Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/doxygen
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2016-11-24 14:34:18
Message id:

Log Message:
Update devel/doxygen 1.8.11 to 1.8.12
Release 1.8.12 (release date 05-09-2016)

  * Bug 306025 - Fix missing title in non-page docanchors from tag files
  * Bug 504305 - FILTER_PATTERNS won't take command with arguments
  * Bug 675165 - Uses <img> instead of <object> html tag for SVG images
  * Bug 700381 - error state 21 with fortran code (fixed format)
  * Bug 710611 - Missing Page References in the Index Chapters of the LaTex/PDF
  * Bug 722654 - Inherited member of template class issues warning and is not
  * Bug 742452 - Fortran: attributes after a blank line are ignored / Bug
    625602 - FORTRAN: comment in subroutine argument list
  * Bug 749924 - Doxygen handles comments in Objective-C code blocks
  * Bug 750930 - Representation of arrows
  * Bug 751416 - Markdown: > escaped within backticks
  * Bug 751984 - Use UTC timezone when displaying QDateTimes parsed from
  * Bug 752712 - last entry missing in a @name group of typedefs
  * Bug 753608 - Link of typedef within namespace on group pages missing
  * Bug 757509 - causes to ignore some inheritance
  * Bug 760086 - Figure title needs to be on separate line in order for it to
  * Bug 760836 - Phantom variables/functions in XML, created from non-code
  * Bug 760970 - CASE_SENSE_NAMES ignored
  * Bug 761007 - Spaces between the closing bracket of the typename and the
    opening bracket of the parameter list cause detection issues.
  * Bug 761139 - python unicode docstrings are ignored  ,
  * Bug 761471 - Do not allow ligatures in log output
  * Bug 762670 - References for one function can inherit References from
    subsequent non documented function
  * Bug 762934 - External search does not properly escape user supplied data,
    resulting in vulnerability
  * Bug 762982 - regression, Unescaped percent sign in doxygen output
  * Bug 763104 - hyperref link label drop underscores
  * Bug 763105 - Directory list is not generated in HTML output
  * Bug 763471 - imported section anchors are copied in project tagfile
  * Bug 763720 - Exclusion of a new line at the end of source code file causing
    nesting of HTML code for function documentation  ,
  * Bug 764359 - Recent File list allows only 2 entries  ,
  * Bug 764515 - doxygen crashes no resolved
  * Bug 764656 - generated xml has errors
  * Bug 764711 - quick link index in alphabetical class list in classes.html
    doesn't work
  * Bug 765001 - Bad character escaping scheme in HTML anchor generation.
  * Bug 765002 - `@addindex`entries fail to link to the exact location in
    Compiled HTML Help.
  * Bug 765070 - Java: final keyword on a parameter brakes docs inherinance
  * Bug 765692 - Using `@page` to add title to Markdown file generates surplus
    empty page.
  * Bug 766059 - DOT_PATH not expanded
  * Bug 766069 - Files with incorrect extensions (.doc) are picked up by
  * Bug 766464 - python: missing cross-links in sources (option SOURCE_BROWSER
    = YES)
  * Bug 766698 - VHDL: missing last sign in html documentation of constant
  * Bug 766787 - HTML Tables with 10+ columns are broken for LaTeX based output

  * Bug 766809 - Enumerations heading present but none listed
  * Bug 767171 - ALIASES stop working after verbatim with formula and /** */
  * Bug 768830 - Doxygen segfault (return code 134) when parsing a c++ enum
    class contained in a class
  * Bug 768954 - Segmentation fault when processing md containing only header
  * Bug 769018 - Invalid XHTML if the directives brief and exception are
    following immediately
  * Bug 769028 - Can't scroll using finger documentation in Chrome browser on
    Android OS
  * Bug 769736 - doxygen generates incorrect documentation for C enum in latex

  * Bug 770660 - Code snippet always shows line numbers from 1
  * Bug 770747 - Broken links in HTML output with SHOW_FILES=NO
  * Add caption in verbatim blocks.
  * Add parameter in/out specifiers to output.
  * Add section title to output.
  * Added .codedocs file
  * Added an option to add "anonymous" headings to the table of contents
    (currently Markdown only).
  * Added generating template files and reading templates from disk if present

  * Added missing free
  * Added support for encoding tag to the template engine used for HTML help
  * Adding compilation options for flex/lex and bison/yacc
  * Adding partial htmlhelp support to template system
  * Adjusted Doxygen to doxygen in running text in the manual
  * Allow verbatim code block to be placed on the output.
  * Also map .f95, .f03 and .f08 file types to Fortran
  * Another possible fix
  * Applied responsive design to menu bar using smartmenus
  * Assertion failure generation documentation
  * Bug fix for rendering the VHDL Hierarchy (thanks to a patch by Martin
  * Building doxyapp fails after update of config methodology to improve
  * Bump version for GIT repo
  * CMAKE: Fix building on Windows with VS 2015
  * Changed configuration mechanism to directly access options in order to
    improve performance
  * Code with "extension" unparsed shows line numbers
  * Color code word OPERATOR and ASSIGNMENT as keyword in FORTRAN code
  * Color code word RESULT as keyword in FORTRAN code
  * Determination of end of parameter list
  * Disable selecting line number
  * Disabled debug prints
  * Documentation for extensions .f95, .f03 and .f08
  * Doxygen fails to copy logo image to LaTex output dir
  * FORTRAN determination string in preprocessing
  * Feature: Translations for german language (changes since 1.8.4)
  * Fix STRIP_FROM_PATH when running from drive root
  * Fix Windows build instructions.
  * Fix documentation typos
  * Fix for HTML output when using server side search and the the new menu bar

  * Fix for changed references due to different removeRedudantWhiteSpace()
  * Fix for empty file name
  * Fix for error in travis.yml
  * Fix issue escaping backslash inside markdown style code span
  * Fix linker flags for building with clang on Windows
  * Fix order of member initilaization
  * Fix return-type warnings with -DNDEBUG
  * Fix search box rendering in HTML when menu bar is disabled
  * Fix uppercase letters B-Z being unnecessarily escaped in index HTML
  * Fixed for index.hhp output when using template engine
  * Fixed issue escaping ndashes (\--) and mdashes (\---)
  * Fixed problem with -w command when no Doxyfile was present and specified
  * Fixed two regressions found during extensive testing
  * Fixed typos.
  * Fixed wrong <p> nesting issue for call/caller graphs
  * Fortran inline source code and crash on Linux
  * Improve output on mobile devices
  * Improved list of files in htmlhelp.hhp
  * Improved sorting performance for directories and files
  * Include command show line number (e.g. LaTeX)
  * Initialization of python variables and type determination
  * Introducing commands includedoc and snippetdoc
  * Latex page numbering
  * Minor build fixes
  * Minor correction for BUILD.txt
  * Minor performance improvement sorting directories
  * Minor update to the installation instructions
  * Missing semicolon in navtree.css
  * Modified (readability) layout for member title in HTML and LaTex
  * Optimized use of convertNameToFile to improve performance
  * PDF generation stops when image with caption is included in a table.
  * Parse more than 1 size indiction in defaultHandleTitleAndSize
  * Problem jumping to line number in source code due to wrong hypertarget name

  * Python strip code comments
  * Reimplemented node renumbering for dot graph to improve performance
  * Remove unused variables  ,
  * Removed ambiguity in the XML schema definition
  * Revert #291
  * Simplified code of fix for Bug 765001
  * Sorting in latex index and missing \@ in index
  * Split apt-get install commands in travis config in an attempt to reduce
  * Style fixes and added numbering to overloaded members
  * Table of contents breaks when documentation spans multiple comment blocks
    with same @page
  * Unified display of enum values across output formats and languages
  * Unify handling of extra packages in formula.cpp and latexgen.cpp so
    formula.cpp handles package arguments correctly
  * Update LICENSE file to latest from FSF
  * Update copyright year in docs
  * Updated to include code docs
  * Updated stylesheet for the manual to fix layout issue in the navigation
  * Warnings from CLANG compiler
  * fix ninja build error
  * fixed rtf subsection
  * mangen.h: remove italic in brief member descriptions
  * reimplemented removeRedundantWhiteSpace() to improve performance
  * sqlite3gen: defnname -> defname
  * sqlite3gen: export proper memberdef refid
  * sqlite3gen: insert xrefs using integer refids
  * sqlite3gen: stripFromPath on all calls to insertFile
  * sqlite3gen: stripWhitespace on bitfield's text
  * sqlite3gen: sync with xmlgen
  * sqlite3gen: use the refid stored in the refids table