Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/acpica-utils
From: Tobias Nygren
Date: 2009-07-14 20:13:48
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Log Message:
LICENSE=        gnu-gpl-v2 # OR intel-acpica-license

While here de-lint the package and update to version 20090625.

ACPI 4.0: iASL and Disassembler - implemented support for the new IPMI
operation region keyword. ACPICA BZ 771, 772. Lin Ming.
ACPI 4.0: iASL - implemented compile-time validation support for all new
predefined names and control methods (31 total). ACPICA BZ 769.

Disassembler: Fixed some issues with DMAR, HEST, MADT tables. Some problems
with sub-table disassembly and handling invalid sub-tables. Attempt recovery
after an invalid sub-table ID.

iASL: Fixed a generation warning from Bison 2.3 and fixed several warnings on
the 64-bit build.
iASL: Fixed a problem where the Unix/Linux versions of the compiler could not
correctly digest Windows/DOS formatted files (with CR/LF).
iASL: Added a new option for "quiet mode" (-va) that produces only the
compilation summary, not individual errors and warnings. Useful for large
batch compilations.
AcpiExec: Implemented a new option (-z) to enable a forced semaphore/mutex
timeout that can be used to detect hang conditions during execution of AML
code (includes both internal semaphores and AML-defined mutexes and events.)

Acpiexec: Split the large aeexec.c file into two new files, aehandlers.c and

Disassembler: Decode the FADT PM_Profile field. Emit ascii names for the
various legal performance profiles.

Fix build error under Bison-2.4.
Dissasembler: Enhanced FADT support. Added decoding of the Boot Architecture
flags. Now decode all flags, regardless of the FADT version. Flag output
includes the FADT version which first defined each flag.
The iASL -g option now dumps the RSDT to a file (in addition to the FADT and
DSDT). Windows only.

iASL: Completed the '-e' option to include additional ACPI tables in order to
aid with disassembly and External statement generation. ACPICA BZ 742. Lin
iASL: Removed the "named object in while loop" error. The compiler cannot
determine how many times a loop will execute. ACPICA BZ 730.
Disassembler: Implemented support for FADT revision 2 (MS extension). ACPICA
BZ 743.
Disassembler: Updates for several ACPI data tables (HEST, EINJ, and MCFG).

iASL: Improved disassembly of external method calls. Added the -e option to
allow the inclusion of additional ACPI tables to help with the disassembly of
method invocations and the generation of external declarations during the
disassembly. Certain external method invocations cannot be disassembled
properly without the actual declaration of the method. Use the -e option to
include the table where the external method(s) are actually declared. Most
useful for disassembling SSDTs that make method calls back to the master
DSDT. Lin Ming. Example: To disassemble an SSDT with calls to DSDT:  iasl -d
-e dsdt.aml ssdt1.aml
iASL: Fix to allow references to aliases within ASL namepaths. Fixes a
problem where the use of an alias within a namepath would result in a not
found error or cause the compiler to fault. Also now allows forward
references from the Alias operator itself. ACPICA BZ 738.

Allow multiple argument counts for the predefined _SCP method. ACPI 3.0
defines _SCP with 3 arguments. Previous versions defined it with only 1
argument. iASL now allows both definitions.
iASL/disassembler: avoid infinite loop on bad ACPI tables. Check for zero-
length subtables when disassembling ACPI tables. Also fixed a couple of
errors where a full 16-bit table type field was not extracted from the input
acpisrc: Improve comment counting mechanism for generating source code
statistics. Count first and last lines of multi-line comments as whitespace,
not comment lines. Handle Linux legal header in addition to standard acpica