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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.548nb3, Package name: p5-SDL-2.548nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

SDL_perl is a package of Perl modules that provide both functional and
object oriented interfaces to the Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl 5.

This package takes some liberties with the SDL API, and attempts to adhere
to the spirit of both the SDL and Perl. This document describes the
low-level functional SDL Perl API. For the object oriented programming
interface please see the documentation provided on a per-class basis.

Required to run:
[graphics/SDL_image] [graphics/png] [graphics/jpeg] [graphics/glu] [multimedia/smpeg] [audio/SDL_mixer] [lang/perl5] [net/SDL_net] [devel/SDL_ttf] [devel/SDL] [devel/SDL_gfx] [devel/SDL_Pango] [devel/p5-Alien-SDL]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/p5-Module-Build] [devel/p5-Test-Most] [x11/xcb-proto] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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   2018-11-14 23:22:54 by Klaus Klein | Files touched by this commit (1332) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump after cairo 1.16.0 update.
   2018-11-12 04:53:16 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1532)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from hardbuzz-2.1.1
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-06-19 16:22:19 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.548

Upstream changes:
2.548 May 19 2018
        - Add version number to all modules [FROGGS]
   2018-04-16 16:35:28 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1284)
Log message:
Recursive bump for new fribidi dependency in pango.
   2018-03-12 12:18:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2155)
Log message:
Recursive bumps for fontconfig and libzip dependency changes.
   2017-09-26 13:17:02 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package removed
Log message:
p5-SDL: update to 2.546.

Based on wip/p5-SDL packaged by mef@ and myself.

* 2.546 Apr 27 2015
	- Updated documentation for SDL::Mixer::Music and SDLx::App [Mithaldu]
	- Internal code cleanups [jtpalmer]
	- Remove redundant pump_events call in SDLx::Controller [Mithaldu]

* 2.544 May 14 2014
	- Updated Alien::SDL's version we depend on to get an OpenBSD/pthread fix [FROGGS]
	- Fix segfault in cleanup of MixChunks on windows [FROGGS]
	- Adjusting test for SDL_gfx >= 2.0.24 [FROGGS]

* 2.540 May 26 2012
	- Removed all non-pod changes introduced in 2.538 [jtpalmer]
	- Fixed bugtracker link [FROGGS]
	- Added SDL::Platform pod [pktm]

* 2.538 May 22 2012
	- Pod updates [mig0]
	- SDLx::App made the docs a lot better [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App changed around shortcut names in the constructor [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App added and improved parameters of the constructor, see docs [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App updated methods resize, title, icon, error, show_cursor, grab_input \ 
	- SDLx::App fullscreen method works better [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App new init method does our initializing right [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App new set_video_mode method does set_video_mode for SDLx::App [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App new screen_size method returns the user's screen size [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App warp method renamed to warp_cursor, attribute renamed to \ 
gl_attribute [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::App fix to return the user's resolution to normal when a fullscreen app \ 
closes [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::App removed delay method and deprecated get_ticks [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller removed eoq, its action is on by default and implemented by \ 
stop_handler [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller made the docs a lot better, even proofread them [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller pause works by stopping the app [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller added stopped and paused methods to tell what the app is \ 
doing [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller added max_t param, by default slows down apps going at less \ 
than 10 FPS [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller added time and sleep methods to replace get_ticks and delay \ 
	- SDLx::Controller added some tests for pausing and events [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Controller removed current_time parameter [Blaizer]
	- t/core_cd.t: gnu hurd 0.3 handles devices like cdrom strange (skipping tests) \ 
	- t/sdlx_fps.t: seems better to try to get 5 fps (slow vm's) [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Controller::Interface: weaken tests [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::Channels: skipping callback test [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Version: we can now compare SDL::Version objects like: $version >= \ 
1.2.10 [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::App::DESTROY: fixed function name for set_video_mode [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::App: fix for issue 144, setting original screen res when app ends [FROGGS]
	- t/sdlx_controller_interface.t: adding delay so that slow machines doesnt get \ 
a hickup [FROGGS]

* 2.536 Jan 04 2011
	- using INT2PTR to convert stored pointers to right size and hide warnings [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::Channels: using malloc instead of safemalloc [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::Channels: get_chunk returns a copy of the retrieved chunk
	  that we can free safely [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::MixChunk: added condition to destructor [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::Music: added load_MUS_RW [FROGGS]
	- defines.h: added VERSION_ATLEAST macro [FROGGS]
	- src/SDLx/Surface.xs: fixed perl-5.8.9 crash while shifting from empty AV [FROGGS]
	- memory leak fixes [dod]

* 2.534 October 27 2011
	- SDL::Palette fixed colors() to return an array [Blaizer]
	- SDL::Video fixed set_colors, set_palette [FROGGS, Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Text improved error message [garu]
	- SDLx::Text new getter: font_filename() [garu]
	- SDLx::Text fixed size() accessor [garu]
	- SDLx::Text dynamic updating of text [garu]
	- SDLx::Text new options: shadow, shadow_offset and shadow_color [garu]
	- SDLx::Text new options: normal, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough [garu]
	- SDLx::Text examples (zoom, shadow, style) [garu]
	- SDLx::Text improved documentation [garu]
	- SDLx::Text word wrapping support [garu]
	- SDLx::TTF fixed loading error [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Event fixed SDL_EVENTMASK documentation [jtpalmer]
	- SDL::RWOps got SDL::RWOps->from_const_mem working, updated docs [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Video updated xs and docs for blit_surface using undefined rects [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Surface: added methods draw_trigon, draw_ellipse, draw_arc and \ 
draw_bezier [jtpalmer]
	- SDLx::Rect: fixed methods copy, move and inflate [jtpalmer]
	- SDLx::Surface: minor documentation update [jtpalmer]
	- Using 'perl' instead of 'SDLPerl' to run silent tests on darwin [FROGGS]

* 2.533 May 31 2011
	- Added preliminary SDLx::Music
	- Minor fixes for SDLx::Text [garu]
	- Build requires: perl 5.8.1 is good enough for SDL [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Music test: 'require threads' instead of 'use threads' and removed \ 
Data::Dumper [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Text test: width isnt 53 on windows, made test more tolerant [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::FPS test: testing with 60fps is too much for some systems (cpantester \ 
vm's), reduced to 25 [FROGGS]
	- src/helper.h: removed newSVsv() since these SV's are not freed till global \ 
destruction [FROGGS]

* 2.532 March 27 2011
	- Tested and released experimental branch
	- using parent Perls context in SDL::Mixer::Music's callbacks instead of TLS \ 
	- Adding sleep(2) to core_palette.t [FROGGS]
	- Loading threads before Test::More in several SDL::Mixer tests [kthakore]
	- Allow non-hashref constructor args for SDLx::FPS [jtpalmer]
	- Fixed examples: replacing $app->stop with exit in pong [kthakore]
	- Fixed cookbook: using known image file as fallback in pogl_sdl_texture [kthakore]
	- Fixed examples: pong, starry, tie_matrix, sdlx_sprite_animated [jtpalmer]
	- Rewrote INSTALL and README file [Pip]
	- SDLx::Surface: added tests for draw_rect with transparency/translucency [garu]
	- SDLx::Surface: fixed option handling, center and right alignment in \ 
write_to/xy [FROGGS]
	New features:
	- SDLx::Surface    draw_polygon(), linking GFX to Surfaces when available [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Controller exit_on_quit() and eoq() accessors [garu]

	Changes that may break old code:
	- SDLx::Controller now handles eoq option as a non handler [kthakore]

	Experimental features:
	- SDLx::Controller  "delay" option to ease CPU pressure [kthakore]

	- SDLx::Controller proper handler initialization [garu]
	- SDLx::Controller several more tests added [garu]
	- SDLx::Controller::Interface  fixed memory leak [jtpalmer]
	- SDLx::Controller::Interface  fixed angular velocity [jtpalmer]
	- SDLx::Text using SDL::TTF::Font correctly [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Controller keeps track of paused state [Blaizer]
	- SDLx::Rect proper object construction [garu]

* 2.531 Feb 27 2011
	- protecting dstrect from modification during SDL_BlitSurface [FROGGS]
	- installing SDLpp as a console app [kthakore]
	- improving installation under MacOSX/Darwin [kthakore/FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Text  (and, thus, SDL Perl) now ships with a default FOSS font \ 
	- SDLx::Text  improved text() manipulation [garu]
	- SDLx::Text  added complete documentation [garu]
	- SDLx::Text  all text is now rendered as utf8 [kthakore/garu]
	- SDLx::Text  added accessors for all SDLx::Text attributes [garu]
	- SDLx::Text  text() returns $self, surface() returns $surface [garu]
	- SDLx::Text  tests and w/h methods for SDLx::Text [kthakore/garu]
	- SDLx::App   improved internals [kthakore]
	- SDLx::App   added stash() method [FROGGS]

* 2.530 Feb 02 2011
	- Fixed SDL threaded free problems with a threadid guard [kthakore/FROGGS]
	- Clean up malloc calls
	- Updated Alien::SDL's version to 1.424 [FROGGS]

* 2.529 Jan 25 2011
	- Adding SDL::get_handle() function to get Win32 API window management support
	- Fixed pod errors and add new docs

* 2.528 Jan 18 2011
	- Invalid Alien::SDL Dependency Fix

* 2.527 Jan 18 2011
	- Critical memory leak fixed in SDLx::App
	- SMPEG compile test
	- Experimental SMPEG support, new tests:
	- Fixed Mac regression due to ppport

* 2.526 Dec 31 2010
	- Inline with 'SDL' support
	- Decreasing some SDL_Validate scalar leaks
	- Fixed bug with SDL::Mixer::Music::hook_music, arg was freed too early [FROGGS]
	- Added Module::Build::SDL, a helper for creating SDL based modules [kthakore]
	- AudioSpec callbacks are using *_TLS_CONTEXT macros [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Timer is using *_TLS_CONTEXT macros [FROGGS]
	- Fixed typo in MANIFEST.SKIP file, scripts-folder is now in dist [FROGGS]
	- Using UV instead of IV for SDL::Event attributes [kthakore]
	- (experimental) Changing *_TLS_CONTEXT to parent perls context in \ 
SDL::Mixer::Channels [FROGGS]
	- Fixed bug with SDL::Mixer::Music::hook_music, arg was freed too early [FROGGS]
	- Updating Alien::SDL's version to 1.421_3 [FROGGS]
	- Added 'use SDL::Surface' for SDL::Image, 'use SDL::PixelFormat' for \ 
SDL::Surface [kthakore]
	- Added refaddr optimizations [kthakore]

* 2.524
	- Fix for t/mixer_channels.t.bak
	- Allow SDLx::App to be restarted after it has been stoped
	- FROGGS cleaned up some memory stuff for AudioSpec

* 2.523
	- Cleaned up how O_OBJECTs are free'd [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::Surface now DESTROYs the SDL::Surface saving memory [kthakore]
	- Fixed Icon value for the SDLx::App constructor useage [kthakore]
	- Added short circuit for varying SDL_Mixer versions for SDLx::Sound [kthakore]

* 2.522
	- Fixed mistakes in inc/My/Builder/Darwin.pm [FROGGS]

* 2.521
	- Fixed manifest (missing src/SDLx/Validate.h) [FROGGS]
	- Updated Alien::SDL's version to 1.421 [FROGGS]

* 2.520
	- Moved SDLx::Validate to XS
	- Moved SDLx::Surface (blit, draw_rect) to XS
	- Created SDLx::Text [garu]
	- Added exit_on_quit feature for SDLx::App
	- Added antialias flag for SDLx::Surface::draw_circle
	- Fixed test plan errors on sdlx_sprite* and sdlx_sfont
	- Darwin: setting arch to systems arch for gcc [FROGGS]

* 2.519
	- Removed build option -fPIC for windows [FROGGS]
	- Throw a warning for missing thread support instead of compile these funtions \ 
	- SDLx::Surface has alias for w,h [kthakore]
	- SDLx::Surface can use array color format for pixels
	- SDLx::Text added [garu]
	- SDLx::App->new() has exit on quit option

* 2.518
	- Major refactor of SDLx::Controller [Blaizer]
	- Refactor SDLx::Surface code [Blaizer]

* 2.517
	- Gave SDL::Mixer::Init same signature for varying versions of SDL_Mixer [kthakore]
	- Fix for 2 tests: interface, layermanager

* 2.516
	- Fix for test plan in t/sdlx_sound [FROGGS]

* 2.515
	- Added preliminary SDLx::Sound [rflipo]
	- Added preliminary SDLx::TTF [kthakore]

* 2.514
	- Made SDLx::Controller::Interface [kthakore]
	- Fixed unsigned int bug for get_pixels from surface [kthakore]
	- Several document fixes
	- Minor additions to SDLx::Sprite::Animated [jtpalmer]
	- Using only bmp for that sprite test [jtpalmer]
	- Added a fix for writing key_sym for a SDL::Event [kthakore]

* 2.512
	- More tests and implemented more of SDLx::Sprite::Animated [jtpalmer]
	- Changed from SDL::Rect -> SDLx::Rect in SDLx::Sprite [hmehta]
	- Added drawing for circles in SDLx::Surface [kthakore]
	- Fixed test issues [FROGGS]
	- Added Layer and Layer Managers [FROGGS]
	- Added SDLx::Sound [rflipo]

* 2.511 06 August 2010
	- Added fixes for image and gfx uses in Surface [kthakore, garu]
	- Added raw, binary mode image detection to SDLx::Surafce [garu]
	- Minor doc fixes
	- Major segfaults in SDL::GFX::Primitives fixed [kthakore]
	- Issues with double free fixed for -DDEBUGGING tests [kthakore]
	- More delay add to test for syncing issues in VM test [FROGGS]
	- Used SDLx::Validate more [kthakore]
	- Applied patch for fink compatibiliet FULL_PERL [dmacks, kthakore]
	- 2 Character fix for set_gamma_ramp in  SDL::Video [kthakore]
	- Added register for windows [kthakore]

* 2.510 02 August 2010
	- Using bmp file if libpng isnt available in t/sdlx_sfont.t [#177] [FROGGS]
	- Moved SDLx::Controller::Timer to XS [#180]
	- Added SDLx::Layermanager (wip) [FROGGS]
	- Added and cleaned up SDLx::Validate [Blaizer, kthakore]
	- More tests and clean up in SDLx::Sprite::Animated [jtpalmer]
	- Fixed free errors for SUSE [kthakore]
	- Moved Surfaces classes to inside-out OOP [ruoso, jtpalmer]

* 2.503
	- Removed examples/adventure/
	- Removed dashes from SDLx::App constructor [#176] [Blaizer]
	- Added tests for SDLx::Controller [Blaizer]
	- Added removing handlers with coderef in SDLx::Controller [Blaizer]
	- Finished a working version of SDLx::Sprite::Animated [jtpalmer]
	- Added draw functions to SDLx::Surface
	- Cleaned up Sprite inheritance from Surface
	- Fixed bug in SDL::Event::key_mod, it returned pointer instead of int [FROGGS]
	- SDLx::App now depends on SDLx::Surface

* 2.502
	- Displaying Alien::SDL's build option for every build step [FROGGS]
	- Displaying error message if required shared lib is missing [FROGGS]
	- Added test and docs for SDLx::Surface
	- Added version guard for older version of pixelinfo struct
	- Added example of new SDLx::Surface
	- Fixes for exec.h stack dumper during testing
	- Added version guard for SDLx::GFX [FROGGS]
	- Modified SDLx::Sprite to inherit from SDLx::Surface

* 2.501  July 10 2010
	- Fixes tests for SDLx::TTF and SDL::Surface [FROGGS, kthakore]
	- Makes ptr to pixels READONLY for some safety
	- *nix users gets a stack dumper of segfault

* 2.500  July 9 2010
	- Fixed Memory Leaks due to perl desturct level
	- Fixed Memory leak in SDL::Mixer::Music
	- Fixed the test on SDLx::Sprite
	- Modified SDLx::FPS [Blaizer]
	- Cleaned up docs [Blaizer]
	- Cleaned up docs for SDLx::Rect and added Category
	- Added SDLx::SFont and docs and test
	- Fixed SDL::Surface->get_pixels_ptr
	- Removed SDL::OpenGL, SDL::Game::Event
	- Moved SDL::App -> SDLx::App, SDL::Game -> SDLx::Rect
	- Fixed SDL::Video->new_from + tests + PDL support
	- Added SDLx::Surface and SDLx::Surface::Matrix
	- Added ppport.h support for older perls
	- MacOSx compile and useage works
	- Using dummy audiodriver for tests so no sound is played [#163] [FROGGS]
	- POGL example added
	- Fixed fail due to to strict test for texture_polygon in SDL::GFX
	- Created SDLx::FPS [Blaizer]

* 2.408 Sun June 13 2010
	- Added File::ShareDir as a dep
	- TODO'd temporary test cases

* 2.407 Wed June 02 2010
	- Minor fix on BOM marks in test files

* 2.406 Tues May 18 2010
	- Fixed SDL::Video::list_modes(), it returns now arrayref to SDL::Rects [FROGGS]
	- Updated docs [Blaizer]
	- Removed deprecated modules [kthakore, FROGGS]

* 2.405 Wed May 05 2010
	- Conditional compile on glu.h header [kthakore] {ticket 131}
	- Documentation cleanup [bricas, kthakore]
	- Remove usesages of 'new SDL...' [bricas]
	- Fixed Surface->set_pixels/get_pixel, proper offset depending on Bpp [FROGGS]
	- Fixed typo for :keysym export tag in Events [FROGGS]
	- Fixed test fails due to lack of ithread support [FROGGS]

* 2.404  Sun Apr 25 2010
	- New Downstream Alien fixes for building from scratch [FROGGS]
	- Removed depreciated SDL::Timer [kthakore]

* 2.403  Tue Apr 13 2010
	- Fix: build requires now File::Find v0 (instead wrong 2.07) [FROGGS]

* 2.402  Fri Apr 09 2010
	- Clean up docs [kthakore]
	- Critical bug with 'static memory and array free in gfx' [kthakore]
	- Bug fixes for mandriva [kthakore]

* 2.400  Tue Apr 06 2010
	- MacOSX testing
	- Pango working with frozen-bubble
	- Clean up with back compatible stuff
	- Dropped SVG and Sound
	- all constants are in their modules, exported by default and documented [FROGGS]
	- Moved SDL::Net away [FROGGS]
	- Pango XS/tests/docs [FROGGS]
	- tests are silent unless verbose mode [FROGGS]
	- tests don't display video-gfx unless SDL_RELEASE_TESTING [FROGGS]
	- SDL_VIDEODRIVER is not forced for windows if 'dummy'-driver is set [FROGGS]
	- examples made to work with new API [mantovani]
	- manifest fix for MacOSX [kthakore]
	- some measly docs [kthakore]
	- TTF XS/tests/docs [#85] [FROGGS]
	- Minor fixes and cleanup [ kthakore, kmx ]
	- added more version checks to SDL::GFX XS [#79] [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Version memory management [kthakore]
	- Build fixes for mac [kmx]
	- Directory clean up [FROGGS]
	- Surface double free fix for picky kernel [kthakore]
	- SDL::Events documentation [kthakore]
	- Mixer XS/tests/docs [kthakore, FROGGS]
	- Fixes for Build system on cygwin [kmx]
	- Moved mixer code into correct locations [kthakore]
	- Cleaned up last of SDL xs [kthakore]
	- Update Build system [kmx]
	- Fixed up my_perl assumption for non threaded perl [kthakore, ruoso]
	- 64 bit and MacOSX fixes in builds[ kmx, kthakore ]
	- Prepared XS to build when no threading available [kthakore]
	- Minor bug fixes in test for core.t with PERL_SAFE_PUTENV [kthakore]
	- Fixed serious XS mem leaks in AV* [FROGGS]
	- Removed usless verify method in SDL.pm [J_King]
	- GFX rotozoom started [FROGGS]
	- More docs for GFX [FROGGS]
	- ithreads support for audio and timer callback [kthakore, ruoso]
	- SDL::App resize fixed [kthakore, TonyC] \ 
	- Migrated O_OBJECT to thread safe bag [ruoso, kthakore]
	- Update time docs [kthakore]
	- SDL::Image implemented and tested [#72] [kthakore]
	- FreeBSD SDL test clean up [#75] [kthakore]
	- Handle GFX seperate headers in Build [FROGGS,kthakore]
	- Started GFX, GFX BlitFunc, GFX Primatives, FPSManager  [FROGGS]
	- Added more init tests [kthakore]
	- Added condition compile for mixer and ttf [kthakore]
	- Replaced test file for MixMusic (proper file format) [FROGGS]
	- Added license information file (README) for test/data [FROGGS]
	- Moved mixer stuff from SDL:: to SDL::Mixer:: [FROGGS]
	- General fixup for CPAN
	- General Memory leaking stopping [kthakore, acme]
	- More complete unit testing [kthakore, acme, FROGGS]
	- Fix bug with TTFSizeText, it actually returns 0 on success [acme]
	- Add display_format_alpha [acme]
	- Add an example that plays a .WAV sound sample [acme]
	- Add left/right panning to the mixer [acme]
	- Throw warning message if header files are missing while Build [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mixer::MixChunk and MixMusic structures [acme]
	- SDL::Events functions [FROGGS]
	- SDL::Video functions [acme, kthakore]
	- SDL::Video substructures [acme, kthakore]
	- SDL::Events substructures [FROGGS, kthakore]
	- SDL::Event Filtering and user Events 2 way communication [kthakore, FROGGS]
	- SDL  Functions and Clean Up [acme, kthakore, FROGGS]
	- SDL::Mouse and SDL::Cursor [ kthakore, FROGGS ]
	- SDL documentation [magnet, kthakore, FROGGS]
	- Auto-Generated Constants.pm [FROGGS]
	- Added direct pixel writing examples [kthakore]
	- Added walking and map moving example [kthakore, FROGGS]

* v2.2.3.1 Sept 29 2009 Kartik Thakore <thakore.kartik@gmail.com>
	- Critical Build.PL fix for META.yml
	- Doc fix

* v2.2.3 Sept 29 2009 Kartik Thakore <thakore.kartik@gmail.com>
	- More Docs
	- Experimental Mac version
   2017-06-05 16:25:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from lang/perl5 5.26.0