./editors/OmegaT, The translation memory (TM) application written in Java

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.5.01, Package name: OmegaT-3.5.01, Maintainer: ryoon

OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. It is
a tool intended for professional translators. It does not translate
for you! (Software that does this is called "machine translation", and
you will have to look elsewhere for it.) OmegaT has the following

* Fuzzy matching
* Match propagation
* Simultaneous processing of multiple-file projects
* Simultaneous use of multiple translation memories
* External glossaries with recognition of inflected forms
* Document file formats include:
Microsoft Office 2007 XML
XLIFF (Okapi)
MediaWiki (Wikipedia)
Plain text
* Unicode (UTF-8) support: can be used with non-Latin alphabets
* Support for right-to-left languages
* Integral spelling checker
* Compatible with other translation memory applications (TMX)
* Interface to Google Translate

Required to run:

Required to build:
[devel/apache-ant] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

SHA1: 91c281e1a639a65b864bb91c0871d7141bd7d970
RMD160: d69fefd3e8bb264598af2fc4a80df16451baa209
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   2015-11-25 13:50:00 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Remove mk/find-prefix.mk usage from the editors category.

The find-prefix infrastructure was required in a pkgviews world where
packages installed from pkgsrc could have different installation
prefixes, and this was a way for a dependency prefix to be determined.

Now that pkgviews has been removed there is no longer any need for the
overhead of this infrastructure.  Instead we use BUILDLINK_PREFIX.pkg
for dependencies pulled in via buildlink, or LOCALBASE/PREFIX where the
dependency is coming from pkgsrc.

Provides a reasonable performance win due to the reduction of `pkg_info
-qp` calls, some of which were redundant anyway as they were duplicating
the same information provided by BUILDLINK_PREFIX.pkg.
   2015-11-03 04:32:24 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (138)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for editors category

Problems found with existing distfiles:
No changes made to the javascript-mode or yEd distinfo files.

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-08-09 19:39:33 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.5.01

 OmegaT 3.5 update 1 (2015-06-11)
   3 Enhancements
   2 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.5 update 1 vs 3.5

  Implemented requests:

  - Drag and drop within the segment

  - Auto-completion option: Show relevant suggestions automatically

  - Glossary view auto-completion improvements

  Bug fixes:

  - The writeable glossary was not working propertly if it was not
at the root of the glossary folder

  - It was not possible to have two glossaries with the same name
in different sub-folders

  Localisation updates:
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Interlingua localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, scripts)

 OmegaT 3.5 (2015-06-05)
  18 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   5 Localisation updates
3.5 vs 3.4

  Implemented requests:

  - Progress bar L10N improvement

  - Glossary input from Search window

  - Highlighting search word in target segment

  - Drag and drop to open project

  - Drag and drop to add files to project

  - Add confirmation for the button Reset all colours

  - Option to remove "fuzziness" from glossary

  - Better Mac OS X integration

  - Remove automatically mnemonics for CJK bundles under Mac

  Other changes:

  - There's an explanation message at the bottom of the Editor when
Ctrl+Shift+O is pressed

  - New script to clear SVN authentication data

  - New OmegaT icon on the Mac

  - Go to next/previous segment with key shortcuts work
in the Search result window just like in the Editor

  - Alternatively to specifiy a project folder on the command line,
it is now also possible to specify the path of an omegat.project file

  - In the QA - Check rules script (check_rules.groovy), it is now
possible to check linguistic (LangageTool) issues

  - There's now a "Save as" button in Help > Log

  - Read parameters from config file on startup, specified with

  - There are two new search options at the bottom of the Search window.
"Auto-sync with Editor". If checked, the Editor will go automatically \ 
to the
segment where the cursor is located in the search window.
"Back to the initial segment on close". If checked, the Editor will go back
to the segment being current before the Search window was opened.

  Bug fixes:

  - Panel header title was white under Windows 7 with a classic theme

  - Script files could be locked

  - In statistics, scrollbars could cover table content

  - Auto-completer popup size was often too small for its contents

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI, documentation, readme)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI, readme, scripts)
  - Belarusian localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, readme, scripts)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, documentation, scripts)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI)
   2015-05-19 14:48:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.4

 OmegaT 3.4 (2015-04-20)
  11 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.4 vs 3.1.9 update 1

  Implemented requests:

  - Improve OmegaT look and feel

  - Better statistics layout for l10n UI

  - Increase the size or better layout of the statistics window

  - Add Close button to Statistics window

  - Automatically detect input file encoding when possible

  - Improve fuzzy match difference granularity in Chinese

  Other changes:

  - New XML Spreadsheet 2003 filter. This allows translating Excel document
exported in XML 2003 format. As the extension is .xml, other filters may
"steal" the file. In that case, they have to be disabled. The XML
Spreadhsheet 2003 filter limit itself to documents where the first tag
is "Workbook".

  - In Options > File Filters, the filters used by the current project
are displayed in bold

  - New "Trafficlight" theme in the Switch Colour Theme script

  - Options > Tag Validation was renamed to Tag Processing. In that dialog,
there's now an option to decide whether protected text (from the XLIFF filter)
and custom tags should be counted in statistics. The option is on by default.
In previous versions, protected text was not counted in the statistics, so
the option has to be disabled to get the same value as before.

  - The font selected in Options > Fonts can be applied now also to statistics

  Bug fixes:

  - Editor title overflows with long filename

  - Valid XML characters outside the BMP are stripped from input

  - Scripting window: now ScriptsDir is displayed like "foo\scripts" \ 
of "foo\.\scripts"

  - OmegaT does not look nice on Mac retina display

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, documentation, scripts)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.9 update 1 (2015-04-15)
   1 Enhancement
   3 Bug fixes
   0 Localisation update
3.1.9 update 1 vs. 3.1.9

  Implemented requests:

  - Change auto-completion mode access keys

  Bug fixes:

  - The OK and Cancel buttons of Options > Editing Behaviour were not
displayed correctly

  - Newly assigned scripts execute several times

  - The project-specific file filter configuration was deleted when
quitting OmegaT

 OmegaT 3.1.9 (2015-03-09)
  21 Enhancements
  13 Bug fixes
   6 Localisation updates
3.1.9 vs. 3.1.8

  Implemented requests:

  - Machine translation with Yandex

  - Use selection for text Search from "Fuzzy Match" or \ 
"Glossary" panes

  - Allow to insert selection into translation from the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - Warn user if the Enter key is hit while "Use TAB to Advance" is checked

  - Support XLIFF equiv-text in tooltips, simplify tooltip prefs

  - Show the number of non-unique segment instances in the segment markers

  - Contextual menu to jump to another instance of non-unique segments

  - Make it easy to "brand" OmegaT for custom deployments

  - Make it easy to find specific files by name or path

  - Improve resizing behavior of Project Files dialog

  - Make segment numbers visible for all segments

  Other enhancements:

  - ILIAS Language File filter. Those files can have the .lang or
.lang.local extensions. As .lang files are also loaded by the Lang
Mozilla filter, it has to be unabled to load them with the ILIAS filter.

  - Machine translation requests are now cached. That means that a
source segment already translated will not be requested again during
the same session (i.e., until OmegaT is closed).

  - The initial location and the layout when resized of various dialogs
were improved. The OK button was set as the default button for all dialogs.

  - The Custom Colours dialog was improved. It can be closed with Escape,
changes are remembered immediately and all colours can be reset at once.
There's also a new tab for colour selection.

  - The Project Files dialog can be hidden on project load via hidden preference

  - It is possible to define the text and background colour of modification
information and the active segment's source and target

  - Dialogs are now centered against the main window instead of the screen

  - The Visio filter was updated to remove unneeded tags in Visio 2010 documents

  - For versions including Java, the JRE is now 1.8.0_31 instead of 1.7

  - The appearance of the Project Files dialog has been improved on OS X.
The new styling has been applied to all platforms.

  Bug fixes:

  - There's now a 3-second retry when OmegaT attempts to rename files

  -  java.io.IOException: Error rename new file to glossary in team projects

  - In some specific cases, the content of Mozilla DTD files was not

  - License information was missing from the lib folder of binary

  - Wrong Swedish segmentation exception corrected

  - Newline characters are lost in Japanese target documents

  - Filtering after a search with no live segments freezes OmegaT

  - Ellipses missing in several menu items

  - Both menu items for alternative translation are enabled

  - Incorrect handling of typographic apostrophe (U+2019)

  - The project-specific filter configuration was not saved when creating a
new project

  - Mac OS X: A workaround was added for the full-screen window sizing
bug on OS X + Java 1.8. See https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8065739
for the bug description.

  - The font set in Options > Font was only used after the change when
Apply this font to the Project Files dialog was used

  Localisation updates:

  - Belarusian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)
  - Basque localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, readme)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.8 (2014-12-04)
   6 Enhancements
  10 Bug fixes
   5 Localisation updates
3.1.8 vs. 3.1.7

  Implemented requests:

  - Allow custom background/foreground colors for different elements in the editor

  - Show dialog for unsupported SVN errors

  - Allow configurable diff-style colours in fuzzy matching

  Other enhancements:

  - It is now possible to customise colours used in the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - All OmegaT windows (Search and Scripting windows) now use the OmegaT icon
instead of the standard Java ones

  - Revised user manual

  Bug fixes:

  - Project specific segmentation rules cannot be disabled

  - Colours were not working in the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - The text colour was not applied in the Editor

  - If there was a double click in the search result entries pane in the
Search window before the first searching execution, the cursor (i.e.,
mouse pointer) changed to the Wait icon and could not be restored

  - Strange glossary behavior - removing of newly added terms

  - OmegaT keeps temporary files project_save.tmx-based_on_revision_number.new

  - Git team project saving failure with 3.1.6

  - Fuzzy match segment not shown entirely when Ctrl+Arrow/Num is typed

  - PO comments also included as source text

  - In team projects, OmegaT was sometimes failing to rename files (perhaps
blocked by antivirus or cache software). There's now a 3-second retry.

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI)
  - Interlingua localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI, documentation)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.8 (UI, documentation)
  - French localisation updated to 3.1.8 (UI, readme, documentation)
   2014-11-03 13:42:45 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.1.7

 OmegaT 3.1.7 (2014-10-20)
   9 Enhancements
   7 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.1.7 vs. 3.1.6

  Implemented requests:

  - Add the ability to commit updated segmentation.conf

  - Accept UTF-16 text files for glossaries

  - Allow scripts to run in console mode

  - Colour themes (e.g., light/dark GUI modes)

  - Editable colours

  Other enhancements:

  - A new script (auto_open_last_project.groovy) allows opening automatically
the last open project

  - Suggest local directory for new team project based on repository URL

  - Word filter: an option allows to translate or not duplicate legacy
fallback text. It is off by default, which means the legacy fallback
text is not translated.

  - For team projects, a parameter (-Dteam.supersafe) allows to keep all backups
(up to 300). New log messages were also added.

  Bug fixes:

  - Line length limit doesn't work on one line text files

  - Scripts folder is not created in the source package

  - TransTip doesn't highlight acronyms

  - Console-mode align doesn't load the project correctly and crashes

  - Some Mozilla DTD files were not loaded correctly

  - When using Create Current Translated Document, the message should be in the \ 

  - PO filter: it was not possible to enter an alternative translation for a
different plural when the source sentences of the plural were the same.
As the identifier for alternative translations of PO were changed, it is not
recommanded to change version during a project.

  Localisation updates:

  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI, readme, documentation)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.6 (UI, readme)
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.6 (UI, readme, documentation)

 OmegaT 3.1.6 (2014-09-10)
   5 Enhancements
   8 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation update
3.1.6 vs. 3.1.5

  Implemented requests:

  - Allow customising segment modification information

  - Automatically open last visited segment

  - Memory for searched items

  Other enhancements:

  - Ctrl+Shift+M was added as a shortcut to "Go to selected match"

  - Protected parts tooltip view changes. In Options > View, paired tags
can be removed from tooltip, text between paired tags can be bolded.

  Bug fixes:

  - Wrong font used in dictionary window

  - Alt+Up/Down was set to Select Next Match and Select Previous Match on Mac OSX

  - The description of open_current_file.groovy was wrongly
"Open the current translated file". It was corrected to "Open the \ 
current source file"

  - The HTML filter had a different behaviour, where attributes were transformed into
tags and could not be translated.

  - Multi-line notes in XLIFF files were not extracted correctly

  - Issues with LaTeX filter with Java 8

  - Extra tags in LaTex file

  - Recent projects were not always updated

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.5 (UI, readme, documentation, scripts)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.5 (UI, readme)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.6 (UI, readme, documentation)

 OmegaT 3.1.5 (2014-08-13)
   2 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   0 Localisation update
3.1.5 vs. 3.1.4

  Implemented requests:

  - Load alternative translations from external TMXs created by OmegaT

  - List recent projects

  Bug fixes:

  - Pane headline missing using the Windows classic theme

  - Error while trying to validate tags with a changed order

  - Error: org.omegat.filters2.TranslationException: String index out of range: -1

  - OmegaT could fail to create nested subfolders in the target folder

 OmegaT 3.1.4 (2014-07-28)
  12 Enhancements
   2 Bug fixes
   2 Localisation updates
3.1.4 vs. 3.1.3

  Implemented requests:

  - Enable Check whole project by default in check_rules.groovy

  - Don't save location of projects opened via command line

  - Select the matching percentage on which to base the match ordering

  - Select folders and files to ignore in the source folder

  Other enhancements:

  - Improve combo box look and feel on OS X

  - SVNKit updated to 1.8.5. Team projects created previously will continue
to work normally with OmegaT. However, if you want to use SVN tools to manage a
project created with OmegaT 3.1.4 (e.g., commit new source files), you have
to use a compatible tool (e.g., Tortoise SVN 1.8.7). If you want to manage
with such a tool projects created previously, you have to perform an SVN Upgrade
Copy. Once this is done, the working copy can no longer be managed with a 1.7 SVN
tool or OmegaT 3.1.3.

  - When a team project gets online/offline, the last dialog box replaces
the previous one, instead of piling up as was done previously

  - In Options > External TMXs and in Project Properties, the variable
insertions buttons replace selection instead of ignoring it

  - In team projects, the repository type detection is now more robust

  - It's possible to specify a timestamp authority for Java Web Start
See: https://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/signjar.html

  - Internal support for multiple comment providers, so that plugins can write
to the comment pane

  - Search window: make Enter key start search from Author field

  Bug fixes:

  - Minor cursor issue in team projects

  - Editing behaviour "leave the segment empty" setting not working \ 
when filter is active

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.3 (UI, readme, documentation)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.4 (UI, readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.3 (2014-07-11)
  12 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   2 Localisation updates
3.1.3 vs. 3.1.2

  Implemented requests:

  - Implement application_start event for scripts

  - XLIFF filter - RESNAME as id for alternative translations

  - Make adding filename to alternative translations configurable

  - Create automatically project_save.tmx when creating a project

  - Go to selected match

  Other enhancements:

  - When enabling or disabling Options > Glossary > Display Context
Description for TBX Glossaries, only TBX glossaries are reloaded, instead
of all glossaries

  - Under Linux, the layout of omegat.kaptn was improved. the "Languages"
and "Appearance" tabs are now merged into a single "GUI \ 
Settings" tab.

  - The size of the About dialog is reduced automatically if it doesn't
fit on screen

  - VLDocking (the docking system) updated to 3.0.4

  - Specific user interface layout can be built into a Java Web Start package at
compilation time, by putting an uiLayout.xml file in /release/WebStart-specific

  - Text filter: when using the line length limit, OmegaT tries to avoid
putting a new line just after an opening bracket. Opening brackets are
defined as '([{<'.

  - A new option in the search window allows showing the source file name
for each search result

  Bug fixes:

  - Remove script action outputs wrong script name

  - Untranslated segments missing in target Java .properties and Mozilla DTDs

  - No more warning about mixed content in the Java Web Start package. Requires
ant-contrib. See details in /release/WebStart-specific/build.xml

  - Text filter: some of the last lines of the target document could be lost

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.2 (UI, scripts, readme)
  - Interlingua localisation updated to 3.1.2 ((UI, scripts, readme, documentation)

 OmegaT 3.1.2 (2014-06-26)
  17 Enhancements
   2 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.1.2 vs. 3.1.1 update 1

  Implemented requests:

  - Include notes from orphan segments and external TMXs in search

  - Make several identical results in Search Results window appear as one result

  - Dual mode progress bar

  - Extend check_rules.groovy with ability to sort by error type

  - Show segments with spelling errors in check_rules.groovy

  - Script: Strip tags only in selection

  -  Make SVN_cleanup script localizable

  - Connector to TaaS online service

  Other enhancements:

  - When --no-team is used, Project > Dowload team project is disabled

  - Make "auto" colors more distinctive

  - Auto-completer choices can be confirmed by a double click

  - For team projects, the type of repository (Git or SVN) is now detected
automatically. When authentication is required, credentials have to be
provided first to detect the type of repository. The type of repository can
be forced by prefixing the URL with "git!" or "svn!".
E.g., svn!https://omegat.xxxx.xx/omegat-fr

  - Scripts with a separate .properties file for user messages are now
included in localisation bundles

  - Specific preferences can be built into a Java Web Start package at
compilation time, by putting an omegat.prefs file in /release/WebStart-specific

  - .properties files for script localisation can now be put into a
/properties folder inside the /scripts folder. For compatibility, .properties from
the root of the /script folder are loaded if they exist.

  - In the Search window, the labels Number of results and Display all results
were misleading, because what is counted is the number of segments containing the
results, not the number of search results. To clarify, the labels were renamed to
Number of matching segments and Display all matching segments.

  - Under Linux, the layout of omegat.kaptn was improved, with a separate tab
for online services, and the option --no-team was added

  Bug fixes:

  - Word: anything placed before the leading tag is omitted in translated document

  - The color used in the View menu to identify "auto" colors was
used by most users

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.1 update 2 (UI, Documentation, Scripts)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.1.2 (UI, Scripts, Readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.1 update 1 (2014-05-21)
   1 Enhancement
   4 Bug fixes
   0 Localisation update
3.1.1 update 1 vs. 3.1.1

  Implemented requests:

  - Strip special strings before pasing text to spellchecker script

  Bug fixes:

  - OmegaT HTML filter confuses <head> and <header>

  - Open xxx (e.g., Open glossary) scripts under Windows were not compatible
with Samba shares

  - In the text filter, the line length limit was not respected if
the source document was using LF instead of CR+LF for end of lines

  - In the XLIFF filter, protected tags (<mrk mtype="protected") were
not converted back to real tags in the target document

 OmegaT 3.1.1 (2014-05-13)
  13 Enhancements
   5 Bug fixes
   4 Localisation updates
3.1.1 vs. 3.1.0

  Implemented requests:

  - Add Illustrator xml export format support to the SVG filter

  - Allow using <trans-unit> ID as identifier of alternative translations \ 
in XLIFF filter

  - Mozilla .lang files filter

  - PO filter: allow translating blank source segments

  - Allow Moving up/down/first/last multiple files in Project Files list

  - In search, make space match non-breaking space

  - Enable sorting by column in the Spellchecker window (script)

  - Extend check_rules.groovy with ability to find untranslated and \ 
source=target segments

  Other enhancements:

  - In replace mode, "Cancel" was replaced by "Finish", because
"Cancel" could lead to believe that changes already done would be

  - By giving an email in -Dmymemory.api.email for MyMemory machine
translation, it is possible to use 1000 requests per day instead
of 100 ones

  - The Linux version is now available also with a 64-bit JRE

  - Bundle (.properties) filter now displays comments (# or !)
preceding a segment in the Comments pane

- The spell checking script can ignore mnemonic characters and escape sequences

  Bug fixes:

  - When using a search or replace filter, the last change made before
removing the filter or pressing Cancel could be lost

  - Alternative translation overwrites the default one in team project

  - "Properties..." menu is disabled in team projects

  - OmegaT shows incorrect match statistics for bilingual documents when \ 

  - Unable to save note for untranslated segment

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation, Readme)
  - Galician localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation, Readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.1 (UI, Readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.0 (2014-04-14)
  35 Enhancements
   7 Bug fixes
   2 Localisation updates
3.1.0 vs. 3.0.8 update 5

  Implemented requests:

  - Add facility for conflict resolution during team sync

  - Find and Replace (poss. with regex)

  - Search in comments

  - Show XLIFF multiple trans-unit notes

  - Allow custom sorting order of project files

  - Improve exception processing in console mode

  - Extend project statistics with the number of files in which they occur

  - Mark auto-populated segments

  - Priority TM to override project_save.tmx

  - Localisation support for scripts

  - Event for scripts

  - Set the glossary folder as default folder for the writable glossary file

  - Allow changing charset for .properties

  - Ignore <image>, <style> and <path> content in SVG files

  - Limit line length of target text files

  - Shortcut key to register source equals target for a specific segment

  Other enhancements:

  - If there is a selection When inserting a tag pair, the tags are
put on each side of the selection

  - Synchronisation does not occur anymore when creating translated
documents in team projects

  - The default character set for the PO filter is now UTF-8, as it
is the most common encoding for those files

  - The About dialog can now be resized

  - In the Mozilla DTD filter, an option allows to not
include untranslated strings in the target files

  - In the bundle properties filter, an option allows to not
include untranslated strings in the target files

  - A new script (svn_commit_source_files.groovy) allows
uploading new or modified source files of a team project
without having to use an SVN client

  - The scripting interface uses now the Java 6 native implementation
of JSR-223 script interface instead of the Bean Scripting Framework.
The list of available script engines should properly reflect the
engines installed on OmegaT classpath. Since Java6 includes by
default a javascript engine, we don't need Rhino anymore.
The value returned by the executed script is displayed in the script

  - Upgraded Groovy version from 1.8.9 to 2.2.2

  - The size and position of the scripting windows are saved in the preferences.

  - The script directory is monitored every seconds to see if a script has
 been added or deleted. This way, it is not necessary to use "F5" to \ 
refresh the
 script list.

  - The script window list only displays supported script files.

  - Addition of two new scripts to deal with extra tags.
replace_with_match_no_tags.groovy will replace the target segment with a match
without the tags.
replace_strip_tags.groovy will remove any tag form the target segment.
Other related scripts are available from
http://libretraduko.wordpress.com/2013/ … roovy-way/

  - When reading a level-2 project_save.tmx, standalone tags (e.g., <f0>) \ 
will have
a trailing '/' or not depending on the option in Options > External TMXs. \ 
Previously, a
trailing / was never added. This will improve compatibility when translating XML \ 
content and
when project_save was not produced by OmegaT.

  - XLIFF filter option: Ignore type and ctype attributes when building \ 
<bpt> and
<ept> tag shortcuts. This is similar to the option already available for \ 
<ph> tags:

  - The script svn_cleanup.groovy was renamed to svn_cleanup_selected.groovy. When
no project is loaded, it allows doing "svn cleanup" on any SVN repository.

  - Standard scripts now have a user friendly name and description, which is \ 
instead of displaying the file name

  - New QA rule in check_rules.groovy that checks the case of the first character
in source and target

  - Modifying project properties is disabled for team projects

  Bug fixes:

  - Monolingual .po: msgstr in exported files are empty

  - Error on saving team project without glossary file

  - Problem using Filter in search window when no matches are returned

  - XLIFF filter: untranslatable text (translate="no") appeared in the \ 

  - When inserting a missing tag pair, any selected text was deleted

  - On Mac, the quit and About menu behaviour was fixed

  - Scripting window layout leaves "RUN" button out

  Localisation updates:

  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation, Readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.0 (UI, Documentation)

 OmegaT 3.0.8 update 5 (2014-03-24)
   0 Enhancement
   1 Bug fix
   0 Localisation update
3.0.8 update 5 vs. 3.0.8 update 4

  Bug fixes:

  - Includes team project bug fix from 2.6.3 update 9

 OmegaT 3.0.8 update 4 (2014-02-25)
   1 Enhancement
   0 Bug fix
   1 Localisation update
3.0.8 update 4 vs. 3.0.8 update 3

  Other enhancements:

  - Mac: a pre-defined line in OmegaT.sh makes it easier to use
system Java 1.6 on OS X

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.0.8 update 2 (UI)

 OmegaT 3.0.8 update 3 (2014-01-27)
   2 Enhancements
   1 Bug fix
   0 Localisation update
3.0.8 update 3 vs. 3.0.8 update 2

  Implemented requests:

  - Insert Next Missing Tag Pair

  Other enhancements:

  - New Project can now be called with the Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut

  Bug fixes:

  - Under the Mac with Java 1.7, OmegaT could freeze when using
New Project or Open Project

 OmegaT 3.0.8 update 2 (2014-01-23)
   7 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   2 Localisation updates
3.0.8 update 2 vs. 3.0.8 update 1

  Implemented requests:

  - XLIFF filter: Ignore type and ctype attributes when building <ph> tag \ 

  - Added dummy Google Translate API key in the Mac package

  - Chinese (ZH.*) segmentation rules added

  Other enhancements:

  - New Korean tokenizer. As it is still "beta", it it not yet the default
tokenizer for Korean, and has to be selected manually in the list.

  - Scripts are now interpreted as being written in UTF-8. This will remove
ambiguity and ease exchanging files across different platforms.

  - Scripts now use a monospaced font

  - The Mac version now contains the JRE (1.7). Runtime parameters
(e.g., user language, Google API key, etc.) can be edited in

  Bug fixes:

  - OutOfMemoryError in DirectoryMonitor if monitored path contains recursive \ 

  - In the Search window, the shortcut Alt+f was allocated both to Files
and Filter, and no shortcut was allocated to Translated. The new shortcuts
are Alt+l for Files, Alt+f for Filter and Alt+t for Translated

  - After creating a project, both Copy Files to Source Folder and
Download MediaWiki Page were greyed out

  - Swedish segmentation rules were not properly displayed in the Segmentation \ 
Rules dialog

  Localisation updates:

  - Simplified Chinese localisation updated to 3.0.8 (UI, Documentation)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.0.8 update 2 (UI, Documentation, Readme)
   2014-09-27 11:50:17 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Use tr to handle differences between unzip implementations.
   2014-09-24 14:51:06 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix broken patch file.
   2014-01-01 13:40:53 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to

 OmegaT 3.0.8 update 1
   0 Enhancement
   1 Bug fix
   11 Localisation updates
3.0.8 update 1 vs. 3.0.8

  Bug fixes:

  - Enabling Remove Tags results in almost empty translated Word files

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.0.8 (UI, Documentation)
  - Hungarian localisation updated to 3.0.8 (Instant Start)
  - Czech localisation updated to 3.0.2 (UI, Documentation)
  - German localisation updated to 3.0 (UI)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.0.3 (UI, Documentation)
  - Greek localisation updated to 3.0 (Documentation)
  - Belarus localisation updated to 3.0 (UI, Instant Start, Readme)
  - Korean localisation added at 3.0.7 (UI, Instant Start, Readme)
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.0.8 (UI, Documentation)
  - Simplified Chinese localisation updated to 3.0.8 (UI)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.0.8 (UI, Documentation)