./emulators/atari800, Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.0.0, Package name: atari800-4.0.0, Maintainer: adam

Atari 8-bit machine emulator for multiple platforms.

Major features:
o Atari 400, 800, 600 XL, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 Games System.
o 130XE compatible memory expansions: 320K, 576K, 1088K.
o Optional 4K RAM between 0xc000 and 0xcfff in 400/800 mode.
o Cycle-exact 6502 emulation, all unofficial instructions.
o Cycle-exact NMI interrupts, scanline-based POKEY interrupts.
o Scanline-based ANTIC emulation, all display modes, precise timing.
o Player/Missile Graphics, exact priority control and collision detection.
o Exact POKEY shift registers (sound and random number generator).
o 8 disk drives, emulated at computer-to-drive communication
and fast patched SIO levels.
o ATR, XFD, DCM, ATR.GZ and XFD.GZ disk images.
o Direct loading of Atari executable files.
o 24 cartridge types, raw and CART format.
o Cassette player, raw and CAS images.
o Printer support.
o Files can be stored directly on your host computer via the H: device.
o Current emulation state can be saved in a state file.
o Sound support (possibility to redirect it to WAV files).
o Stereo (two POKEYs) emulation.
o Joystick controller using numeric keypad and real joystick support.
o Screen snapshots (normal and interlaced) to PCX files.

Required to run:
[graphics/png] [devel/SDL]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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SHA1: c07a28a14d280a90c01f59705801f28943e0d198
RMD160: 35006f7fd045e27e644eb70cf9700ba6b3e60179
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   2018-08-05 23:27:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
atari800: updated to 4.0.0

Version 4.0.0:

This release brings four years of hard work of fellow Atari800 developers
on improvements and bugfixes of our favorite Atari emulator.

Ports to Atari ST/TT/Falcon, Android, Raspberry Pi and Sega Dreamcast
have been improved (some of them greatly).

CPU, SIO, ANTIC, GTIA, POKEY and PIA emulation has been corrected.

Atari800 now includes Altirra BIOS so it is now possible to run *some*
programs even without installing the original ROM files.

The total number of changes is so huge that major version bump was necessary.

Contrary to usual NEWS entries here follows a very incomplete list. It might
be updated in later releases. In the meantime please read DOC/ChangeLog
and the commit history in git for complete list of changes.

This release contains breaking changes in color handling. Users updating from
an earlier version should reset their color settings, or else the display
might be unreadable. To reset the color settings, do one of these:
 * Select one of the presets available in the menu option "Display \ 
   "Color preset"; or
 * Run atari800 with the -color-preset command-line option, e.g.:
   atari800 -colors-preset standard; or
 * Delete the emulator's config file (.atari800.cfg). Caution: you'll lose
   all Atari800 settings!

New features:
 * Support for loading of CAS images with "fsk" chunks - images of
   copy-protected tapes can now be loaded, with SIO patch being disabled.
 * Bit3 Full View 80 Column card emulation.
 * New cartridge type 68: "Atrax 128 KB cartridge".
   Previously existing cartridge type 17: "Atrax 128 KB cartridge" was \ 
   on a misconception - real Atrax cartridges have their address and data
   lines intermixed, so type 17 could not be used with actual ROM dumps. So,
   type 17 has been renamed to "Decoded Atrax 128 KB cartridge", and \ 
new type
   68 has been added, whcih now can be used for Atrax ROM chip dumps.
 * New cartridge types supported:
   - aDawliah 32 KB cartridge
   - aDawliah 64 KB cartridge

 * new command line switch "-volume" (for 16bit sound output) that can set
   the output volume of the Atari 800 emulator with value from 0 to 100.

 * The Sound Settings option "Fragment size" has been renamed to less \ 
   "Hardware buffer size".
 * Total emulator volume is lower now because the output has been shifted
   in order to fix a possible annoying humming sound in silence on some
   receivers (TV sets).

 * Fixed computation of gamma adjustment - now it is applied to each of the
   three RGB channels separately.
 * On systems that support synchronized sound: Fixed the emulator crashing
   when Dual POKEY was enabled while High Fidelity POKEY was turned off.
 * Improve screen update routines in the Dreamcast port. They don't use
   DIRTYRECT anymore but are faster than the old routines when the whole
   screen is dirty.
   2018-04-30 12:37:48 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
atari800: remove references to obsolete DragonFly/i386
   2017-12-14 23:12:19 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
atari800: updated to 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0:

General new features:
 * More accurate emulation of PAL colours (based on analysis of oscillograms
   of real PAL GTIA output)

 * Improved PAL blending, working on all grayscale pixels and is accurate now
   (can be enabled/disabled in "TV effect" display settings)

 * common sound layer implemented (SDL, JavaNVM, OSS, DOS) with synchro sound.

 * synchronized sound is now supported by both POKEY sound engines.

 * turbo mode (F12) is considerably faster

 * Added cartridge mapping used by "Turbo Hit"/"Atari Blizzard \ 
 * Added MegaMax 2 MB cartridge mapping.
 * Added read-only support for the 4 MB Flash MegaCart mapping.
 * Added minimal support for The!Cart.

General Fixes:
 * fixed possible unnecessary cartridge bank switching
 * fixes and clean up in Java port
 * fixed diagnostic cartridge cold start (doesn't send Start+Option)
 * fixed two old bugs in DOS sound (pitch being wrong and sound missing)
 * fixed keyboard not working for ncurses video and OSS sound
   2017-03-23 18:07:02 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (219)
Log message:
Extend SHA512 checksums to various files I have on my local distfile
   2016-04-01 17:49:03 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Support PKGMANDIR.  Add patch comment.
   2015-04-25 16:20:48 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (495) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive revbump following MesaLib update, categories a through f.
   2013-07-15 04:02:29 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (177)
Log message:
* .include "../../devel/readline/buildlink3.mk" with USE_GNU_READLINE=yes
  are replaced with .include "../../devel/readline/buildlink3.mk", and
  USE_GNU_READLINE are removed,

* .include "../../devel/readline/buildlink3.mk" without USE_GNU_READLINE
  are replaced with .include "../../mk/readline.buildlink3.mk".
   2013-05-19 09:35:56 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Changes 3.0.0:
* Option to automatically save configuration on exit
* More settings saved in configuration:
  - currently attached tape file
  - cartridge settings, including currently attached cartridges
  - state of R-Time 8
  - system settings, including Mosaic/Axlon RAM size
* New Tape Management menu - can now create blank tape images, switch tape
  to read/write in order to save additional data at the end of the current
  tape image, rewind/fast forward the tape, and mark it as read-only. See
  DOC/USAGE for details.
* Displaying tape position when "Show sector/block counter" is enabled.
* Reworked Cartridge Management menu - now displays filename of the
  attached cartridge.
* Option to disable restarting of the machine after cartridge change.
* When attaching a cartridge from the command line, cartridge type can now
  be specified using the new -cart-type and -cart2-type options.
* New cartridge types supported:
  - OSS 8 KB cartridge
  - OSS two chip 16 KB cartridge (043M)
  - Blizzard 4 KB cartridge
  - AST 32 KB cartridge
  - Atrax SDX 64 KB cartridge
  - Atrax SDX 128 KB cartridge
  - Turbosoft 64 KB cartridge
  - Turbosoft 128 KB cartridge
  - Ultracart 32 KB cartridge
  - Low bank 8 KB cartridge
  - SIC! 128 KB cartridge
  - SIC! 256 KB cartridge
  - SIC! 512 KB cartridge
  - Standard 2 KB cartridge
  - Standard 4 KB cartridge
  - Right slot 4 KB cartridge
* The configure script can now auto-detect some of the available display and
  sound interfaces before compiling.
* Option to enable XEP80 added to The Emulator Settings menu.
* Emulation of the 1200XL, including console LEDs, no built-in BASIC, the
  F1-F4 keys (mapped to arrow keys in the SDL version) and the on-board
  J1 jumper.
* Emulation of the XE Game System, including the built-in game and
  detachable keyboard.
* Revamped the Select System menu (now called System Settings). Can now
  select many system settings, including RAM expansions, OS and BASIC
  revision, and more.
* System ROM settings moved to a separate menu. Now it stores paths to all
  known official revisions of the Atari OS, the 5200 BIOS, all BASIC
  revisions, and the XEGS built-in game. The OS revision to use is chosen
  automatically when selecting a machine type (for example, the 400/800 OS
  PAL or NTSC version is chosen depending on the selected TV system).
* 400/800: Emulation of all RAM sizes achievable with different combinations
  of the CX852 and CX853 modules - from 8 to 48 KB.
* Emulation of 32/48KB memory sizes in the XL/XE mode, compatible
  with memory expansions for the 600XL manufactured by RC Systems.
* Emulation of the MapRAM hardware hack.
* Display settings: "Hue" renamed to "Tint". Tint now \ 
configurable also in
  PAL mode.