Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ruby-facter
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2015-06-10 16:45:09
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Log Message:
Update ruby-facter to 2.4.4.

Facter 2.4.4
Released May 20, 2015

Facter 2.4.4 is a bug fix release in the Facter 2.4 series. It also
deprecates the --puppet command line option, since it caused circular load
dependencies. To run Facter in Puppet’s context, you should use the puppet
facts command instead.

* FACT-96: Deprecate ‘facter –puppet’
* FACT-628: facter returns incorrect value for facter virtual for Solaris Ldoms
* FACT-697: If NetworkManager is installed but not used facter throws a warning.
* FACT-975: On PPC64LE architecture, processors aren’t detected
* FACT-963: Remove pre-suite environment setup for AIO

Facter 2.4.3
Released April 2, 2015

Facter 2.4.3 is an AIO support release in the Facter 2.4 series that also
includes two improvements to performance, and multiple bug fixes.

AIO External Facts Directory Change

Changed external facts directory from /opt/puppetlabs/agent/facts.d to
/opt/puppetlabs/facter/facts.d on *nix. Windows is unchanged.

* FACT-826: Prepend AIO external facts directory for root

Improvements to Performance and Speed

* Reduced calls to ip link show for
  performance. Facter::Util:IP.get_interface_value called
  get_bonding_interface for every possible value, which could have caused
  performance issues if many interfaces were being used.

* Improved the speed of puppetversion in standalone Facter. There is no
  notable difference when calling Facter while Puppet is already
  running. Previously, running Facter with --timing showed that puppetversion
  was by far the slowest fact. This was not true when executed by Puppet, but
  gave the impression that Puppet is slow.


* FACT-893: selinux_config_policy returns “unknown” on Debian and RHEL7
* FACT-596: Fix to selinux_config_policy, always returned “unknown” on
  Debian and RHEL7.
* FACT-825: Default timeout for prtdiag in the ‘virtual’ fact is too low
  for large Solaris systems
* FACT-830: xendomains returning empty on debian hosts
* FACT-834: Only load ec2 rest once to avoid double loading warnings
* FACT-888: Facter does not properly detect KVM when CPU type is not
* FACT-894: Prepend ~/.puppetlabs/opt/facter/facts.d to external search path
  for non-root
* FACT-805: use /etc/os-release on CoreOS

Full List of Issues

See Jira for a full list of issues resolved in Facter 2.4.3.

Facter 2.4.2

Facter 2.4.2 was not publicly released, and no packages were provided.