Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/syslog-ng
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2017-01-10 19:54:16
Message id:

Log Message:
Update sysutils/syslog-ng to 3.9.1.


- Improve parsing performance in case of keep-timestamp(no)
- TLS based transports will publish the peer's certificate in a set of
  name-value pairs.
- Improve performance of the tcp() source, due to a bug, syslog-ng
  attempted to apply position tracking to messages coming over a TCP
  transport, which is used for file position tracking and causing
  performance degradation.
- Make it possible to configure the listen-backlog() for any stream based
  transports (unix-stream and tcp).
- Add a groupunset() rewrite rule that pairs up with groupset() but instead
  of setting values it unsets them.
- Add support for Elastic Shield and SearchGuard
- kv-parser() is now able to cope with unquoted values with an embedded
  space in them, it also trims whitespace from keys/values and is in
  general more reliable in extracting key-value pairs from arbitrary log
- Improve performance for java based destinations.
- Add prefix() option to add-contextual-data()


- Fix a potential crash in the file destination, in case it is a template
  based filename and time-reap() is elapsed.
- Fix a potential ACK problem within syslog-ng that can cause input windows
  to overflow queue sizes over time, effectively causing message drops that
  shouldn't occur.
- Fix a heap corruption bug in the DNS cache, in case the maximum number of
  DNS cache entries is reached.
- Fix timestamp for suppression messages.
- Fix add-contextual-data() to support CRLF line endings in its CSV input
- Fixed key() option parsing in riemann() destinations.
- Find libsystemd-journal related functions in both
  and, as recent systemd versions bundled all systemd
  related libs into the same library.
- Fixed the build-time detection of system-wide installed librabbitmq,
  libmongoc and libcap.
- Fix the file source to repeatedly check for unexisting files, as a bug
  caused syslog-ng to stop after two attempts previously.
- The performance testing tool "loggen" crashed if it was used to generate
  messages on multiple threads over TLS. This was now fixed.
- Fix an issue in the syslog-parser() parser, so that timestamps parsed
  earlier in the log path are properly overwritten.
- Due to a compilation issue, tcp-keepalive-time(), tcp-keepalive-intvl() and
  tcp-keepalive-probes() were not working, now they are again.
- The --disable-shm-counters option is now passed to mongo-c-driver to work
  around a minor security issue.
- Fix compilation issues on FreeBSD.
- Add support to month names in all caps in syslog timestamps. At least one
  device seems to generate these.
- The options() option to java destination can now accept numbers and not
  just strings.
- Fix a memory leak in the java destination driver, that may affect java
  based destinations like ElasticSearch, Kafka & HDFS.

Other changes

- HDFS was updated to 2.7.3
- Elasticsearch was updated to 2.4.0
- Support was added for OpenSSL 1.1.x