Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/qpdf
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2015-01-26 12:54:17
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Log Message:
Update 5.0.1 to 5.1.2
2014-06-07  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* 5.1.2: release

	* MS Visual C++ build: explicitly target Windows 5.0.1 (XP)

	* New example program: pdf-split-pages: efficiently split PDF
	files into individual pages.

	* Bug fix: don't fail on files that contain streams where /Filter
	or /DecodeParms references a stream. Before, qpdf would try to
	convert these to direct objects, which would fail because of the

2014-02-22  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Bug fix: if the last object in the first part of a linearized
	file had an offset that was below 65536 by less than the size of
	the hint stream, the xref stream was invalid and the resulting file
	is not usable.  This is now fixed.

2014-01-14  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* 5.1.1: release

2013-12-26  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Bug fix: when copying foreign objects (which occurs during page
	splitting among other cases), avoid traversing the same object
	more than once if it appears more than once in the same direct
	object.  This bug is performance-only and does not affect the
	actual output.

2013-12-17  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* 5.1.0: release

2013-12-16  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Document and make explicit that passing null to
	QUtil::setRandomDataProvider() resets the random data provider.

	* Provide QUtil::getRandomDataProvider().

2013-12-14  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Allow anyspace rather than just newline to follow xref header.
	This allows qpdf to read a wider range of damaged files.

2013-11-30  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Allow user-supplied random data provider to be used in place of
	OS-provided or insecure random number generation.  See
	documentation for 5.1.0 for details.

	* Add configure option --enable-os-secure-random (enabled by
	default).  Pass --disable-os-secure-random or define
	SKIP_OS_SECURE_RANDOM to avoid attempts to use the operating
	system-provided secure random number generation.  This can be
	especially useful on Windows if you wish to avoid any dependency
	on Microsoft's cryptography system.

2013-11-29  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* If NO_GET_ENVIRONMENT is #defined, for Windows only,
	QUtil::get_env will always return false.  This was added to
	support a user who needs to avoid calling GetEnvironmentVariable
	from the Windows API.  QUtil::get_env is not used for any
	functionality in qpdf and exists only to support the test suite
	including test coverage support with QTC (part of qtest).

	* Add /FS to msvc builds to allow parallel builds to work with
	Visual C++ 2013.

	* Add missing #include <algorithm> in some files that use std::min
	and std::max.

2013-11-21  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Change image comparison tests, which are disabled by default, to
	use tiff files with 8 bits per sample rather than 4.  This works
	around a bug in tiffcmp but also increases time and disk space for
	image comparison tests.

2013-10-28  Jay Berkenbilt  <>
	* Fix MacOS compilation errors by adding a missing #include
	<string> in a header file.