Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/converters/py-chardet
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-04-19 19:24:16
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Log Message:
Updated py-chardet to 3.0.2.

chardet 3.0.2

Fixes an issue where detect would sometimes return None instead of a dict with \ 
the keys encoding, language, and confidence (Issue #113, PR #114).

chardet 3.0.1

This bugfix release fixes a crash in the EUC-TW prober when it encountered \ 
certain strings (Issue #67).

chardet 3.0.0

This release is long overdue, but still mostly serves as a placeholder
for the impending 4.0.0 release, which will have retrained models
for better accuracy. For now, this release will get the following
improvements up on PyPI:

    Added support for Turkish ISO-8859-9 detection (PR #41, thanks @queeup)
    Commented out large unused sections of Big5 and EUC-KR tables to save memory \ 
    Removed Python 3.2 from testing, but add 3.4 - 3.6
    Ensure that stdin is open with mode 'rb' for chardetect CLI. (PR #38, thanks \ 
    Fixed chardetect crash with non-ascii file names (PR #39, thanks @nkanaev)
    Made naming conventions more Pythonic throughout (no more \ 
mTypicalPositiveRatio, and instead typical_positive_ratio)
    Modernized test scripts and infrastructure so we've got Travis testing and \ 
all that stuff
    Rename filter_without_english_words to filter_international_words and make \ 
it match current Mozilla implementation (PR #44, thanks @rsnair2)
    Updated filter_english_letters to match C implementation (c665459)
    Temporarily disabled Hungarian ISO-8859-2 and Windows-1250 detection because \ 
it is very inaccurate (da6c0a0)
    Allow CLI sub-package to be importable (PR #55)
    Add a hypotheis-based test (PR #66, thanks @DRMacIver)
    Strip endianness from UTF with BOM predictions so that the encoding can be \ 
passed directly to bytes.decode() (PR #73, thanks @snoack)
    Fixed broken links in docs (PR #90, thanks @roskakori)
    Added early exit to chardetect when encoding is detected instead of looping \ 
through entire file (PR #103, thanks @jpz)
    Use bytearray objects internally instead of wrap_ord calls, which provides a \ 
nice performance boost across the board (PR #106)
    Add language property to probers and UniversalDetector results (PR #180)
    Mark the 5 known test failures as such so we can have more useful Travis \ 
build results in the meantime (d588407)