Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-aiohttp
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2017-10-19 08:54:18
Message id:

Log Message:
py-aiohttp: update to 2.3.0

Add SSL related params to ClientSession.request
Make enable_compression work on HTTP/1.0
Deprecate registering synchronous web handlers
Switch to multidict 3.0. All HTTP headers preserve casing now but compared in \ 
case-insensitive way.
Improvement for normalize_path_middleware. Added possibility to handle URLs with \ 
query string.
Use towncrier for CHANGES.txt build
Implement trust_env=True param in ClientSession.
Added variable to customize proxy headers
Implement router.add_routes and router decorators.
Deprecated BaseRequest.has_body in favor of BaseRequest.can_read_body Added \ 
BaseRequest.body_exists attribute that stays static for the lifetime of the \ 
Provide BaseRequest.loop attribute
Make _CoroGuard awaitable and fix ClientSession.close warning message
Responses to redirects without Location header are returned instead of raising a \ 
Added get_client, get_server, setUpAsync and tearDownAsync methods to AioHTTPTestCase
Add automatically a SafeChildWatcher to the test loop
add ability to disable automatic response decompression
Add support for throttling DNS request, avoiding the requests saturation when \ 
there is a miss in the DNS cache and many requests getting into the connector at \ 
the same time.
Use request for getting access log information instead of message/transport \ 
pair. Add RequestBase.remote property for accessing to IP of client initiated \ 
HTTP request.
json() raises a ContentTypeError exception if the content-type does not meet the \ 
requirements instead of raising a generic ClientResponseError.
Make the HTTP client able to return HTTP chunks when chunked transfer encoding \ 
is used.
add append_version arg into StaticResource.url and StaticResource.url_for \ 
methods for getting an url with hash (version) of the file.
Fix parsing the Forwarded header. * commas and semicolons are allowed inside \ 
quoted-strings; * empty forwarded-pairs (as in for=_1;;by=_2) are allowed; * \ 
non-standard parameters are allowed (although this alone could be easily done in \ 
the previous parser).
Don’t require ssl module to run. aiohttp does not require SSL to function. The \ 
code paths involved with SSL will only be hit upon SSL usage. Raise RuntimeError \ 
if HTTPS protocol is required but ssl module is not present.
Accept coroutine fixtures in pytest plugin
Call shutdown_asyncgens before event loop closing on Python 3.6.
Speed up Signals when there are no receivers
Raise InvalidURL instead of ValueError on fetches with invalid URL.
Move DummyCookieJar into
run_app: Make print=None disable printing
Support brotli encoding (generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm)
Add server support for WebSockets Per-Message Deflate. Add client option to add \ 
deflate compress header in WebSockets request header. If calling \ 
ClientSession.ws_connect() with compress=15 the client will support deflate \ 
compress negotiation.
Support verify_ssl, fingerprint, ssl_context and proxy_headers by client.ws_connect.
Added aiohttp.ClientConnectorSSLError when connection fails due ssl.SSLError
aiohttp.web.Application.make_handler support access_log_class
Build HTTP parser extension in non-strict mode by default.

Clear auth information on redirecting to other domain
Fix missing app.loop on startup hooks during tests
Fix issue with synchronous session closing when using ClientSession as an \ 
asynchronous context manager.
Fix issue with CookieJar incorrectly expiring cookies in some edge cases.
Force use of IPv4 during test, this will make tests run in a Docker container
Warnings about unawaited coroutines now correctly point to the user’s code.
Fix issue with IndexError being raised by the StreamReader.iter_chunks() generator.
Support HTTP 308 Permanent redirect in client class.
Fix FileResponse sending empty chunked body on 304.
Do not add Content-Length: 0 to GET/HEAD/TRACE/OPTIONS requests by default.
Fix parsing the Forwarded header according to RFC 7239.
Securely determining remote/scheme/host
Fix header name parsing, if name is split into multiple lines
Handle session close during connection, KeyError: \ 
Fixes uncaught TypeError in helpers.guess_filename if name is not a string
Raise OSError on async DNS lookup if resolved domain is an alias for another \ 
one, which does not have an A or CNAME record.
Fix incorrect warning in StreamReader.
Properly clone state of web request
Fix C HTTP parser for cases when status line is split into different TCP packets.
Fix web.FileResponse overriding user supplied Content-Type