Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/ccid
From: Greg Troxel
Date: 2017-02-16 15:30:51
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 1.4.26

1.4.26 - 7 January 2017, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
      . Bit4id Digital DNA Key
      . Bit4id tokenME FIPS v3
      . INGENICO Leo
      . appidkey GmbH ID60-USB
    - Add support of
    - PowerOn: the default algorithm is now 5V then 1.8V then 3V then fail.
      It is still possible to change the initial voltage in the
      Info.plist file.  Now, in any case, all the values are tried
      before failing.
    - Negociate maximum baud rate when bNumDataRatesSupported = 0
    - Some minor improvements

1.4.25 - 30 September 2016, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
      . Aladdin R.D. JaCarta (idProduct: 0x0402)
      . Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5832)
      . Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5833)
      . Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5834)
      . ESMART Token GOST X2 ET1020-A
      . Feitian VR504 VHBR Contactless & Contact Card Reader
      . Feitian bR500
      . Gemalto K50
      . appidkey GmbH ID100-USB  SC Reader
      . appidkey GmbH ID50 -USB
    - Remove suport of
     . Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5800)
     . Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5805)
     . KEBTechnology KONA USB SmartCard
    - macOS: Fix composite device enumeration
    - Fix crash with GemCore Pos Pro and GemCore Sim Pro
    - Some minor improvements

1.4.24 - 22 May 2016, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
     . Generic USB Smart Card Reader
     . Giesecke & Devrient GmbH StarSign CUT S
     . HID AVIATOR Generic
    - better support of Elatec TWN4 SmartCard NFC
    - better support of SCM SCL011
    - betetr support of HID Aviator generic
    - fix SCARD_ATTR_VENDOR_IFD_SERIAL_NO attribute size
    - fix a race condition on card events with multiple readers
    - Some minor improvements

1.4.23 - 20 April 2016, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
      . ACS ACR3901U ICC Reader
      . Alcor Micro AU9560
      . Cherry SmartTerminal XX44
      . HID Global OMNIKEY 3x21 Smart Card Reader
      . HID Global OMNIKEY 5022 Smart Card Reader
      . HID Global OMNIKEY 6121 Smart Card Reader
      . IonIDe Smartcard Reader reader
      . KACST HSID Reader
      . KACST HSID Reader Dual Storage
      . KACST HSID Reader Single Storage
    - Remove support of
      . VMware Virtual USB CCID
    - Do NOT add support of
      . DUALi DE-ABCM6
    - Fix a busy loop consuming 100% of CPU for some composite USB devices
      impacted readers: Yubico Yubikey NEO U2F+CCID and Broadcom BCM5880
    - Remove support of (unused) option DRIVER_OPTION_RESET_ON_CLOSE
    - log libusb error name instead of decimal value
    - Some minor improvements

1.4.22 - 10 January 2016, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
      . Aktiv Rutoken PINPad 2
      . Aladdin R.D. JC-WebPass (JC600)
      . Aladdin R.D. JCR-770
      . Aladdin R.D. JaCarta
      . Aladdin R.D. JaCarta Flash
      . Aladdin R.D. JaCarta LT
      . Aladdin R.D. JaCarta U2F (JC602)
      . Athena ASEDrive IIIe Combo Bio PIV
      . Athena ASEDrive IIIe KB Bio PIV
      . GEMALTO CT1100
      . GEMALTO K1100
      . Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Biometric Reader
      . Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Portable Biometric Reader
      . Nitrokey Nitrokey Storage
      . Thursby Software Systems, Inc. TSS-PK7
      . Thursby Software Systems, Inc. TSS-PK8
    - Patch for Microchip SEC1110 reader on Mac OS X (card events notification)
    - Patch for Cherry KC 1000 SC (problem was with a T=1 card and case 2 APDU)
    - Fix support of FEATURE_MCT_READER_DIRECT for the Kobil mIDentity
      visual reader
    - Set timeout to 90 sec for PPDU (Pseudo APDU) commands. This change
      allows the use of a Secure Verify command sent as a PPDU through
    - Fix a crash when reader reader initialization failed
    - Fix initialization bug with Gemalto Pinpad reader on Mac OS X
    - Some minor bugs fixed

1.4.21 - 21 October 2015, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
      . ACS ACR1252 Dual Reader
      . Chicony HP USB Smartcard CCID Keyboard JP
      . Chicony HP USB Smartcard CCID Keyboard KR
      . FT ePass2003Auto
      . Feitian bR301 BLE
      . Feitian iR301 (ProductID 0x0619)
      . Feitian iR301 (ProductID 0x061C)
      . Identiv @MAXX ID-1 Smart Card Reader
      . Identiv @MAXX Light2 token
      . Identiv CLOUD 2980 F Smart Card Reader
      . Identiv Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Reader
      . Identiv SCR3500 A Contact Reader
      . Identiv SCR3500 B Contact Reader
      . Identiv SCR35xx USB Smart Card Reader
      . Identiv uTrust 2900 R Smart Card Reader
      . Identiv uTrust 2910 R Smart Card Reader
      . Identiv uTrust 2910 R Taglio SC Reader
      . Identiv uTrust 3512 SAM slot Token
      . Identiv uTrust 3522 embd SE RFID Token
      . Identiv uTrust 3700 F CL Reader
      . Identiv uTrust 3701 F CL Reader
      . Identive Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC
      . Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo (Liteon)
      . Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo JP (Liteon)
      . Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo KR (Liteon)
      . Nitrokey Nitrokey HSM
      . Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro
      . Nitrokey Nitrokey Start
      . Rocketek RT-SCR1
      . VASCO DIGIPASS 875
      . WatchCNPC USB CCID Key
    - Remove support of
      . Crypto Stick Crypto Stick v1.4 is an old version of Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro
      . Free Software Initiative of Japan Gnuk Token is an old version
        of Nitrokey Nitrokey Start
    - Add Feitain R502 dual interface (composite) reader on Mac OS X
    - display a human readable version of the error code returned by
    - Mac OS X: wait until libusb/the reader is ready
    - some minor bugs fixed