Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/mathomatic
From: Aleksej Saushev
Date: 2012-09-13 11:13:09
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Log Message:

09/09/12 - Allow use of editline library in Mathomatic, because somehow
           use of GPL libraries in LGPL code is not allowed, and GNU readline
           is GPL.  I am so confused about this Debian bug#687063:

           Based on the bug report's information sources,
           it appears he is saying the truth about this license issue,
           so I will have to upload new versions of
           Mathomatic with editline instead of readline to Debian.
           The only noticeable difference should be it doesn't save
           the history between Mathomatic sessions.
           I will comply with all that request it,
           though most distributions do not include editline,
           which has no major licensing restrictions.  Readline is still
           perfectly usable and good as before, you just have to link
           it in yourself.

09/10/12 - Going to have to make a new release already, 2 days after the last
           one, so I can upload this readline licensing fix to Debian by
           linking with editline.  There is no reason for anyone to upgrade
           to version 16.0.4, unless you wish to link with editline instead
           of readline.  The proper code has been added.  All you have to do
           is have the editline libraries loaded on your system,
           and run "make EDITLINE=1" to compile and link Mathomatic with

Mathomatic version 16.0.4 released Monday 09/10/12.


New command "set load" loads the current set options startup file again,
displaying the startup file as it reads it in.
If the file doesn't exist, or something is wrong, then an error message is
displayed and the set command returns with failure.
Accidently putting "load" in the startup file is now handled correctly.

08/09/12 - Allow "matho-primes all" and the command "list primes \ 
all" in
           Mathomatic to continually output consecutive prime numbers.

08/12/12 - Fixed any rman errors in the makefile so they won't be ignored.

08/17/12 - rmath and matho no longer set the debug_level or modulus_mode,
           so they can be set by the startup options file.

08/19/12 - Allow the repeat prefix on the approximate command, making it
           approximate and simplify as much as the calculate command
           does.  Hopefully someday it will just give a temporary
           result, too.  Numerical input into the symbolic math library
           now uses "repeat approximate" instead of just \ 
           to approximate the user's input, so the result is the
           same as the Mathomatic application's result.

           Disallow the same warnings to be repeatedly displayed, if the
           current warning is the same as the previous warning.

08/20/12 - Allow directory names as read command arguments, instructing
           the read command to change the current directory to the specified
           directory.  Without any arguments, the read command now does an
           "ls" command in Unix/Linux, and "dir" under \ 
MS-Windows, listing
           the current directory contents.  Running Mathomatic with a
           directory name argument now conveniently changes directory to
           that directory, then gives you the main prompt.

08/28/12 - Made "integer" type variables much more useful.  For example,
           the following now happens generally:

1-> i^(4*integer)
#1: i^(4*integer)
1-> simplify
#1: 1
1-> i^((4*integer) + 1)
#2: i^((4*integer) + 1)
2-> simplify
#2: i
2-> i^((4*integer) + 2)
#3: i^((4*integer) + 2)
3-> simplify
#3: -1
3-> i^((4*integer) + 3)
#4: i^((4*integer) + 3)
4-> simplify
#4: -1*i

08/29/12 - Displays "Calculating..." whenever autocalc is used now.

08/30/12 - Added ability to set the normal text color.
           Still defaults to no color.  Use "set color 0" to set the normal
           text color to green, as it has been for many years in the past.

08/31/12 - Removed the "set preserve_surds" option, since the approximate
           and calculate commands all take care of undoing that.
           The code remains, however "set preserve_surds" is no longer
           advertised.  I have never used it.
           Surds are preserved, for accuracy's sake, by default.

09/05/12 - "set" as a null set option works now, so no one will have any
           trouble setting-up the set options startup file.

Mathomatic version 16.0.3 released Saturday 09/08/12.