Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/get_iplayer
From: Patrick Welche
Date: 2015-03-14 01:29:09
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Log Message:
Update get_iplayer to 2.92

Version 2.92 -- Fri, 13 Mar 2015
* Tag version 2.92
* Hold off on Makefile changes
* Makefile changes
* Sort programme types in help text
* Pick up flashlow stream from mobile data
* Clean up Kodi .nfo files
* Updated help text and man page
* No ddlaacmed mode
* Automatically use mediaselector/4 for obvious archive programmes
* Added World Service to generated HLS live radio streams
* Fixed playlist URL parsing in archive pages
* Reinstate --mediaselector option (for archive programmes)
* Update ddlaac modes
* Combine AAC and MP3 in "shoutcast" mode alias for live radio
* Rework live stream location override options
* Rework default programme version determination
* Tweak mode size formatting
* Fixed incorrect processing of --stop and --start in HLS streamer
* Make --check-duration aware of --start and --stop
* Ignore rtmpdump error code = 2 with --stop
* When selecting default, ignore versions with only subtitles stream
* Don't check if main script writable on update unless it will be written
* Update live radio options in man page
* Updated Flash player URL
* Added --liveradio-intl option, removed "nonuk" mode alias
* Remove live radio mode list exception for World Service
* Removed deleted live Flash stream for World Service
* Fixed priority order of HLS live streams
* Added --no-proxy option
* Added DDL opts to manpage
* Cache listing with earliest availability when using schedule feeds
* Cache mis-catalogued news programmes
* Generate all additional live streams with --live{tv,radio}-uk
* Web PVR: Fixed escaping in form param parsing
* Revamped support for direct download AAC files
* Removed unnecessary thumbnail download notice
* Don't attempt to tag file with --raw
* Add full metadata to media clips (changes re-applied)
* Revert clip metadata changes
* Added shoutcast options to man page
* Removed rtsp recording modes
* Ignore --mediaselector option
* Added support for direct download AAC files
* Added support for Shoutcast live radio streams
* Revamped stream data processing
* Don't create series web link if no parent entity
* Handle rare subseries (split episodes)
* Move fallback metadata collection to ensure title is populated first
* Process all programme versions (including duplicates) to find stream info
* Cache audio described programmes from ION feeds
* Added additional HD/SD streams with --hds-livetv
* Fix runtime in Freevo/Kodi metadata
* widen first column in --dump-options output
* Updated SWF player URL
* bump dev version