Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible2
From: Wen Heping
Date: 2016-10-30 10:07:23
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Upstream changes:
## 2.1.2 "The Song Remains the Same" - 09-29-2016

###Minor Changes:
* Fixed a bug related to creation of retry files (#17456)
* Fixed a bug in the way include params are used when an include task is dynamic \ 
* Fixed a bug related to including blocks in an include task (#15963)
* Fixed a bug related to the use of hostvars internally when creating the \ 
connection plugin. This prevents things like variables using lookups from being \ 
evaluated unnecessarily (#17024)
* Fixed a bug where using a variable containing a list for the `hosts` of a play \ 
resulted in an list of lists (#16583)
* Fixed a bug where integer values would cause an error if a module param was of \ 
type `float` (no issue)
* Fixed a bug with net_template failing if src was not specified (#17726)
* Fixed a bug in "ansible-galaxy import" (#17417)
* Fixed a bug in which INI files incorrectly treated a hosts range as a section \ 
header (#15331)
* Fixed a bug in which the max_fail_percentage calculation erroneously caused a \ 
series of plays to stop executing (#15954)
* Fixed a bug in which the task names were not properly templated (#16295)
* Fixed a bug causing "squashed" loops (ie. yum, apt) to incorrectly \ 
report results (ansible-modules-core#4214)
* Fixed several bugs related to includes:
  - when including statically, make sure that all parents were also included \ 
statically (issue #16990)
  - properly resolve nested static include paths
  - print a message when a file is statically included
* Fixed a bug in which module params expected to be float types were not \ 
converted from integers (only strings) (#17325)
* Fixed a bug introduced by static includes in 2.1, which prevented \ 
notifications from going to the "top level" handler name.
* Fixed a bug where a group_vars or host_vars directory in the current working \ 
directory would be used (and would take precedence) over those in the inventory \ 
and/or playbook directory.
* Fixed a bug which could occur when the result of an async task did not parse \ 
as valid JSON.
* (re)-allowed the use of ansible_python_interpreter lines with more than one \ 
* Fixed several bugs related to the creation of the implicit localhost in inventory.
* Fixed a bug related to an unspecified number of retries when using until.
* Fixed a race-condition bug when creating temp directories before the worker \ 
process is forked.
* Fix a bug with async's poll keyword not making use of \ 
ansible_python_interpreter to run (and thus breaking when /usr/bin/python is not \ 
present on the remote machine.)
* Fix a bug where hosts that started with a range in inventory were being \ 
treated as an invalid section header.

Module fixes:
* Fixed a bug where the temporary CA files created by the module helper code \ 
were not being deleted properly in some situations (#17073)
* Fixed many bugs in the unarchive module
* Fixes for module ec2:
  - Fixed a bug related to source_dest_check when used with non-vpc instances \ 
  - Fixed a bug in ec2 where instances were not powering of when referenced via \ 
tags only (core#4765)
  - Fixed a bug where instances with multiple interfaces were not powering \ 
up/down correctly (core#3234)
* Fixes for module get_url:
  - Fixed a bug in get_url module to force a download if there is a checksum \ 
mismatch regardless of the last modified time (core#4262)
  - Fixed a bug in get_url module to properly process FTP results (core#3661 and \ 
* Fixed a bug in win_user related to users with disabled accounts/expired \ 
passwords (core#4369)
* ini_file:
  - Fixed a bug where option lines are now inserted before blank lines.
  - Fixed a bug where leading whitespace prevented matches on options.
* Fixed a bug in iam_cert when dup_ok is used as a string.
* Fixed a bug in postgresql_db related to the changed logic when state=absent.
* Fixed a bug where single_transaction and quick were not passed into db_dump \ 
for the mysql_db module.
* Fixed a bug where the fetch module was not idempotent when retrieving the \ 
target of a symlink.
* Many minor fixes for bugs in extras modules.


* Deprecated the use of `_fixup_perms`. Use `_fixup_perms2` instead.
  This change only impacts custom action plugins using `_fixup_perms`.

###Incompatible Changes:

* Use of `_fixup_perms` with `recursive=True` (the default) is no longer supported.
  Custom action plugins using `_fixup_perms` will require changes unless they \ 
already use `recursive=False`.
  Use `_fixup_perms2` if support for previous releases is not required.
  Otherwise use `_fixup_perms` with `recursive=False`.

## 2.1.1 "The Song Remains the Same" - 07-28-2016

###Minor Changes:

* If the user is not using paramiko or vault, allow Ansible to run if pycrypto \ 
is not installed.
* Fixed a bug in pkg_util module that caused "update_catalog must be one \ 
of" error if 'update_catalog' arg was used.
* Fixed a bug where psuedo-connection vars (eg, ansible_winrm_transport) defined \ 
in group_vars or host_vars were not getting passed to the connection.
* Fixed a bug where temp file permissions on BSDs were not using filesystem acls \ 
when available.
* Fixed some bugs in variable dependency resolution. These were mainly related \ 
to includes and roles, to bringe the VariableManager code in-line with our \ 
* Fixed a bug in unarchive, when the destination was a symlinked directory.
* Fixed a bug related to performance when loading a large number of groups.
* Fixed bugs related to the way host and group vars are loaded, which (for large \ 
sets of inventory variables) can reduce CPU and memory usage by 50%.
* Fixed a bug where includes were not being implicitly evaluated as static when \ 
no loop or variables were being used.
* Fixed several more bugs in relation to the way play execution continues or \ 
halts when hosts fail, to bringe the behavior more in line with 1.9.x.
* Fixed bugs related to the use of the underlying shell executable with the \ 
script and raw modules.
* Fixed several bugs in relation to the way ssh keys were used with various \ 
networking modules.
* Fixed a bug related to the way handlers are tracked internally, which could \ 
cause bugs when roles are reused within the same play (allow_duplicates: yes) or \ 
when the role dependencies formed a "diamond" pattern.
* Fixed a bug related to setfacl on platforms which do not support the -R option \ 
for recursive changes.
* Several fixes to the way async works to prevent race conditions and other bugs
* More fixes to the way failed and unreachable hosts affect future plays
* Fixed a bug in the way the to_json filter encoded some objects
* Fixed a bug in the way roles and dependencies are loaded, and how they inherit \ 
params from parent roles.
* Fixed a bug in which the number of retries in a do/until loop was off by one
* Fixed a bug in the way the passwd lookup deals with salts
* When using the local connection, internally the remote_user value is now \ 
forced to be the current user even if remote_user is specified, to prevent \ 
issues with become settings
* Fix for Azure modules to work with most recent Azure python library (2.0.0rc5)
* Fix for bug related to unreachable hosts and any_errors_fatal in the linear \ 
* Fix for error handling in relation to killed/dead worker processes. If workers \ 
are killed via SIGKILL or SIGTERM, this will halt execution of the playbook.
* Fixed a regression in the way we handle variables from dependent roles.
* Added better handling for certain errors thrown from the cryptography.
* Fixed a typo in the azure_rm_storageaccount module.
* Fixed some minor bugs in the os_user_role and cs_volume modules.
* Fixed a bug related to the return value of a low-level inventory API call \ 
related to getting variables for hosts and groups.