Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/rabbitmq
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2017-05-29 15:16:11
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated net/rabbitmq to 3.6.10

Bug Fixes
- rabbitmqctl wait exited with the status code of 0 when node stopped
  because it could not contact any cluster peers to [re-]join.
- rabbitmqctl forget_cluster_node used in offline mode could result in
  promotion of a node that's no longer a cluster member.
- Queue master locator could not be set using optional queue arguments
- CLI tool (e.g. rabbitmqctl) man pages were not rendered correctly.

- Disk space monitor will periodically retry (every 2 minutes by
  default, up to 10 times) before going into disabled state as
  external tools used to monitor available disk space can fail or
  produce unexpected output temporarily.
- Memory relative free disk space limits now support integer values as
  well as floats.

Management and Management Agent Plugins
- TLS-related settings in HTTP API listeners could break JSON
  serialisation for the GET /api/overview endpoint.
- Non-numerical values for numerical stats are now handled safety by
  stats aggregation.
- Stats are no longer emitted for connections that are not considered
  to be in the fully initialised state.
- POST requests now instruct clients to close TCP connections.
- In some popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer) a POST request
  followed by an immediate GET request would result in a 400 response.
  Other browsers do no exhibit this behaviour.
- I/O average time per operation graph didn't match legend.
- Sample retention policies are now validated more strictly to avoid
  configurations that are not supported and will lead to exceptions.
- Certain stats for connections were not initialised as numerical
  values, which resulted in log noise.
- UI operation for binding deletion did not respect optional (extra)
  binding arguments.
- Current virtual host is pre-selected on the "Add/update policy"

MQTT Plugin
- A non-initialized connection (e.g. one that failed early because
  client-provided payload wasn't a valid MQTT payload) produced a
  crash report log entry during termination.

LDAP Plugin
- Stale connection purging in LDAP connection pool could fail with a

Trust Store Plugin
- Certificate change detection algorithm no longer uses stat(2) on
  certificate directory because of its limitations that could lead to
  undetected changes in certain scenarios.

Web STOMP Plugin
- The plugin failed to start after being stopped and re-enabled.
- Server-initiated consumer cancellation failed with an exception.

Management Visualiser Plugin
- The plugin wasn't compatible with recent 3.6.x releases.