Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/jenkins
Date: 2017-07-18 12:22:22
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Update to 2.70

What's new in 2.70 (2017-07-16)
Community reported issues: 1×JENKINS-36792

    Fix version number shown in 2.0 upgrade wizard. (issue 45459)

What's new in 2.69 (2017-07-09)
    SSHD Module 2.0: Update from SSHD Core 0.14.0 to Apache MINA SSHD 1.6.0 in \ 
Jenkins core and Jenkins CLI. (changelog, plugin compatibility notice, issue \ 
    SSHD Module 2.0: Enable aes192ctr and aes256ctr ciphers if JVM supports \ 
unlimited-strength encryption. (issue 39738)

What's new in 2.68 (2017-07-02)
137 sunny1 cloudy3 stormCommunity reported issues: 1×JENKINS-36993

    Update Remoting from 3.7 to 3.10 adding opt-in support for work directories \ 
and improving logging in Jenkins agents. (work directory documentation, logging \ 
documentation, remoting changelog, issue 39370)
    The reload-configuration CLI command now waits until the reload is finished, \ 
and returns an error code if the reload failed. (issue 45256)
    Follow HTTP redirects while initiating CLI connection. (issue 44361)
    Add documentation for time zone specification for cron patterns (e.g. SCM \ 
polling). (issue 9283)
    Robustness improvements related to agent connections. (issue 43496, issue 38527)

What's new in 2.67 (2017-06-25)
    Enable simpler syntax for upstream build trigger in pipelines. (issue 34464)
    Remove the "JNLP" protocol references from the TCP Agent Listener \ 
log messages. (issue 44103)
    Internal: Update Annotation Indexer to 1.12 to work around JRE bug in tests. \ 

What's new in 2.66 (2017-06-18)
    When starting the jenkins.war directly, properly check for Java 8 as minimum \ 
instead of Java 7 before proceeding. (issue 44764)
    Allow overriding the Jenkins session ID suffix so it doesn't change on every \ 
restart, possibly resulting in too many cookies. (how to set session ID, issue \ 
25046, issue 44894)
    Fix resource loading in plugins using the PluginFirstClassLoader, e.g. \ 
loading Groovy classes from plugin resources. (issue 44898)
    Prevent possible NullPointerException when listing remote directories using \ 
the FilePath#list() and FilePath#listDirectories() APIs. (issue 44942)

What's new in 2.65 (2017-06-11)
Community reported issues: 1×JENKINS-21163

    Prevent NullPointerException when calling restart CLI command (regression in \ 
2.57). (issue 44769)
    Packaging: Docker alpine image had a Jenkins-incompatible JDK installation \ 
(regression in 2.64). (issue 44733, corresponding Alpine Linux issue)

What's new in 2.64 (2017-06-04)
143 sunny0 cloudy2 stormCommunity reported issues: 1×JENKINS-44733 \ 

    Moved agent port and protocol configuration out of "security" \ 
(authentication and authorization) block in Configure Global Security. (issue \ 
    Add section headers for Markup Formatter and CSRF Protection in Configure \ 
Global Security form to make these options more obvious. (pull 2900)
    Use one-column layout for REST API documentation (.../api URLs). (issue 44563)
    Update jnr-posix from 3.0.1 to 3.0.41 to pick up improvements and fixes in \ 
the POSIX platforms support. (pull 2904)
    Jenkins failed to perform some cleanup tasks, including saving the build \ 
queue, if stopped via REST /exit, CLI shutdown, or when restarting from Install \ 
as Windows Service. (issue 44589)
    Don't check whether disabled administrative monitors are active or not on \ 
the Manage Jenkins page. (issue 44608)
    Do not submit form when pressing Enter in the plugin manager's filter field. \ 
(issue 44523)
    Plugin Development: Jenkins now no longer publishes a war-for-test artifact. \ 
Plugins using this or a later version of Jenkins as baseline need to use plugin \ 
parent POM 2.30 or later. (issue 24064)

What's new in 2.63 (2017-05-28)
Community reported issues: 1×JENKINS-44907

    No notable changes in this release.

What's new in 2.62 (2017-05-21)
147 sunny1 cloudy3 stormCommunity reported issues: 1×JENKINS-44120

    Fixed Pipeline compatibility for a number of CLI commands (delete-builds, \ 
list-changes, console, set-build-description, and set-build-display-name), as \ 
well as some issues affecting error reporting in other commands when used with \ 
Pipeline. (issue 30785, issue 41527)
    If you have the Authorize Project plugin installed and configured, its \ 
configuration will now be treated as final with respect to the behavior of \ 
Job/Build checks from Build other projects and Build after other projects are \ 
built. Formerly, if a Per-project configurable Build Authorization was enabled \ 
globally but some projects did not specify an Authorization, the two \ 
aforementioned checks would automatically fall back to checking as anonymous \ 
(typically denying build permission). To restore the former behavior, explicitly \ 
configure a Project default Build Authorization to be Run as anonymous. Note \ 
that this will affect all build-scoped permission checks, including for example \ 
Agent/Build. (issue 22949)
    Internal API: Tasks.getAuthenticationOf now honors authentication \ 
contributed by QueueItemAuthenticatorProvider extensions. (pull 2880)
    Update WinP from 1.24 to 1.25 to improve performance and diagnostics of \ 
issues like JENKINS-30782. (full changelog)
    Fix for NullPointerException while initiating some SSH connections \ 
(regression in 2.59). (issue 44120)
    Prevent StackOverflowError in log recorder when Winstone-Jetty debug logging \ 
is enabled. (regression in 2.61) (issue 44330, corresponding Jetty issue)