Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-paramiko
From: Blue Rats
Date: 2015-10-04 00:54:17
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Log Message:
Update to 1.15.3. Mostly, the point of this update is to clarify that paramiko
is not, from what I can tell by building and using (also from the repo),
broken under py3x. Therefore, dependencies marked as broken under py3x due to
paramiko will be unmarked (unless they are broken for lack of py3x support).

From sites/www/changelog.rst:

:support:`554 backported` Fix inaccuracies in the docstring for the ECDSA key \ 
class. Thanks to Jared Hance for the patch.

:support:`516 backported` Document ~paramiko.agent.AgentRequestHandler. Thanks \ 
to @toejough for report & suggestions.

:bug:`496` Fix a handful of small but critical bugs in Paramiko's GSSAPI support \ 
(note: this includes switching from PyCrypo's Random to os.urandom). Thanks to \ 
Anselm Kruis for catch & patch.

:bug:`491` (combines :issue:`62` and :issue:`439`) Implement timeout \ 
functionality to address hangs from dropped network connections and/or failed \ 
handshakes. Credit to @vazir and @dacut for the original patches and to Olle \ 
Lundberg for reimplementation.

:bug:`490` Skip invalid/unparseable lines in known_hosts files, instead of \ 
raising ~paramiko.ssh_exception.SSHException. This brings Paramiko's behavior \ 
more in line with OpenSSH, which silently ignores such input. Catch & patch \ 
courtesy of Martin Topholm.

:bug:`404` Print details when displaying \ 
~paramiko.ssh_exception.BadHostKeyException objects (expected vs received data) \ 
instead of just "hey shit broke". Patch credit: Loic Dachary.

:bug:`469` (also :issue:`488`, :issue:`461` and like a dozen others) Fix a typo \ 
introduced in the 1.15 release which broke WinPageant support. Thanks to \ 
everyone who submitted patches, and to Steve Cohen who was the lucky winner of \ 
the cherry-pick lottery.

:bug:`353` (via :issue:`482`) Fix a bug introduced in the Python 3 port which \ 
caused OverFlowError (and other symptoms) in SFTP functionality. Thanks to \ 
@dboreham for leading the troubleshooting charge, and to Scott Maxwell for the \ 
final patch.

:support:`582` Fix some old related helper code which was breaking \ 
bdist_dumb on Mac OS X. Thanks to Peter Odding for the patch.

:bug:`22 major` Try harder to connect to multiple network families (e.g. IPv4 vs \ 
IPv6) in case of connection issues; this helps with problems such as hosts which \ 
resolve both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses but are only listening on IPv4. Thanks to \ 
Dries Desmet for original report and Torsten Landschoff for the foundational \ 

:bug:`402` Check to see if an SSH agent is actually present before trying to \ 
forward it to the remote end. This replaces what was usually a useless TypeError \ 
with a human-readable ~paramiko.ssh_exception.AuthenticationException. Credit to \ 
Ken Jordan for the fix and Yvan Marques for original report.