Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/libofx
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2014-12-30 14:13:21
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 0.9.10:

2014-09-12, LibOFX 0.9.10:

        - Fix missing balance dates (ledger_balance_date, available_balance_date)

2013-09-09, LibOFX 0.9.9:

        - Fix missing increment of SO_CURRENT number in libofx-0.9.6
        to avoid crashes when mixing this with older applications

        - bug#41: Fix a crash that occurs while importing a possibly
        invalid OFX file. Patch by Cristian Onet.

2013-04-17, LibOFX 0.9.8:

        - Fix errorneous reading of files with empty lines

        - bug#24: Fix build error on solaris.

        - bug#40: Fix compiler warnings of OFX clang

2013-04-11, LibOFX 0.9.7:

        - Fix errorneous reading of files with long lines

2013-03-30, LibOFX 0.9.6:

        - Extend buffer for TRANSACTION_NAME to 96 bytes due to UTF-8
        multibyte characters.

        - Patch by Geert Janssens to fix typo in info message

        - Patch by Geert Janssens to allow lines longer than 1024

        - Fix treatment of empty date strings: Must return a zero date
        instead of a bogus one.

        - Replace unlink() with remove() to fix compile problems with
        gcc 4.7

        - Make configure fail if gengetopt is missing and generated
        files are not present (as is the case when we checkout from

        - Fix garbled character encoding for UTF-8 encoded OFX 2.0
        (XML) files.  Sadly, because of a bug in OpenSP with xml
        decoding this currently means that iso-8859-1 OFX-2.0 files
        will still not be properly decoded.

LibOFX 0.9.5:
	Benoit Grégoire <>
 		- Workaround OFX files specifying invalid encoding values
 		   (specifically:  UNICODE and CP1252).  This should fix most encoding
 		   problems reported.
		- Look for DTD in source directory (simplifies developpement)
	Christian Stimming <>
		- Add minor argument checking
		- Expose field: OfxSecurityData::fiid in API
		- Make string arguments a const reference where appropriate
		- Add configure check for help2man tool
    Ryan Donlan <>
		- Improve build system and autoconf 2.68 compatibility
		- Improve generated man pages
		- Use GCC's -fvisibility=hidden to hide internal symbols from external

LibOFX 0.9.4:
    - Patch to fix segfault on some malformed date formats.  Inspired by Zach's \ 
patch on launchpad.
    - Packages-oriented changes:
        - LibOFX will now look for DTDs in env variable OFX_DTD_PATH (if present).
        - Better handling of paths (tolerates trailing path separator, or lack \ 
        - No longer ignore return value of mkstemp()
        - Integrate all changes in Ubuntu's package that weren't already upstream
        - Move to LibXML++ 2.6, as 1.0 is deprecated
	- Add generated man pages with html2man

LibOFX 0.9.3:
	- Fix segfault on some files containing missing closing tags (bug #2969817)

LibOFX 0.9.2:
	- Win32: Add gnucash patch that looks up the dtd installation directory from \ 
the current executable's location.
	- Apply patch by Geert Janssens to fix a crash on invalid date format
	- Apply patch by ajseward with some additional fixes to allow wraping the \ 
library in python.
	- Apply patch by Thomas Baumgart which fixes bug #5 (Transaction posting date \ 
off by one)
	- Apply patch by Bill Nottingham <>  with various C++ \ 
include fixes for building with recent compilers.