git v2.13.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v2.13.1

 * The "collision detecting" SHA-1 implementation shipped with 2.13.1
   was still broken on some platforms.  Update to the upstream code
   again to take their fix.

 * "git checkout --recurse-submodules" did not quite work with a
   submodule that itself has submodules.

 * Introduce the BUG() macro to improve die("BUG: ...").

 * The "run-command" API implementation has been made more robust
   against dead-locking in a threaded environment.

 * A recent update to t5545-push-options.sh started skipping all the
   tests in the script when a web server testing is disabled or
   unavailable, not just the ones that require a web server.  Non HTTP
   tests have been salvaged to always run in this script.

 * "git clean -d" used to clean directories that has ignored files,
   even though the command should not lose ignored ones without "-x".
   "git status --ignored"  did not list ignored and untracked files
   without "-uall".  These have been corrected.

 * The timestamp of the index file is now taken after the file is
   closed, to help Windows, on which a stale timestamp is reported by
   fstat() on a file that is opened for writing and data was written
   but not yet closed.

 * "git pull --rebase --autostash" didn't auto-stash when the local history
   fast-forwards to the upstream.

 * "git describe --contains" penalized light-weight tags so much that
   they were almost never considered.  Instead, give them about the
   same chance to be considered as an annotated tag that is the same
   age as the underlying commit would.

 * The result from "git diff" that compares two blobs, e.g. "git diff
   $commit1:$path $commit2:$path", used to be shown with the full
   object name as given on the command line, but it is more natural to
   use the $path in the output and use it to look up .gitattributes.

 * A flaky test has been corrected.

 * Help contributors that visit us at GitHub.

 * "git stash push <pathspec>" did not work from a subdirectory \ 
at all.
   Bugfix for a topic in v2.13

Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.

  drop patch git-base/patches/patch-sha1dc_sha1.c, see the first paragraph
  of above RelNote
   2017-06-05 12:11:39 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Git v2.13.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v2.13

 * The Web interface to gmane news archive is long gone, even though
   the articles are still accessible via NTTP.  Replace the links with
   ones to public-inbox.org.  Because their message identification is
   based on the actual message-id, it is likely that it will be easier
   to migrate away from it if/when necessary.

 * Update tests to pass under GETTEXT_POISON (a mechanism to ensure
   that output strings that should not be translated are not
   translated by mistake), and tell TravisCI to run them.

 * Setting "log.decorate=false" in the configuration file did not take
   effect in v2.13, which has been corrected.

 * An earlier update to test 7400 needed to be skipped on CYGWIN.

 * Git sometimes gives an advice in a rhetorical question that does
   not require an answer, which can confuse new users and non native
   speakers.  Attempt to rephrase them.

 * "git read-tree -m" (no tree-ish) gave a nonsense suggestion "use
   --empty if you want to clear the index".  With "-m", such a request
   will still fail anyway, as you'd need to name at least one tree-ish
   to be merged.

 * The codepath in "git am" that is used when running "git \ 
   leaked memory held for the log message of the commits being rebased.

 * "pack-objects" can stream a slice of an existing packfile out when
   the pack bitmap can tell that the reachable objects are all needed
   in the output, without inspecting individual objects.  This
   strategy however would not work well when "--local" and other
   options are in use, and need to be disabled.

 * Clarify documentation for include.path and includeIf.<condition>.path
   configuration variables.

 * Tag objects, which are not reachable from any ref, that point at
   missing objects were mishandled by "git gc" and friends (they
   should silently be ignored instead)

 * A few http:// links that are redirected to https:// in the
   documentation have been updated to https:// links.

 * Make sure our tests would pass when the sources are checked out
   with "platform native" line ending convention by default on
   Windows.  Some "text" files out tests use and the test scripts
   themselves that are meant to be run with /bin/sh, ought to be
   checked out with eol=LF even on Windows.

 * Fix memory leaks pointed out by Coverity (and people).

 * The receive-pack program now makes sure that the push certificate
   records the same set of push options used for pushing.

 * "git cherry-pick" and other uses of the sequencer machinery
   mishandled a trailer block whose last line is an incomplete line.
   This has been fixed so that an additional sign-off etc. are added
   after completing the existing incomplete line.

 * The shell completion script (in contrib/) learned "git stash" has
   a new "push" subcommand.

 * Travis CI gained a task to format the documentation with both
   AsciiDoc and AsciiDoctor.

 * Update the C style recommendation for notes for translators, as
   recent versions of gettext tools can work with our style of
   multi-line comments.

 * "git clone --config var=val" is a way to populate the
   per-repository configuration file of the new repository, but it did
   not work well when val is an empty string.  This has been fixed.

 * A few codepaths in "checkout" and "am" working on an \ 
unborn branch
   tried to access an uninitialized piece of memory.

 * "git for-each-ref --format=..." with %(HEAD) in the format used to
   resolve the HEAD symref as many times as it had processed refs,
   which was wasteful, and "git branch" shared the same problem.

 * "git interpret-trailers", when used as GIT_EDITOR for "git commit
   -v", looked for and appended to a trailer block at the very end,
   i.e. at the end of the "diff" output.  The command has been
   corrected to pay attention to the cut-mark line "commit -v" adds to
   the buffer---the real trailer block should appear just before it.

 * A test allowed both "git push" and "git receive-pack" on \ 
the other
   end write their traces into the same file.  This is OK on platforms
   that allows atomically appending to a file opened with O_APPEND,
   but on other platforms led to a mangled output, causing
   intermittent test failures.  This has been fixed by disabling
   traces from "receive-pack" in the test.

 * "foo\bar\baz" in "git fetch foo\bar\baz", even though \ 
there is no
   slashes in it, cannot be a nickname for a remote on Windows, as
   that is likely to be a pathname on a local filesystem.

 * The "collision detecting" SHA-1 implementation shipped with 2.13
   was quite broken on some big-endian platforms and/or platforms that
   do not like unaligned fetches.  Update to the upstream code which
   has already fixed these issues.

 * "git am -h" triggered a BUG().

 * The interaction of "url.*.insteadOf" and custom URL scheme's
   whitelisting is now documented better.
   2017-05-10 20:09:25 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Git 2.13 Release Notes
Backward compatibility notes.

 * Use of an empty string as a pathspec element that is used for
   'everything matches' is still warned and Git asks users to use a
   more explicit '.' for that instead.  The hope is that existing
   users will not mind this change, and eventually the warning can be
   turned into a hard error, upgrading the deprecation into removal of
   this (mis)feature.  That is not scheduled to happen in the upcoming
   release (yet).

 * The historical argument order "git merge <msg> HEAD \ 
   has been deprecated for quite some time, and is now removed.

 * The default location "~/.git-credential-cache/socket" for the
   socket used to communicate with the credential-cache daemon has
   been moved to "~/.cache/git/credential/socket".

 * Git now avoids blindly falling back to ".git" when the setup
   sequence said we are _not_ in Git repository.  A corner case that
   happens to work right now may be broken by a call to die("BUG").
   We've tried hard to locate such cases and fixed them, but there
   might still be cases that need to be addressed--bug reports are
   greatly appreciated.

Updates since v2.12
UI, Workflows & Features

 * "git describe" and "git name-rev" have been taught to \ 
take more
   than one refname patterns to restrict the set of refs to base their
   naming output on, and also learned to take negative patterns to
   name refs not to be used for naming via their "--exclude" option.

 * Deletion of a branch "foo/bar" could remove .git/refs/heads/foo
   once there no longer is any other branch whose name begins with
   "foo/", but we didn't do so so far.  Now we do.

 * When "git merge" detects a path that is renamed in one history
   while the other history deleted (or modified) it, it now reports
   both paths to help the user understand what is going on in the two
   histories being merged.

 * The <url> part in "http.<url>.<variable>" \ 
configuration variable
   can now be spelled with '*' that serves as wildcard.
   E.g. "http.https://*.example.com.proxy" can be used to specify the
   proxy used for https://a.example.com, https://b.example.com, etc.,
   i.e. any host in the example.com domain.

 * "git tag" did not leave useful message when adding a new entry to
   reflog; this was left unnoticed for a long time because refs/tags/*
   doesn't keep reflog by default.

 * The "negative" pathspec feature was somewhat more cumbersome to use
   than necessary in that its short-hand used "!" which needed to be
   escaped from shells, and it required "exclude from what?" specified.

 * The command line options for ssh invocation needs to be tweaked for
   some implementations of SSH (e.g. PuTTY plink wants "-P <port>"
   while OpenSSH wants "-p <port>" to specify port to connect \ 
to), and
   the variant was guessed when GIT_SSH environment variable is used
   to specify it.  The logic to guess now applies to the command
   specified by the newer GIT_SSH_COMMAND and also core.sshcommand
   configuration variable, and comes with an escape hatch for users to
   deal with misdetected cases.

   2017-03-30 18:23:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Git v2.12.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v2.12.1

 * "git status --porcelain" is supposed to give a stable output, but a
   few strings were left as translatable by mistake.

 * "Dumb http" transport used to misparse a nonsense http-alternates
   response, which has been fixed.

 * "git diff --quiet" relies on the size field in diff_filespec to be
   correctly populated, but diff_populate_filespec() helper function
   made an incorrect short-cut when asked only to populate the size
   field for paths that need to go through convert_to_git() (e.g. CRLF

 * There is no need for Python only to give a few messages to the
   standard error stream, but we somehow did.

 * A leak in a codepath to read from a packed object in (rare) cases
   has been plugged.

 * "git upload-pack", which is a counter-part of "git \ 
fetch", did not
   report a request for a ref that was not advertised as invalid.
   This is generally not a problem (because "git fetch" will stop
   before making such a request), but is the right thing to do.

 * A "gc.log" file left by a backgrounded "gc --auto" \ 
disables further
   automatic gc; it has been taught to run at least once a day (by
   default) by ignoring a stale "gc.log" file that is too old.

 * "git remote rm X", when a branch has remote X configured as the
   value of its branch.*.remote, tried to remove branch.*.remote and
   branch.*.merge and failed if either is unset.

 * A caller of tempfile API that uses stdio interface to write to
   files may ignore errors while writing, which is detected when
   tempfile is closed (with a call to ferror()).  By that time, the
   original errno that may have told us what went wrong is likely to
   be long gone and was overwritten by an irrelevant value.
   close_tempfile() now resets errno to EIO to make errno at least

 * "git show-branch" expected there were only very short branch names
   in the repository and used a fixed-length buffer to hold them
   without checking for overflow.

 * The code that parses header fields in the commit object has been
   updated for (micro)performance and code hygiene.

 * A test that creates a confusing branch whose name is HEAD has been
   corrected not to do so.

 * "Cc:" on the trailer part does not have to conform to RFC strictly,
   unlike in the e-mail header.  "git send-email" has been updated to
   ignore anything after '>' when picking addresses, to allow non-address
   cruft like " # stable 4.4" after the address.

 * "git push" had a handful of codepaths that could lead to a deadlock
   when unexpected error happened, which has been fixed.

 * Code to read submodule.<name>.ignore config did not state the
   variable name correctly when giving an error message diagnosing

 * "git ls-remote" and "git archive --remote" are designed \ 
to work
   without being in a directory under Git's control.  However, recent
   updates revealed that we randomly look into a directory called
   .git/ without actually doing necessary set-up when working in a
   repository.  Stop doing so.

 * The code to parse the command line "git grep <patterns>... <rev>
   [[--] <pathspec>...]" has been cleaned up, and a handful of bugs
   have been fixed (e.g. we used to check "--" if it is a rev).

 * The code to parse "git -c VAR=VAL cmd" and set configuration
   variable for the duration of cmd had two small bugs, which have
   been fixed.
   This supersedes jc/config-case-cmdline topic that has been discarded.

Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
   2017-02-25 09:32:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Git 2.12 Release Notes

Backward compatibility notes.

 * Use of an empty string that is used for 'everything matches' is
   still warned and Git asks users to use a more explicit '.' for that
   instead.  The hope is that existing users will not mind this
   change, and eventually the warning can be turned into a hard error,
   upgrading the deprecation into removal of this (mis)feature.  That
   is not scheduled to happen in the upcoming release (yet).

 * The historical argument order "git merge <msg> HEAD \ 
   has been deprecated for quite some time, and will be removed in a
   future release.

 * An ancient script "git relink" has been removed.

Updates since v2.11

UI, Workflows & Features

 * Various updates to "git p4".

 * "git p4" didn't interact with the internal of .git directory
   correctly in the modern "git-worktree"-enabled world.

 * "git branch --list" and friends learned "--ignore-case" \ 
option to
   optionally sort branches and tags case insensitively.

 * In addition to %(subject), %(body), "log --pretty=format:..."
   learned a new placeholder %(trailers).

 * "git rebase" learned "--quit" option, which allows a user to
   remove the metadata left by an earlier "git rebase" that was
   manually aborted without using "git rebase --abort".

 * "git clone --reference $there --recurse-submodules $super" has been
   taught to guess repositories usable as references for submodules of
   $super that are embedded in $there while making a clone of the
   superproject borrow objects from $there; extend the mechanism to
   also allow submodules of these submodules to borrow repositories
   embedded in these clones of the submodules embedded in the clone of
   the superproject.

 * Porcelain scripts written in Perl are getting internationalized.

 * "git merge --continue" has been added as a synonym to "git \ 
   to conclude a merge that has stopped due to conflicts.

 * Finer-grained control of what protocols are allowed for transports
   during clone/fetch/push have been enabled via a new configuration

 * "git shortlog" learned "--committer" option to group \ 
commits by
   committer, instead of author.

 * GitLFS integration with "git p4" has been updated.

 * The isatty() emulation for Windows has been updated to eradicate
   the previous hack that depended on internals of (older) MSVC

 * Some platforms no longer understand "latin-1" that is still seen in
   the wild in e-mail headers; replace them with "iso-8859-1" that is
   more widely known when conversion fails from/to it.

 * "git grep" has been taught to optionally recurse into submodules.

 * "git rm" used to refuse to remove a submodule when it has its own
   git repository embedded in its working tree.  It learned to move
   the repository away to $GIT_DIR/modules/ of the superproject
   instead, and allow the submodule to be deleted (as long as there
   will be no loss of local modifications, that is).

 * A recent updates to "git p4" was not usable for older p4 but it
   could be made to work with minimum changes.  Do so.

 * "git diff" learned diff.interHunkContext configuration variable
   that gives the default value for its --inter-hunk-context option.

 * The prereleaseSuffix feature of version comparison that is used in
   "git tag -l" did not correctly when two or more prereleases for the
   same release were present (e.g. when 2.0, 2.0-beta1, and 2.0-beta2
   are there and the code needs to compare 2.0-beta1 and 2.0-beta2).

 * "git submodule push" learned "--recurse-submodules=only option to
   push submodules out without pushing the top-level superproject.

 * "git tag" and "git verify-tag" learned to put GPG verification
   status in their "--format=<placeholders>" output format.

 * An ancient repository conversion tool left in contrib/ has been

 * "git show-ref HEAD" used with "--verify" because the user \ 
is not
   interested in seeing refs/remotes/origin/HEAD, and used with
   "--head" because the user does not want HEAD to be filtered out,
   i.e. "git show-ref --head --verify HEAD", did not work as expected.

 * "git submodule add" used to be confused and refused to add a
   locally created repository; users can now use "--force" option
   to add them.
   (merge 619acfc78c sb/submodule-add-force later to maint).

 * Some people feel the default set of colors used by "git log --graph"
   rather limiting.  A mechanism to customize the set of colors has
   been introduced.

 * "git read-tree" and its underlying unpack_trees() machinery learned
   to report problematic paths prefixed with the --super-prefix option.

 * When a submodule "A", which has another submodule "B" \ 
nested within
   it, is "absorbed" into the top-level superproject, the inner
   submodule "B" used to be left in a strange state.  The logic to
   adjust the .git pointers in these submodules has been corrected.

 * The user can specify a custom update method that is run when
   "submodule update" updates an already checked out submodule.  This
   was ignored when checking the submodule out for the first time and
   we instead always just checked out the commit that is bound to the
   path in the superproject's index.

 * The command line completion (in contrib/) learned that
   "git diff --submodule=" can take "diff" as a recently \ 
added option.

 * The "core.logAllRefUpdates" that used to be boolean has been
   enhanced to take 'always' as well, to record ref updates to refs
   other than the ones that are expected to be updated (i.e. branches,
   remote-tracking branches and notes).

 * Comes with more command line completion (in contrib/) for recently
   introduced options.
   2017-02-04 12:14:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Git v2.11.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v2.11

 * The default Travis-CI configuration specifies newer P4 and GitLFS.

 * The character width table has been updated to match Unicode 9.0

 * Update the isatty() emulation for Windows by updating the previous
   hack that depended on internals of (older) MSVC runtime.

 * "git rev-parse --symbolic" failed with a more recent notation like
   "HEAD^-1" and "HEAD^!".

 * An empty directory in a working tree that can simply be nuked used
   to interfere while merging or cherry-picking a change to create a
   submodule directory there, which has been fixed..

 * The code in "git push" to compute if any commit being pushed in the
   superproject binds a commit in a submodule that hasn't been pushed
   out was overly inefficient, making it unusable even for a small
   project that does not have any submodule but have a reasonable
   number of refs.

 * "git push --dry-run --recurse-submodule=on-demand" wasn't
   "--dry-run" in the submodules.

 * The output from "git worktree list" was made in readdir() order,
   and was unstable.

 * mergetool.<tool>.trustExitCode configuration variable did not apply
   to built-in tools, but now it does.

 * "git p4" LFS support was broken when LFS stores an empty blob.

 * Fix a corner case in merge-recursive regression that crept in
   during 2.10 development cycle.

 * Update the error messages from the dumb-http client when it fails
   to obtain loose objects; we used to give sensible error message
   only upon 404 but we now forbid unexpected redirects that needs to
   be reported with something sensible.

 * When diff.renames configuration is on (and with Git 2.9 and later,
   it is enabled by default, which made it worse), "git stash"
   misbehaved if a file is removed and another file with a very
   similar content is added.

 * "git diff --no-index" did not take "--no-abbrev" option.

 * "git difftool --dir-diff" had a minor regression when started from
   a subdirectory, which has been fixed.

 * "git commit --allow-empty --only" (no pathspec) with dirty index
   ought to be an acceptable way to create a new commit that does not
   change any paths, but it was forbidden, perhaps because nobody
   needed it so far.

 * A pathname that begins with "//" or "\\" on Windows is \ 
special but
   path normalization logic was unaware of it.

 * "git pull --rebase", when there is no new commits on our side since
   we forked from the upstream, should be able to fast-forward without
   invoking "git rebase", but it didn't.

 * The way to specify hotkeys to "xxdiff" that is used by "git
   mergetool" has been modernized to match recent versions of xxdiff.

 * Unlike "git am --abort", "git cherry-pick --abort" moved \ 
HEAD back
   to where cherry-pick started while picking multiple changes, when
   the cherry-pick stopped to ask for help from the user, and the user
   did "git reset --hard" to a different commit in order to re-attempt
   the operation.

 * Code cleanup in shallow boundary computation.

 * A recent update to receive-pack to make it easier to drop garbage
   objects made it clear that GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES cannot
   have a pathname with a colon in it (no surprise!), and this in turn
   made it impossible to push into a repository at such a path.  This
   has been fixed by introducing a quoting mechanism used when
   appending such a path to the colon-separated list.

 * The function usage_msg_opt() has been updated to say "fatal:"
   before the custom message programs give, when they want to die
   with a message about wrong command line options followed by the
   standard usage string.

 * "git index-pack --stdin" needs an access to an existing repository,
   but "git index-pack file.pack" to generate an .idx file that
   corresponds to a packfile does not.

 * Fix for NDEBUG builds.

 * A lazy "git push" without refspec did not internally use a fully
   specified refspec to perform 'current', 'simple', or 'upstream'
   push, causing unnecessary "ambiguous ref" errors.

 * "git p4" misbehaved when swapping a directory and a symbolic link.

 * Even though an fix was attempted in Git 2.9.3 days, but running
   "git difftool --dir-diff" from a subdirectory never worked. This
   has been fixed.

 * "git p4" that tracks multile p4 paths imported a single changelist
   that touches files in these multiple paths as one commit, followed
   by many empty commits.  This has been fixed.

 * A potential but unlikely buffer overflow in Windows port has been

 * When the http server gives an incomplete response to a smart-http
   rpc call, it could lead to client waiting for a full response that
   will never come.  Teach the client side to notice this condition
   and abort the transfer.

 * Some platforms no longer understand "latin-1" that is still seen in
   the wild in e-mail headers; replace them with "iso-8859-1" that is
   more widely known when conversion fails from/to it.

 * Update the procedure to generate "tags" for developer support.

 * Update the definition of the MacOSX test environment used by

 * A few git-svn updates.

 * Compression setting for producing packfiles were spread across
   three codepaths, one of which did not honor any configuration.
   Unify these so that all of them honor core.compression and
   pack.compression variables the same way.

 * "git fast-import" sometimes mishandled while rebalancing notes
   tree, which has been fixed.

 * Recent update to the default abbreviation length that auto-scales
   lacked documentation update, which has been corrected.

 * Leakage of lockfiles in the config subsystem has been fixed.

 * It is natural that "git gc --auto" may not attempt to pack
   everything into a single pack, and there is no point in warning
   when the user has configured the system to use the pack bitmap,
   leading to disabling further "gc".

 * "git archive" did not read the standard configuration files, and
   failed to notice a file that is marked as binary via the userdiff
   driver configuration.

 * "git blame --porcelain" misidentified the "previous" \ 
<commit, path>
   pair (aka "source") when contents came from two or more files.

 * "git rebase -i" with a recent update started showing an incorrect
   count when squashing more than 10 commits.

 * "git <cmd> @{push}" on a detached HEAD used to segfault; it has
   been corrected to error out with a message.

 * Tighten a test to avoid mistaking an extended ERE regexp engine as
   a PRE regexp engine.

 * Typing ^C to pager, which usually does not kill it, killed Git and
   took the pager down as a collateral damage in certain process-tree
   structure.  This has been fixed.
   2016-12-05 15:07:32 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Git 2.11 Release Notes

Backward compatibility notes.

 * An empty string used as a pathspec element has always meant
   'everything matches', but it is too easy to write a script that
   finds a path to remove in $path and run 'git rm "$paht"' by
   mistake (when the user meant to give "$path"), which ends up
   removing everything.  This release starts warning about the
   use of an empty string that is used for 'everything matches' and
   asks users to use a more explicit '.' for that instead.

   The hope is that existing users will not mind this change, and
   eventually the warning can be turned into a hard error, upgrading
   the deprecation into removal of this (mis)feature.

 * The historical argument order "git merge <msg> HEAD \ 
   has been deprecated for quite some time, and will be removed in the
   next release (not this one).

 * The default abbreviation length, which has historically been 7, now
   scales as the repository grows, using the approximate number of
   objects in the repository and a bit of math around the birthday
   paradox.  The logic suggests to use 12 hexdigits for the Linux
   kernel, and 9 to 10 for Git itself.

Updates since v2.10

UI, Workflows & Features

 * Comes with new version of git-gui, now at its 0.21.0 tag.

 * "git format-patch --cover-letter HEAD^" to format a single patch
   with a separate cover letter now numbers the output as [PATCH 0/1]
   and [PATCH 1/1] by default.

 * An incoming "git push" that attempts to push too many bytes can now
   be rejected by setting a new configuration variable at the receiving

 * "git nosuchcommand --help" said "No manual entry for \ 
   which was not intuitive, given that "git nosuchcommand" said "git:
   'nosuchcommand' is not a git command".

 * "git clone --recurse-submodules --reference $path $URL" is a way to
   reduce network transfer cost by borrowing objects in an existing
   $path repository when cloning the superproject from $URL; it
   learned to also peek into $path for presence of corresponding
   repositories of submodules and borrow objects from there when able.

 * The "git diff --submodule={short,log}" mechanism has been enhanced
   to allow "--submodule=diff" to show the patch between the submodule
   commits bound to the superproject.

 * Even though "git hash-objects", which is a tool to take an
   on-filesystem data stream and put it into the Git object store,
   can perform "outside-world-to-Git" conversions (e.g.
   end-of-line conversions and application of the clean-filter), and
   it has had this feature on by default from very early days, its reverse
   operation "git cat-file", which takes an object from the Git object
   store and externalizes it for consumption by the outside world,
   lacked an equivalent mechanism to run the "Git-to-outside-world"
   conversion.  The command learned the "--filters" option to do so.

 * Output from "git diff" can be made easier to read by intelligently \ 
   which lines are common and which lines are added/deleted
   when the lines before and after the changed section
   are the same.  A command line option (--indent-heuristic) and a
   configuration variable (diff.indentHeuristic) are added to help with the
   experiment to find good heuristics.

 * In some projects, it is common to use "[RFC PATCH]" as the subject
   prefix for a patch meant for discussion rather than application.  A
   new format-patch option "--rfc" is a short-hand for \ 
"--subject-prefix=RFC PATCH"
   to help the participants of such projects.

 * "git add --chmod={+,-}x <pathspec>" only changed the
   executable bit for paths that are either new or modified. This has
   been corrected to change the executable bit for all paths that match
   the given pathspec.

 * When "git format-patch --stdout" output is placed as an in-body
   header and it uses RFC2822 header folding, "git am" fails to
   put the header line back into a single logical line.  The
   underlying "git mailinfo" was taught to handle this properly.

 * "gitweb" can spawn "highlight" to show blob contents with
   (programming) language-specific syntax highlighting, but only
   when the language is known.  "highlight" can however be told
   to guess the language itself by giving it "--force" option, which
   has been enabled.

 * "git gui" l10n to Portuguese.

 * When given an abbreviated object name that is not (or more
   realistically, "no longer") unique, we gave a fatal error
   "ambiguous argument".  This error is now accompanied by a hint that
   lists the objects beginning with the given prefix.  During the
   course of development of this new feature, numerous minor bugs were
   uncovered and corrected, the most notable one of which is that we
   gave "short SHA1 xxxx is ambiguous." twice without good reason.

 * "git log rev^..rev" is an often-used revision range specification
   to show what was done on a side branch merged at rev.  This has
   gained a short-hand "rev^-1".  In general "rev^-$n" is \ 
the same as
   "^rev^$n rev", i.e. what has happened on other branches while the
   history leading to nth parent was looking the other way.

 * In recent versions of cURL, GSSAPI credential delegation is
   disabled by default due to CVE-2011-2192; introduce a http.delegation
   configuration variable to selectively allow enabling this.
   (merge 26a7b23429 ps/http-gssapi-cred-delegation later to maint).

 * "git mergetool" learned to honor "-O<orderfile>" to \ 
control the
   order of paths to present to the end user.

 * "git diff/log --ws-error-highlight=<kind>" lacked the \ 
   configuration variable (diff.wsErrorHighlight) to set it by default.

 * "git ls-files" learned the "--recurse-submodules" option
   to get a listing of tracked files across submodules (i.e. this
   only works with the "--cached" option, not for listing untracked or
   ignored files).  This would be a useful tool to sit on the upstream
   side of a pipe that is read with xargs to work on all working tree
   files from the top-level superproject.

 * A new credential helper that talks via "libsecret" with
   implementations of XDG Secret Service API has been added to

 * The GPG verification status shown by the "%G?" pretty format specifier
   was not rich enough to differentiate a signature made by an expired
   key, a signature made by a revoked key, etc.  New output letters
   have been assigned to express them.

 * In addition to purely abbreviated commit object names, "gitweb"
   learned to turn "git describe" output (e.g. v2.9.3-599-g2376d31787)
   into clickable links in its output.

 * "git commit" created an empty commit when invoked with an index
   consisting solely of intend-to-add paths (added with "git add -N").
   It now requires the "--allow-empty" option to create such a commit.
   The same logic prevented "git status" from showing such paths as \ 
"new files" in the
   "Changes not staged for commit" section.

 * The smudge/clean filter API spawns an external process
   to filter the contents of each path that has a filter defined.  A
   new type of "process" filter API has been added to allow the first
   request to run the filter for a path to spawn a single process, and
   all filtering is served by this single process for multiple
   paths, reducing the process creation overhead.

 * The user always has to say "stash@{$N}" when naming a single
   element in the default location of the stash, i.e. reflogs in
   refs/stash.  The "git stash" command learned to accept "git stash
   apply 4" as a short-hand for "git stash apply stash@{4}".

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

 * The delta-base-cache mechanism has been a key to the performance in
   a repository with a tightly packed packfile, but it did not scale
   well even with a larger value of core.deltaBaseCacheLimit.

 * Enhance "git status --porcelain" output by collecting more data on
   the state of the index and the working tree files, which may
   further be used to teach git-prompt (in contrib/) to make fewer
   calls to git.

 * Extract a small helper out of the function that reads the authors
   script file "git am" internally uses.
   (merge a77598e jc/am-read-author-file later to maint).

 * Lift calls to exit(2) and die() higher in the callchain in
   sequencer.c files so that more helper functions in it can be used
   by callers that want to handle error conditions themselves.

 * "git am" has been taught to make an internal call to "git \ 
   innards without spawning the latter as a separate process.

 * The ref-store abstraction was introduced to the refs API so that we
   can plug in different backends to store references.

 * The "unsigned char sha1[20]" to "struct object_id" conversion
   continues.  Notable changes in this round includes that ce->sha1,
   i.e. the object name recorded in the cache_entry, turns into an

 * JGit can show a fake ref "capabilities^{}" to "git fetch" \ 
when it
   does not advertise any refs, but "git fetch" was not prepared to
   see such an advertisement.  When the other side disconnects without
   giving any ref advertisement, we used to say "there may not be a
   repository at that URL", but we may have seen other advertisements
   like "shallow" and ".have" in which case we definitely \ 
know that a
   repository is there.  The code to detect this case has also been

 * Some codepaths in "git pack-objects" were not ready to use an
   existing pack bitmap; now they are and as a result they have
   become faster.

 * The codepath in "git fsck" to detect malformed tree objects has
   been updated not to die but keep going after detecting them.

 * We call "qsort(array, nelem, sizeof(array[0]), fn)", and most of
   the time third parameter is redundant.  A new QSORT() macro lets us
   omit it.

 * "git pack-objects" in a repository with many packfiles used to
   spend a lot of time looking for/at objects in them; the accesses to
   the packfiles are now optimized by checking the most-recently-used
   packfile first.
   (merge c9af708b1a jk/pack-objects-optim-mru later to maint).

 * Codepaths involved in interacting alternate object stores have
   been cleaned up.

 * In order for the receiving end of "git push" to inspect the
   received history and decide to reject the push, the objects sent
   from the sending end need to be made available to the hook and
   the mechanism for the connectivity check, and this was done
   traditionally by storing the objects in the receiving repository
   and letting "git gc" expire them.  Instead, store the newly
   received objects in a temporary area, and make them available by
   reusing the alternate object store mechanism to them only while we
   decide if we accept the check, and once we decide, either migrate
   them to the repository or purge them immediately.

 * The require_clean_work_tree() helper was recreated in C when "git
   pull" was rewritten from shell; the helper is now made available to
   other callers in preparation for upcoming "rebase -i" work.

 * "git upload-pack" had its code cleaned-up and performance improved
   by reducing use of timestamp-ordered commit-list, which was
   replaced with a priority queue.

 * "git diff --no-index" codepath has been updated not to try to peek
   into a .git/ directory that happens to be under the current
   directory, when we know we are operating outside any repository.

 * Update of the sequencer codebase to make it reusable to reimplement
   "rebase -i" continues.

 * Git generally does not explicitly close file descriptors that were
   open in the parent process when spawning a child process, but most
   of the time the child does not want to access them. As Windows does
   not allow removing or renaming a file that has a file descriptor
   open, a slow-to-exit child can even break the parent process by
   holding onto them.  Use O_CLOEXEC flag to open files in various

 * Update "interpret-trailers" machinery and teach it that people in
   the real world write all sorts of cruft in the "trailer" that was
   originally designed to have the neat-o "Mail-Header: like thing"
   and nothing else.
   2016-10-30 12:43:03 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Git v2.10.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v2.10.1

 * The code that parses the format parameter of for-each-ref command
   has seen a micro-optimization.

 * The "graph" API used in "git log --graph" miscounted the \ 
number of
   output columns consumed so far when drawing a padding line, which
   has been fixed; this did not affect any existing code as nobody
   tried to write anything after the padding on such a line, though.

 * Almost everybody uses DEFAULT_ABBREV to refer to the default
   setting for the abbreviation, but "git blame" peeked into
   underlying variable bypassing the macro for no good reason.

 * Doc update to clarify what "log -3 --reverse" does.

 * An author name, that spelled a backslash-quoted double quote in the
   human readable part "My \"double quoted\" name", was not \ 
   correctly while applying a patch from a piece of e-mail.

 * The original command line syntax for "git merge", which was "git
   merge <msg> HEAD <parent>...", has been deprecated for quite some
   time, and "git gui" was the last in-tree user of the syntax.  This
   is finally fixed, so that we can move forward with the deprecation.

 * Codepaths that read from an on-disk loose object were too loose in
   validating what they are reading is a proper object file and
   sometimes read past the data they read from the disk, which has
   been corrected.  H/t to Gustavo Grieco for reporting.

 * "git worktree", even though it used the default_abbrev setting that
   ought to be affected by core.abbrev configuration variable, ignored
   the variable setting.  The command has been taught to read the
   default set of configuration variables to correct this.

 * A low-level function verify_packfile() was meant to show errors
   that were detected without dying itself, but under some conditions
   it didn't and died instead, which has been fixed.

 * When "git fetch" tries to find where the history of the repository
   it runs in has diverged from what the other side has, it has a
   mechanism to avoid digging too deep into irrelevant side branches.
   This however did not work well over the "smart-http" transport due
   to a design bug, which has been fixed.

 * When we started cURL to talk to imap server when a new enough
   version of cURL library is available, we forgot to explicitly add
   imap(s):// before the destination.  To some folks, that didn't work
   and the library tried to make HTTP(s) requests instead.

 * The ./configure script generated from configure.ac was taught how
   to detect support of SSL by libcurl better.

 * http.emptyauth configuration is a way to allow an empty username to
   pass when attempting to authenticate using mechanisms like
   Kerberos.  We took an unspecified (NULL) username and sent ":"
   (i.e. no username, no password) to CURLOPT_USERPWD, but did not do
   the same when the username is explicitly set to an empty string.

 * "git clone" of a local repository can be done at the filesystem
   level, but the codepath did not check errors while copying and
   adjusting the file that lists alternate object stores.

 * Documentation for "git commit" was updated to clarify that "commit
   -p <paths>" adds to the current contents of the index to come up
   with what to commit.

 * A stray symbolic link in $GIT_DIR/refs/ directory could make name
   resolution loop forever, which has been corrected.

 * The "submodule.<name>.path" stored in .gitmodules is never copied
   to .git/config and such a key in .git/config has no meaning, but
   the documentation described it and submodule.<name>.url next to
   each other as if both belong to .git/config.  This has been fixed.

 * Recent git allows submodule.<name>.branch to use a special token
   "." instead of the branch name; the documentation has been updated
   to describe it.

 * In a worktree connected to a repository elsewhere, created via "git
   worktree", "git checkout" attempts to protect users from confusion
   by refusing to check out a branch that is already checked out in
   another worktree.  However, this also prevented checking out a
   branch, which is designated as the primary branch of a bare
   reopsitory, in a worktree that is connected to the bare
   repository.  The check has been corrected to allow it.

 * "git rebase" immediately after "git clone" failed to find \ 
the fork
   point from the upstream.

 * When fetching from a remote that has many tags that are irrelevant
   to branches we are following, we used to waste way too many cycles
   when checking if the object pointed at by a tag (that we are not
   going to fetch!) exists in our repository too carefully.

 * The Travis CI configuration we ship ran the tests with --verbose
   option but this risks non-TAP output that happens to be "ok" to be
   misinterpreted as TAP signalling a test that passed.  This resulted
   in unnecessary failure.  This has been corrected by introducing a
   new mode to run our tests in the test harness to send the verbose
   output separately to the log file.

 * Some AsciiDoc formatter mishandles a displayed illustration with
   tabs in it.  Adjust a few of them in merge-base documentation to
   work around them.

Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.