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./devel/lua-doc, LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.4.6, Package name: lua52-doc-1.4.6, Maintainer: triaxx

LDoc is a software documentation tool which automatically generates API
documentation out of source code comments (doc comments). It is mainly targeted
at Lua and documenting Lua APIs, but it can also parse C with according doc
comments for documenting Lua modules implemented in C.

It is mostly compatible with LuaDoc, except that certain workarounds are no
longer needed. For instance, it is not so married to the idea that Lua modules
should be defined using the module function; this is not only a matter of taste
since this has been deprecated in Lua 5.2.

Required to run:
[devel/lua-penlight] [lang/lua52]

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Remove devel/lua-doc due to package duplication with textproc/LDoc.
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Log message:
Add devel/lua-doc package version 1.4.6

Reviewed by maya@

Needed by wm/awesome for API doc generation.